Top 10 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping in 2023

What’s the most import piece of gear for any camping trip?

The tent 

It’s the only escape from the elements when you’re far from civilization.

We all need to take a break sometimes and reset. And the tent is the once piece of camping equipment that you just can’t go camping without. It gives you a place to crash after a long day of playing in nature. Or a spot to take a break from the hot sun, the rain, the wind, the mosquitoes, etc., etc…

But, how do you find the tent that’s right for you and your upcoming adventures?

With so many options out there, including different sizes, configurations, materials, and ease of set-up, it can get confusing trying to pick the right camp shelter.

That’s why we have created a list of the best tunnel tents for camping, so that you can just get out there and enjoy.

Best Tunnel Tents For Camping

Top 10 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping On The Market Reviews

1. Toogh 3-4 Person Automatic Pop-Up Sports Tent

Toogh’s commitment to providing high-quality products has led them to be one of the most trusted outdoor gear brands in America. And that is saying a lot in itself.

Toogh 3-4 Person Automatic Pop-Up Sports Tent

With the polyester non-stretch fabric and added rip-stop, this tent’s floor and shell are both pinnacles of durability and ultralight as well. With a waterproof level of 10,000mm and extra-dense mosquito net, you’ll be able to keep out the wet and the pests while still getting good ventilation with the 2-door design.

Are you hard on your gear?

With a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues, you can trust this tent won’t let you down.

We found that the hexagonal shape offers both added interior space when compared to other tunnel tents, and also provides additional stability in wind and rain. Easily enough room for a queen-sized mattress, with some space leftover on the sides for your ice chest, backpack, best camping chair or any other camping gear your adventure requires.

It may be a bit tight for four grown adults if you’re keeping your gear out of the elements. But we found that it sleeps three comfortably and could have made room for a fourth as long as sharing body heat isn’t an issue.

Plus, there’s a covered porch area offering a place to leave our shoes outside the tent without having to worry about soggy feet in the morning.

Not convinced yet?

What if we told you that this tent is so easy to set up or take down that you can do so in 60 seconds!

The fourth-generation hydraulic technology has seen an upgrade to the opening system. This design-upgrade allows for automatic opening with just a lift, and closing by applying pressure to the locking mechanism. Easily one of the best features in any tent we’ve reviewed.


  •  Super easy to set up and break down.
  •  Spacious interior.
  •  Quality construction.


  •  Lack of detail in the instructions.

2. Eureka! X-Loft 6 Person Tent

Eureka! has been making camping gear since 1895! That’s over a hundred years of construction and testing behind their tents, so you can be assured they know what they’re doing.

Eureka! X-Loft 6 Person Tent

The X-Loft is part of their three-season tent series, so you’ll be comfortable pitching this shelter in all but the extremes of winter.  Maximum stability in wind and rain is provided in the freestanding tunnel tent design. And the 5’10” interior height means you won’t you’ll have plenty of headroom when playing cards or otherwise passing the time during a brief storm.

Need room for a large party on your upcoming camping trip?

With 85 square feet of interior space, you can comfortably sleep up to 6 adults with this tent design. And it still packs down to 9” x 22”, so it won’t take up too much room during transport to the camping site.

The waterproof rain fly also includes a +20 square foot vestibule to keep your boots, backpacks, cooking gear, etc… dry without taking up interior space, or cook dinner when it’s raining.

We particularly liked the Air Exchange system of high and low vents. This allows cooler in through the bottom, which pushes up the warm air keeping the interior space fresh and reducing moisture build up on the interior tent walls.

Definitely important in humid conditions!

Another great feature of the Eureka! X-Loft series is that it works great with the Eureka! Camp Comfort Sleep System. This special tent flooring is grippy enough to keep your sleeping bag or sleeping pad from moving around while you sleep, even if you pitch the tent on a slope, while still offering a soft and quiet design. You simply can’t get much more comfortable without upgrading to a hotel!

This tent definitely feels like it was designed by campers.


  •  Great for groups or large families.
  •  Has better airflow than most tents in this category.
  •  Camp Comfort Sleep System.


  •  Requires two people to set it up.

3. Tomount 8 Person Hikergarden Tent

If you have a large family or a lot of friends that like to go camping with, then this is the tent for you. We found that the Hikergarden 8 Person Tent can sleep up to eight adults comfortably in sleeping bags, or…

Tomount 8 Person Hikergarden Tent

and you may not believe this…

Three Queen size air mattresses! Yes, you read that right you can easily fit three soft, cushy QUEEN Sized air mattresses in this tent. Who needs a hotel?

If that’s not enough…

With one large mesh door, five mesh windows, and a mesh top to the tent, you’ll be able to catch the breeze to cool the tent while still keeping the bugs out.

