Top 10 Best Under Bed Gun Safes of 2023 Reviews

Responsible gun owners purchase under bed gun safes for a few different reasons. Some of those reasons are the same for deciding to purchase any gun safe. You need to keep your firearms secure to prevent unauthorized use.

But there is another consideration, and that is accessibility. If you need your firearm quickly, running down to the basement and scrambling to get the big safe opened probably isn’t the best set up. Under bed safes are the solution got quick nighttime access to one or two firearms, so you’re armed when you need to be.

What is the best under bed gun safe for your needs? If you’re asking that question you have come to the right place, because we have reviewed the top ten models to help you decide.

Be sure to read to the end so you can see which safe (or which two safes) came out on top!

Best Under Bed Gun Safes Reviews

Top 10 Best Under Bed Gun Safes Reviews

1. Monster Vault under bed Safe

First up is the Monster Vault under bed Safe. This large, slide-out safe can hold several long guns (unlike many models here). It’s fully programmable digital keypad makes it easy to set up with a custom passcode.

Monster Vault under bed Safe

It is made in the USA to the highest standards. Its high quality is paired with its hefty weight. You’ll need a couple of strong hands to help you get this one in place. But once it is installed, it is there. And very secure.

A word needs to be said about the feel of this product. It just “feels” well built and tough. We can’t say that about every safe on the market. But we can say it about this one. We like to think that part of the reason is that it is made in the USA!

It is nice that this model has a keyed entry as a back up in case the batteries die or you forget your combination. It has mounting holes so you can secure this safe to the floor (or a wall or the bed of a truck, etc.). With that option, and its heft, you will have peace of mind that this safe will stay safe.

The bottom and top of this safe are made from 11 gauge steel, and the sides and back are 7 gauge steel. The locks are made from hardened steel. You can have confidence that your firearms are secure in this safe!

We loved the finish on this model. It is deep black powder-coat. And with the Monster Vault logo decla on the door – it just looks sweet. The kind of safe that is itself intimidating (not to mention the contents of the safe)!

Be sure to check the measurements of your mounting space, as this is on the larger side of the safes we have reviewed here. Your bed will need more than 7” clearance, and be more than 48” wide. But if you have room for this safe, you won’t be disappointed. It is a great solution.


  • Tough Construction
  • Can Accommodate Several Guns
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick Accessibility


  • Heavy
  • Too Big for Some Spaces

2. Stealth Defense Vault DV652

Next up is the Stealth Defense Vault DV652. This excellent safe features a slide out draw to make accessibility a breeze. The programmable numeric keypad allows the end user to decide passcode strength.

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

This safe is made from 14 gauge steel and boasts a five-point sliding locking bar. Pre-drilled mounting holes allows one to keep thieves from stealing the safe itself (along with its valuable contents). At 6” high it should fit under most standard bed frames, but grab a ruler and check your bed before ordering.

In our opinion, the design is ingenious. Once the correct code is entered the piano door opens forward allowing the user to pull out the slide. All told, this action can be completed in less than 10 seconds, giving you fast access to your firearm.

One important thing should be kept in mind when considering this safe. There is no keyed backup options for access. That is fine, as long as the keypad never fails. But if something were to go wrong, your gun would be safe and maybe out of your reach.

The manufacturers might want to take that into consideration as they update this model. We would prefer some keyed access. On the other hand, there are NO keys for a thief to find!

As with some other models, this safe can be mounted under the bed or in the back of a vehicle. It is even approved by the California Department of Justice as a firearm safety device (be sure to check local laws for your jurisdiction).  You can’t go wrong with the DV652.


  • Slide out design
  • Keypad entry
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Comes with free 52” gun sock


  • No keyed entry for backup use
  • Designed for only one long gun
  • Not designed for vertical mounting

3. Monster Vault under bed Safe T126

The Monster Vault under bed Safe T1261 is another excellent option for an under bed firearm storage solution. As we said before, we really like safes that are made in the USA. The T1261 is made from 11 gauge top and bottom and 7 gauge (effectively) sides and back. No one is going to breach this safe quickly!

Monster Vault under bed Safe T126

This a slide out draw design, and can hold a few firearms (as well as other valuable). The programmable keypad is in the center of the draw and can be silenced for quiet access. This one has a keyed access in case you forget your combination or your batteries die.

Weighing 140lbs can be a really good thing. This safe won’t be easily swiped, that is for sure. But it also means that you will need a few extra sets of hands to get this properly placed. That is something to keep in mind when choosing your safe.

