Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 Binoculars Review

Bushnell is a top brand.

That is one thing we can all agree.

The brand has quite a number of binoculars models they offer. Sometimes it comes down to picking the best. The brand introduced the Legend Ultra model a few years ago. The series is now among the most sought after right now.

The Bushnell legend ultra HD 10×42 binoculars are the best you can buy today.

It comes with a number of options that will make it worthwhile your time and money. The next time you take it outdoors, you can be sure to have more fun.

It is about time we checked out the top features it has to offer.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 Binoculars Reviews

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 Binoculars Features


For the price that it is offered, many people would have expected a top of the range product. The manufacturer did deliver by making the binoculars with a magnesium chassis. The magnesium material is great as it provides the user with a strong product, but at the same time lightweight. Who would not love it?

The magnesium construction makes the model lighter than aluminum binoculars.

It is not just the chassis, but the size too is amazing. It is not too tall for you to feel it is uncomfortable. Its length is at 5.75inches with the eyecups fully extended. For some it could qualify as compact enough. They could carry it on their hunting trips more often.

The rubber armor on the different binoculars seems like a great thing. Bushnell has included the same technology on this model. To make it even better, Bushnell has included a soft-touch thumb grip. The soft-touch is achieved by having gel pads under the rubber cover.

With many people having different touches, the gels adapt to their touches. You would say it feels comfortable enough in the hands. It should also be easier for you to maintain your grip when using this model.

As part of making it even better, you get a model that is tripod adaptable. The thread on the model will work with standard tripod adapters. It is something that could be expected since it is a full sized binoculars set. If you want to use it for long range purposes, then it is time to take out your tripod.

Optical Performance

To start us off on optical performance is field of view. The model presents you with 340ft field of view at a distance of 1000 yards. With such type of field of view, it should be acceptable for many people. It is usable for various outdoor applications.

There is no way we could fail to mention the fully multi-coated lenses. The best part about such lenses is that you will have better image clarity at all times. Compared to some other models in the same category, you will find that this model has sharper images.

To make the images sharper, you will also notice the ED glass. This is the Extra-low Dispersion glass. The glass is made to make sure there is less loss of light when it enters the binoculars. This glass comes made with fluorite material important for reducing the chromatic aberration.

The BaK-4 prisms in the model are also worth mentioning. The evolution of these prisms has been something incredible. We now have such types that deliver better performance than before. These prisms come coated with silver alloy.

The silver alloy coating is crucial for better light transmission. Having better light transmission means better image clarity at all times.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars Review

Center focus

Sometimes you will want to focus the binoculars. It all comes down to the different controls available to you. This model features a center focus. It is placed strategically so that focusing is easier. Thanks to the large field of view, focusing is also fast.

The focus wheel turns smoothly in the anti-clockwise direction to focus it to infinity. The mechanism is smooth and easy. You will definitely find it easier to use as compared to some other models.

Strong and low light viewing 

The model has been designed to work in various light conditions. For many users, they find it having an average performance in the daytime strong light. This is mostly during sunrise and sunset. You are likely to see more reflections of the light. As much as it is average, it is acceptable for most people.

The average performance for strong light is a small wrinkle for such a top model. Comparing it to the other models in its price range, it performs exceptionally.

It is possible that sometimes you will take it out in the evening. Well, the model is still good when it comes to the low light conditions. The model will still help you have a better view when it comes to using it in low light. The model comes with a high transmission capability. You can always have a great time using it outdoors, even in low light.


The waterproof design is going to appeal to anyone that needs binoculars. It is not just waterproof; the model is still fog proof. These are the two weather elements that might make using binoculars impossible.

Having the binoculars around your neck now should be a sigh of relief thanks to such features. You can go with it outdoors and be sure no water will easily destroy the set. The use of the O-ring seals is important to maintain the waterproof feature.

As for the fog proof part, the interior is nitrogen purged. No more mist forming on the lenses so that you have a clear image always. If you are an early morning hunter, your binoculars will still remain clear for you to keep hunting.

RainGuard HD

It seems like the waterproof housing was not enough for the model. Bushnell decided to include the RainGuard HD feature. This is a water-repellent coating on the binoculars. The aim is to have a model that comes with superior waterproof protection.

Such a feature makes it even superior than the other waterproof binoculars with no RainGuard. The technology also important to keep the water away from the lenses. This for sure helps in maintaining the brightness and sharpness of the images. It is why you get the model being a legend in the binoculars world.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars

Comfortable and adjustable eyecups

This Bushnell model comes with two-stage eyecups. For each incremental, you will get 3mm. This should make the model great for various people who might need to adjust eyecups. This is mostly because you are wearing glasses. It is now possible to use the binoculars without removing your glasses.

Another impressive feature is the eye relief. The model comes with an eye relief of 15.2mm. This eye relief also plays an important role in making sure you have a comfortable view. Even when you wear glasses, such an eye relief would be great.

The model comes with a bit of soft edges around the eyecups. This is in an effort to make the model even more comfortable.


One the favorite accessory for many people would be the binocular harness. Depending on the store where you get binoculars, you can have it as an accessory. The harness is amazing to help with carrying your binoculars.

With the harness, you do not have to hang the binoculars around the neck. The harness is recommended for health reasons. It will keep the weight of the binoculars spread on the shoulders rather than the neck. No more feeling that your neck is strained.

You will also get a case for carrying the binoculars. The best part is that the case is hard sided. It should be able to protect your binoculars always. The next time you are done with birding, you can always keep the binoculars in the case.

You will still get a neck strap with the model. It is still a wide strap so that the weight is well-spread.

Lifetime warranty

Not all companies would dare offer lifetime warranty on their products. Only those who understand what they have made their products better can offer such a warranty. Bushnell believes in their products and they have given this model a lifetime warranty.

Before you can around celebrating, just make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the warranty. For many people, such a warranty type means that the model is highly durable.

Make sure to keep the original receipt as you never know when you will need it. The company will replace or repair the model if you show proof of purchase.

The customer support team is quite good when it comes to client response.


  •  It is adjustable
  •  The model is lightweight
  •  It is comfortable
  •  The model is fog proof and water proof
  •  It comes with RainGuard HD
  •  It offers a great range for zooming images


  •  A bit of weak image resolution at the edges


The model is offered at a reasonable price that you will love. There is no doubt most people can afford it. It is hard to come up with many negative thoughts about it. This goes to show that it is a top quality model.

The comfort, durability, performance and many other features drive more people to buy. You too could enjoy the benefits if you get it today. You can always find something good to do with it outdoors.

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