Best IWB Holster for XDS Reviews

Your concealed carry holster should provide reliable concealment and reliability. A good car gun safe and a good holster are essential when you are outside the house. There are many holsters to choose from, from tuckable IWBs to cross-draw holsters.

To ensure you have the best features, the best fit, the best concealment, and the best ability to draw when you really need it, today we’re going to look at the best IWB holsters specifically designed for the XD-S.

Top 8 Best IWB Holsters for XD-S in 2023 Reviews

1. Springfield XD-S 3.3 IWB Hybrid Holster

A combination of leather, polymer, and suede makes this holster for XD-S IWB holster shoppers comfortable and flexible. There is a leather face and a stiff invisible polymer insert. There is a suede backing to the cushion.

Springfield XD-S 3.3 IWB Hybrid Holster

Holsters are usually built from a single material, or a single material with a different material for the inner pocket. This is an interesting take on holster construction. The result is a very comfortable fit, providing the best of both worlds. We suspect that the polymer insert will help keep the leather in shape and keep the shape over time.

There are a number of basic customizable features that carriers love in Springfield. Holsters have adjustable retention with adjustment screws all around, so you can customize the fit to fit you perfectly. A great balance between concealability and comfort can also be achieved by adjusting the angle and height of your holster. In spite of the fact that it cannot be adjusted on-the-fly, requiring a basic Phillips screw, we appreciated that it did not require a hex allen key. Additionally, the many screws ensure great stability, although they can be cumbersome when adjusting.

Each Springfield holster is designed for a specific gun model. While this is not unusual, not all manufacturers do so. Holsters are available in left-handed and right-handed orientations.

Although we like this holster overall, we do dislike one thing: the lack of a click. A single click from your XD-S is more satisfying than all the tension in the world. This omission greatly diminishes the value of a solid holster.


  • A wide range of adjustment options
  • Construction using a combination of materials
  • A comfortable environment


  • There is no click

2. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

You can count on this holster to be solidly constructed and have all the adjustable features you want. The first thing we want to say is that we love kydex. Despite being slightly tougher than leather in flexibility, kydex is much more durable and comfortable than most other materials. Kydex is available in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses. As with leather, kydex flexes to the position you wear it in over time, so they become more comfortable as you wear them.

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

The first thing you’ll notice about this holster is that it’s not comfortable because of the material, but because it’s heavy. The holster weighs just two and a half ounces, making it shockingly light. This is partly due to the very low profile, which we also enjoy. As a result of the circular shape of the back plate, the gun’s pressure is more evenly distributed. Comfort and concealment are excellently balanced here.

Additionally, you can adjust your retention pressure and carry angle from zero to 15 degrees. Despite not being able to adjust it on-the-fly, it still can be adjusted just about anywhere with a phillips screwdriver. Despite requiring only a few screws, everything seems very solid and secure.

The loud click is, however, one of the features we’re most grateful for. Holsters with this feature are our favorites. We appreciate this feature even more when it comes to holsters with such a low profile, ensuring that our carry isn’t just concealed, but also secure.


  • The design is durable
  • Profile is very low
  • Comfort without sacrificing low profile
  • A loud click can be heard
  • A wide range of adjustment options


  • There are some who do not like such a low profile

3. Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster for S&W M&P Shield

There are many handguns of similar size that can be fitted in this holster. There are too many applications to list, according to the manufacturer. As long as you have a wide collection and carry more than one handgun, you can count this as a positive. Most of the time, we find that custom-made holsters are the best, as they offer the highest degree of security. It’s something to consider if you don’t own multiple handguns.

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster for S&W M&P Shield

There are multiple colors available for this holster, all of which are very attractive leather shades. Kydex and other synthetics are more durable than leather, but nylon and other less-durable synthetics are less durable than leather. Although the construction is simple, we find it to be durable.

Due to the fact that this holster is not specifically designed for a particular handgun, we would prefer additional features to ensure a secure hold, but there is barely an audible click. While you can hear it when you are in a no-noise environment, you are less likely to hear it when you are holstering on the go.

As well as not being adjustable, there are no parts. The cant and retention have been set. We prefer features that allow us to customize the experience for our own needs, even though the simplicity of this makes it work well as is.

If you are looking for a simple, budget upgrade without too many extras, then this is a good choice. You might prefer others on this list if you prefer options and security.


  • The use of multiple colors
  • There is no comparison between leather and nylon
  • Minimalists may find it appealing
  • Even when it is quiet, there is a click


  • There are no adjustable parts
  • The click is not loud

4. CrossBreed Holsters RH SuperTuck Concealed Carry Holster

There are a variety of guns and uses for CrossBreed holsters, and they are reliable quality. There is no difference here, with CrossBreed offering a custom fit for your handgun that finds the right balance between functionality, durability, and comfort.

