Best Pocket Holsters For Ruger LCP

Best Pocket Holsters For Ruger LCP

If you want some good advantages from owning a holster, you might want to consider getting one on this list. Currently, there are a number of holsters available.

If you know what to choose, you should always be able to get a model that works well. Currently, there are a number of options, but we are reviewing the best pocket holster for Ruger LCP on the market.

Best Pocket Holsters For Ruger LCP

Top 5 Best Pocket Holsters For Ruger LCP 2023 Reviews

1. DeSantis Summer Heat LCP Right Hand

You might end up with the best performance model compared to the other models on the market if you choose this model. This is why the model is quite popular on the market right now. It will always be possible for people to enjoy the overall use of a holster as long as they understand how it works. In addition, the model’s construction is good. As a result, you get a product that is able to stand up to abuse as well as general use. The price should be worth it to you.

DeSantis Summer Heat LCP Right Hand

The model is made from premium saddle leather. The good news is that leather material is capable of providing some good performance at all times. As a result of its fine molding, it provides you with the best weapon retention. As long as you don’t have to draw the weapon, it will hold the weapon well. The model will no doubt be a great experience for you.

The reinforced construction of the model should also appeal to you. It should last longer than some other models on the market because of this. The powder coated spring clip will also appeal to you. Holsters can be attached to belts so easily with the clip. The model’s construction makes it quite versatile when compared to some other models on the market.


  • The quality of the construction
  • User-friendly
  • A good retention rate


  • There could be improvements to the design

2. DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster

You should consider this if you are looking for a model that gives you the best performance all the time. The model is capable of converting from an IWB holster to a pocket holster with ease. As a result, the model is suitable for use as of today. There is an impressive level of usability in this model, which makes it a good value. The model’s design also makes it good for concealment and carrying, so it is a good choice. Taking your handgun anywhere has never been easier.

DTOM Combination Pocket/IWB Holster

This is a top-of-the-line model with impressive construction. Nylon is a tough material, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. In terms of usability, the strong kind of material will always deliver. Also, you will appreciate the excellent trigger coverage it offers. As long as you use it appropriately, it should work for various applications.

There is also the option of choosing a left handed holster for this model. It will always be a great tool for overall use.


  • Design for concealment and carry that is best
  • Construction with a strong exterior
  • Model with versatility


  • There are some who feel the overall construction could be improved

3. DeSantis M44 Super Fly Pocket Holster Ambidextrous

The DeSantis brand is well known for making excellent holsters. You will always get a lot of people interested in it because of that. Therefore, it is also a good model since it comes from a reputable brand. There are some good things about the holster that make it good to use at the moment.

DeSantis M44 Super Fly Pocket Holster Ambidextrous

This model comes with the best rubberized fabric construction. Thus, it is viscous compared to the Nemesis holster from the same brand. Additionally, you get a reversible outer flap that helps to disguise the firearm. As the best product currently available, you should always buy it.

Also included is a slick packcloth holster for a low-friction draw. Therefore, your handgun will not get scratched every time you draw it. The majority of people should be able to work with it comfortably. Therefore, it is a good idea to pick a high-performance holster like this one.

There is ambidexterity in the model. In this way, the model can be used by both right-handed and left-handed individuals. When it comes to owning the model today, you will always be able to use it as soon as it is available.


  • Model with ambidexterity
  • User-friendly
  • Construction of high quality


  • There is room for improvement in the fit

4. Sticky Holsters SM-2 Small

When it comes to overall performance, this model is one of the best on the market. When it comes to owning it right now, you should always find the model to be good. As a result, the firearm is able to be deployed quickly in only seconds. Another thing you’ll like about the model is how easy it is to adjust. Any user on the market today should definitely find it useful.

Sticky Holsters SM-2 Small

As compared with some other holsters on the market, this one is quite lightweight. The model weighs just 0.32 ounces, making it one of the lightest models on the market. Additionally, the model protects the user from dust and gun oil.

Additionally, you will find that it conforms to the gun’s size and shape. As a result, it is good for fitting. Fitting the gun into the holster will always be a pleasure for you. One of the best on the market with a retention like this is sure to be this product.

As a user, you will appreciate its ambidextrous design. As a result, it is good for right- or left-handed users. As of today, it should be great for many people who will need to own it.


  • Model that is lightweight
  • An ambidextrous person
  • Performance was good


  • Stays sticky for a short period of time

5. Fobus Ruger LCP Keltec Paddle – KT

This model is one of the best on the market because it requires no maintenance. Therefore, when it comes to maintaining it, there is no need for oil. Furthermore, it breathes and does not make you feel sweaty all the time while using it as of today. One of the best features of the holster is that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Fobus Ruger LCP Keltec Paddle – KT

The easiest way to clean it is to use soap and water. As a result, you should find the model to be on the whole when it comes to overall use. This model also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is another plus. You will definitely want to pick it up for yourself right now because of this. The multiple customer satisfaction guarantees make it the best to own today.

A steel reinforced rivet attachment system is also included with the model. This is what motivates more people to think about buying for themselves right now. You also get a rubberized paddle that makes working with it more comfortable. This means that you should get the model because it’s a good overall choice to own today.


  • A maintenance-free product
  • The warranty is lifetime
  • The lightest possible


  • There are a few issues with the fitting

Ruger LCP Pocket Holsters Buying Guide

  • You should start by considering your wardrobe. Since these are pocket holsters, they might not fit if you wear shorts or pants with small pockets. In women’s jeans with tiny pockets, this is common.
  • Take a look at the material used to make the holster. Most of the time, nylon and leather are used as materials. You’ll have to choose one based on durability and performance. While leather is long-lasting, it may not be as easy to clean as nylon.
  • It is important to understand which hand is your dominant one. It is not true that all holsters are ambidextrous. Therefore, you must choose a holster based on your dominant hand.


A top-performance pocket holster is easy to find if you know where to look. Having a good performance model always means that the holster will work perfectly as you wish. When you check out a number of holsters mentioned above, there is no doubt you will find one that works well right now. Holsters come in all shapes and sizes, and it comes down to what you need.

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