Top 6 Best Snap Cap For Your Budget 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

The best snap caps are of ultra-realistic weight, feel and look for superior training simulation. These pseudo bullets are great for testing your gunsmithing work, trigger pull practice, training on clearing malfunctions, or just general practice.

Snap caps are used for teaching purposes because they load just like a normal bullet. This is a great way to keep safe with novices in the field.

Also known as “blanks” or “dummy training rounds,” the best snap cap allows you to release the firing pin safely without damage to your firearm. They are also a perfect tool for adjusting and tuning your trigger pull. In addition, they are helpful with releasing the tension on your gun’s hammer strings when in storage.

Given all of its invaluable uses, you need to have a set of these.

Which to choose? And how do you know you are getting good value for your money?

Check out the best snap caps for dry firing below. All are of a very highest standard, and any one of them will serve its purpose – without hurting you or your firearm.

Snap Cap

Top 6 Best Snap Cap On The Market 2022 Reviews

1. Realistic Snap Caps Premium Brass Snap Caps

The Realistic snap caps are manufactured with top quality materials. Unlike aluminum, commonly used with other products, this is brass. It thus will be able to withstand tough use without chipping or breaking.

Realistic Snap Caps Premium Brass Snap Caps

What makes these dummy rounds unique it that they can be used several times. They have a primer that protects your firing pin when used and reused. Overall, each snap cap can last you about 3000 dry firing shots.

Gold colored tips for easy identification…

While these are made to look realistic, they are given gold colored tips for easy identification. If unsure, the trademark at the snap cap base will let you know.


  • Brass build for durability.
  • Up to 3000 dry firings per snap cap.
  • The soft primer absorbs the impact of the gun’s striker.
  • Easy to identify from live rounds.


  • Requires special care to prevent corrosion.

2. A-Zoom Action Proving Dummy Round

A-Zoom dummy rounds are manufactured with hard anodized aluminum. The anodizing process makes them very durable. In fact, each round can withstand over 3000 dry firing cycles.

A-Zoom Action Proving Dummy Round

Each blank is scaled on a 1 to 1 ratio to fit your gun perfectly. Even better, they each weigh the same as your bullets, so they are offering you a realistic experience.

A size for every gun user…

With the A-Zoom, you get five handgun snap caps per pack, and at an inexpensive rate. Other variations occur, but there is a size for every gun user.

Requiring mo maintenance, you can keep these virtually anywhere when not in use. To avoid mixing them with real bullets, they are colored a deep red.


  • Anodised for long life.
  • Withstands over 3000 dry firings without damage.
  • Several variants for different gun types.
  • Same weight as proper bullets.
  • Deep red coloration for easy identification.
  • Very affordable price.


  • The paint finish comes off easily.
  • Not chip resistant.
  • Grooves easily may start to jam your gun.
  • Not properly machined; won’t work with moon clips and Glock’s.

3. B-Unique Enterprises Dry Fire Snap Caps

Shotgun bullets are sold in a variety of colors – so is the B-Unique snap cap. Designed for shotgun users, they are sold in a variety of seven colors. These colors help make them easy to identify from your actual bullets.

B-Unique Enterprises Dry Fire Snap Caps

Each of the seven colors has a different characteristic – they have slightly different weights and dimensions. Depending on your normal ammunition, you should have a choice to match your needs perfectly.

The categories of these bullets are for dry firing, for general practice and home defense drills, and for competition shooters.

Built to last…

Whichever your pick, each one of these snap caps is durable, and can handle a lot of pressure depending on the need you have for it. Once done, simply clean your blanks with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol and keep for future use.


  • Colored for easy differentiation from live rounds.
  • Different models for different user requirements.
  • Can be reused several times.


  • The models with the brass ends are too realistic. There is next to no difference between them and a live round.

4. Tipton Snap Cap Pistol 9 mm Luger

The Tipton Snap Cap stands out among live bullets. Its tip is transparent and reveals the spring within. This makes it a lot safer to own.

Tipton Snap Cap Pistol 9 mm Luger

While it looks unlike live ammo, its size, weight, and feel are the same as with a proper 9mm bullet.

Very durable…

The base of these dummy rounds is manufactured with brass. This makes the Tipton snap cap resistant to wear and very durable.

These are perfect for practicing handgun safety. They are also invaluable in training, loading of magazines, clearing partial ejections, clearing misfires, and unjamming double feeds — all easy tasks with the Tipton snap cap.

