Top 10 Best In-Wall Gun Safes of 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

So far, we have reviewed the best car gun safes and the best under bed gun safes. Now it is time to take a look at the best in-wall gun safes on the market today.

Every responsible gun owner understands the reasons for gun safes. Sure, any gun safe is an investment – gun safes are not free. But it is one worth making. Gun safes serve a few different purposes. The main purpose of a gun safe is to keep unauthorized hands away from your firearm. Whether that is break-in thieves while you’re away on vacation, or the little hands in your home.

In-wall gun safes do that fine. But they also serve another purpose. In-wall gun safes also conceal the fact that you have a firearm. In-wall safes can be hidden behind paintings or mirrors, on the back wall of your closet. Some are even made to look like fuse box (and thieves don’t typically look in fuseboxes for loot!).

So what are the best in-wall gun safes? That’s what we are about to learn. Read till the end to find out which safe is the leader of the pack.

Best In-Wall Gun Safes Reviews

Top 10 Best In-Wall Gun Safes Reviews

1. Stack-On IWC-55

 First up on our review is the Stack-On IWC-55. This versatile safe features a full-length, 58” cabinet with a all-mechanical key lock. There is no wiring necessary unless you want the inside of the cabinet illuminated.

The three-point locking system will make the door more secure, and make it harder to breech. It should be noted that this safe relies primarily on concealment for its security, not thick steel. Even so, a secure locking mechanism and system is a welcomed addition to this model.

Stack-On IWC-55

The size on this Stack-On is great, and it’s large enough to accommodate at least two long guns, along with a few pistols, and some ammunition. The foam-lined bottom and shelf of the cabinet will prevent scratches.

One really nice feature is that the front is completely flat (nothing jutting out). That makes it possible to mount a swing out (or removable) full-length mirror over this safe, thus concealing it. This is also the perfect sized safe to mount between studs, making installation a breeze.

The lock is standard fare. Nothing overly robust, but it should work fine and be sufficiently difficult to pick. Supplied are two keys, and we recommend getting a few more made.

While the product is very well made, the packaging could use some improvement. If the safe gets dropped or banged in shipping, it could easily be dented or marred. But again, the safe itself is well built.

It is also nice how adjustable the shelves are. You can configure them to suit your purposes best. If you have long guns you will store in this, you’re probably going to want to remove two of the shelves (at least).

All in all, the Stack-On IWC-55 is a quality safe that will serve your needs for years to come.


  • High quality
  • Three-point locking system
  • Multiple installation options


  • Packaging could be better
  • Key-only access

2. V-Line Quick Vault

The next safe to consider is the V-Line Quick Vault. This is a short cabinet model with a mechanical combination. And it is proudly made in the USA! What’s not to love about that?

It is the perfect size to mount in between standard studs, so installation is a breeze. The instructions are clear, and someone with even moderate skills could easily install this safe in a short while.

V-Line Quick Vault

Since it is all-mechanical, there isn’t a need for wiring. If you want the inside lighted, you might want to consider installing battery-operated LED.

The five-button combo works great, and the buttons have a positive click to them. When the correct sequence is entered, the lock turns every time. With a little practice you can access this safe quickly. There are also over a 1000 combinations to choose from!

This safe should be flush mounted. The front of the safe is not flat, but it is recessed. That is important because it allows for mounting a painting or framed poster or mirror to conceal this safe. After all, we buy in-wall safe’s so that they can be hidden.

Of course, no long guns will fit in this cabinet. But it will hold one or two pistols, some extra magazines, and other valuables.

V-Line is an excellent company making excellent products. We don’t think you can go wrong with ANY V-Line product. But especially the Quick Vault.

This safe is more secure that some of the other models we are reviewing, in part because of the anti-pry door. The steel is 3/8” thick too. When you combine all these features (concealable, tough construction, and anti-pry features), it clear that this is a safe that should give one peace of mind. Nothing is going to walk out of this one!


  • All mechanical operation
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Pry-resistant design


  • Very limited space

3. Stack-On PWS-15522

The second (of three) safes from Stack-On that we are reviewing is the Stack-On PWS-15522. This short-cabinet safe fits perfectly between 2X4 studs with 16” centers, making it easy to securely mount.

Since it is a short-cabinet safe, this has room for a few small to midsize pistols or possibly one large-size pistol, plus ammunition and other small items. The space directly behind the lock compartment is rather small, restricting the space there.

Stack-On PWS-15522

This unit has an electronic keypad lock. When the correct code is entered, a motor actuates the two locking bolts. As a backup the safe also has keyed access. There is an audible beep when a key is pressed, but this feature can be disabled.

