Best Springfield XDS 45 Holsters For The Money 2023 Reviews

When it comes to self-defense, firearms are usually the main focus. In fact, even the best gun is worthless if it is buried in a drawer at the moment when it is needed most.

Concealed carry is becoming more popular because of this reason. The main disadvantage, however, is the inconvenience the gun causes them when it is improperly placed. As a result of improper placement, there are also concerns about gun safety.

You’ve got yourself an XDS 45. What a great choice! However, these best Springfield XDS 45 holsters will make it even better. Invisible to the outside world, it provides the greatest comfort and safety.

Find the right Springfield XDS 45 Holster for you by checking out the Best Springfield XDS 45 Holsters…

Top 5 Best Springfield XDS 45 Holsters Reviews

1. Sticky Holsters MD-2 Medium

Sticky Holsters MD-2 is a very convenient gun holster. There are no clips or buckles to worry about, yet it works perfectly. All you have to do is slide it between your body and your trousers at the waistline.

Sticky Holsters MD-2 Medium

What is the process?

The name of this holster implies that it sticks. Outside material is made of a special non-slip material that adheres to anything with little pressure. The holster will keep your gun securely in place even if your trousers or skirts have loose elastic waistbands.

Sticky enough to hold up even in your trousers or coat pockets…

You can add some extras to your purchase if you would like more flexibility. The holster can be worn either on the ankle or on the thigh. It can be inclined for right-handed or left-handed draws with or without these.

In addition to being easy to use, this holster offers a wide range of gun compatibility options.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Unit that is ambidextrous.
  • There are options for ankle and thigh extensions.
  • Handles a wide range of pistols and handguns.


  • Guns have been pulled out of holsters along with them!

2. Springfield Armory XDS4500H Gun Stock Accessories

With this best Springfield XDS 45 holster, you get the perfect fit for your XDS pistol. To ensure durability, its casing is made of premium grade Kydex thermoplastic sheets.

Springfield Armory XDS4500H Gun Stock Accessories

What is the process?

This product comes with a belt clip, so you can easily attach it to your belt. This holster does not project your gun at a 90-degree angle, unlike other holsters. The gun is tilted slightly (15 degrees) forward to make it easy to access when needed.

It is lightweight for comfort, and the hook is strong enough to attach to pants without a belt.

You can adjust the tension to suit your needs…

The tension of this holster can be adjusted. Whether you want it tighter or a little less loose, adjustable options are available. You can tighten or loosen it with a hex key.


  • Durable Kydex casing.
  • Wear it with or without a belt.
  • It is easier to access the gun because of the angle.
  • Tension can be adjusted.
  • Comfortable weight for the user.


  • Left-handed users should not use this product.

3. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealed carry is the master’s domain of the concealment express. This holster does the opposite of other belt holsters, which put your gun outward. This holster has a clip at the front, so it can be worn inside your waistband with your gun attached.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Even if you wear tighter clothes, this ingenuity prevents gun outline on your shirt. With a custom fit for the XDS pistol, you won’t have to worry about perfect fitment.

There’s no need to sweat…

Your gun will never get wet from sweat. This is ensured by sweat shields. Regardless of what activity you choose, your gun will remain dry.

The click sound you hear once your gun is holstered is even better. By doing this, you eliminate guesswork and ensure that your firearm is safely seated.

It’s just so adjustable…

On this Springfield holster, you have two options for adjusting the holster. To begin with, you can adjust the tightness of the strap against your weapon. Furthermore, you can adjust its angle up to 15 degrees to make re-insertion of the weapon easier.

This product is available in two color patterns – black and carbon fiber black – so you can choose what suits you best. Do you prefer to work right-handed or left-handed? Neither user will have a problem, as there is one for both.

It’s built to last…

But the best part is the no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. It assures you that the product is reliable and will make your purchase worry-free.


  • Patterns in two colors.
  • Versions for left- and right-handed people.
  • Concealing is much easier with the inside waistband design.
  • Keep your gun dry with sweat shields.
  • A posi-click sound assures you that everything is in order.
  • Features for adjusting tension and angle.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty.


  • Your gun’s side may be scratched by improper adjustments, mostly by trial and error.

4. Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

In order to prevent your holster from slipping off your trouser belt, the Blackhawk Serpa is integrated into it. The belt is woven into a specialized holder, making for a tight and secure fit. However, if you would prefer to have it clipped over your belt, you can do so as well.

Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

Furthermore, this holster makes it easy to access your firearm. While not in use, it locks into place, but leaves most of the gun handle exposed. Your gun will be out in a single motion.

SERPA’s patented lock…

This product is secured with a patented SERPA lock that keeps your gun safe. When you pull out your firearm, this shifts backward and gives you access. The purpose of it is to prevent your gun from falling out.

