Ruger AR-556 Review

AR-15 fans looking for a model that sets them apart will find the Ruger AR-556 more than capable of meeting their needs. Black, brown (Barret Brown Cerakote) or FDE (Flat Dark Earth), choose yours. The comfort and quality of Ruger are the same on this rifle. And it’s available at an affordable price.

Check out the details of this ArmaLite AR-15 design-inspired gun in our Ruger AR-556 Review. You will quickly understand why it is a top choice among sport shooters and several enforcement agencies worldwide.

Ruger AR-556 Reviews

Ruger AR-556 Overview

Like many American arms manufacturers, Ruger has embarked on the production of AR-15’s to meet the ever-increasing demand from sports shooters. Thereby imposing itself in a world that leaves little room for mediocrity.

With the AR-556, Ruger has signed a remarkable technical achievement. This AR-15 gun is rising to the rank of being a high-end civil weapon and has become a major reference. But if this product impresses with its sophistication and design, it also does well in other aspects.

An AR-15 “budget” firearm, it favorably competes with the Smith and Wesson (M & P15 Sport), the Sig M400 SRP or the Mossberg MMR Tactical.

All in all, it can be said that the Ruger AR-556 allows you to acquire a light, handy, and powerful weapon for a very well placed price. And it’s an instrument suitable for short-range dynamic shooting as well as marksmanship up to 300 meters, thanks to its unique features.

Ruger AR-556 Mechanics

The Ruger AR-556 is a semi-automatic rifle designed for the firing of .223 Remington ammunition. It inherits the famous AR-15 platform made famous by its military adoption under the M4 and M16. The AR-556’s reference has come to spotlight in the world of the tactical weapon. This is mainly due to its lightness and its ergonomics.

Made for you…

This gun is a sport-oriented civilian version. It is a 16.1-inch rifle effective for firing heavy ammunition and therefore shooting at distant targets.

Despite an obvious civilian audience, Ruger did not fail to install on the weapon the commands encountered on any military version. There is thus the button of assistance to the lock (forward assist), an ambidextrous charging handle and a protective cover for the ejection window (dust cover).

Good surprise, these features often shunned by the entry-level AR-15 in most brands.

Ruger AR-556

Ruger AR-556 Operation

The Ruger AR556 is a semi-automatic carbine rifle powered directly by a 10-fold removable magazine.

The countersunk gas block is positioned in “carbine” length, opening up a wide choice of alternative handguards. All the controls are in their place, from “forward assist” to the breech stopper via the “dust cover.”

Heat resistant for sustained fire…

On this gun are multiple fastening points for bayonet, strap, accessories, etc. It has a high strength nylon handguard reinforced with fiberglass. It is also heat resistant for sustained fire.

To make for the practicality of its use, the sights are adjustable, retractable and removable quickly for optimal placement.

Finally is an adjustable buttstock, ergonomic pistol grip and handle and butt grooves for non-slip efficiency.

Ruger AR-556 Characteristics

The Ruger AR556 construction is from forged 7075-T6 aluminum. Its cylinder head is made of 9310 alloy steel, while a black oxide finish protects against corrosion. For increased resistance to burning of the gases expended when shots are fired, most of the interior is chrome.

The M4 stock is adjustable in 6 positions and slides on a Mil-Spec diameter tube. The handle is provided by Hogue to provide you with maximum grip comfort. As shown earlier, the handguard is made of nylon fiberglass to make the gun full heat and fire-resistant.

The barrel of the AR556 is cold-forged in chromium and molybdenum steel. It ends with a thread and is occupied by a birdcage-type flame arrestor inside. You should note that while this weapon is considered to use the .223 Remington, it actually benefits from a 5.56 NATO chambering.

On the target side, the AR556 comes equipped as soon as it is unpacked with a folding hoop with adjustable eyecup. And you can align it with an adjustable triangle handlebar. Of course, you will also enjoy a 12 cm Picatinny rail allowing for many optical configurations.

All in all, for a model that wants to be accessible to as many people as possible, Ruger still offers a lot of quality.

Ruger AR-556 Review

Ruger AR-556 Comfort

The comfort of use is at the peak. In addition to a lightness related to the aluminum structure, the AR-556 has a remarkable balance. And if we combine the ergonomic grip with the low recoil caused by the .223 Rem ammunition, we get a fun weapon and enjoyable use.

If we add the Ruger quality, we get a reliable and powerful weapon. Since it is accessible to everyone, and they all seem to love it, we’ve got a best seller.

Ruger AR-556 Top Features – At a Glance

  • Non-slip features for better accuracy.
  • A synthetic handguard with reduced diameter offering a remarkable grip.
  • An included eyecup.
  • Three finish variants.
  • Good ergonomics for comfortability.
  • Ejection window dust cover.
  • Picatinny rails for extra accessories.

Ruger AR-556 Specifications

  • Weapon type – Carbine.
  • Operation – Semi-automatic.
  • Caliber – .223 Rem.
  • Cannon threading – 1 / 2 x 28 TPI.
  • Loader capacity – 10 shots.
  • Ambidextrous – Yes.
  • Gun – Lightweight.
  • Threaded barrel – Yes.
  • Sighting organs – Adjustable rise, Adjustable handlebar.
  • Approximate length in mm – 822 retracted butt, 905 stick unfolded.
  • Approximate height in mm – 220 (excluding charger).
  • Barrel length in mm – 408 mm (16.10 inches).
  • Product weight in lbs – 3.5.
  • Information on the fixing rail – Picatinny rail on the top of the weapon.
  • Shooting distance – Short, Medium.
  • Specialty – Assault rifle type AR15.
  • Category – Category B weapon.
  • Ruger Model: AR-556.


While the company states that the AR-556 is an entry-level model. We believe it is a way to keep marketing the Ruger SR-556 at its high price tag. Head to head, they have both the same features, with the AR-556 outperforming. And it is lightweight and hence, is more comfortable to use.

Put as many bullet holes in your prey for hunting and even more in your sport shooting targets. The AR-556 is impressive and is one that will not disappoint.

Overall, we are impressed by its branded pistol grip and its rugged design.

Give it a shot. It will give you a new positive definition of AR-15 use.

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