Top 7 Best Reloading Press On The Market 2023 Reviews

There comes a point when ammo can become just too expensive. Even if you go for the less expensive ammunition imported from abroad, it can still add up to be a small fortune if you’re a regular shooter.

So what’s the solution?

We’ve searched long and hard to find you eight of the best reloading presses we could find on the market today. With a good ammo reloading kit, you’ll be able to make your own ammunition – saving you tonnes of money in the long run. Plus, once you get the knack of it, you’ll probably get some real enjoyment from making your own high-quality custom made rounds.

So let’s get straight to it and check out our reloading equipment reviews…

Reloading Press Reviews

Top 7 Best Reloading Press To Buy 2023 Reviews

1. Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

Hornady has a good reputation for producing high-quality mechanical systems and accessories for guns. Here is their Hornady L-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press,

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

A five-station reloading press…

If you’re looking for an easy to use that uses innovative technology to speed up the reloading process – this Hornady system is a safe bet. You’ll be able to carry out a number of tasks such as powder measuring, switching dies, and checking your dies without having to change the entire die head. This ultimately saves you a lot of time and effort.

However, if you wish to change one or more of the dies – just simply twist it out with fluid ease and thread a new one in.

Caters for all rounds…

If you are a gun enthusiast and have numerous types of guns, you will be pleased to know that the Lock-N-Load will measure powder for all types of cartridges. So whether you have 9mm pistol cartridges right through to the bigger Magnum rifle rounds – you’ll be able to make a plentiful supply of ammunition for each and any.

Another great feature they’ve added to this system is a case activated powder drop. With this in place, you can make super quick changeovers. This is because it dispenses the powder as soon as the case in position.

Keep everything tidy…

There’s also a cartridge catcher in place, so you can instantly and neatly begin storing your rounds with a convenient automated system. Plus, there are extra Lock-N-Load bushings added to this package.

Overall, this is a very user-friendly ammo reloading kit that could be one of the best starter reloading kits we’ve seen in terms of ease of use. However, it could just as easily appeal to experienced reloaders as well.


  •  Five-station reloading.
  •  Caters for all rounds.
  •  Activated powder drop.
  •  Cartridge catcher.
  •  Extra bushings.
  •  Innovative design.
  •  User-friendly.


  •  May have difficulty seating some primers.

2. Dillon Precision Super 1050 40SW

Next up, we’re looking at this Dillon Precision Super 1050 40SW advanced level reloading machine. It comes with a case feeder and a bullet feeder as standard, and the rpm can be regulated infinitely between zero and eight RPM.

Dillon Precision Super 1050 40SW

Multiple cartridge options…

One of the great things about this machine is it set up to deal with various different rounds – from small pistols right through to large rifles.

For each round category, there is a different case feed plate that you must use. The idea is that you choose one of the case-feed plates to suit your particular gun type. They will then ship out the reloading machine with your desired plate. In fact, this machine is capable of reloading up to 35 different pistol, revolver, and rifle calibers. So just simply check on their specifications to see if your firearm’s caliber is listed.

Ultra-reliable and efficient…

This machine is like a mini-factory in the way that it churns out high-quality rounds efficiently and effectively. You’ll be able to powder up and seal huge quantities of rounds in a very short timeframe. All that’s needed is a little configuration and set-up time to begin with.

This is definitely at the top end in terms of pricing, but there’s a reason. It’s because this is a professional reloading kit that will get the job done accurately and consistently every time.

Money-back guarantee…

What’s more, Dillon Precision will even let you try their reloading machine out for 30 days – with a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. All these superb features easily make it one of the best reloading presses available.


  •  Case feeder.
  •  Bullet feeder.
  •  RPM regulation.
  •  Multiple cartridge options.
  •  Super fast and efficient.
  •  30-day money-back guarantee.


  •  A little technical for beginners.
  •  High price range.

3. Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit

Moving on now, we’re viewing this Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit. So as you can see, this relatively cheap reloading press is made for 45 pistol rounds.

Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit

Although it’s capable of a lot more…

This press is also capable of reloading some of the largest Magnum rifle cartridges as well. This is due to its 1.75-inch diameter ram, which allows you to reload various sized cartridges once you’ve calibrated it correctly. Additionally, it can be used in two formats – either as a single-stage reloading press or as an automatic indexing progressive press.