The fit and finish of this safe is quite good, and the construction also seems to be of high quality. Once again, we would have preferred to see better packing materials employed. I good drop during shipping will likely damage a corner.

One feature some readers will enjoy is that this safe is California approved as a firearm safety device. So if you live there, this might be a good option for you to check out.

The two removable/adjustable shelves inside can come in handy. You could keep your pistol in the lower half of the safe, and then extra magazines and ammunition on the shelves. Of course, you could also remove the shelves altogether.

This is a great safe for anyone looking for an accessible place to keep a home defense handgun. It can be mounted in a secure and concealed location, and its keypad entry system is very reliable.


  • Electronic keypad
  • Nice fit and finish
  • Large live-action locking bolts


  • Limited space in the middle of the safe
  • Not a pry resistant design

4. Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

With the VS-52BLX, Viking Security has introduced a high-tech in-wall safe, loaded with nice features. There are multiple access options, including an electronic keypad and a biometric finger-print scanner.

This is a well-built safe too. With laser cutting throughout, thick (5mm) steel and beefy 20mm locking bolts, this safe makes unauthorized access very difficult. It fits perfectly between 2X4, 16” centers studs. Installation is quick and painless.

Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

The finger print scanner is fast an accurate. The end user can program up to 32 prints. In our testing, the system functioned perfectly. The loud “beep” can be turned off for silent operation. This is a feature rich system.

Buyers need to keep in mind that the front of this safe is not flat. The keypad and fingerprint scanner stick out a bit, so concealing this safe is a little more difficult than with other models. It wouldn’t be a bad model to mount in the rear of a closet.

The motorized deadbolts move quickly, but not silently. They are an impressive 20mm thick!. While Viking doesn’t advertise pry-resistance with this model, it seems pretty pry resistant to us.

The interior space is limited behind where the lock compartment is (as with similar models). This makes it difficult to store a very large-framed pistol or revolver. The user can adjust the shelves or remove them. And it is lined with carpet to keep from marring the finish of your gun.

The VS-52BLX looks great too, with a scratch resistant powder coat, and seamless welding holding it all together. The laser cutting makes all the gaps small. This will discourage the would-be thief from prying this open.

If you’re looking for a handgun safe that is built tougher, but is also less concealable, then this might be the safe for you.


  • Biometric access
  • Good fit and finish
  • Pry-resistant design.


  • Very limited space behind lock compartment
  • Battery-dependent/more maintenance required

5. 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe

Another excellent short-cabinet safe option is the 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe. This one is also an excellent value (as compared to similar models). And it is built like a… well, like a safe.

The lock on the 7700 is electronic, and the batteries will need to be checked from time to time. There is keyed access to navigate the unfortunate reality that batteries don’t last forever. You’re going to want to keep the key somewhere safe. We wouldn’t want the job of trying to rescue valuables from this safe without the code and/or key.

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe

The steel is thick (1/8”) and the motorized locking bolts are beefy. It is designed to make prying difficult, keeping your firearm safe.

One small quibble is the audible beep. If you like it, wonderful. But if you want silent access to the safe then you will need to physically remove the mini-speaker inside the unit. A disable code would have been nice.

Installing this safe doesn’t require a lot of skills, and the included instructions walk you through it. They aren’t the clearest instructions we have seen, but the user shouldn’t have much difficulty walking through the steps. All the mounting hardware is included.

As we mentioned with previous models, the space behind the lock compartment is too small. We know there are limits to the depth these things can be, but that 2” of dead space slows me down everything.


  • Flat-panel design
  • 1/8” steel construction
  • Tamper proof hinges


  • Can’t disable key beep

6. V-Line Closet Vault II

Our next safe is the V-Line Closet Vault II. As the name implies, this would be a great cabinet to install in a closet. The steel is thick, but not nearly as robust or pry-resistant as a regular safe. So concealing the cabinet is necessary.

It has an all mechanical combination lock with 5 buttons. That means about 1000 possible combinations. The lock is high quality and built to last.

V-Line Closet Vault II

The cabinet has a three-point locking system. It locks up pretty tight with the turn of the bolt. And it should be plenty strong to keep wandering hands away from firearms. The upper and lower locking rods are about as thick as a No. 2 pencil, and the center lock is 3/8” brass.

We really like the interior configurability with this model. The user can install a full shelf above the firearms to hold ammo, a half shelf to hold a few magazines, and a foam holder to keep the long guns in place. Handguns can be hung on pistol racks in the door.