The finish on this safe is attractive. It is a dark powder-coat with more texture than is necessary. It gives the safe a tough look. Match that with the Monster Decal on the door, and this safe is almost as intimidating as its contents.

Monster Vault is an innovative company, bringing to the market excellent products, like the T1261 under bed Safe – and proudly made in the USA.


  • Holds several firearms
  • Keypad entry with keyed backup
  • High quality construction


  • Large and heavy
  • Keypad not backlit

4. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault 

A different kind of gun safe than the above models is the Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault. As the name implies, this is a safe for one pistol. So if you use a pistol for home security, this might be the solution for you.

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault 

It is constructed of 14-gauge hardened steel. Because of the hardening process (and the smaller size) the steel is the equivalent of 1/4” steel. It is very tough, and therefore hard to breach. That should give you peace of mind.

It’s innovative design is worth mentioning. Once the combination is entered via the mechanical keypad, the top opens, and an included universal holster is raised. The stay-open lid allows you to draw your pistol and be good to go.

This model comes with two brackets. One for flat mounting and one for mounting vertically. You could mount this to your bed frame (wood or steel) for under bed access. But you can also mount this in a vehicle (check local laws), a desk, or virtually anywhere else.

Since it comes with two brackets, and since the brackets are presumably re-order-able, it is possible to have this ready mounted in more than one place. For example, you can have it mounted under your bed, and then remount it in your vehicle before a long trip. 

The excellent build-quality combined with the innovative design make this an excellent choice to secure your sidearm under the bed. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this model. In fact, truth be told, it is one of our favorites!


  • Innovative design
  • Heavy-duty, high-quality construction
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Only holds one pistol
  • More expensive than some pistol safes

5. Barska Biometric Safe

Our next under bed gun safe isn’t really an under bed gun safe. Though it could certainly be used as one. The Barska Biometric Safe is plenty large enough to keep your full-sized, 1911 safe and secure and within quick access to authorized users

Barska Biometric Safe

The build-quality is typical Barska. It is constructed of thick steel, and the attention to detail is superb. It features pre-drilled mounting holes to keep would be thieves from just taking the whole safe. And when mounted to a floor, it is extremely difficult to breach.

The biometric lock easily stores your finger print, and up to 29 more! It beeps when in use, but the beep is easily disabled to allow for silent operation. You could mount this under your side of the bed, and have your weapon within 2.5 seconds!

We tried the biometrics with six different people, half with their fingerprints programmed and half without. The Barska was 100% on, opening only for those authorized.

There are two limitations. First, it only fits pistols. No long guns (or even your M4 Shorty) is going to squeeze into this one. But since most gun owners use a pistol for home security, a safe like this one makes sense.

Second, there are no vertical mounting options. You’re going to want to mount this horizontally, and let gravity keep the pistol on the soft bottom lining (there is no lining on the top or sides). Additionally, the door won’t stay open vertically, and it is pretty heavy. So there’s that.

If the batteries die, you can use the key lock as a back up. You’ll have to unscrew the logo plate to get to that, which is good way to prevent thieves from figuring things out after finding a key. That is the kind of detail we appreciate with Barska products.

All things considered, this is an excellent safe at an exceptional value. And we wouldn’t hesitate recommending it for your use if you are a pistol or revolver guy/gal.


  • Biometric Access
  • High-quality/Good Value
  • Quick Opening


  • Only fits pistols
  • Cumbersome Key Access

6. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

Another long-gun under bed option is the SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400. This heavy duty safe is constructed of 14 gauge steel. It comes with four pre-drilled mounting holes to secure this to the floor under your bed.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

The programmable keypad is backlit and can be customized to require an access code of between 3 and 8 digits. The end user can weigh speed of access and strength of passcode, depending on his situation. With the backlighting, it is easy to see at night, and has a beep which can be deactivated for silent access.

A cable comes included in the package. So, you can make doubly sure your safe doesn’t walk away with your guns inside. You can bolt the safe down to the floor and also secure the cable to a solid point, and you’re good to go. The door is pry-resistant and the steel is thick. Your guns are safe in this safe.

If your batteries die, you can pop off a plastic cover and access the keyhole with minimal difficulty or time. But you will probably want to check your batteries every couple of months (more with frequent access). No one likes finding depleted batteries when it matters most.

