Best Small Of Back Holster In 2023 | Buying Guide

1. Gould and Goodrich 806 G and G Back Holster

Two things are certain when you integrate the Gould and Goodrich 806 into your belt. The first benefit is that it won’t fall off. The second advantage is that it won’t shift.

Gould and Goodrich 806 G and G Back Holster

The story doesn’t end there…

Back holsters made from pure leather are very durable. After several years of use, its color will not change. There is a hard exterior and a soft interior, so your gun won’t be scratched.

Three sizes are available for the G and G for the best fit. There is an adjustable tension screw on each of these so that you can make the fit even better.

What’s the best part?

An easy draw is made possible by the holster’s position at the perfect angle. The tilt angle is about 55 degrees for easy access. You will be able to handle any situation with the 806 within a fraction of a second.


  •  This product is made from top-quality leather.
  •  A soft interior prevents scratches on guns
  •  There are three sizes.
  •  The tension screw can be adjusted.
  •  Easy to draw with an angle.


  •  There is no variant for left-handed people.
  •  This holster sticks out a bit, making it harder to conceal.

2. DeSantis Small of Back Holster

Made of genuine leather, this product is guaranteed to be of high quality. To prevent scratches on your gun, the interior is soft leather, while the exterior is hard leather.

DeSantis Small of Back Holster

Desantis holsters are specifically designed to fit Colt 1911 .45 caliber guns. Since the tension screw can be adjusted, it will also fit similar sized guns.

What is the Desantis’ working principle?

Combined with your belt, this is the best small of back holsters. This way, you can be sure it won’t fall out.

The lightweight design of this holster enables you to get the most out of your experience. The 55-degree angle makes it easy to pull, as well as ergonomic.

This unit fits belts up to 1.5 inches wide, so you won’t have any issues with compatibility. There are far fewer belts on the market.


  •  A durable leather product that is manufactured with pure leather.
  •  The interior is soft to prevent scratches on the gun.
  •  Fits several guns with adjustable tension.
  •  The belt fits belts of all widths, mediums, and smalls.
  •  Easy to draw with an angle.


  •  There is no left-handed variant.
  •  It sticks out of your back, so it’s harder to conceal.

3. Dazzling Pro Leather Holster

No matter what model or make of handgun you have, there is a Dazzling Pro to fit your needs. You can choose from five sizes for this small of back holster. Hence, it fits nearly everyone. The leather used in the manufacture of this item is of the highest quality, so it will last for a very long time.

Dazzling Pro Leather Holster

What else is amazing?

There are two options for adjusting the dazzling pro. An upright holster or a slanted holster can be worn with this holster. Although slant-style offers the easiest pull for most, you have the option of choosing a style you prefer.

The Dazzling Pro sits between your back and your belt for maximum concealment. This hook latches to your belt so that it won’t fall off.

Furthermore, the outer casing is stitched on both sides, which reduces the likelihood of it falling apart.


  •  This product is made from top-quality leather.
  •  A slanted or upright style can be worn.
  •  There are five sizes available.
  •  Sitting with your back straight provides better concealment.
  •  Feature for hooking.
  •  For durability, sew bilaterally.


  •  Tension cannot be adjusted.
  •  There is no left-handed variant.

4. Desantis Small of Back Holster

The Desantis small the back holster is made of pure leather for durability. This handgun is designed for the Glock models 26, 27, and 33. In spite of this, it can be adjusted to fit a wide range of guns of similar size due to its adjustable tension.

Desantis Small of Back Holster

Positions itself perfectly…

With this back holster, you’ll never have to worry about shifting. You can wear it all day, all night since it’s integrated into your belt. In addition, it has a 1.5 inch wide belt hole, which is much wider than the average belt.

Holsters are designed with a 55-degree angle for ergonomic purposes. A holster can then be easily accessed as desired. This makes drawing and holstering easy. Your gun won’t get scratched no matter how often you pull it, because the interior is soft.


  •  Pure leather is used in the manufacture of this product.
  •  A soft interior prevents scratches on guns.
  •  Tension can be adjusted.
  •  The belt fits belts of all widths, mediums, and smalls.
  •  A tilted drawing surface makes it easy to draw.


  •  As it protrudes past your back, it is not the easiest to conceal.
  •  There is no left-handed variant.

5. Pro-Tech Outdoors Concealed in The Pants Holster

An ambidextrous back holster is available from Pro-Tech. There is a metal belt clip on either side of the belt that can be moved. This is the perfect solution for both right- and left-handed people.