This is one of the most specious long-cabinet in-wall safes we reviewed, with room for several firearms. So if you want an in-wall that can hold a few guns, consider this model.

It is difficult to open and close the safe quietly. It tends to make a “locker” noise. That might be an issue for you. We expect it to get quieter after use as different contact points wear in a bit.

It is California DOJ approved. So if you live in California this is one you might want to consider.

As we mentioned above, V-Line is an excellent company producing top-rate products. The mechanics work like fine watches. And, best of all, V-Line is made in the USA. Honestly, what’s not to like about this safe?


  • Made in the USA
  • Three-point locking system
  • Highly configurable interior


  • Not pry resistant
  • Loud when opening/closing

7. Stack-On IWC-22

Another excellent In-the-wall offering by Stack-On is the IWC-22. This is a no-nonsense, all-mechanical pistol-sized cabinet that you can trust. It has plenty room for at least one duty-sized pistol or revolver.

The safe boasts a three-point locking system. With small cabinets like this one, a three-point system makes them difficult to breach. It also has a pry resistant lip. So this is moderately secure. It’s enough to keep little hands away from your handgun!

Stack-On IWC-22

There are two removable shelves. You can adjust them up or down, which will come in handy if you have a large handgun to secure. The locking mechanism doesn’t take up as much room from the interior of the safe as other cabinets.

The front is flat, so you can mount this flush with the wall. You can then conceal this safe with a painting or framed poster, or even a mirror. Mounting a painting with door hinges and you’ll have a pretty sleek set up!

The mounting hardware is only accessible inside the safe. That means that a thief won’t be able to just unmount and steel your safe (along with its contents).

It also comes with two foam liners, which you can use to pad the bottom and back of the safe. This is important, because the last thing any firearm owner wants is a scratch on his gun from the safe itself!

This in-wall safe is also a great value, costing less than many of the safes we have reviewed. If you’re on a budget, but still want a quality pistol cabinet, try this one out.


  • Great value
  • Simple to install and use
  • Three-point locking mechanism


  • No bells or whistles


8. Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E)

If you like more bells and whistles in your in-wall pistol safe, then check out the Protex PWS-1814E! This safe features a programmable electronic keypad for entry. The user can program a code from 3 to 8 digits, for ultimate flexibility.

Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E)

Once you enter the correct code, the motorized locking mechanism opens the safe door automatically. Inside, you will find .44 cubic feet of storage. That’s plenty room for your full sized 1911, along with a few extra magazines.

There are two removable and adjustable shelves, which the user can configure how he or she wants. The entire interior is lined with velvet, providing maximum protection for your firearm and other valuables. 

Unlike some other safes on the market, this one has a flat front which mounts nearly flush with the wall. That makes concealing this safe easy with a large framed poster or mirror. 

If the batteries run down, you can unlock this safe with a key. As with all electronic safes, this one requires checking from time to time. You don’t want to have to go looking for the key when it matters most! 

There is an audible beep every time a key on the pad is depressed, and then a longer beep when the unit is successfully unlocked. Unfortunately, if you don’t like this option you have to open the case and remove the speaker. This isn’t recommended by the manufacturer. 

The lock compartment takes up some room inside the safe. That reduces available space in the mid section of the interior. It is still deep enough, however, to house a full size pistol (a large-framed revolver might be too large for the mid section). 

One feature we liked is the LED lighting to the right of the lock compartment. When the door is open the light shines right into the safe compartment. That is convenient when nighttime access become necessary.


  • Velvet lined
  • Electronic lock
  • LED Lighting


  • Lock compartment large
  • “Beep” difficult to disable

9. Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe

From Barska, a well-known name in the safe business, comes this nice biometric wall safe. This safe is loaded with features. It is a mid-size cabinet, suitable for handguns, extra magazines and ammunition.

The most obvious feature is the biometric lock. You can access this safe quickly without having to enter a combination or fiddle with keys. Just place your finger on the scanner and a second later the door is open.

Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe

Unique to this safe is a locking compartment inside the safe. For this compartment you will need a key. So, if needed, this can accommodate users who need access to the large compartment but who shouldn’t have access to some things. We can think of examples when this might be handy, though not concerning firearms storage.

This model also has a nifty fold-out shelf. We really like this, though we recognize that the shelf takes up some interior space. But you could use it to place your handgun as you arrange other items. It can be removed too, if a fold out shelf isn’t your thing.

The construction is top rate. Of course, it isn’t Fort Knox, but the steel is suitably thick and the chrome locking bolts are very strong.