Plus, it comes with five-stations that should accept all the well-known reloading dies on the market. And, life is made easier with the dies being held in by detachable turrets – so you don’t have to adjust any of your settings.

The construction and price?

Well, the construction is solid cast aluminum, making this reloader extremely strong but lightweight too. We think this is a very affordable reloading press, which won’t set you back a small fortune. And will provide a very cost-effective solution to factory-made rounds.

It’s an ideal set-up for anyone who wants to start making their own rounds for a 45 ACP pistol. Then after mastering the machine, you can expand on your round making for other calibers.

Finally, we think this one of the best single stage reloading presses that we’ve seen – especially considering the price range it can be purchased in.


  •  Cheap reloading press kit.
  •  Large diameter ram.
  •  Reloads numerous round sizes.
  •  Suits 45 ACP rounds.
  •  Excellent single-stage system.
  •  Optional automatic indexing process.


  •  There’s some set-up time involved.

4. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press (Red)

For anyone who wants to graft a little in the classic sense, to produce their own ammo – here’s the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press.

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press (Red)

Award-winning turret press…

This particular Lee Precision Classic design takes all of its features from their original award-winning turret press. They’ve just updated it to suit this modern era in subtle ways.

One thing that is sure with this ammo press is that it has super smooth functionality, and quality materials have been used in the making of it. It should definitely stand the test of time, providing you a cost-efficient way of producing your own ammunition.


Another great aspect of this press is that Lee Precision has added an auto-indexing feature to this set-up. This essentially means, in the case of this machine, that you can load in any sized cartridges that measure up to a maximum length of 3.313 inches.

If you wanted to powder up even bigger cartridges, you would have to manually advance the turret – which would take quite some considerate effort, but it’s doable.

Our general consensus with this machine is that it is one of the best starter reloading kits that we’ve seen. This is because it slowly introduces you to the concept of making your own ammo. Plus, you’re learning the classic press method. Once you’ve mastered using this machine, you could look to expand to a more automated system in the future.


  •  Classic turret press design.
  •  Smooth functionality.
  •  Cost-efficient.
  •  Auto-index feature.
  •  Great starter reloading kit.
  •  Loads various cartridge sizes.


  •  Takes time to master.

5. RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press

If you’re looking to make cartridges for hunting, the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press could cater to your needs very well. This single-stage ammo press is actually advertised for this purpose.

RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press

Let’s see why…

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme has a huge 4 inches of surface for the ram to deal with. This surface is in place to cope with the solid one-inch thickness of the actual ram. You also get a strong steel handle to lean down on when making your rounds. The ball handle helps you gain a firm grip, too, allowing you to smoothly go about the cartridge making process.

Need a long-lasting and reliable reloading press?

That’s what this Supreme press was made for – long-lasting reliability. It would be a good reloading kit for beginners, yet it would also work for professionals alike.

Heavy duty…

This is a very heavy duty ammo reloader that will be able to put together some of the largest rounds very easily. It will reload, case form, and bullet swage to make arguably better than factory standard rounds from some of the top cartridge makers. Besides, for future thought, you have got the option of upgrading this system to a progressive loader by adding a Piggyback 4 conversion kit into the mix.

Ultimately, you get a solid piece of kit here that you’ll really be able to get to grips with. It might not be the fastest loader, but it will produce some fine quality rounds, and you’ll get to know the raw process inside and out.

Superb value for money…

We should also mention that the price is spot on for this best reloading press, and usually very cheap for what you get with this ammo reloader.


  •  Great for hunting ammo.
  •  Four-inch surface.
  •  One inch thick ram.
  •  Heavy-duty design.
  •  Strong steel handle.
  •  Upgrade option.


  •  Not great for depriming rounds.

6. Dillon Precision 14261 RL550C 4 Stage Manually Indexed Progressive Reloading Machine

The keyword for this reloading machine is – versatility. This Dillon Precision 4 Stage machine is made so that you can reload a massive variation of cartridges, from subcompact firearm cartridges right up to 460 Weatherby rounds if really wanted too!

Dillon Precision 14261 RL550C 4 Stage Manually

A change in design…

What’s unusual about this Dillon Precision machine is its change in design that should make your round making process even more fluid. The RL550C uses a threaded linked arm pivot pins that have a built-in groove around them. The groove allows you to keep them well lubricated, and therefore, this system should function smoothly for longer than the previous RL550B version.

