Canik TP9SF Review

Not all shooters want, need, or can afford a high-quality handgun. However, most would like to add this type of weapon to their armory. While this can be a challenge, there is a solution: Look for a good quality, low priced handgun.

Although good quality, low priced handguns are not so easy to come by, we have found one that is.

In this Canik TP9SF review, we will tell you exactly why this gun is excellent value. We will do this by taking an in-depth look at its stand-out features. While doing so, we will certainly not shy away from highlighting any shortfalls.

Canik TP9SF

Why do you need a handgun in the first place?

Purchasing a handgun is a good starting point for those who are looking at first-time gun ownership. They also become a natural acquisition for experienced shooters as they add to their collection of weapons.

There is also no doubt that handguns can be highly effective when it comes to home defense. Having a handgun at home should give you confidence. This is in terms of being able to protect any loved ones along with your property and belongings.

Handguns also give a sense of safety and security when you are out and about. Many women carry handguns for this reason, and their self-protection benefits should not be underestimated.

From a hobby point of view, handguns can provide hours of enjoyment.

This can be achieved through plinking at homemade targets, or from making regular trips to your local range. Anyone who does get seriously into shooting will also find that a handgun serves them well as a competition weapon.

If you do purchase a pistol, don’t just own it!

It is common knowledge that buying a pistol is a fairly straightforward affair in most states across the country. However, buying one should never be the end of the matter. Indeed, it is the very beginning.

For anyone who purchases a handgun – or any weapon for that matter – it is imperative that they spend time becoming familiar with their gun. The most appropriate way to achieve this is to undertake training. By doing so, a person will learn how to use and maintain it correctly and competently.

Those who are serious about weapon purchase need to understand that firearm familiarisation and correct use is a must. Through this education, you will become confident and skilled to an acceptable level. Achieving these skills will allow you to make the most of your chosen weapon(s).

A weapon in the hands of someone who is unfamiliar with it or one that belongs to someone with a reckless attitude can be worse than useless. Indeed, in many cases, it can be downright dangerous.

Canik TP9SF Reviews

Why firearms training is so important?

This section relates to any firearm you purchase. It is certainly relevant for those who decide to buy the Canik TP9SF handgun.

Firearms are safe…. But!

There is no doubt in our minds that all firearms are perfectly safe… When they are handled by responsible users.

However, novice shooters, as well as those new to a particular weapon, need guidance. This will ensure safe and correct weapon use. It will also help in terms of how to look after, clean, and maintain the weapon concerned. All of this can be achieved through appropriate training. For more information on this, please check out our Best Gun Cleaning Kits and our Best 9mm Cleaning Kit review.

In untrained, irresponsible hands, any firearm can pose a danger. Not just to the user, but to anyone who happens to be around them. And it is vitally important to understand one thing: Most firearms accidents are caused because users are not following basic gun safety rules.

Why is this the case?

Because this is when mistakes happen, the results can range from fortunate near misses through to serious injury and even death.

The importance of being properly trained for anyone who intends to handle any type of firearm cannot be overstated. They need to be properly trained in order to handle, treat, and care for the weapon they are using.

No excuse for not receiving training and advice

The popularity of firearms in our country means there are many experienced shooters out there. This means that your training can come from a variety of sources. It may be from a family member or friend who has long been handling weapons. The alternative is to seek training from a professionally trained and certified instructor.

If the latter option is your choice, then do not hesitate to ask your local shooting range, gun shop, or gun club for guidance. These are ideal places to find the type of training you are looking for.

Practice, practice, practice!

Once you have become familiar with your weapon of choice, it is then important that you regularly practice with it.

Taking the Canik TP9SF pistol as an example, or any handgun for that matter, it is vital that you know how to use it correctly in different situations. This knowledge really could be the difference between timely and too hasty use and ultimately between life and death.

Sermon over! But please do take the purchase and use of any weapon seriously. Failure to do so could very well endanger yourself and other innocent bystanders.

So, let’s now get down to the…

Canik TP9SF Review

Canik TP9SF Review

This pistol will suit those who are:

  •  New to the handgun weapon world.
  •  Those who want a handgun as a worthy addition to their armory – but do not want to spend a small fortune on one.
  •  Anyone in need of a robust ranch or truck pistol.
  •  Those shooters (or would-be shooters) who do not have a large budget.