CrossBreed Holsters RH SuperTuck Concealed Carry Holster

We like the combination of leather and kydex in CrossBreed’s pocket. Comfort and durability are combined in this product. Our preference is for all kydex for maximum durability, but not everyone agrees. Kydex pockets protect the part that needs durability while providing a more comfortable fit elsewhere.

Due to the more cutaway design, we find that the fit is slightly bulkier, but it does not impact the profile too much. As a result, it absorbs all the pressure points of the gun very well, making it even more comfortable.

We always receive great features from CrossBreed, and this is no different. The cant and retention can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. There have been some models in the past that required a hex allen key, but here a Phillips screwdriver is all you need. This is a welcome improvement compared to hunting down tools that too many of us do not have readily available.

Finally, CrossBreed usually offers a click, and it’s here as well. Even in environments with ambient noise, it is still audible despite being a bit quieter than in some of their holsters.

The overall design of CrossBreed holsters combines function and form to provide a reliable product.


  • A durable leather and kydex combination
  • Components that are adjustable
  • There are clicks, but they are a little quiet
  • A comfortable environment


  • It could be all Kydex
  • A smaller profile might be preferred by some

5. Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

Holsters like this are made specifically for guns like this one. Because of the strong kydex construction, there is a tight fit that feels very secure.

Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster

It is rather unique in shape and feel, which we appreciate quite a bit. With its ultra-low profile, Vedder Holsters says it “virtually disappears.” Due to the thick kydex construction, it manages to minimize the backplate vertically while absorbing pressure points. It is one of the most comfortable fits for such a low profile on the market, as long as you can get used to the feel of kydex instead of leather or suede.

It’s important to note that comfort isn’t worth sacrificing security and features, which is why Vedder Holsters has included adjustable cant, retention, and height features. The device works exceptionally well out of the box, but if you wish to adjust it, you can do so with two sturdy flat screws. Since these screws have phillips heads, they are quick and easy to change, and they truly clamp down when they are tightened.

A sweat shield keeps the slide clean and sweat-free because this holster is specifically designed for this model, which includes custom channels for standard sights and indicators.

Additionally, the holster has a nice, audible click, although it’s always felt very secure regardless. In our opinion, this feature completes an excellent contribution to the market that is well worth considering. The future holds a number of holsters from Vedder Holsters that we look forward to seeing.


  • An extremely low profile
  • Kydex is a durable material
  • A perfect fit
  • Parts that are adjustable
  • A large screw makes adjustment easy
  • A click can be heard


  • Kydex construction may not be comfortable for everyone

6. Galco Stown-N-Go IWB Holster for Springfield XD-S

This holster is probably obvious to those who will appreciate it at first glance. While it doesn’t offer any truly noteworthy features, it has a darned small footprint and some simple charm.

Galco Stown-N-Go IWB Holster for Springfield XD-S

Featuring a bright appearance and handcrafted craftsmanship, it is made from leather. In addition to being supremely comfortable and soft, leather is also extremely durable. There is no comparison to kydex, but that’s not the point of this model. This type of hand-crafted, simple leather budget holster is supposed to offer a range of color and style options, but it doesn’t. There is, however, a left-handed and a right-handed version available.

The profile is extremely small, which is something we really appreciate. This holster is also custom-made for this handgun, which makes it a lot more secure than a generic budget leather holster with no adjustable features.

This holster is not for those who require adjustable parts, an audible click, etc. Designed to look nice, be relatively durable, and just get the job done, this is a very simple budget holster. This holster would appeal to minimalists, but it may also work well as a backup holster. You could also give it as a gift to someone who is interested in concealed carry but does not yet own a holster. A nice, thoughtful way to introduce someone to concealed carry, after which they can move on to something more advanced if they wish.


  • An excellent budget product that is durable
  • Leather crafted by hand
  • Profile is very low
  • The bed was very comfortable
  • A great backup or friendly gift


  • There are no adjustable parts
  • There is no click
  • Advanced users will not be satisfied

7. Talon Concealed Carry IWB Leather Holsters

In case you didn’t know, Talon is run by law enforcement professionals in the United States. They know that concealed carry can be uncomfortable with a bad holster, and function is paramount alongside performance, so their holsters are not only high quality but also designed by professionals who love concealed carry. Thus, Talon was formed to meet their both on- and off-the-job needs.

Talon Concealed Carry IWB Leather Holsters

They begin by crafting each holster specifically for the handgun model. In addition to providing a great, tight fit, this is necessary because the profile they provide is so low. The profile of this device is absolutely the lowest on our list. In fact, you’ll feel as though the gun is just magically wearing you in the holster, with only the grip and top exposed.

With such a low profile, there aren’t any features because they’ve committed to cutting out all unnecessary space. The cant cannot be adjusted, the retention cannot be adjusted, the click cannot be adjusted, nothing can be adjusted.

Talon holsters are engineered to “just work,” and we find that they always provide a natural, quick draw that is heavily dependent on your placement. Maybe this isn’t the right holster for you if your placement is static and your holster adjusts to you. The holster does a fantastic job of being what it set out to be-a professional holster that works smoothly.