Pro-Tech Outdoors Concealed in The Pants Holster

It’s no problem!

Strong bonded nylon is used in the manufacture of this holster. You won’t sweat unnecessarily on your back because this type of material is breathable. At pressure points, it is double stitched, so it won’t let you down.

In order to provide maximum concealment, this holster sits directly against your back. There is a metal clip that secures it safely in place.

The perfect fit…

A holster like this is a perfect fit for Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 handguns. It is also an exact match for those who use their Bodyguard 380 with a laser.

As its safety strap is adjustable, this brand is compatible with other guns. When you’re frantically going about your business, it won’t fall off accidentally if it has a gun in it.


  •  Comfortable to wear thanks to the use of breathable material.
  •  The design is ambidextrous.
  •  A better concealment is achieved by sitting against the back.
  •  The thumb break can be adjusted.


  •  There is some difficulty in putting on and taking off the clip.

6. Sob Concealment Holster

It is designed to fit the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 handgun and similar sized pistols perfectly. Due to its deep trigger position, it will fit the S and W 380 with a laser attached.

Sob Concealment Holster

We strive to be as discreet as possible…

There is no bulkiness to your gun with this best small of back holster. As well as being discreet, it sits between your back and trousers. To make the Sob holster ambidextrous, you can move the metal clip that holds it to your trousers from side to side.

Back holsters like this one are known for their comfort. A nylon exterior provides durability, while a soft interior provides comfort. Most of the comfort comes from the foamy middle layer.

It’s as dry as a bone…

No matter how much sweat you produce on your back, your gun will never get wet.

This holster is double stitched to prevent loosening, and it has a closed bottom for your safety. There’s no need to worry.


  •  Comfortable foam interior.
  •  The design is ambidextrous.
  •  The gun is protected from sweat with three-ply construction.
  •  There are several handguns that can use it since its trigger point is not defined.
  •  The seams are sewn bilaterally to ensure durability.


  •  There is no thumb break and no tension adjustment. There is a good chance that a gun could fall out.

7. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

As its name implies, the Concealment Express is most stealthy when carried against your back. A clip holds it in place so it won’t fall off.

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

It comes in two color pattern variants, making it the best small back holster. Also, you can choose between a left or right pull.

A long-lasting design…

The holster is made from Kydex material. The wear resistance of this material type is well known. Additionally, it is scratch-resistant, so it won’t lose its value over time. There is a full-length sweat guard on the interior, so sweat never reaches your gun.

Adapt it to your needs…

You can angle the Concealment Express (up to 15 degrees) to suit your preferences. The way you fit would be most convenient for drawing.

The small back holster is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure of its quality and durability.


  •  A wear-resistant material.
  •  There are two variants of the color pattern.
  •  Users of both left and right hands can use it.
  •  A full-length sweat guard is integrated into the design.
  •  A better concealment is achieved by sitting against the back.
  •  We offer a lifetime warranty.


  •  To prevent gun scratches, the interior is not cushioned.

8. Freedom Tactical Magnetic Retention Back Holster

There is a near universal fit for all handguns with the Freedom Tactical. However, it conceals well and is not bulky. There is no back holster on the market that conceals as well as it does.

Freedom Tactical Magnetic Retention Back Holster

What is the process?

Rather than sitting in your pants, the Freedom Tactical sits on your back. While our clothes are straight down, this area of our bodies naturally arches inwards. Therefore, you are just taking up space that is not being used.

In this way, your clothing will not be restricted by the clever design of this deep concealment holster. There is no need to wear an extra large shirt.

Your gun will be held in place with magnets…

Using neodymium magnets, it holds your gun securely across a wide range of guns. The lines line up to make it easy to draw. As well as holding your gun securely, it also prevents it from moving.

There are slim straps, so you won’t sweat or be uncomfortable while wearing them. Additionally, they are adjustable, so they will fit everyone.

It’s all about comfort…

Weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire unit thanks to its design. As a result, you are never uncomfortable.

If you want to conceal your weapon in a good location, this deep cover holster is a good choice.


  •  Compatibility with nearly all handguns.
  •  A back-arch design conceals the most.
  •  Fits all users with an adjustable strap.
  •  Comfortable ergonomic design.


  •  There is no left-handed variant.

9. Active Pro Gear Small of The Back Gun Concealment Holster

Your comfort is our top priority when designing the Active Pro. This is ensured by the thick foam padding. Your gun will always stay dry with this foam.