This is a great solution for holding 3-4 long guns and a pistol or two, plus ammunition. At 7” high, you’re going to want to make sure it will fit under your bed. And recruit some help for the install this beast. It weighs in on our scale at about 130lbs.


  • Very secure safe
  • Pry resistant design
  • Keypad and backup keyed access


  • Heavy and large form factor
  • The access knob is made of plastic


7. Secure IT FAST BOX MODEL 40

If you’re more in the market for a single long-gun under bed safe, than you might want to consider the Secure IT FAST BOX MODEL 40. It features all-welded construction out of what seems like 11 gauge steel (not confirmed or listed in the manual!).


It is solid, and has the feel of quality. The finish is excellent, the door opens smoothly. And the lock opens with a quiet, but solid, click. And the weight also is just about right for this level of safe. There is nothing that seems “cheap” about this one.

The lock is of the mechanical pushbutton variety, and in this case you have four buttons to choose from. It is programmable, so you can make your custom sequence your combination. It also has a keyed backup.

As with many models we have reviewed, the mounting holes are pre-drilled, so that you can secure this safe to the floor. It can house one firearm up to 39” long (so most AR’s would fit fine, but not your 28” skeet gun).

It has two tie downs to keep your rifle secure when this safe is mounted in a vehicle, which is a nice plus if you have to move apartments. For quicker access, we would not recommend using the tie downs when this unit is mounted under your bed at home.

When the sequence is entered into the mechanical keypad or the key is actuated, the front door opens out. There is no draw or slide, so you’re going to have to carefully retrieve your weapon from the safe. The system works, and it is pretty fast too.

The finish on this all-black safe is powder coat, and it looks about as handsome as any gun safe can look. The finish looks and feels pretty durable too.


  • Quick accessibility
  • Firearm tie downs
  • Keyed backup access


  • Single firearm storage only
  • No slide out shelf or draw

8. Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300

For those who find clearing rooms and tight corridors with a shotgun or AR a little cumbersome, Liberty has the solution for you! The Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300 is an excellent handgun storage solution. This solidly built option keeps your pistol or revolver within easy reach, while keeping it secure and away from unauthorized access.

Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300

This pistol safe can hold up to four small handguns (or two full-sized pistols), thanks to the horizontal dividing shelf. We can see a couple of uses for this shelf. Extra magazines, speed loaders, a knife or pepper spray would all be good options.

Of course, you can also house two full-sized guns or four small pistols in this safe. There are a few options to consider with this model.

The piano door opens easily after the four button combo is rightly keyed. There is no backlighting but the finger grooves guide your fingers into the right spot, so there is no loss there. It feels intuitive, and the learning curve is small.

It has a lighted interior, which is great for grabbing the right gun in the dark. We had no problem accessing the contents of this safe in total darkness. And we were surprised at how quiet we could do that. That is perfect for what this is intended for.

The construction is 16 gauge steel, and the doors are pry-resistant. It has pre-drilled holes for securing the safe to the floor under the bed (highly recommended!). This is virtually a theft-proof solution when properly mounted!

This is a good option for the pistol lover who also wants to be responsible, keeping the firearm out of little hands. And it still enables authorized users quick access.


  • Electronic Keyless Entry
  • Intuitive design
  • Shelf for magazines (etc.)


  • Won’t work for long guns

9. Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6

From an industry leader whose name smacks of security is the Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6. This innovative safe is worth consideration. Unlike every other model we have reviewed, this model opens from a small end/side.

Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6

A programmable all-mechanical keypad with over a thousand combinations keeps unauthorized users at bay. And since it is all-mechanical, there aren’t any batteries to change or to find depleted. It is the same simplex device employed on other Fort Knox models.

You have to slide the shotgun or rifle in. That could take a little more time than the slide out options, which offer quick grab access. The solution is to practice a bit retrieving the firearm and replacing it. We found that with a little muscle-memory training, access is snappy.

One consideration is the space needed for retrieving the firearm. If the side of the bed you are mounting it under is close to a wall, it might be a tight fit (which makes quiet access difficult). So make sure you have the room.

This one is built like a tank out of 10 gauge steel. Like other options, there are pre-drilled holes for securing this to the floor. Vertical mounting is possible, but probably not as ideal as laying it flat. But it is lined through and through, so if you don’t mind the weight of the weapon on the muzzle go for it.

As under bed long-gun safe solutions go, this one is pretty small, and should mount nearly anywhere. The finish is a nice antique textured powder coat. Looks nice and should be durable for years to come.