Establishing the country of manufacture

This may be a concern for some shooters. Due to this fact, we feel it is an issue that should not be skirted around.

Century Arms International is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida. As many shooters will be aware, they are one of the largest firearms importers in North America. While they do manufacture some types of weapons, they do not make the Canik models. However, they are exclusive importers of the Canik range of weapons into the USA.

Canik is a Turkish company, and the quality of weapon manufacture, along with the low retail price, is highly regarded.

Their TP9 Series of guns have machined, match-grade barrels and are produced to ISO 9000 quality assurance standards. These pistols have also passed NATO accuracy standards. A stand-out mention relating to this accuracy testing is very worthy of attention. These pistols have proved they can withstand in excess of 50,000 rounds of failure-free firing.

To finish off on the quality and reliability of the pistol: This is now the official handgun of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Different models, very similar specifications

The Canik TP9 range of handguns comes in a variety of flavors. There is the TP9 Elite SC, the TP9EC, the TP9SF Elite, the TP9SA, the TP9SF, and the TP9SFx.

While you will find slight specification variations between each of these guns, one thing is for sure: They all offer the same quality build and value. To give you an idea of slight differences between models, here are some of the significant ones between our reviewed TP9SF model and the TP9SA model:

  • The SF is the latest version of this pistol.
  • It does not have a decocker.
  • The weight is 1.83 pounds – The SA model is at 1.80 pounds.
  • The SF model rear sights are longer than those on the SA model (this is because there is no decocker on the SF).
  • It is finished in cerakote over phosphate.

As mentioned above, we will be concentrating this Canik TP9SF review on the newer model release of the two.

High quality at a very good price

It does need to be reiterated that for the price, this pistol is a very solid, reliable handgun. Hopefully, the reasons for this will become clear as our Canik TP9SF review progresses. However, two major high-grade features really are worthy of a mention from the off.

These are the trigger, which is a very smooth single-action trigger. Further details of how good this trigger really is are given in different sections below.

And secondly, the reliability factor. You will be comfortable in the fact that this pistol will stand up to multiple range use. It’s proven reliability and accuracy should give confidence that it will function in any situation.

It should also be noted that it is a highly effective concealed carry firearm.

Canik TP9SF Reviews

Canik TP9SF Review Specifications and Features

Here’s a bullet point list of what you are getting when you buy into the TP9SF.


  •  Color choice: Black or Desert Tan – The latter color is rarer and often more sought-after.
  •  Caliber: 9mm Luger.
  •  Operating System: Striker Fired.
  •  Capacity: Two versions. You can go for either the 18+1 rds or the 10+1 rds.
  •  Barrel: 4.46 inches.
  •  Overall length: 7.5 inches.
  •  Height: 5.7 inches.
  •  Width: 1.35 inches.
  •  Weight: 1.78 pounds – Unloaded.


The TP9SF comes with…

  • An industry-standard sight that has dovetail cuts. These make it compatible with a wide variety of aftermarket sights.
  • Warren Tactical sights that have a dot front sight.
  • The barrel is manufactured to Match Grade standard.
  • There is a ‘Loaded Chamber’ indicator. When the pistol is ready to fire, a red bulb indicator glows. This indicates that the weapon’s striker is in the ‘ready’ position.
  • A very smooth single-action trigger. This has been classed as one of the best handgun triggers found on any handgun — a very worthy feature.
  • The magazine catch is reversible.
  • It has been designed with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail at the front end of the pistol. This ensures that any customizations or attachments you require can be used.
  • The magazine has AFC (Anti-Friction Coating).
  • Finished in Cerakote over Phosphate.
  • *Included in the purchase are two magazines, a poly holster, paddle/belt attachment, backstraps which are interchangeable, a cleaning rod and brush.
  • The TP9SF comes with the Canik limited lifetime warranty.

*Those who purchase the TP9SF ONE model should only expect to receive one magazine and one backstrap. However, this model is cheaper to buy than other models in the range.

Why is this pistol worthy of consideration?

Later in the review, we will mention which type of shooters would be better placed choosing alternative pistols. You will find these comments in our ‘Horses for Courses’ section below. But before this, we feel it is worthwhile to explain just some of the reasons as to why this handgun will be a suitable choice for many.

