Top 6 Best Tactical Gunshot Sling In 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Take an umbrella, for example. When it is rainy, you find joy in having a large umbrella with and around you. When the rain stops, it takes only a couple of minutes before that same essential piece of equipment starts to feel like a burden to you.

While this article is not about umbrellas, the above example can be related to gun use. Most guns are bulky and require the use of both hands to move them around. When you are not shooting, they suddenly become the “bad guy” that limits your freedom.

The best tactical gunshot slings allow you to always have access to both your hands, whilst keeping your gun safe. This inexpensive add on allows you to sling your gun over your shoulder in a comfortable way. While it serves a convenience function, it also helps protect your gun from being simply jacked away from you by anyone. Several models even have ammo pockets.

But which is the best one for you?

Not to worry, we have compiled the best tactical gunshot slings on the market below. Whether you are actively shooting or not, you are sure to be pretty comfortable with any one of these.

Best Tactical Gunshot Sling Reviews

Top 6 Best Tactical Gunshot Sling On The Market 2023 Reviews

1. Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling

One unique feature of this tactical gunshot sling is its ease of installation. Simply slide the spring metal hooks around your gun’s provided hook spots. The metal is of top grade and is rustproof, so will hold up over time.

Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling

Durability and flexibility…

The material type is elastic nylon webbing for durability and flexibility. The interior of this strap is non-slip, so it will not sway around your shoulder.

Even better, you get slots for 15 extra gunshot shells. This makes for less cluster and more fun. Your bullets are held down with elastic, so you can be sure that they will not fall off.

Fully adjustable to fit tall and short users, this gunshot sling is an all in one.


  • Easy to install.
  • Manufactured with top grade materials.
  • Non-slip backing.
  • 15 shotgun shell slots.
  • Adjustable length.


  • Requires an additional gun swivel purchase to fit several gun models.
  • Single color.

2. Vickers Combat Applications Sling

Designed by a military combat expert, all contingencies have been factored into the manufacture of this tactical gunshot sling. Before we discuss that, you should know that this sling is sold in a variety of patterns and colors; six of them.

Vickers Combat Applications Sling

Sleep in a “hot zone”…

The installation of this tactical sling uses a tough tri-glide buckle such that it cannot be released quickly. Thus, while it is not the best idea, with this gunshot sling around your neck, you could sleep in a “hot zone.” It is not the easiest to unlatch, so you will easily find out if anyone tries to relieve you of your weapon.

Overall though, the unit is very hardy, so it stands the test of time. It is field tested by several militaries, so, whatever your needs, it will cover them.

Adjusts in no time at all…

Even better, the Vickers Combat Applications has an adjuster for tall and short persons. It also has a patent pending quick adjuster that converts it from shoulder slung length to combat ready length in the least possible time.

An adjustable buttstock adapter and a shoulder pad are included to make it a universal rifle and shotgun fit, and non-slip when around your shoulder.


  • Six colors and patterns.
  • Manufactured with top quality materials.
  • Quick switch from long to short length for a swift response.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Universal rifle/shotgun compatibility.
  • Non-slip shoulder pad included.


  • High-end product.

3. Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling

With its classy design, the Ace Two tactical gun sling will add a positive swag to your gun. And there are ten color-mix versions available, so you get to pick one that best suits you. While its looks are indisputably unique though, this is not all it has got to offer.

Ace Two Tactical Gun Sling

Just so useful…

This tactical gun sling is manufactured with 50 feet of interwoven paracord. Overall, it can support up to 550 pounds of weight. While your gun is quite unlikely to even be a tenth of this weight, it comes in handy in a lot of situations.

On the field, some practical applications for this super tough rope could be to secure your tent at night or to hang your kill off the ground, away from scavenging animals.

Off the field too, it is strong enough to serve as a towing rope. Its uses are endless, though, and its strength will get you out of a lot of tough situations.

And comfortable…

If you were wondering how heavy it is, it is only 4 ounces. The interwoven paracord also serves a comfort feature as it makes for a non-slip to prevent swaying when around your arm.

Not to worry, you can adjust its length to best suit your needs.


  • Ten color-mix versions.
  • Super strong, making it useful for other tasks.
  • Lightweight for comfort.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Non-slip.


  • Not compatible with several rifles and shotgun models.
  • The full 44-inch length is too short for tall users.

4. Tactical Hero BDS 2 Point Rifle Sling

The BDS in the Tactical Hero name is short for Best Damn Sling. A lot of detail went into its design and manufacture, so it is just about the best that it can be! The BDS team give you a lifetime warranty with this product to assure you of that.

Tactical Hero BDS 2 Point Rifle Sling

Universal compatibility…

The BDS is compatible with all rifle and shotgun models. Its attachment is designed to fit both sling swivels and sling loops to make for universal compatibility.

Its made of super strong nylon. While this is very durable, it is also appropriately sized. At 1.2 inches wide, it will fit any swing swivel.