All you need is a grease gun and needle type fitting to lubricate the pins properly. The overall result should be less maintenance and more cartridge making.

It’s your choice…

We really like that Dillon offers you a choice of a caliber conversion kit to accompany this progressive reloading machine. This just adds to the versatility of this device. Another stand out feature is the fact that this machine can cater for over 120 different calibers, which is very impressive.

The RL550C has to be regarded as a top of the line reloading machine, in which professionals can really experiment to make some incredibly unique and powerful rounds. Whether it’s rifle, pistol, or revolver rounds that you want to reload or design, this machine has what it takes to get the job done.

We should mention that the dies are sold separately from the machine.


  •  Incredibly versatile.
  •  New, improved design.
  •  Less maintenance needed.
  •  Caliber conversion kit included.
  •  Caters for 120+ calibers.
  •  For rifle or handgun rounds.


  •  Dies are sold separately.

7. Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press

Lastly, we’re finishing with one more single press ammo reloader from Redding. The Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press is built to be heavier than the average frame of this type. The frame is a heavy-duty die-cast frame that should serve you well for a very long time.

Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press

Plus, we really like the ergonomic thought put into this design. They’ve angled the frame with a 36-degree offset, so you can get an improved view of your work and a better lean over the press.

The handlebar is a straight pull-type and is also offset to give you better leverage, making the work much more enjoyable than tiresome. There’s also a “Smart” primer arm, made to move in and out of position when the ram moves up or down.

Quite a claim…

It’s not only heavy-duty, but Redding claims it has the longest functional ram stroke of any other press in its class. With a ram stroke so long, it can easily pack even the largest Magnum cartridges solidly – giving you a well-balanced round to shoot – whether you’re hunting or just down the range.

Other features include tough compound linkage and steel adapter bushing. The bushing will readily accept all the common 7/8″-14 threaded dies. If you want to go larger with the dies, you can just remove the bushing. Then it will go as far as accepting 1-1/4″ – 12 dies.

All we can say is, we’ve ended with a bang!

This is a beast of a machine, with some brutally powerful elements and clever design work that’s been put into its making. The Redding Big Boss II truly has to be one of the best single station presses we’ve seen in a long time.


  •  Heavy-duty die-cast frame.
  •  Frame – 36 degree offset.
  •  Huge ram travel.
  •  Reloads really large rounds.
  •  Straight pull offset handlebar.
  •  Incredibly powerful tool.


  •  You may prefer a progressive system.

Best Reloading Press Buying Guide

We’ve run through some very impressive ammo reloading devices in this review, but you may still be feeling a little confused about which one to buy. We all have different needs, wants, and criteria for a product, so this buying guide is just an additional helpful section that we’ve put together for you, to make sure you make the perfect decision.

So let’s delve further and look into which reloading press could suit your particular needs best. In order to do this, we’ve chosen some appropriate categories, and then we’ll tell you the ammunition reloaders that impressed us the most within those categories…

Best Reloading Kits For Beginners

So if you are just starting out, we recommend you keep things simple and learn the basics of putting a cartridge together. As well, you don’t want to be spending excessive amounts of money on your first reloading press. With all that in mind, we suggest a good single stage reloading press would be a good choice. This is because you learn how to make ammo the classic way.

However, some machines can automate the process as well and so they would be very well suited for beginners. And that’s why our overall favorite ammo reloading press for beginners has to be the…

Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

This is the first reloading press we looked at, and it makes the whole process super simple. If you’re looking to save money on ammunition, but don’t have the time to press it all out – here is a marvelous solution. The price is very reasonable for what you are getting with this package. And Hornady has a superb reputation for making gun accessories, and this machine is no exception.


