The 8 Best Reloading Benches Of 2023 Reviews

Hey guys, we have another interesting topic of discussion for you today. If you shoot a lot, it can get really expensive. One option is to load and reload all of your own ammunition. Once you get set up with some basic tools, you should be ready to get started.

Today, we’re looking at benches that could be used for reloading. You need a sturdy place to work, and a place to keep all of your reloading supplies. If possible, it’s best to keep this space dedicated to reloading only. This way, you won’t have to take-down and set-up your reloading equipment every time you need some ammo.  We’re going to help you find a bench that will meet your reloading needs at home.

Reloading Benches Reviews

Top 8 Best Reloading Benches On The Market 2023 Review

1. Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench

Turn your spare room or garage into a reloading center with the UltraHD Lighted Work bench. The UltraHD comes complete with 2 lined storage drawers. The workbench also has a sturdy beechwood work space and a smaller shelf on the top for additional storage space for all your reloading supplies.

Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench

That’s not all; the Workbench includes a fluorescent light fixture with an AC power strip, and a pegboard back with 23-count hook set. Two stainless steel drawers pull out on easy-slide ball bearing glides, another nice feature.

The metal frame is powder coated to resist rust and corrosion. An additional shelf can easily be made for even more storage space at the bottom. The UltraHD bench measures 48” wide by 24” deep by 37.5” high.

The Ultra HD is really sturdy; it’s rare to find a hardwood top and stainless-steel drawers included.  These 2 features alone will make this an excellent reloading bench for years to come.


  • Good size work area
  • Lighted
  • Plenty of shelf space


  • Pricey

2. LEE Precision 90688 Reloading Stand

The Lee reloading stand was designed for holding a reloading press. This stand is made of sturdy, powder-coated steel and allows any Lee reloading press to be stationed at the perfect sitting or standing height. The Lee 90688 three-leg design helps to add solid stability regardless of the condition of your floor. The rubber capped legs help to ensure that the stand will not slip on any flooring surface.

LEE Precision 90688 Reloading Stand

The steel top is fitted with the Lee 90688 bench plate system that comes with a pre-drilled base block to fit all Lee metallic reloading presses. The stand also includes a sturdy steel shelf with two bench plate receivers so extra presses or mounted equipment can be stored neatly out of the way. Overall measurements of the bench are 39″ high by 24″ wide by 26″ deep.

The Ultra is perfect if you need only one Lee reloading press.  But here’s the catch; if you want to use something other than Lee in the future, you may need another stand.  I also think you need more bench space for reloading. You need room to lay out your supplies, cases, powder and reloaded ammo.  The Lee 90688 doesn’t include much additional storage space.

If I had this bench, I would build another stand right beside it for additional work space and storage.


  • Custom designed
  • Sturdy


  • Lee accessories only
  • Limited storage space

3. Frankfort Arsenal Reloading Stand

The Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand is perfect for anyone with limited space. The tabletop and frame are foldable for quick and easy storage.

The Arsenal’s frame is made of 1.5″ steel tube and opens to provide 34″ x 21″ sturdy work station. The frame is adjustable to suit reloading from a sitting or standing position.

Frankfort Arsenal Reloading Stand

The Arsenal stand is adjustable up to 39″ x 12″ to accommodate all types of reloading processes. The wood center section is ideal for mounting a press, powder measure or other fixed position tools, while the side shelves easily accommodate any free-standing trimmers, scales or most any other reloading tools. The stand also includes two side bins for holding additional supplies or small tools.

This stand seems like a perfect fit for someone just getting started in reloading.  You can easily set it up or fold it down for storage in less than a minute. The Arsenal has decent workspace and a few storage bins.  As your reloading operation grows, you can always add another workbench later.


  • Portable
  • Multi-purpose use


  • Limited storage space

4. Hopkins 90164 Workbench

Next up is the Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench. This Hopkins model is unlike most of the benches in our review today. This unit is a do-it-yourself, fully customizable workbench. You can easily customize it to meet your specific reloading needs. Setting up the takes less than an hour with all the installation hardware and easy to follow directions.

Hopkins 90164 Workbench

Something else that sets this table from the others is its construction quality. It’s made of strong 2×4 framing. Advanced engineering makes it stronger and more stable than the standard reloading benches out there. In fact, each of the shelves on the 90164 bench can hold a total of 1,000 pounds. That’s plenty of storage space for your reloading equipment and accessories.

The 90164 is a great choice for the DIY group.  With this package and some 2X4 lumber, you can make a sturdy, customized reloading station.  There are options for plenty of workspace and storage. Using this kit, anyone can make a nice reloading station in just a few hours.


  • Sturdy design
  • Flexible design options


  • You have to build it

5. Stack-On SORB-48 Pro Reloading Bench

Our list of reloading bench reviews continues with the Stack-On SORB-48 Reloading Bench. This is a full-featured bench that comes ready to meet the demands of all your reloading operations. It is made from a durable, 1.25-inch thick plywood birch top that can withstand heavy use for years. The dimensions are 48″ long by 24″ deep by 67″ high to hold all your reloading supplies.

