Vortex Diamondback 10×42 Binoculars Review

Gearing up for the outdoor experience has to be done correctly. It would be best to have a checklist for the trip. One thing that should not miss on the list is a set of binoculars. With Vortex Optics being a top brand, you could always check out what they have to offer.

The Vortex Diamondback 10×42 binoculars has been around for a while now. The model comes with better light transmission than ever before. It is also reasonably priced so that the enthusiasts can get it for various activities. So, what else makes the model even better? Let us get to look at some of the top features it has.

Vortex Diamondback 10×42 Binoculars Features

The Design and Build Quality

The construction would be great if the model stays for longer performing its functionalities. From the first look of the binoculars set, you will feel it is sturdy. This is something that any person would want. Spending money on a product that offers value for money.

It comes with a clean design, but still strong construction. You might think it looks just like the other models, but in real sense it is better. The manufacturer took the time to come up with a better model. Since it is Vortex, it was expected that you will be getting a top quality product.

One of the notable features include having roof prism. The aim of such a construction feature is to offer better functionality. The roof prisms will also take up less space and offer great durability. When compared to the other types of design, you will find this one is better.

Vortex Optics Diamondback 10x42 Roof Prism Binocular review

Waterproof and Fog proof

The model had to be good for several weather elements outdoors. This comes down to the waterproof and fog proof features. These are fairly common nowadays, but it was important to mention them.

To make the model waterproof, the manufacturer used O-ring seals. The work of the seals is to keep moisture, debris, and dust from getting into the binoculars. Since you will be using it outdoors, such a feature is crucial. You will also have an easy time maintaining the functionality of the binoculars in any environment.

Vortex used argon gas to purge the binoculars. The use of argon gas helps with making it fog proof. The argon gas will prevent any internal fogging from happening. This applies to different temperatures where fogging would be common.

We could not finish talking about construction without checking out the binocular cover. The model comes with a rubber armor on the outside. The rubber armor should make it secure and offer a non-slip grip. For most people, they feel that the rubber also makes the binoculars comfortable to touch.

The rubber armor can also come in handy for the additional external protection. You will find the model lasting for a very long time and still looks great.

The Optics Performance

When it comes to the optics, it could be a deal maker or breaker for many. Anyone looking to buy binoculars would always want to know how good it performs optically. This all comes down to the technology used to make the optical part of the model.

One thing you will notice with this model is that it has a brighter image. This brightness is still maintained even in low light conditions. If you check out other models within the same category, this one performs better always.

The field of view is still much better than slightly expensive models than it. You can see how you will be getting more for paying less. The field view of the model stands at 345 feet/1000 yards. This should also make focusing easier and faster. The angular field of view is 6.6 degrees, which is still within the acceptable best performers.

Having a generous field of view makes it quite impressive. You should find it likable by the bird watchers. They would always want to get a clear view of their favorite birds. It is not just for birding as you can use it for various activities.

Vortex Optics Diamondback 10x42 Roof Prism Binocular review

Multicoated Lens

When compared to some models that might be 30% more expensive than it, there is a small difference in terms of image brightness. This is especially in low light conditions. So, what makes this model perform this extremely well?

It is because of the multi-coating technology used on the lenses. This has made the model to be better than the other models in its range. Having the coating helps with better light transmission, especially during dawn and twilight. If you are a hunter who likes hunting in the morning, then this should work perfectly for you.

The model also comes with phase corrected roof prisms made of BaK-4 glass. The BaK-4 model is quite impressive for you to like it even more. You will always have an easy time seeing clearer images with such construction.

The prisms are also fully coated, fog proof, and waterproof. These are important features you would want in a top product such as this one. The coating will help in enhancing the image resolution and its contrast.

Convenience Features

The convenience features are important to make the binoculars even better. Most manufacturers would even go out of their way to impress buyers with such features. Well, this model for sure has a few additional features you will love.

The first feature is that the model is tripod adaptable. This is good news for those who might want to use the model for long range viewing. You could mount it on your car window mount without a problem.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars

The model is designed to work with most standard tripod adapters. You should not have many problems fitting it on your tripod. The product manual comes with all the steps to follow for mounting.

Adjusting and focusing the binoculars is quite easy thanks to the center focus wheel and diopter. The diopter is important in adjusting the difference in the user’s eyes. You will find it located on the right eyepiece. You can adjust it until you have a better view.

The center focus wheel should also be great for users. It helps in adjusting the focus for both the barrels at the same time. You will have sharper images when the binoculars set is focused correctly. For those who have used it, they claim it is quite easy to get it done. The fast adjustment options such as these ones make the model stand out.

The manufacturer also made it possible to have adjustable eyecups. This is crucial, especially for people wearing glasses. You can adjust up and down to a spot that works for you. The eyecups are also rubber covered. This ensures you have better comfort even when using for extended durations.

VIP Warranty

The use of the VIP warranty has driven many people to buy the model. Vortex Optics under this warranty promises to fix any problem that you might have with the model. It is not just the binoculars, but also scopes and monocular. So long as you can show proof of purchase, they will make the repairs.

The amazing part is that the warranty is transferable. This means that if you sell it, the new owner can still enjoy it. The only thing the warranty does not cover is loss or theft. You should be set for life with such a model.


When it comes to using the binoculars, at some point you could use some accessories. The manufacturer offers several accessories that would work with it. The common one that people buy is the harness strap. You might be used to carrying the binoculars around the neck, but that can change today.

The use of the harness strap takes the weight of the binoculars from your neck. This means that now the binoculars weight will be balanced on the shoulders. This is what you need for carrying the binoculars comfortably for hours.

You get fog free lens cleaning kit also available as an accessory. It is crucial that you keep your lenses clean at all times. The other cleaning kits might have made the lenses foggy, but not for this one. The cleaning kit is also designed to be safe for all the lenses.

There is also the option of getting a 2X doubler. What this does is to double the binoculars magnification. It should be a nice accessory to have depending on where you will be using the model. Since it is lightweight and compact, you can always have it on you.

Another important accessory to note is the Uni-Daptor. This is a unique tripod adapter than will revolutionize your experience. It makes the mounting of the tripod easier and faster than before.


  •  Impressive field of view
  •  Great phase correction
  •  Impressive image clarity and resolution
  •  Rugged construction
  •  Waterproof and fog proof


  •  It has a closed bridge design


There is no doubt that the VIP unconditional lifetime warranty is going to appeal to users. They can now have a model that will be easy to repair. That is not all, you also get some amazing accessories to use with the model. It should be easy to see why more people may want to have this model today. You can now choose it comfortably knowing it will serve you properly.

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