It’s one of the fastest, most comfortable, lowest profile holsters on the market if you can get past the lack of features.


  • The lowest profile in the industry
  • A comfortable environment
  • A leather construction that is durable


  • There are no adjustable features
  • Low profiles are not for everyone

8. Blackhawk! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster with Matte Finish

Blackhawk! Holsters made by this company are pretty unique and easily distinguishable. If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight holster that sits on your belt and does nothing, look elsewhere. Their holsters aren’t for minimalists. Feature hunters, however, are in for a treat.

Blackhawk! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster with Matte Finish

The paddle mount system and belt mount system come with all the accessories you need. Their cant, retention, and height adjustments are also very intuitive. There are guides for most adjustments on this holster, so you can adjust it with ease. Additionally, it comes with a comprehensive manual that puts all others to shame, making it much easier for novices to understand its features.

Holstering their holsters produces an audible click, and releasing tension is accomplished by pressing a button. As a result, you are protected from all sides. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with this feature so it’s second nature. There’s no way someone can just grab your gun out of your holster, so you’ll love that.

Although the holster’s features are designed to be more comfortable, it is still a bulkier holster that attempts to stay compact. However, there is only so much that can be done. This device will cost you a bit of comfort and weight in exchange for a lot of great features, so you must decide whether it is worth it to you.

One of the best holsters on the market, it caters to individual needs and can even be customized in one of six colors.


  • There are many options for adjustment
  • Novices won’t find it overwhelming
  • A very good security system
  • A click can be heard
  • Release tension with a push button
  • Choosing a color


  • The bulkier
  • A heavier weight
  • Comfortable but not as good as before

Choosing The Best IWB Holster for XDS for You

Your preferences matter the most

Our reviews cover a wide range of holsters, from minimalist holsters designed to be forgotten about to holsters with infinite customization options. There is one thing that is certain: each is competing to be the holster that meets your specific needs. Everyone will find something they like.

Do you need an audible click?

When it comes to ensuring your handgun is safe and secure, nothing beats the audible click of a holster. It varies from holster to holster, as some feel more secure than others. You’re probably like us when it comes to hearing an audible click. There are holsters with audible clicks that are among the best, and there are holsters that do not have audible clicks. However, it is an important consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Consider your past experiences with comfort

There is no universal definition of comfort. When you’ve worn holsters in the past, did they dig into your skin constantly? Do you remember wearing a generic holster in the past but forgot about it?

Do you have a preference for certain materials over others? In terms of size, what would you prefer? Due to their lack of a large backing plate, smaller holsters can sometimes be less comfortable, since they can’t absorb the pressure of gun edges and points.

Due to the subjective nature of comfort, it can be difficult to decide what is best for you. It’s important to note, however, that we’ve done our best to lay out which guns are generally more comfortable regardless of other factors. You have your work cut out for you because some people won’t care about comfort at all.

How important is durability?

Leather is the material of choice for many of the holsters on our list. The durability and strength of leather holsters will be appreciated by those using nylon holsters currently. Despite being tough, leather is also pliable and can form to your shape over time, making it more comfortable over time.

Genuine leather has an appeal that synthetic materials can’t match. The good thing about synthetic materials is that they are durable, and they also tend to break in over time without wearing out. As an added benefit, synthetic materials can easily be washed, so you can keep your holster looking great. Synthetic material is generally the best choice if you want to keep a holster for many years.

As a final consideration, make sure your leather does not dry out in your climate. Desert areas are particularly prone to causing leather to dry out in extremely cold and dry climates alike. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, leather will reduce in lifespan if exposed to heat and other elements for a long time.

How important is appearance?

There is no doubt that these holsters are all designed to be concealed. That’s what I’m saying. There are, however, some brands that offer a degree of personalization in terms of colors and styles. Additionally, most synthetic holsters and some leather holsters are black, which is a great color that can blend in with any outfit, contributing to concealment.

Don’t forget that warranty

As a final note, not all of the brands we’ve reviewed come with a warranty. A holster might not need a warranty as much as another accessory, but holsters with more features cost a little more, so it’s a good investment to make. There are some cases, however, where holsters that are cheaper and made of leather aren’t covered by warranties.

Consider how much it bothers you when your possessions break down before you spend your hard-earned money. Are you a person who usually buys replacements without considering warranties? Whatever the case may be, it’s an important factor to consider.


Reviewing all the holsters we’ve reviewed, we’ve found them to be some of the best and most innovative we’ve seen.

As a whole, we think you can’t go wrong with Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Gun Holster. A wide range of people should be able to utilize this holster thanks to its adjustable parts, audible click, low profile, and Kydex construction. In addition, it should be able to support its comfortable fit. In addition, it can be adjusted very quickly and easily with only two screws, yet we expect that it will be very durable.

Flexible, strong, comfortable, and reliable, it’s an excellent choice.

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