Taurus 709 Slim Gun Review

The market for compact pistols requires ever smaller models and, at the same time, large-caliber models. The Taurus 709 slim gun is just one of those pistols that combine the smallest dimensions as much as possible and uses 9mm Parabellum cartridges.

The Brazilian Taurus 709 pistol is currently one of the most compact Taurus handguns. It is also an excellent choice in the budget segment of the market for modern 9 mm compact models for concealed carrying.

Check out its details in our Taurus 709 Slim Gun review and find out why this might just be the right firearm for you.

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Review

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Overview

The Taurus 709 pistol, which received the name “Slim,” due to its unrivaled compactness, weighs only 539 g. It has a length of 152 mm and a magazine with a capacity of seven rounds, plus one in the gun chamber.

The frame of the weapon is made of high-strength plastic. The shutter-casing is made of either blue-burnished gun steel or stainless steel. Also, the shutter-casing is made of titanium alloy. This reduces the Slim’s weight up to 56 percent, in comparison to other Taurus handgun models, while retaining its hardiness.

Automation works according to the use of the recoil in the short course of the trunk.

Locking is carried out using the declining breech, located above the chamber, in the window for the ejection of the cartridge case-shell sleeves. The reduction occurs when the skew of the lower side of the breech interacts with a special protrusion of the frame.

We discuss this in detail below.

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Mechanics

The appearance of the “Slim” pistols 709 fully corresponds to the name of the family of weapons. Indeed, these pistols are distinguished by their thickness, which is only 22 millimeters.

In general, the weapon with its appearance produces only positive comments, but the compact dimensions do make it a harder weapon to handle and fire until you get used to it.


To make up for this, it has deep front and back handle grooves. Also on the sides, these grooves give you a good grip. Even better, once in your hand, you quickly notice that the trigger guard is wide enough for shooting, even with thick gloves.

Additionally, there is a thumb ridge slightly above the handle. The main handle, likewise, does not have a finger outline. These combine to give you an ergonomic grip, no matter the size of your hand.

Not great for lefties…

In order to reduce the actual thickness of the gun, the manufacturer didn’t duplicate the controls on both sides, placing everything traditionally on the left side of the weapon. This feature will clearly not please those who use their left hand when shooting, although it is not that difficult for left-handed users to adapt to using it.

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Review

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Safety

The safety of the handling of the Taurus 709 weapons is carried out by three mechanisms. First, there is a manufacturer’s safety lock. This has a key that you can turn to “switch off” all shooting activity. This key is held in the gun, so is easy to access when you need to unlock the safety and resume gun use. Of course, this feature can simply be ignored if you wish.

This is partly because the locking is done with a miniature key and takes time. That is, it is not recommended to use this element of your weapon when it is constantly worn as a means of self-defense. In the case where it is necessary to use your pistol, there may be no time to bring it to combat readiness.

Conversely, it is a superb child and “unwanted adults” safety feature.

The second safety feature is trigger safety…

Unless the trigger is fully pressed, no shot is fired. The trigger pull force required is approximately 6.6 pounds. And thirdly, there is the thumb safety lever that you can simply push up (for safe) or down (for fire).

However, one more detail makes the weapon even more secure – the cartridge indicator in the chamber, which protrudes when there is a cartridge above the upper surface of the housing bolt. Therefore, the pistols of the Taurus Slim family can be considered extremely safe for normal use.

Shooting, Aim, and Sights

The Taurus 709 sights consist of a fixed front sight and horizontally adjustable rear sight.

As for shooting…

The 709 slim gun is a double single-action handgun. When fired, the shutter-casing begins to move backward. The protrusion above the cartridge chamber comes out of the clutch through the window for the ejection of spent cartridges

Thus, the barrel stops, and the shutter casing moves on, removing the cartridge case from the chamber and discarding it, while simultaneously raising the trigger mechanism of the weapon.

Having reached its rearmost point, the shutter-casing stops, and under the influence of a return spring begins to move in the opposite direction. On the way, it gets a new cartridge from the store and inserts it into the chamber. After that, it goes to the breech of the gun and begins to push it forward.

Thanks to this interaction, you can keep shooting without any issues, such as in the case of multiple targets.

Such an automation system has proven itself in many types of weapons; it works efficiently and effortlessly because of its simplicity.

For even better simplicity, partial disassembly and assembly of this gun is as simple as that of Glock pistols.

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Top Features – At a Glance

  •  Great for concealed carrying; lightweight and portable.
  •  Good ergonomics on the grip.
  •  Several safety features for all possible applications.
  •  Great for emergency use (Single action handgun).
  •  Easy field stripping.
  •  Inexpensive.


  •  The controls are easier for use by right-handed folk.
  •  The controls are tightly set together, which can be inconvenient.

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Specifications

  •  Caliber: 9mm Parabellum.
  •  Weapon length: 152 mm.
  •  Barrel length: 76 mm.
  •  Weapon width: 22 mm.
  •  Mass without cartridges: 539 g.
  •  Magazine capacity: 7 + 1 rounds.
  •  Handle: Non-slip polymer.
  •  Sight: three-point, rear sight with the possibility of making amendments
  •  Trigger pull: 6.6 pounds.

Taurus 709 Slim Gun Review Conclusion

In general, it is possible to characterize the Taurus 709 Slim Gun as a weapon that is good for self-defense. The streamlined forms of the controls and the pistol itself guarantee that nothing will get in the way when removing the pistol from its holster. At the same time, firing is continuous, and it will get you out of tough spots with ease.

Simply put, if the handgun you require is for self-protection, then the 709 is a great fit.Categories Gun ReviewsPost navigation

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