Stack-On SORB-48 Pro Reloading Bench

The bench comes with an adjustable height design to help you easily adjust it to a comfortable height. All four legs are equipped with leveling feet so there’s no concern about the stability of your stand when reloading.

The pegboard back panel makes it possible for you to use peg hooks to easily hang and store your reloading accessories and tools within easy reach. Assembling the unit is fairly simple. The package also comes with the required hardware for fastening the table to the wall or floor.

The SORB-48 has a solid working service, but there’s more. A shelf at the bottom of the stand and one at the top gives you extra storage space. This reloading bench is one of the sturdiest and most complete stations in our review today.


  • Plenty of storage
  • Solid work bench
  • Pegboard storage area


  • Pricey

6. UltraHD Adjustable Heavy-Duty Workbench

The UltraHD Adjustable Heavy-Duty Workbench gets you the most out of your workspace. This workbench is a popular model that comes with a height adjustable design. You can raise or lower the height from 28.5″ to 42″ for a position you’re comfortable working in. Once you find that prefect working level, you can easily lock the table into place.

UltraHD Adjustable Heavy-Duty Workbench

The UltraHD offers you a large 48” x 24’ work area. This makes it an ideal unit for holding all types of reloading tools. There’s more; this top is made using a heavy-duty wood surface that comes sealed with a scratchproof material to enhance its durability. The bench frame is made from sturdy metal with granite powder coat for increased protection against rust and corrosion.

The UltraHD is super sturdy and the legs are rubber-padded on the feet. Also included is a 1-year limited warranty. I like the sturdiness of this bench, but it is only a bench. No storage, no pegboard, no drawers. You’ll have to add several things here before your reloading can begin.


  • Solid hardwood top
  • Heavy-duty frame


  • Limited storage space

7. Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet

Next, we have the Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet work station. It comes with a 34” table height to give you a comfortable working area in either standing or sitting positions.

One thing that sets this model apart from some of the others it that it includes lighting and an outlet. You have an UL listed light to offer great visibility and an outlet to plug in additional tools. Included is an 80” power cord to reach any outlet.

Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet

The Multipurpose Workbench comes with the installation hardware included, making it simple for you to get set up and start reloading. In addition to the large work area, it also comes with two drawers. Plus you get a pegboard back, with top and bottom shelves that give you extra space for storing, mounting, and easily accessing your tools.

The Multipurpose Workbench offers a lot of great features to get you reloading right away. It has multiple features not found on every workbench. A solid workplace, storage drawers and shelving; pick up one and start reloading right away.


  • Storage shelves and drawers
  • Lighted
  • Pegboard back


  • No cons

8. Stack-On SO382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench

The Stack-On SO-382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench is one of the lowest priced models in our review today. This is also a DIY steel workbench that provides a sturdy work surface for all your reloading needs.

This workbench features a ¾-inch thick, heavy-duty MDF tabletop that fastens directly to the top rails with steel end panels for exceptional stability. The fact that the end panels are constructed from rugged steel I-beam translates to added strength and durability. The work surface measures a nice 38”x17”.

Stack-On SO382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench

With the pegboard end panels, you’ll have some additional storage space for all your tools and reloading supplies. There’s even more; you get two large steel shelves that offer you extra storage to help organize your reloading supplies. Since all the installation hardware is included in the package, assembling this workbench will take you less time than many others.

I like the Stack-On SO382B. It’s sturdy, well made and has plenty of storage areas. Place this unit in a well-lit area and you should be good to go!!


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Sturdy


  • Not lighted

Reloading Bench Buyers Guide

What should you look for when buying a reloading bench? We’re offering some tips to help you purchase the right work station for your needs.


You’ll find many different designs and sizes. Consider your space available and purchase the largest one you can afford. You’ll need the extra space later.

You can find models that come with foldable and do-it-yourself designs. These are great for anyone who would like to fully customize their benches to fit specific needs. Most importantly, be sure to look for a model that you can easily move around your gun room when the need arises.


The durability of a reloading bench plays a crucial role in providing you with a station that serves your needs for a long time.

Make sure the model you buy comes designed with heavy-duty materials like hardwood, steel, etc. This allows your bench to last for a longer period of regular use.

Also check the material used to make the bench frames; make sure it’s metal or sturdy wood to provide enough support for the weight of the table and your reloading equipment.


Check the warranty for the reloading station you are considering. Several companies offer a one-year warranty. That should be sufficient.

Once you get your reloading operation set-up and working, you should be fine. Check to make sure all parts fit together and perform to your satisfaction. Once you’ve reloaded a few times without any issues, you should be set for years to come.


Reloading work benches come in different price ranges. It’s easy to find a cheap model or a pricy one; remember, you get what you pay for.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re better off with an affordable model. But make sure the bench doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. You can always add on later.


After reviewing all of these great reloading benches, it’s time to make a choice. Today, I’m going with the Multipurpose Workbench. This is a perfect set-up for reloading. It’s sturdy, well designed, and has plenty of storage space. This set-up should provide you with years of service as a reloading center for all your shooting needs.

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