Active Pro Gear Small of The Back Gun Concealment Holster

When you need it, you can reach out quickly…

As the interior of this small back holster is fully lined with Cordura nylon, you will be able to draw faster. A quick reach is made possible by the 55-degree angle of the holster.

An adjustable thumb break ensures safety while using this small back holster. This feature still comes in handy despite the 13 variants to ensure a perfect match.

The universal fit…

You won’t have to worry about the holster falling off because it is held down by your belt. A 1.5 hole design fits belts of all sizes, whether they are large, medium, or small.

There are left-handed and right-handed versions of the Active Pro.


  •  There are thirteen sizes available.
  •  Comfortable foam padding.
  •  There are left-handed and right-handed versions available.
  •  Keep your gun dry at all times with this waterproof case.
  •  Easy to draw with an angle.
  •  The thumb break can be adjusted.


  •  A limited amount of concealment.

 10. Lirisy Inside The Waistband Holster

Its name says it all. The holster sits inside your waistband for maximum concealment. The integrated metal hook ensures that it stays firmly attached to your belt.

Lirisy Inside The Waistband Holster

Designed to fit…

A left-hand and a right-hand variant is included with this holster. The handgun holster also comes in two sizes to suit a variety of guns.

Additionally, you get superior ergonomics with the Lirisy holster. Due to its thinness, the holster will not bulge unnecessarily. Additionally, it is soft and breathable for all-day comfort. 600D nylon wraps the entire structure for durability.

A thumb break is included with this holster for safety reasons. Guns are kept safe in this manner at all times. When you need to use a gun, however, it’s easy to remove.

A quality guarantee…

The Lirisky Inside the Waistband Holster comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. A quality product backed by a company that stands by its product is always a good thing.


  •  There are two sizes available.
  •  High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of this product.
  •  There are left-handed and right-handed versions available.
  •  A thumb break is necessary for safety.
  •  We offer a lifetime warranty.


  •  The drawing surface is not angled for easy drawing.

Best Small Of Back Holster Buying Guide

Be sure to look out for these things before making a final decision.


Back holsters should match your firearm, so it goes without saying you should buy one that matches. Several models are compatible with various guns, however. It is recommended that you buy an adjustable holster if you do not see your gun model written in bold letters.

This means that purchasing a model that does not have a defined cast-shape will be a better choice. By doing so, you can be sure it will fit your handgun. Make sure, however, that it has a thumb break that will hold your gun securely.


In spite of the fact that all the best small back holsters are in the same location, their placement differs from one another quite a bit. IWB holsters are those worn inside the waistband and OWB holsters are those worn outside the waistband. The arch of your back is also covered by a few concealed carry positions.

Wearing regular clothes is possible with the OWB models, but you should avoid them if you prefer that freedom. The problem with these is that they can easily be exposed when you sit or jump, for example.


The most practical model requires a few considerations. The first thing you should look for is comfort. For easy drawing, it should be angled correctly.

You should ensure it has features such as a breathable structure for maximum comfort. A padded seat will also make it more comfortable. An unbreathable rigid model will make you uncomfortable if you use it for a long period of time.

Using the kidney carry, you can easily access your weapon from an angle (tilt). Additionally, it is much more ergonomic and relieves your back.

Additionally, pay attention to the orientation. A right-handed person should not choose a left-handed model, and vice versa.

Ensure you get the most comfortable holster by checking these out.


These units are all made from top-quality materials, but you need to take note of one thing. As mentioned, you should not feel uncomfortable if it is too rigid. A smooth or soft interior is also important to note.

Your firearm will most likely be scratched if it has a solid interior. Even though these may seem minor at first, they accumulate and make your firearm look worn very quickly. An adjustable tension screw is the only feature you should look for in a rigid interior model.

You can then set it as you wish, according to your situation.

So, What’s The Best Small Of Back Holster?

While the spine is capable of holding a great deal of weight, it rarely does any work. The point on our bodies where our firearms are located is one of our bodies’ strongest points, so placing your firearm here won’t cause any discomfort.

The best small of back holsters will allow you to conceal your firearms comfortably without compromising your safety. You will most likely forget it is even there, if it’s a comfortable fit all day and all night.

You should read our buying guide before selecting one of these best gun holsters. This article will provide you with tips for making the best purchase possible.

Taking all of those tips into consideration, we believe that the best Small of Back Holster is…

A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase of this excellent holster of top quality.

With two color patterns to choose from, both of which are wear-resistant, this product is a top-notch product. A sweat guard and ambidextrous models are also available, ensuring your comfort.

A top feature of this best-concealed holster is the adjustable tilt, which makes it an all-in-one holster.

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