Ideally made for your upcoming scout trip, a holiday spent fishing or hiking around the outdoors. The lightweight design and carry bag make lugging this oversized tent around painless, while keeping the setup and breakdown easy. It may not be the fastest to set up. But the easy to follow color coded poles and detailed instructions make this a great option for those with kids who want to help put up the tent.

One of our favorite features was the ability to run an electrical cord from an outside power source directly into the tent via the E-Port. This tent is definitely designed with your modern-day needs in mind. And while on that subject, if electronics are your thing while camping, please check out our reviews of the best electronic organizers.

Our only complaint is the tent poles seemed a bit too flimsy to trust in any strong wind/weather.


  •  Two-Way, never stuck zippers.
  •  E-Port for access to a generator or car/trailer plug-in.
  •  Lots of windows.


  •  Doesn’t do well in strong winds.
  •  Large footprint.

4. Ozark Trail 8 Person Dome Tunnel Tent

Another great option for larger groups is the Ozark Trail tent, which is a dome tunnel design allowing for up to eight adults to escape the elements.

Ozark Trail 8 Person Dome Tunnel Tent

One thing that really stuck out about this tent…

The ability to roll back the rain fly, providing a large space that is completely open to the breeze while the bug mesh keeps the nasty mosquitoes and other pests away. The perfect tent if you know it’s not going to rain at night, or just need somewhere to escape the insects during the day.

With a height of 76” inside this tent will allow almost anyone to stand up fully erect, a really nice feature for those who are on the taller side and want to be able to move around in comfort.

We really liked that this tent came with a full coverage rain fly, so even if the rain is coming sideways, you won’t have any water seeping in the sides.

Need a separate inside space?

The Ozark Trail comes with a back room that fits a queen size bed, allowing you to either use the large front room as a living room area – or a space to section off the kids and give a touch of privacy while keeping them in the same enclosure.

The only downside we noticed with this tent is the materials just don’t measure up to the quality of some others on the list. We didn’t experience any problems, but could see the material ripping if not cared for properly.


  •  Extra head height at 76”.
  •  Separate inside space.
  •  One of the least expensive options in class.


  •  Cheaper materials.
  •  Flimsy tent poles.
  •  Large footprint.

5. NTK Arizona GT 10 Person Tent

When it comes to tents for larger groups, you can’t get much better than the NTK Arizona. Not only do you get a huge amount of interior space. But this tent has the quality and stamina to withstand even the most awful weather that mother nature can throw at you.

NTK Arizona GT 10 Person Tent

Is it a big tent?

While still being one of the largest tents on the list, unlike some other family tents listed here, the NTK Arizona is built to last no matter the elements you pitch the tent in.  The 190T polyester laminated rain fly is double layered with polyurethane 2500mm water resistance. And the heat-welded, partially aluminum, PU sealed seams offer UV protection.

There’s two rooms, two doors, three windows with ultra-thin no-see style mesh to protection from the tiniest insects, and the tent poles are color-coded to make for an easy assembly.

Our favorite thing about this tent?

The tent poles are Nano-Flex fiberglass. Not only do these come with double gold-plated ferrules, and aluminum pin-and-ring style set up to save you time – they are strong and durable. So durable that NTK offers a lifetime replacement for tent poles broken by the force of the wind!

We also took comfort in the bathtub-style construction flooring, which will certainly keep you dry in any conditions. And the inner silver coated layer sandwiched between heavy-duty anti-fungal seamless polyethylene means it comes with top-notch protection with durability built in.

The only thing we really didn’t like about this tent, was that the windows could only be opened/closed from the outside — not the biggest issue, nor uncommon in this style, but still a bit of a pain.

Oh, and you’ll obviously need a fair amount of flat space to pitch such a big tent!


  •  Quality tent poles.
  •  Bathtub style floor.
  •  Extra head height at 79”.
  •  Separated inside space.


  •  Window access from outside only.
  •  Large footprint.
  •  Leaning towards the heave side at 26lbs.

6. Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Person Tent

Everybody in the outdoor industry knows of the Coleman brand, and this tent of theirs has a few great features.

Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Person Tent

We’ll save the best feature for last, so keep reading…

The Rocky Mountain could easily sleep more than five adults; however, there’s really only room for about five in the two spacious bedrooms. Leaving the front room, with a head height of plus 72 inches, free for storing your gear, hanging out, or keeping Rufus dry, but off your sleeping bag.

We liked the lightweight, flexible fiberglass tent poles provided as these generally stand up to strong wind and storms, and the 4500mm waterproofing offers a reliable level of protection from the rain. While the SPF 50 to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay is always a plus.

Needs a helping hand…

We found the assembly to be rather easy, though it definitely requires a second person to get it up in a reasonable amount of time.