Come rain, come shine…

If your gun is one that supports the metal spring clips, two covers are provided for you. While these may seem minor, they go a long way in enhancing appearance while protecting the clips from rain and sun.

Also included with a shoulder pad, you can be assured of comfortable use. Its interior is foam padded to ensure this. The exterior, however, is non-slip, to make it sit on your shoulder without moving about.

To make it a fit for all, there is also an adjustable strap.


  • Manufactured with top quality materials.
  • All rifle and shotgun model compatible.
  • Metal spring clip covers.
  • Non-slip foam-padded shoulder pad.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The adjuster is not compliant with quick adjustments.
  • Single color.

5. Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

The Condor Speedy lives up to the “Speedy” in its name. This unit was designed with the goal of developing a system with the stability of a three-point sling but the flexibility of a one point sling while eliminating the deficiencies of both.

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

Easy and quick adjustments…

The quick pull tab on the Condor Speedy will allow for easy and quick adjustments of your weapon. Its included rope is very long. This length mimics the function of a one point sling that allows you to shoot your firearm without pulling it off your shoulder.

To make for an even better fit, you can disconnect some part of this tactical gunshot sling. This is easy, as it uses Duraflex buckles. You can, therefore, change from a long to a short sling and back in very little time.

Colors to match…

This product is sold in any of black, olive, and tan colors. It is also manufactured with top grade materials to ensure its durability.

Compatible with all sling mount guns, it covers a wide range and is compatible with most rifles.


  • Three colors.
  • Quick and easy adjustment features.
  • Long sling.
  • Manufactured with top quality materials.


  • No non-slip feature.

6. Troy Industries SSLI-VHU-00BT-00 VTAC Hunting Sling

This tactical gunshot sling is fully non-slip. This makes it sit without swaying around your shoulder. It is manufactured with industrial grade nylon ribbon yarn, so it will last a very long time.

Troy Industries SSLI-VHU-00BT-00 VTAC Hunting Sling

As added features, this sling can be used with your backpack. It also works great with horse and ATV scabbards. This flexibility eliminates the need for removing it at any time.

Long or short…

While in use, you can adjust the Troy VTAC’s length very easily, so having it at a longer or shorter length should take you no effort at all.

The interwoven yarn makes for great aesthetics. With this tactical gunshot sling, you get both function and design!


  • Nice design and finish.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Nonslip.


  • Single color variant.

Best Tactical Gunshot Sling Buying Guide

While these are the best tactical gunshot slings currently on the market, there are a few things you have to keep in mind to get the most bang for the buck. We have listed them for you.


Most tactical gunshot slings are manufactured with high-density nylon material for flexibility and durability. While all the materials used in the slings in this review are of top quality, a few offer some significant extras.

If you want a heavy duty rope that could be used to tow a vehicle, for example, then you should go for a product that offers you that sort of resilience.

Color and Design

There are different colors to choose from. There are also color combinations like a desert or a regular camo color.

Depending on your gun color, and your personal preference, make a pick.

Also, while all of these may look the same, there are significant differences in the design of each one. Check out which you are most comfortable with and would love to see and be seen with.


The kind of mount available on your gun should be cross-referenced for compatibility. That way, you do not have to go through the stress of having to buy extra kits to make a proper fit.

Even if you decide to return the item, time will be lost, which is no good for anyone.

Adjustment Options

Look out for the minimum and maximum adjustment lengths. This should be of a range that will accommodate comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying. While shortened too, it should be short enough to eliminate drag or distraction while shooting.

Extra Features

A non-slip gunshot sling is a must. This way, you can have it around your shoulder without having to readjust it a thousand times. This will also give you the freedom to run or jog with your gun around your neck.

Another extra feature to look out for is padding. A padded shoulder pad will make you very comfortable, even when used for a long time.

Finally, if you have a shotgun, then you could check out a unit that holds extra bullets for you. That is, however, if you think you have a need for this feature.

So, What’s The Best Tactical Gunshot Sling?

The most convenient way to get around with your gun is by having it slung over your shoulder. This is also a safety feature, as no one can just yank your firearm out of your grasp. Allowing you a lot of freedom, whilst keeping both you and your gun safe, it is a must-have for every rifle and shotgun.

If you’ve got either, whatever your application, then you need a tactical gunshot sling.

If you have not done so already, we recommend that you go through our buying guide. In it, you will find helpful tips that will assist you in making the best of your purchase.

If, however, you still feel spoilt by choice, then you should check out the…

Vickers Combat Applications Sling

This is our Best Tactical Gunshot Sling because it has quick adjustment features. Also sold in six colors and color patterns, we can say for sure that there is at least one of these that will be a match for your needs.

Also, with this tactical gunshot sling, you get universal rifle and shotgun compatibility.

Included with a shoulder pad, you also get non-slip features and all-day comfort of use with the Vickers Combat Applications Sling.

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