Glock 43 vs M&P Shield

What makes single stack pistols different to most is that they are generally slimmer. Both the Glock 43 and the M&P shield fall in this category. They also happen to be about the same weight.

But which is better for concealed carrying? Let’s find out in our Glock 43 vs M&P Shield review…

Glock 43 Overview

The new Glock 43 is located in size between the Glock 42 and Glock 26. It is a Slimline series pistol equipped with a single-column loader to reduce the thickness of its carcass. It is currently the smallest of Glock pistols chambered in 9 x 19.

The Glock model 43 was the first compact pistol caliber 9 x 19 from the company to have a magazine with a single row of cartridges.

Glock 43 vs M&P Shield

M&P Shield Overview

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol is a compact model designed for daily wear and can be used in self-defense as a primary or secondary weapon. A feature of the M & P Shield, in comparison with other models in this series, is the single-row store.

Due to this feature, the weapon has a small thickness and has invisibility in the case of hidden wear. The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is available chambered for .40 S & W and 9 mm.

While these guns seem pretty similar, let’s take a look at a few details. Since they are so alike, we’ll focus on their differences. And let you know which, in our opinion, is better.


Both guns have decent non-slip surfaces. However, as you might know, concealed carry guns usually do not offer the user a full grip. In this case, both guns can be fitted with a modular base plate if you want a fuller grip.

Therefore, we have a tie.

Looking closer, however, the Glock 43 has a finger rest for your index finger. Of course, one of the safety rules of a gun if to keep your hands off the trigger as much as possible. At the front of the trigger frame, there is a space to rest your index finger. This location allows you to hold your gun up to deter someone without compromising safety.

Hence, we’ll give the Glock a tick for good design.

Glock 43 vs M&P Shield

Ammo Capacity

The M&P Shield holds 7 9 x 19 Parabellum bullets in its magazine plus an extra one in the chamber. With the Glock 43, you get six rounds plus one in the chamber.

Given that these guns are for self-defense, you most likely would not need a lot of bullets. In any case, since you might have to use your gun against multiple attackers, then we give the non-conservative M&P Shield the winning title for this round.


Both guns are relatively small. However, the Glock 43 is slightly smaller. While this might seem a minor difference, it allows for better concealment under light clothing. It also makes it much easier to use as a pocket gun.

Smith & Wesson M & P Shield Specifications

  •  Caliber: 9mm Parabellum/.40 S & W/.45 ACP.
  •  Weapon length: 155 mm.
  •  Barrel length: 117 mm.
  •  Weapon height: 117 mm.
  •  Width of the frame: 26 mm.
  •  Weight without magazine and cartridges: 524 g.
  •  Trigger pull: 6.5 lbs.
  •  Magazine capacity: 6/7/7 rounds.

Glock 43 Specifications

  •  Caliber: 9mm Parabellum.
  •  Weapon length: 159 mm.
  •  Barrel length: 86 mm.
  •  Weapon height: 108 mm.
  •  Width of the frame: 26 mm.
  •  Weight without magazine and cartridges: 459 g.
  •  Trigger pull: 5.5 lbs.
  •  Magazine capacity: 6 rounds.

Glock 43 vs M&P Shield Conclusion

While we believe that the M&P Shield should be favored because it holds more rounds. But, the Glock can be installed with a plus one or a plus two baseplate. It is a rather simple installation, so that sort of even’s it out again.

All things considered, we believe the Glock 43 to be the model with the upper hand. A compact gun with an index finger rest is a great idea and gives you a solid grip. Even better, as noted, it is useful to safely (without accidental discharge) ward of any intruders from your personal space.

If you have been wondering which to buy among these two models, you now have your answer.

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