Thugs Rarely Use Guns

There’s a new anti-gun group that I won’t bother to mention by name, because they don’t deserve the publicity. Let’s just say they’re connected to the Pulse shooting. They have the usual anti-gun demands: “universal” background checks, “assault” weapon bans, etc. Again, they’re boring like all gun control groups. What they don’t realize is that […]

German Gun Control Didn’t Stop Shooting Rampage reported on the shooting rampage in Munich. Let’s look at their gun laws: You need firearms ownership license:A number of criteria must be met before a firearms ownership license is issued:age of majority (18 years) (§ 4 WaffG) trustworthiness (§ 5 WaffG) personal adequacy (§ 6 WaffG) expert knowledge (§ 7 WaffG) and necessity […]

Gun License “A Breeze” In The Philippines

  The headline “Securing gun license now a breeze” caught my attention, but the devil is in the details: “Dela Rosa said an applicant need only to submit the results of a neuro-psychiatric screening and drug test, a police clearance, and the RTC/MTC or NBI clearance.” … “If the application was filed by 11 a.m., […]

The Frisky: Don’t Get Guns Because Rapes In Dark Streets Are Rare

Dana Loesch “Freedom’s Safest Place” NRA Ad is pissing off feminists. Karen Fratti of The Frisky writes: First of all, the set up of the ad seems to imply that most rapes occur in on a dark street, with an intruder sneaking up on a women and attacking her, and therefore it would be easy […]

The French National Anthem Is More Pro-Gun Than France

A friend of mine shared the translated lyrics of La Marseillaise: Let’s go children of the fatherland, The day of glory has arrived! Against us tyranny’s Bloody flag is raised! Bloody flag is raised! In the countryside, do you hear The roaring of these fierce soldiers? They come right to our arms To slit the […]

Facebook Wants To Unpublish Me

Sometimes I comment as STSA, and this gets me into trouble. And what was my crime? Did I posted naked pictures of me? Nope! This comment got me into trouble. What exactly was offensive about this? I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen posts full of hate that don’t get removed. Besides, what is hate anyway? And […]