Also, as a bonus, this one comes with a gun sock! That is nice for wicking away moisture from your gun and protecting its value. However, for quick access, you’re not going to want to have to also pull a sock off of the weapon. That is just something you should keep in mind.

This is a solid choice, even if it is very task specific. Many of the other options we have reviewed can hold things besides firearms (or other things along with firearms). This one is purpose built for one shotgun, carbine or rifle. Preferably a shotgun.


  • Very well built
  • All mechanical
  • Nice finish


  • Design requires practice
  • Keypad not backlit
  • Only one firearm will fit

10. American Security Defense Vault

Another side-opening model with promise is the American Security Defense Vault. This safe has a backlit electronic keypad and a motorized, 5-point side locking bar. It is built from 14 gauge steel, and comes ready to mount to the floor with its pre-drilled holes.

American Security Defense Vault

Once the keypad is correctly accessed the piano door opens to reveal a slide out tray. On that tray, you can store 1-3 firearms securely, and access them quickly. The slide is really quiet, as it should be.

The anti-pry door, coupled with a tough exterior build-quality means that your weapons are safe in this safe. The five-point locking device prevents unauthorized access. Even locksmiths struggle to get this one open without a combo!

One thing to note is that there is no keyed entry to this model. That means if something were to go wrong with the keypad, it will be difficult to regain access to your firearm. It can be done, and you can certainly contact customer support. But it is something to keep in mind.

The slide out tray is really quiet. Also, since your entire firearm is presented when the draw is out, this is a true “grab-your-gun-and-go” kind of solution. Perfect when you’re in a hurry. We recommend practicing a bit just to build some muscle-memory for when it counts.

The finish is acceptable and looks like it will last a while. It is powder coat, and pretty standard fare for this level of safe. We liked the foam-rubber mat that covers the shelf. That won’t scratch the finish of your expensive AR15!

If you’re okay trusting the electronic keypad to not fail when it matter most, then this is a pretty good option. Of course, we would have preferred some backup keyed option. But maybe that is by design. No key to find to override the combination.


  • Slide out provides quick access
  • Tough build-quality
  • Electronic Keypad Entry


  • No Keyed Backup

Best Under Bed Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

So which safe is right for you? We’re glad that you asked because to that question we turn now. It comes down to a few issues, all of them specific to your needs. Do you have use a pistol/revolver for home security or do you use a long-gun (like a shotgun or an AR15)? Do you like mechanical, digital or keyed access? Do you want to store one gun for fast action home security, or a safe that can hold much more?

Those are the questions you have to answer. And so those are the categories we will rate the safes in this guide.

Best Safes For Quick Long Gun Under Bed Access

If you want a quick long gun access, the top three models are:

  • Monster Vault under bed Safe T1261
  • Stealth Defense Vault DV652
  • SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

Best Safes For Single Long Gun Under Bed Access

If your primary concern is having access to one main firearm, then we suggest one of these models (in the order that we would prioritize them:

  • Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6
  • Secure IT FAST BOX MODEL 40

Best Safes For Pistol/Revolver Under Bed Acces

If you, like many gun owners, prefer a pistol or a revolver for home security, it would be better to choose a small safe, designed for pistol use. You can’t go wrong with any of these models, which we are listing here in the order we would rank them. 

  • Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault
  • Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-300
  • Barska Biometric Safe

Best Safes with All Mechanical Operation

Many people do not trust batteries in a gun safe, and that is totally understandable, since batteries do die. And no one wants to find out that their batteries are dead at the moment they need their weapons the most! The order we would rank the all-mechanic options reviewed here are:

  • Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6
  • Secure IT FAST BOX MODEL 40
  • Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

And last, but not least, if you’re into all things biometric, we have a safe for you! Of course, it is for pistols only. But one could do far worse that the Barska Biometric Safe.


So there you have it! The top ten under bed gun safes reviewed and ranked to help you pick the perfect safe for your needs. Which one is the best of the pack in our opinion. It is difficult to come to just one, since there are many types reviewed here. So we picked two top models: one for rifles, and one for pistols.

For long guns, we think the Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6 is wonderful. Fort Knox quality, fast access and unique design. You can’t go wrong with this one.

For a pistol, we think the best one, all things considered is the Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault. We love the multiple mounting options (and the two brackets). We love the simplex mechanical lock. And the innovative way the firearm is presented upon access.

So there you have it. That is our safe conclusion to the under bed safe question. Go with either the Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6 or the Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault. Both are excellent safes, and our review winners.

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