Our only big complaint is the weight. At 37lbs this is pushing the limits of easy to transport. However, if you’re camping from a campsite with vehicle access, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. Besides all the extra weight comes hand-in-hand with the best feature of any tent on this list.

The best part of the Coleman Rocky Mountain tent?

The unique extra-large blackout lining in the bedrooms. This eliminates 99% of sunlight! So, you’ll rest perfectly well even if trying to nap during the day. Definitely not a feature you see on any other tent here. And it would be wonderful for those with kids who still take naps, or for camping at festivals where you may want to party all night and sleep in the next morning…


  •  The dark sleeping rooms.
  •  Huge internal space.
  •  Plenty of headspace.
  •  Separated inside space.


  •  Heavy.
  •  The floor seems likely to leak.

7. Tahoe Gear Gateway 10 Person Tent

If you’re looking for a tent that has lots of space and lots of airflow, and you aren’t too worried about bad weather, then this might be the tent for you.

Tahoe Gear Gateway 10 Person Tent

With mesh on the roof, and lots of windows you’ll be able to keep the insects out while letting in the breeze. A great feature for those wishing to camp at the beach, or in the desert when rain is not in the forecast.

We like the almost excessive center and wall height of 7 feet, would allow just about anyone to move about without needing to hunch over like in many tents. Though this feature does also make things a little difficult in setting up if you’re not of basketball player height and comes with a sacrifice on the packed tent weight.

Is it good for sunny locations?

With 1200mm polyester fly will likely keep out light rain, though the level of waterproof here has limitations when compared to other tents on this list. For trips where heavy rain is unexpected, and the sun is more of an issue this might be the perfect tent as the fly has solar shields integrated to keep out the heat!

We can’t really say anything great about the quality, as compared to other tents on the list this one appears lacking. However, for the right kind of holiday, this might just be a perfect fit.


  •  Tallest center of any tent on this list at 7’.
  •  Solar shield fly.


  •  On the heavy side.
  •  Low-quality materials.
  •  Poor construction.

8. Snugpak Journey Solo Bivvi Tent

Set apart from the other tents on this list, is the Snugpak Journey one person tent. Yes, this is a different style of best tunnel tents for camping, called a bivvy, or bivi, bivy, bivvy – take your pick. Or go with bivouac if you’re old school.

Snugpak Journey Solo Bivvi Tent

What about the weight?

Packed with features, but lacking in space, this is the tent you take if you’re going to be hiking into your campsite rather than rocking up on four wheels. At only 4.4lbs, this is by far the lightest tent on the list and packs down to 23 x 5 inches to easily fit in your best waterproof backpack.

At 94 inches long and 35 inches wide pitched, we found this to offer plenty of space for a solo explorer. And the quality of materials assures that you won’t be wet AND alone if it rains. The tailored tent footprint, waterproof bathtub style groundsheet, and tape sealed seams all around ensure that nothing is seeping in past the 190t polyester inner tent or the 75D / 185t polyester flysheet.

One awesome feature…

The rain fly is easily removable! This means you can camp out under the stars with just the mesh net to keep away the pests. And you won’t have to worry about it taking too long to re-attach the rain fly if the weather turns on you. So, you won’t have to share your personal space, and you’ll have the best view around.

Perfect for wilderness camping as you won’t get tired lugging it around as you would with many of the others on this list. And you won’t need much room to pitch the tent either.

This makes it one of the best bivy sacks you could buy, but could all these great features also make it the best tunnel tents for camping? Read on and find out…


  •  Removable rain fly.
  •  Quality construction.
  •  Only room for one.
  •  Small footprint.


  •  Only room for one.

9. Snow Peak Land Lock 6 Person Tent

If you’re looking for a high-end tent, and the price isn’t an issue, this may be just the tent for you.

Built for the extremes this tent certainly isn’t inexpensive, or lightweight – coming in at almost 49 lbs. But those sacrifices ensure that you and your group will be able to take shelter in weather of any kind. Plus, Snow Peak gear comes with a lifetime guarantee, so the old adage must ring true:

Snow Peak Land Lock 6 Person Tent

You get what you pay for!

The tent body is composed of 150D polyester with 3000mm minimum water pressure resistance, a 68D polyester taffeta inner tent, and Duralumin A7001 ultralight poles.

We found this tent to be sturdy, and really enjoyed the two expandable shade panels offering a covered balcony area to sit under or store the necessary camping gear.

Easy to assemble and offering a roomy living area and private inner tent, the Landlock is a great option for a trip into the more formidable areas of our beautiful planet.


  •  Superior quality rain protection.
  •  Strong, extremely light tent poles.
  •  Separate inside space.


  •  Very expensive compared to other tents on the list.

10. Ferrino Chanty 5 Person Tent

The last tent on our list of the best tunnel tents for camping is the Ferrino Chanty 5, which comes with preformed fiberglass poles for a higher tunnel structure.