Additionally, you can adjust the tension on the Blackhawk Serpa to fit your gun better.

Style and quality…

There are seven color combinations available for this Springfield XDS 45 holster. With such a wide selection, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Are you left-handed or right-handed? Again, you have the option to choose.


  • There are seven color combinations.
  • There are two methods of waistband integration.
  • Versions for left- and right-handed people.
  • SERPA’s patented lock keeps your gun safely holstered.
  • Quick access to your firearm is provided by the free gun handle design.
  • A tension adjustment feature is available.


  • Taking out your firearm with an open top can result in an accidental discharge.

5. DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig Holster

There is a slight difference between the DeSantis Die Hard and the norm. The anklet is designed to be worn around the ankle. If you need to use your gun in an emergency, this unique design gives you a surprise element.

DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig Holster

With top grain saddle leather, this Springfield XDS holster is durable and long-lasting. This is followed by a PU coating to increase wear resistance. The interior, however, is lined with smooth leather. Your gun will not be scratched by the interior surface. Additionally, it will allow you to draw your weapon quietly and smoothly.

It’s all about comfort…

Even when worn for a long time, the neoprene leg band won’t cause you any discomfort. To provide you with the best comfort, it is foam padded and lined with sheepskin.

As the Die Hard has a thumb break, your weapon will never fall out. This can be moved aside with one finger, allowing you to access your XDS 45 immediately.


  • There is an element of surprise in ankle fitment.
  • Materials of the highest quality are used in the manufacture of this product.
  • Your gun will not be scratched by the smooth interior.
  • Suitable for long-term and short-term use.
  • There is a thumbreak for gun safety.


  • Left-handed users should not use this product.
  • To be properly concealed, a strict set of clothing is required.
  • It is not the easiest place to reach in an emergency.

Best Springfield XDS 45 Holsters Buying Guide

Despite being the best Springfield XDS 45 holsters available, there are a few things to consider before making your final decision. The quality of the product is one of them, but we didn’t include it – because all of these units are of top quality. To help you make the right decision, we’ve listed other easily overlooked features below.


In the same way, a holster that is too heavy or uncomfortably positioned will cause the body to respond in the same way. No matter where you fix it on your body, there are nerve endings everywhere. In a poorly fitted holster, a pistol is like a pebble in a shoe.

These listed units aren’t even close to this extreme example, but you might as well choose the lightest. Among other things, this will make the device more comfortable to use.

You should also choose an FBI-styled firearm if you are concerned about easy access to your firearm. Simply put, you should choose a unit that supports or has a tilt of 15 degrees.

You will be able to access your firearm the quickest this way.

Form And Functionality

There are several important qualities that the best Springfield XDS 45 Holsters should have in addition to convenience. One of its elements is that the trigger must be completely covered and protected from external objects, including fingers.

It must also be capable of holding the gun until it is deliberately pulled out of the holster. The tension should be adjustable to ensure that your gun does not move even slightly. As a result of this feature, the gun is more safe as well as more comfortable to wear.

Successful Combination With Clothes

For legal and practical reasons, most states require that the holster conceal the gun at all times. You should be able to conceal your weapon so that others cannot identify it.

Make a choice based on the type of clothes you wear most often. Holsters are most commonly worn around your waistline exterior. There are also models with an interior waistline, as well as ones with thighs and ankles.

Choose the most concealable variant based on your clothing preferences.

Additional Features

You can then begin comparing prices after putting all of these factors into consideration. Choosing a color that you’re most comfortable with goes a long way toward making your decision easier.

The most important thing is to select a holster that fits your hand. The product comes in right-handed and left-handed versions, so please take note before purchasing. Then you won’t have to worry about returning a wrong item.

So, What Are The Best Springfield XDS 45 Holsters?

Holsters for guns are just as important as guns themselves. Whenever you need to protect yourself, they provide a safe and stealthy way to do so. It does so without straining your purse, so it is a great choice.

In addition to these best Springfield XDS 45 holsters, we recommend reviewing our buying guide. You will find helpful tips there to make your purchase as efficient as possible.

However, our overall favorite product for this review is…

IWB KYDEX Holster from Concealment Express

Our first point is that the click sound assures you that your pistol sits safely once inserted, which is both cool and safe. In addition, it can be used either right-handed or left-handed. The third feature is that it comes in two color variants.

Additionally, it hangs inside your waistband to provide you with the best concealment.

It is a great holster to have because it includes a sweat shield that keeps your gun dry all the time. You can adjust the tension and angle fit to suit your specific needs!

We call it an all-in-one. Aren’t you of the same opinion?

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