Best IWB Holsters For Ruger LC9 Reviews In 2023

You must find an IWB holster that works perfectly for the Ruger LC9 handgun when you’re looking for the best IWB holster. Holsters should be able to consistently deliver quality performance, such as being easy to draw. When designing a model, it is always advisable to choose one that has the best drawing capabilities because trouble can strike at any time.

We are going to take a look at some of the best holsters available on the market below. As a result, you should be able to determine which model is right for you.

IWB Holsters for Ruger LC9

Top 5 Best IWB Holsters For Ruger LC9 2023 Reviews

1. StealthGear USA SG-Revolution IWB Mini Hybrid Holster

StealthGear USA SG-Revolution IWB Mini Hybrid Holster

As compared to other holsters on the market, you would always want a top-performing holster. It will always deliver some good performance, since it is made in the USA. Additionally, it has laser-cut ports for ventilation, making it one of the best on the market. The material should therefore be breathable. The best breathability is achieved with this model, making it one of the best models.

Breathability ensures that the body remains cool and dry at all times. Due to its ZERO moisture absorption, this material keeps your body dry at all times. In addition to feeling comfortable against the skin, the model is also durable. This is due to its good flexibility and ability to conform to the body’s shape. Due to its soft suede-like backing, it is currently one of the best on the market.

This model has the advantage of not requiring a break-in period like leather. Overall, it makes the model very user-friendly.


  • Holster with ventilation
  • Polymer layer that is flexible
  • There is no break in the period


  • Service that is poor

2. Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB

Right now, you can get another great model for yourself. In comparison to previous models, it does have a few good features. This is likely to be one of the best products on the market in general. Among its best features are the toolless design, adjustable retention, adjustable ride, and adjustable cant. If you are looking for a pistol holster that is modern, you should look no further.

The latest technology that comes with this model should also appeal to you. One of the best features of this holster is its Neoprene-lined base. You can always expect some good performance from it. People will always be interested in seeing what else it can offer since it has a lifetime warranty. Its American made status will no doubt appeal to you.


  • The design is tool-less
  • Retention that can be adjusted
  • A lifetime warranty is provided


  • Some people do not like this for quick draws

3. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

Using this model is another great way to always feel that it was a good investment. It can accommodate many different types of handguns, depending on what you have at the moment. Since it works great for a variety of shooters, it is definitely worth the money.

Among the other features of the model are its easy adjustment of retention pressure, carry angle, and a lot more. The carry angle can be adjusted without any special tools. The only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver. This model also has a good fit when it comes to customizing it. This is going to be a great experience for you.

Lightweight is another feature of this model. Therefore, there is no doubt you want a model that is good for everyday use. Also included is a sweat guard that covers the entire body. Comparatively to other models on the market, this makes it good to use on a daily basis.


  • The product is handmade
  • Sweat guard with full length
  • Construction that is strong


  • Here are a few examples of quality control failures

4. Barsony New IWB Holster + Single Magazine Pouch for Compact, Sub-Compact 9mm

Barsony New IWB Holster

This is also a great option if you’re looking for a model that works well and is worth your money. The reason for this is that it comes with an easy-to-use design. That’s why it’s so popular right now.

This concealable item has an ultra-thin construction. It is not necessary for anyone to know that you are carrying a gun. Due to the model’s good construction, it is good overall. Thanks to its internal moisture barrier, it will also keep you from getting sweaty. Thus, you don’t have to worry about using the model all day long.

As far as the leather backing is concerned, the model is good. It is really good to work with when it comes to overall efficiency. There is no doubt that it will be amazing for a variety of shooters.


  • Constructed with strength
  • A moisture barrier is built into the product
  • Backing made from premium leather


  • The price is too high for none

5. DeSantis 2001038 DeSantis Ambi BLK Nemesis Holster Ruger LC9 Springfield XDS

DeSantis 2001038 DeSantis Ambi BLK Nemesis Holster Ruger LC9 Springfield XDS

We can see that because it comes from a top brand, it’s going to perform well. As an ambidextrous holster, it can be used by either hand. Therefore, your holster can be used regardless of whether you have a dominant right or left hand. Compared to some other models on the market right now, this model will always work great and provide some great performance. As a whole, it should prove to be worth the price.

Several people also appreciate the lightweight design and good performance the model delivers. There will be no problem carrying it every day. Additionally, the material is quite durable due to its premium quality. The best model to own today is then the one you should get. The leather counterpart does not need a break-in period.


  • Model with top performance
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Being ambidextrous


  • There could be a better retention rate

IWB Holsters for Ruger LC9 Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best IWB holster for Ruger LC9, you need to keep these things in mind.

  • The first thing you need to do is look at the materials. This refers to the materials used to make the holsters. Kydex, nylon, and leather are the most common materials. It is important to choose a material that performs well. In contrast, leather is a classic and durable material that can be used to create a rigid slot for your pistol.
  • It is also important to choose a model with abrasion-resistant construction. Nobody wants a holster that scratches their skin or scratches their handgun. There is likely to be a difference in padding between models. It would be beneficial to do a bit of comparison.
  • A holster’s retention is another factor to consider. The model you choose should be able to deliver some good retention. To prevent the gun from falling out, you need the best retention. Guns only need to be drawn for firing when they need to be drawn.
  • It will be necessary to get a holster that is lightweight since you will probably be using it all day long. With a lightweight holster, you can wear it for a longer period of time without feeling uncomfortable. Depending on the model, this feature will also vary.


Chossing the best holsters on the market will always ensure you have a good time working with them. You can expect some good performance from all of the models listed above. Depending on your needs, you can always choose the one that works best for you. Depending on what you are looking for, compare them to find the one that provides good performance.

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