Grizzly Tobacco Targets Hunters

Pick up any gun magazine and you’ll often see car manufacturers, tobacco, etc, placing ads. What you won’t always see is the actor in the ad having a gun. Usually the manufacturer is too cheap to buy the stock photography, or create a new ad for a secondary or tertiary target audience. Not Grizzly, and […]

Selling Guns With Sex

Australian gun store, NQ Hunting and Fishing Supplies  has been accused of sexism.   An advertisement featuring a bikini-clad, gun-wielding model has led to a vicious online feud about whether or not the image is degrading to women. Townsville hunting store NQ Hunting and Fishing Supplies (NQHFS) received an anonymous complaint over the controversial ad, […]

Steyr Arms Black Friday Special

BESSEMER, Ala. (Nov. 23, 2015) — ( – Steyr Arms announced today that the company’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials will begin tonight at midnight, CDT, and will continue until Monday at midnight. Every item in the Steyr store at will be marked down at least 10 percent, with 20-percent off all magazines, […]

Give A Gun A Loving Home

Blackstone Shooting Sports is getting press for their creative radio commercial.   The ad has similarities to a commercial for abused and neglected pets that need new homes, then it reveals that the ad is about guns. “People hear and they go, ‘oh, that is not what I expected it to be,’” Hayden said. The […]