Best Pancake Holsters Reviews In 2023

Pancake holsters are nothing new. Do you know which ones are the best?

In this guide, we’ll give you more information about the best pancake holsters so you can make a more informed choice. In addition to being versatile, pancake holsters conceal your weapons well. The right holster will ensure that your licensed firearm is concealed if you have one.

You can choose a holster that works well for you based on the reviews below.

Best Pancake Holsters

Top 5 Best Pancake Holsters For The Money 2023 Reviews

1. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate leather Gun Holster

If you want to own a good performance holster, you can always be sure that the model you choose should be good. For people looking for the best performance holster, this is a great place to start. Considering that it’s made of fine leather material, the model on the whole delivers quality. Carrying your weapon today should be a good choice for you right now.

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate leather Gun Holster

The design of the model is also good. This is due to its pancake 3-slot design. Because of this, you can wear it in different positions. Whether you wear it straight down, butt forward, cross draw, or anything in between, you can count on it to help you. It is also very comfortable, which should be enough to convince you to buy it.

Putting an end to cheap nylon models is about time. In comparison to leather, nylon offers a lower level of durability and comfort. A demanding gun owner can still enjoy this model for many years to come. It is always found that many people use it for effective weapon carrying.

The model should also be able to conceal effectively with maximum comfort. This model will provide you with good concealment so that you can use it more frequently. Compared to some other models on the market, it generally feels comfortable.


  • The model is versatile
  • User-friendly
  • The leather construction makes it durable


  • The leather needs to be maintained

2. Galco Combat Belt Holster for 1911

Galco pancake holsters are hard to miss as pancake holsters go. In general, this is due to the brand’s reputation for making the best holsters on the market. Owning the model for various purposes should be a great experience for you. This one is designed for the 1911 pistol, which is quite common. When you go out, you will now have a great place to carry your pistol.

Galco Combat Belt Holster for 1911

It’s a really good model when it comes to construction. Due to the model’s leather material, this is the case. This results in a model that works well at all times. When it comes to using it for a long time, you will always have a great time. There is no doubt that the model will maintain its retention for a long time. Without losing its retention, the model will be able to handle more use over time.

The model is also designed for combat and is good for concealment. This could be a good option for you if you are licensed to carry. In accordance with the law, you are always allowed to conceal the weapon. You will always be able to remove your gun from a holster with an open top design. With this holster, you will be able to draw your gun faster than with some other holsters.

The two slot design may not have three slots, but it does provide a slight cant. Anyone looking to own the model can still expect some good performance from it. There are also some impressive colors that make this model stand out.


  • The construction is impressive
  • Colors are good
  • The concealment is excellent
  • A robust system


  • Three-slot designs are not as versatile as four-slot designs

3. Blackhawk Leather 3-slot Pancake Holster

As a pancake holster, this is another top model you can buy right now. In addition to its good features, it is able to provide some other benefits as well. People are always going for it right now because of this reason. The leather used in the construction is of the highest quality. You will always feel that the model is worth the price, even if you have to pay more. In comparison to the nylon model, this is more durable.

Blackhawk Leather 3-slot Pancake Holster

Wet molded and double stitched construction is another feature you will like about the model. When you consider this, you can see that it guarantees durability. A great time can always be had when you own one today as it can live up to your expectations. The overall comfort of the model is also good. Its ability to contour to your body makes it one of the best on the market.

When it comes to concealment, the model does a great job. You should always conceal your handgun when carrying it. This one should assist you in doing that correctly. It is also comfortable to carry, so you won’t feel burdened by it. Additionally, the model comes with a reinforced thumb break. By doing so, you ensure that the product is durable and easy to draw at all times.

Carrying your handgun with a covered trigger guard ensures the highest level of safety and security. With its three slot design, it is versatile and can be worn in different ways. It can be carried on either side of the body, behind the hip, appendix, or across the body.


  • A model that is highly versatile
  • The holster construction is impressive
  • Leather of premium quality


  • It can be expensive

4. Bianchi 57 Remedy Holster Fits S&W M&P

This is also an option if you want to have a good time carrying your weapon. Considering that it’s from a top brand, you should definitely consider getting one. It is always evident from the design that the model is suitable for various applications. Featuring an impressive open top design, you are sure to enjoy it. Having this kind of design makes it easy to access and draw the weapon when you need it. The two-slot design makes it a great rear hip carry since it has two slots.

Bianchi 57 Remedy Holster Fits S&W M&P

Additionally, the model is well constructed. Premium full grain leather is used to make it. The best thing about leather is that it never goes out of style. Durability and retention are good characteristics of this leather. Comparatively to some other models on the market, it is able to maintain the retention for longer. Additionally, wearing a leather holster generally feels comfortable on the skin.

The low-profile hi-ride design will also appeal to users. It is really effective when it comes to concealment with this kind of design. The model is suitable for concealing firearms at all times. You can always stay within the laws if you have such a nice holster for carrying your weapon.

Trigger guards are included with the model. In this way, the user is always protected when carrying the model around. Considering the number of positive reviews the model has received, you can always rely on the model being an excellent choice for you.


  • Suitable for rear hip carrying
  • Comfortable low profile
  • The ease of drawing


  • It would be better if carrying positions were more versatile

5. Gould & Goodrich 803-G17 Gold Line 3-Slot Pancake Holster

Holsters for firearms are always associated with the Gould and Goodrich brand. As a result, it confirms that the brand is established in providing customers with quality products for carrying their weapons. It is usually because of this that the holsters from the brand are so popular.

Gould & Goodrich 803-G17 Gold Line 3-Slot Pancake Holster

When you own this model, you get exactly that. Performance-wise, it comes with some good features. First of all, the leather construction of the model is impressive. Providing quality performance will make it comfortable to use overall. In addition to maintaining proper retention, leather is a good material for holsters.

The best retention ensures that the model will always hold the gun securely. The leather snap emphasizes that. The model is great for owning right now because it works for various guns, unlike some other models. You can carry the G17, G22, and G31 on it. This makes it a great gun to own if you own all of them.

A three-slot design is another feature that many people appreciate. This is because the holster can be worn in a variety of positions. Depending on the angle you choose, you can conceal your weapon effectively. Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment.


  • A good retention rate
  • Performance of the highest quality
  • Fit is solid


  • It might be best suited for Glocks only


There are several quality features included in the pancake holsters mentioned above. As a result, you can identify one that can meet your needs in terms of performance. Here’s a list of the best holsters for concealing your weapon the next time you need one.

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