The TP9SF stacks up very favorably against pistols in a similar price range. In this respect, it also beats pistols in higher price brackets.

This polymer striker-fired gun is comfortable enough to use. Its features deliver what they promise, and in terms of reliability, you will find it hard to beat.

One feature that deserves an honorable mention

This must go the TP9SF trigger. It could be argued that this trigger outperforms those on higher-end guns. And we are talking about comparing it out-of-the-box against triggers you will find on far more expensive guns. This includes the likes of Glock’s and H&K triggers!

A choice of upgrades available

Once you have purchased the TP9SF and become familiar with its features and operation, there is a good chance you may want to upgrade your pistol. However, it needs to be mentioned that there aren’t as many upgrades for the TP9SF as there are for more popular handguns. Having said this, there are some which are worthy of mention. With this in mind, let’s highlight some of these.

The three upgrades we have chosen relate to the holster, additional ammo, and possible suppressor use.


The Canik TP9SF holster supplied is not the best. Those looking to upgrade this important accessory could take a look at other OWB (Outside the Waist Band) holsters.

In this respect, the V3 Ultra Conceal OWB Holster is certainly worthy of mention. It is completely adjustable and can be converted for IWB (Inside the Waist Band) wear. On top of this, once purchased, you get a lifetime warranty.

Other holster options can be found by taking a look at our reviews of the Best Concealed Carry Holsters, the Best Pancake Holsters, the Best Small of Back Holster, and the Best Tuckable IWB Holsters currently available.

Magazine Extension

As mentioned in our features section above, you get two magazines with purchase.
Note: Do check this. As mentioned in the ‘features’ section, if you are purchasing the TP9SF ONE model, you will only get one magazine. However, this model is cheaper to buy than other models.

For those looking at a Canik TP9SF magazine extension, then go for the Canik Plus Four Basepad. Those who purchase the 18+1 standard Canik TP9SF magazine can simply add this accessory to the stock magazine. It then gives the power to carry 22+1 rounds.

Threaded Barrel

Suppressors are certainly not for every shooter. However, the Canik TP9SF threaded barrel is perfect for any shooter who is looking to fit one to this pistol. It has been manufactured specifically for this model and is made for the job.

Pros and Cons of the Canik TP9SF pistol

Here’s our take on what we feel is good about this handgun as well as some potential features that detract from it. But before listing these, we need to make special mention which relates to the trigger lock. Dependent upon your preference this can be viewed as not being necessary or something you feel is important.

Trigger lock

The TP9SF ONE model does not have a trigger lock. This may not be a concern for some shooters. If it is a concern and you want an additional layer of safety, then please take a look at the Canik Elite-S pistol. It has virtually the same specs as we have discussed but comes with a trigger locking mechanism.


  •  Well manufactured.
  •  Highly reliable.
  •  Top-notch trigger.
  •  Accurate.
  •  Very competitively priced.
  •  Ergonomically acceptable.


  •  May feel a little ‘tall’ in the hand.
  •  Not the prettiest looking pistol out there.
  •  Fewer customization options than other handguns.

Horses for courses!

The TP9SF is an excellent pistol for those starting out on the handgun trail. It will also work for those looking at a ranch or truck gun that will take rough handling. In addition to this and as already mentioned: It is perfect for anyone on a limited budget.

Having said this, we do not feel it is the best handgun for those shooters who are in need of high-end, duty-level guns. There are better options out there, although it goes without saying that they will cost more. There are also better options for those who have larger budgets and want something that is more attractively designed. Ergonomically there are sleeker looking pistols available.

Canik TP9SF Review Conclusion

We hope you have found our Canik TP9SF review of use. To our mind, this 9mm semi-automatic pistol has some real pluses. Regardless of its low price-point, it does afford shooters of all levels with an enjoyable experience.

This pistol has been manufactured to exacting and highly acceptable standards. Durability is assured, and duty-gun accuracy is yours. The excellent trigger deserves a special mention, as does the low price it comes in at.

In its price range, we feel it competes with the best there is. Indeed, it is far better than many. This includes handguns for which you will pay a higher price-tag.

All-in-all, for those looking to make their first pistol purchase, the Canik TP9SF is a sound option.

It will also suit those who are more experienced but are looking for a ‘rough and tumble” pistol for ranch or truck use. The final category it must be placed in is for anyone who needs a pistol but is on a budget.

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