Also useful in releasing the tension on your guns hammer strings when in storage, these best snap caps are all in one.

Very affordable…

The Tipton snap caps are sold five per pack and are pocket-friendly.


  • Easy to identify from live rounds.
  • Exact bullet weight and dimensions.
  • Brass base for durability.
  • Friendly price.


  • The plastic tip may crack when dropped.
  • Each dry fire pulls some metal shavings off the snap cap.

5. Tipton Snap Caps 40 S and W

These Tipton snap caps are for use with Smith and Wesson handguns. Machine precisioned, they are the same size and weight as real S and W bullets. This makes them very popular with many departments and agencies for use in Immediate Action training.

Tipton Snap Caps 40 S and W

So many uses…

These snap caps are great for loading/reloading drills, gun handling drills, malfunction drills and diagnosing shooting problems. They can achieve all of these without damage as each blank is manufactured with top quality materials.

At the base is brass, for durability. The top end is made of a high impact polymer to make it resistant to wear.

No identification problems…

For your safety, the Tipton snap caps look very different from live bullets; they are transparent to reveal the spring within. Without any doubt, you cannot make a mistake with a pair of these in your drawer.

They are sold in a pack of five. Per piece, they are of great price and won’t put a hole in your pocket.


  • Brass base and polymer tip for durability.
  • Easy to identify from live rounds.
  • Exact weight and size for practicality.
  • Pocket-friendly.


  • Only withstands a few hundred rounds of dry firing.

6. Tipton Snap Caps 45 ACP

This snap cap model is specially designed for use by Automatic Colt Pistols owners. It is an exact weight and size for ACP handguns, so you won’t feel any difference when in use.

Tipton Snap Caps 45 ACP

These snap caps are impact resistant for durability. The base is brass, and the tip is manufactured with high-impact polymer for practicality. It will last a lot of dry firing rounds before requiring a replacement.

Makes you a better gun handler…

You can also use this Triton snap cap model to practice and train how to load magazines, unjam double feeds, clear partial ejections, clear misfires, and practice handgun safety.

Sold in a pack of five, you get a fair deal with this product.


  • Impact resistant housing for durability.
  • Exact weight and dimensions for practical use.
  • Pack of five.


  • They have been known to stick. And may require manual prying out of your gun chamber.

Best Snap Cap Reviews Buying Guide

Here are a few things to keep in mind. They will help you make the best pick for your needs.

Practicality of Use

Firstly, the snap cap you choose should be of ideal dimensions. Afterward, you should check other factors like its weight.

An oversized blank even to the smallest mm will cause jamming that might require a gunsmith’s help. Too small, and it would fall out easily, defeating its purpose. The best snap caps have the same weight and size as a real bullet. If you train with these, you are sure that you are getting a full real-life experience.


The main use of snap caps is for dry firing. And some models have special features that make them especially durable.

Note that snap caps are manufactured from either plastic, aluminum or brass.

Plastic, surprisingly, is usually very durable. Except when it falls, then it retains its shape and doesn’t chip. Of course, however, the base cannot be plastic.

The base or the full structure could be brass or aluminum. A brass base is normally more rugged than aluminum. Aluminum has a strong tendency to groove after a couple of uses.

Watch out for brass models and favor these strongly.


In case you were wondering how safe snap caps are, they are very safe. However, we mean something else. While these units are made to mimic actual bullets, buy a model that has no physical resemblance to live ammo.

Mistakes happen, and an easy to identify snap cap should be your top choice.

In any case, take note never to point your weapon at yourself, or at anyone else, loaded with a snap cap or not. Unless of course, it is an emergency situation.

So, What’s The Best Snap Cap?

Blanks offer a practical solution to a lot of gun-related problems. For safe storage of your gun, you need snap caps. For training purpose, you also need them. In essence, as a gun owner, you will find so many tasks more difficult and, most importantly, dangerous without a pack of these dummy rounds.

While these are the best snap caps on the market, we suggest you go through our buying guide. In it, you will find useful tips that will help you make an informed decision.

Taking these points into consideration, we think that the best Snap Cap is the…

Realistic Snap Caps Premium Brass Snap Caps

They are simply outstanding. These are very durable and are easy to differentiate from live rounds. And true to their name, these snap caps are of ideal bullet weight. You should, therefore, get the most realistic experience possible with some of these.

Plus, these best snap caps for dry fire have a soft primer to absorb the impact of the gun’s striker. And they last about 3000 gun firing cycles, without posing any risk to your gun.

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