SIG P250 Review

After three years of design work in close cooperation with the best police and military specialists, Sig Sauer presented at the IWA-2004 exhibition a service pistol of a new generation that meets modern requirements for combat short-barreled weapons – the P250.

A subsidiary of SIG Sauer, located in the United States, has been manufacturing the P250 pistol for the army as well as for security forces since 2007 in Exeter, New Hampshire. This new generation gun is inexpensive and has a truly revolutionary modular design, thanks to which the characteristics of the weapon can be quickly changed in accordance with the tasks performed.

The main concept of this model is the ability to select from various dimensions and calibers that individual owners are comfortable with. Three basic Zig Sauer P250 pistol models are available: full-size, compact and subcompact. All of them can have different calibers and frames with different sizes of the handle.

SIG P250 Review

And the parts of all three models are interchangeable.

SIG Sauer P250 Use

Widely accepted across the world, it’s applications vary from hunting, to sports shooting, to conceal carry, to law enforcement use. Currently, SIG-Sauer P250 pistols are used by officers in many police departments.

SIG Sauer P250 Details

First of all, the models differ in the length of the barrel, as well as the capacity of bullets. The regular bullets used are the .45 ACP, and the .40 S and W, and the 9 mm Luger cartridges. In the US, in addition to this, there are models of the .357 SIG caliber, as well as the .380 ACP for the subcompact version.

Re-tooled in less than a minute…

But, one of the things that make the P250 so special is that it can be retooled for firing rounds of a different caliber in less than one minute.

Another highlight of the Sig Sauer is a fully replaceable frame in three sizes: for shooters with small, medium and large hand sizes.

The frame consists of two main parts. The first part is the case made of a high-strength polymer with a handle and trigger guard. The second part is a steel frame on which the trigger mechanism and guides for the bolt are fixed, on which the necessary barrel is mounted, as well as the bolt-casing.

SIG P250

As noted, the gun frame can be interchanged, allowing for three different handle sizes for different users and uses. These significantly increase the practicality of use while aiming and shooting and, accordingly, the accuracy of shooting.

On the front and rear surfaces, the handle has a large horizontal protruding notch, and on the sides – protrusions under the thumb arrow. These provide you a solid non-slip, even with gloves on, or with wet hands.

Add some attachments…

On the front, there are standard slots for attaching a tactical flashlight or laser designator.

The SIG-Sauer P250 pistol is equipped with an automatic firing pin protector. On both sides of the frame, above the handle, there is a double-sided slide gate lever. The controls allow you to conveniently use the gun with either the right or the left hand.

SIG Sauer P250 Function

The SIG Sauer P250 works according to the use of recoil in the short course of the barrel. It requires little pull force of between 2.5 to 2.9 kg.

A feature of the gun SIG-Sauer P250 is the placement of the mainspring in the trigger. Such a solution, used for the first time in a TT pistol, makes it possible to reduce the length of the handle (from the front to the back surface), which makes the weapon convenient for holding by owners with small, medium-sized, or large hands.

The spring itself is made of high-quality steel and has a long service life. Optionally, other types of trigger mechanisms can be installed with a very short trigger stroke and a force of about 3.9 kg.

SIG Sauer P250 Aim

A steel rectangular rear sight and an elongated flat front sight are mounted on the P250. And the two back sights line up with the single one in front to facilitate shooting guidance. The length of the aiming line is almost equal to the length of the gun.

As noted, the handle has a rough outer coating, which helps to hold the weapon securely even with wet or sweaty hands. This helps you hold your aim steady, in any conditions.

SIG Sauer P250 Aim

SIG Sauer P250 Test

From the outset, it should be noted that during testing, the Sig Sauer P250 gun didn’t reveal any weak points, and it proved to be a worthy example of Sig Sauer products.

The results?

Noteworthy is the flawless performance of the P250: several hundred shots were fired from each weapon without a single delay. Separate delays were associated exclusively with a defect in the capsules of Fiocchi cartridges.

SIG Sauer P250 Variations

Most of the ones for sale are full-sized SIG P250 handguns. However, if you use your pistol as an auxiliary weapon or for concealed carrying, you will prefer the subcompact model. The intermediate option is the compact model.

Technical Characteristics of SIG Sauer P250 Guns

P250 Compact

  • Caliber: 9mm Parabellum / .357 SIG / .40 S & W / .45 ACP.
  • Weapon length: 183 mm.
  • Barrel length: 99 mm.
  • Weapon height: 130 mm.
  • Weapon width: 33 mm.
  • Mass without cartridges: 712 g.
  • Magazine capacity: 15/13/13/9 rounds.

P250 Full Size

  • Caliber: 9mm Parabellum / .357 SIG / .40 S & W / .45 ACP.
  • Weapon length: 203 mm.
  • Barrel length: 119 mm.
  • Weapon height: 140 mm.
  • Weapon width: 35 mm.
  • Weight without cartridges: 833 mm.
  • Magazine capacity: 17/14/14/10 cartridges.

P250 Subcompact

  • Caliber: 9mm Parabellum / .357 SIG / .40 S & W / .45 ACP.
  • Weapon length: 170 mm.
  • Barrel length: 91 mm.
  • Weapon height: 119 mm.
  • Weapon width: 28 mm.
  • Mass without cartridges: 706 g.
  • Magazine capacity: 12/9/9/6 ammo.

SIG Sauer P250 Key Features

  • Handle – The structure of the surface to the touch resembles sandpaper, which ensures the reliability of retention
  • Good accommodation – The striker is recessed. This makes it safe for concealed carrying. Even safer, the trigger both cocks and releases the hammer (Double Action Only – DAO).
  • Sights are durable and have good contrast.
  • The window for the ejection of the shell casings is wide, which ensures trouble-free shooting.
  • Three sizes for all users.
  • Ambidextrous design.


When developing the P250 pistol, the German armory company SIG Sauer did not pursue the goal of introducing another model of cheap handgun for the army and police. This gun is truly a revolutionary modular design that saves you money. Even better, within a few minutes, you can make an individual fit, as well as change the characteristics of the weapon in accordance with the tasks you want to perform.

While many other manufacturers can only offer weapons of one caliber for this price, SIG Sauer immediately offers potential buyers the possibility of using many options. You can change the characteristics of the weapon and install accessories on it that will provide you with a wide range of uses.

Atop of all this, the SIG Sauer P250 is very reliable with superb accuracy, which are in no way inferior to more expensive counterparts. Considering the ratio of price to quality, the Sig P250 is well worth considering for your next purchase.

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