If you want a solid and reliable turret reloading press for beginners, we recommend the…

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press (Red)

This turret system is derived from an award-winning reloading press. It has many of the same features to make it a solid, long-lasting, and reliable reloading press. Plus, we like that they’ve added an indexing feature, and the price is very reasonable too. If you are after a more advanced reloading system, then you should look at our…

Best Progressive Reloading Machines

You might be fed up with the longer ways of pressing your cartridges? It could be that you want a fast and cost-efficient way of making large quantities of rounds easily? Or you may want to reload a variety of cartridges with one machine? Well, here we will show you some of the best progressive reloading machines we could find on the market. And if we had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be the…

Dillon Precision 14261 RL550C 4 Stage Manually Indexed Progressive Reloading Machine

This is possibly the most versatile reloading machine we could find, and it comes from a reputable manufacturer – Dillon Precision. Very impressively, it has the capability to reload over 120 different cartridge types! So whatever caliber you are using, you should have any issues with this Dillon Precision reloader.

But if you want a more advanced automatic reloader, we really like the…

Dillon Precision Super 1050 40SW

Yet again, Dillon comes up top trumps with this advanced level reloading machine. It includes a case feeder, bullet feeder, and you can even control the RPM to the exact speed you desire to work at. This is an incredibly fast and efficient machine that will pop out fresh rounds out in no time at all. Plus, you can reload multiple cartridge types with this machine, making it a flexible option too.

If you are on a serious budget but want to make your own rounds, then here’s our favorite…

Cheap Reloading Press

You can still get a quality reloading press that will serve you well for a very reasonable price. And we looked long and hard to find you the…

Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit

The price of this Load Master is incredibly low, given its capabilities. We can’t get over how much is on offer for such a low price, and Lee Precision is a reputable manufacturer as well. It has the functionality of two reloading styles. The first being a single-stage reloader, and then you get an automatic indexing progressive press as well. This is great if you want to learn both types of processes.

So it makes for a good reloader for beginners too.

Do you prefer the classic method?

Best Single Stage Reloading Press

This was an easy choice in the end. The build quality and thoughtful design put into the…

Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press

…meant that we had to choose it as our overall favorite single stage press. The Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press is a heavy-duty monster of a machine, that will reload nearly any cartridge without you having to break a sweat.

We especially like how they have offset the frame and pull down handle so that you can get good leverage over the ram. Plus, you’ll be able to more clearly what you are doing.

Additionally, for the hunters out there…

We also think the RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press is a solid single stage choice. It’s been advertised as good for reloading ammunition for hunting. This looks to be very true – due to its heavy-duty design and capabilities. It’s also good that they’ve added the Piggyback 4 conversion kit upgrade option to this press too. And it’s relatively cheap to some of the other presses we’ve looked at.

And finally…

Our Best Complete Reloading Kit

Out of all the presses and machines we looked at, we think the best overall reloading kit should go to the…

Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit

We’ve come back to this Lee Precision design, because of the options you get, and it’s just fantastic value for the money! You could delve into the deep end with this machine and reload a whole array of different rounds. Or you might just want to use it to reload your 45 ACP cartridges, quickly and without any hassle.

Types Of Best Reloading Presses

Now, if you’re still a little confused with the types of reloading presses that you can purchase – here’s a quick little guide to explain.

There are essentially three types of reloading presses; however, sometimes the definition of particular models can cross over due to new and innovative reloading designs.

Generally, though, the three different press types can be categorized as…

  •  Single-stage reloading press.
  •  Turret reloading press.
  •  Automatic progressive reloading press.

Single-Stage Reloading Press

This is the most simple of presses in its functionality, and it utilizes a classic method of reloading rounds. If you are reloading for pleasure and want a long-lasting and reliable reloader for a particular type of round – this has to be a logical choice. It usually has a very sturdy and rigid frame, takes one cast at a time, and is typically used for reloading rifle rounds – though not exclusively.

These tend to be one of the slowest ways to reload. Yet, because of this being longer and more hands-on process – we think it’s a great way of understanding the methodology behind reloading.

One of the best single stage presses we looked at is the…

Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press

Turret Reloading Press

The basic design is based on the single-stage press; however, this one obviously includes a turret – hence the name. The turret built into this press can be rotated around so that you can load different cartridge types. This is because there are different die options available on just one turret.

With a single-stage press, you would have to take the time to change the die if you wanted to reload another cartridge type.

We think this type of press is ideal for anyone who is a pistol and rifle owner, where the calibers are different.

A good example of a high-quality turret press on our list is the…

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press (Red)

Automatic Progressive Reloading Press

Finally, we have the progressive reloading press, which in most instances, is automatic. Basically, for every pull of the lever up and down, the progressive reloading press will produce a fully functioning round without any other process needed. It’s basically an all-in-one process.