Ferrino Chanty 5 Person Tent

As with many of the other tents we’ve reviewed, the Chanty 5 comes with a separate inner room and living space. This makes it easy to keep your muddy boots, and other camping gear, separate from where you lay your head. There is also a front, side, AND rear entrance so you can adjust your coming and going from the tent based on how the wind is blowing.

Will this tent keep you dry?

The fly is composed of 70D Diamond polyester 75g/m2 and comes coated with thermal insulated aluminized polyurethane, all of which gives you 2000mm of waterproofing.  The tent floor is 70D 80g/m2, rated at 2500mm, plus the whole setup comes with a floor sheet that is fully welded polyethylene with a waterproof rating of >10,000mm! These great features easily make it one of the best waterproof tents on the market.

We especially like the multi-point guy-line setup, which should keep your portable home stationary in the case of strong winds. All in all, this is the tent to take if the weather is expected to turn.

Can you cook in it?

Lastly, and sometimes most importantly, there is a very large front vestibule for cooking under if the rain doesn’t stop long enough to give you a chance to refuel yourself for the next day’s adventure.

All around, one of the sturdier tents capable of housing your family or group of friends no matter what mother nature throws at you, because you never know with weather…

Plus, you get to say Ciao when leaving home with this Italian brand tent.


  •  Sturdy construction.
  •  Maximum weatherproofing.
  •  Three entrances.


  •  Italian means expensive right.

Best Tunnel Tents For Camping Buying Guide

With a seemingly endless number of brands, each with countless models of tents to their name it can all become a bit overwhelming when shopping for a tent, but by narrowing down your needs (and wants), you’ll quickly find the perfect tunnel tent for your next adventure. To help with this, we have put together the below list to help you ask the right questions.

Is this for regular, or occasional use?

This may seem like a silly question, but it’s easily the most important, to begin with. You need to consider if this tent will be purchased just for one specific upcoming excursion, like a festival or scout trip; or if you are planning to use it regularly. The usage rate affects everything.

How much do you really want to spend?

Quality isn’t cheap, but it’s also less of an issue if not using it regularly. Thinner materials may not stand the test of time, but that’s only really going to matter if you’re out there in it regularly for extended periods of time. If not, a bit of duck tape fixes anything for a day or two here and there.

The expected weather must also be taken into consideration when making your choice (more on this below), as well as how much time you want to spend on maintenance.

Did you know that putting away your tent while still damp can ruin your next outing?

Not only can you put a hole in your tent by not clearing the ground first of pointy objects, or forcing the tent poles into the carry bag after the tent fly, or any other number of careless mistakes. But you can open your tent after weeks/months of non-use to find that mold has either eaten away a hole in the fabric (leaving your rainproof fly useless).

Or even worse made the whole thing smell so bad you’d turn green with the thought of trying to sleep in it. So, if you’re going to spend the extra money, you’d better be willing to put in the extra time caring for the shelter

This is why some higher-end tents come with thicker materials, or with separate floor mats to double up on keeping the floor of your tent intact. It is also why some tents come with more expensive fiberglass or composite tent poles, and others with simple aluminum or steel – the wind isn’t the only hazard, nor the most common destroyer of tent poles.

How many in your party?

Again, this may seem like an obvious one, but it plays into the above question on how often you’ll use the tent. If you’re a young family setting off on your first adventure you have to consider if you want one tent to last you years (and possible family growth), or just one to test how things go for now.

Do you take your pets camping with you?

Again, this plays into both the quality of the tent you purchase and the size. No one likes leaving Rufus out in the rain, but then those muddy paws all over the sleeping area is another way to ruin your comfort. Separated interiors are great for pets for this reason. But remember that cheaper flooring won’t last as long with those puppy nails kicking into it during dreams of chasing that bunny you all saw earlier.

Lastly, where are you planning to go camping?

If you’re trekking somewhere the tent’s packed weight matters BIG time. If you’re parking at a campsite, it doesn’t really matter at all.

When you’re only camping in places it simply will not rain, or at least not hard, during your time out there then, there’s no need to spend the extra on a super rainproof tent.  In fact, a cheaper lighter material tent with more ventilation may be better for some regions.

So, what are the Best Tunnel Tents For Camping?

There is a tent that is perfect for you, no matter your needs. Hopefully, the above list of options and guide on what to consider before purchase, has helped you pick the right tunnel tent for your upcoming escape into the wild.

If you still can’t make up your mind, you might need some time alone in the wilderness to clear your mind.  In which case the…

Snugpak Journey Solo Bivvi

…would be just perfect. If you insist on bringing your family, or they insist on coming, the…

Ferrino Chanty 5 Person Tent

…offers a good all-around option for quality, comfort, and the all-important weatherproof portable home.

Happy Camping!

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