The interior lights up when the safe is accessed, which is a handy feature not found on every safe. And there is a removable shelf that can be installed wherever you need it inside the safe. The shelf can hold the ammo, and the bottom of the safe can store the handgun.

If the battery dies, you’ll not only need a key but also a hex wrench to remove the screw over the logo plate. The plate then slides out of the way revealing a keyhole. This is convenient and slick, but it would make us check the batteries often.

This safe is not flat in the front. The biometric scanner and lock handle both extend out. So this is a safe that is more suited to a wall inside of a closet, or somewhere else concealed.

All in all, this is an excellent in-wall safe. It is well-built, sturdy and full of features. Best of all, you need only your finger to gain access to what you might urgently need inside.


  • Biometric access
  • Fold out tray
  • Locking interior compartment 


  • Not flat in the front
  • Battery-dependent
  • Key access cumbersome

10. First Watch – Homak WS00017001

The final in-wall safe we are reviewing is a simple, no frills short cabinet by First Watch. The Homak WS00017001. It is simple, but sometimes simple is best. This one requires no wiring or batteries and mounts flush between 2X$ walls with 16” centers.

First Watch

The key access is simple, and the single-point locking system closes the safe somewhat securely. It lacks pry-resistance, so the user should mount this safe in a concealable location.

The front is conveniently flat, so you can hide this safe with a painting, mirror or framed poster. Add some hinges to a painting for quicker access (and a sleeker operation).

It seems to be well-built out of 1/16” steel. The hinge is on the outside and not tamper resistant. That is another good reason to conceal the safe itself.

There are four mounting holes on the front panel. That could make mounting easy. However, we would probably use the mounting holes on the inside for two reasons. First, in would make stealing the safe difficult. And second, mounting from the front would make the safe not flat in the front.

This is also a great value, and less expensive than some of the safes we have reviewed here. It is not cheaply built though!


  • Simple
  • Lined interior
  • Good value


  • Not tamper or pry-resistant

In-Wall Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

It is difficult to say unilaterally which safe is best (although keep reading – we do decide on a winner!). It is better to consider which safe is best for you. You have specific needs for concealing your firearms and other valuables. We think considerations are budgetcabinet sizeaccess options, and conceal-ability. So let’s rate these safes in each of these categories.


If money is no object, you should probably reach for the higher end of the safes we have reviewed. Those safes, listed in their pecking order, are:

  • V-Line Closet Vault II
  • Stack-On PWS-15522
  • V-Line Quick Vault
  • Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe

On the other end of the spectrum, for the more value and budget minded among us, are these:

  • First Watch – Homak WS00017001
  • Stack-On IWC-22
  • Stack-On IWC-55

For those who want to balance value with features, the two middle of the road models are:

  • 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe
  • Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

Cabinet Size

Do you have long guns to secure or handguns? Obviously, long guns require a long-cabinet and handguns can be stored in either a short-cabinet or a long-cabinet. Determine what you will be storing as you decide on your safe.

Our two favorite long-cabinet models are:

  • V-Line Closet Vault II
  • Stack-On IWC-55

Of course, you could go middle of the road on size too. Just consider the Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe.

The best short-cabinet models are:

  • V-Line Quick Vault
  • Stack-On PWS-15522
  • Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

Access Options

What are your access preference. Are you a classic key kind of guy or gal. Or do you prefer a combination (mechanical or electronic?) or cutting edge biometrics?

We’ll just list our favorites, beginning with the most advanced options and ending with the most simple:

  • Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe
  • Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E)
  • Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX
  • V-Line Quick Vault
  • Stack-On PWS-15522


And finally, what are your needs for conceal-ability. In-wall safes are generally less beefy than stand alone safes. That means they are easier to tamper with or pry open. And that means you might need to conceal yours behind a painting or in a closet. Which models are the most and least concealable. The two best flat-front models are:

  • Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E)
  • Stack-On IWC-22

And the two least concealable are:

  • Barska Large Biometric Wall Safe
  • Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX


You have carefully read through this guide, so you deserve to know which safe we think is the best. It is a difficult decision because of all the variables mentioned above. However we think the two offerings by V-Line are the best quality, and our favorite among those is the V-Line Closet Vault II.

The craftsmanship is superior and we love mechanical combinations (the locking mechanism to both safes is identical). And most of all, we love that it is proudly made in the USA.

Once you determine that an in-the-wall safe is the safe for you, consider your specific needs for size, accessibility options and budget. And use the reviews and guide above to narrow the many products we have reviewed to the one that is right for you.

That is the safe thing to do for your next in-wall safe purchase.

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