When this process is automatic, it just simply means that there is a motor within the press that usually runs from mains electricity. Therefore, there’s no pulling of levers or physical strength needed really when using an automatic press. So whether you have a manual or automatic progressive reloading press, they both tend to produce fully-fledged rounds much quicker than the other reloader types.

A good example of a manual progressive reloading press on our list is the…

Dillon Precision 14261 RL550C 4 Stage Manually Indexed Progressive Reloading Machine

An example of an automatic progressive reloader is the…

Dillon Precision Super 1050 40SW

Best Reloading Press Brands

Before we conclude this article, we’ll just take you through our opinion on the best reloading press brands on the market today. We’ve tried to include a carefully researched range of reloading presses from reputable brands.

Here they are in summary…

  •  Lee Precision.
  •  Hornady.
  •  Dillon Precision.
  •  RCBS.
  •  Redding.

These are obviously not the only brand names out there that are producing good reloading presses, but we found them to offer some great deals at the time we researched for this article.

Lee Precision

Lee Precision usually provides you with a full reloading kit – ready to assemble straight out the box. They will add the specific cartridge you need for your caliber needs. Plus, they will give you the correct case length gauge if you are using one of their systems to reload rifle cartridges.

There are also options where you can actually prime on their press like with their Anniversary and Breech Lock Challenger kits. And of course, we included their innovative Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit and their Lee Precision Classic Turret Press.


Whether it’s a single-stage press right through to a progressive reloading press – Hornady will have you covered. They’ve been producing high-quality gun accessories for decades, and their reloading presses are no exception to quality standards.

We like that they offer you custom grade dies to suit your particular needs. And if you’re really not sure, you can actually go down to their Reloading Center to ask all the questions you want.

We included their superb Hornady 095100 Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press. But their single-stage and turret designs are well worth looking into as well.

Dillon Precision

When it comes to talking about advanced reloading machines, Dillon Precision usually will pop up in the conversation. These machines are perfect for competition shooters or any other shooting professionals that need a very precise cartridge made to their specific requirements.

Hunters can also benefit from using a Dillon Precision reloading machine because they are so versatile in the cartridges they can reload. We included their popular Dillon Precision Super 1050 40SW and Dillon Precision 14261 RL550C 4 Stage Manually Indexed Progressive Reloading Machine in our list.

Dillon precision has a fully dedicated reloading service to offer, so maintenance and guidance will always be at hand if you need it.


Founded in 1943, RCBS gives you precision-engineered reloading presses and kits, which can serve both beginners right through to professional shooters. They’ve been in the reloading business now for over 75 years – so understandably, they are a very reputable brand name in the firearms industry.

They have a full service dedicated to reloading, where you can find several different parts to fit with your current press. RCBS can provide you with shell holders, reloading dies, case prep elements, priming tools, powder measuring tools, bullet casing tools, and other accessories related to reloading.

If you want strong, reliable, and trustworthy reloading equipment – we think RCBS is as good a choice as any on our reviews list. And we chose their popular RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press for inclusion on this list.


Since 1946, Redding has been providing high-quality reloading equipment to satisfied customers right up to this day. The standard of their equipment is incredibly high. You can see evidence of this in their Redding Big Boss II Reloading Press. We included this press to our reviews list because it was basically a beast of a reloader.

In the last five years, Redding has shown commitment to continually developing their reloading tools and equipment. They’ve invested in new CNC machinery and employee some of the best engineers and designers to give innovative reloading solutions. We like that they are a close-knit team too and employ a number of veterans.

With decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge – we think Redding will provide you with a long-lasting and ultra-rugged ammo press.

Further Reading

If you’re thinking of buying a reloading press, then you’ll also need a case trimmer. To find out more, please check out our in-depth Best Case Trimmers reviews.


To end this article, firstly, we would like to thank you for sticking with us through all the different sections. If you made it this far, it hopefully has been insightful and informative enough to help you choose the right reloading press for your particular needs.

As you may have noticed, this topic can be a little bit tricky, so we made sure to explain the different types of presses, and to give you up-to-date information on which manufacturers you can really trust.

We also made sure to include reloading presses for amateurs right through to professional shooters. So whether you’re the home enthusiast, a target shooter or a hunter – there should be a suitable reloading press here for you.

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