Top 10 Best Hydration Bladders Reviews on the Market

Are you an athlete who particularly likes outdoor activities such as hiking or mountain biking? Do you like running in nature and you are very dynamic.

If the answer to these questions was ‘Yes,’ then you probably need the best hydration bladder to lighten your load during your journey. Very practical and essential for successful outdoor sports activities, there is a vast choice available. But which one to choose?

Here are the top ten hydration bladders, so let’s go through them and find the perfect one for you…

Best Hydration Bladders Reviews

Top 10 Best Hydration Bladders Reviews

1. CamelBak Crux SS19

The CamelBak Crux SS19 is part of the latest generation of Camelbak Crux Water Pouches. With three capacity sizes of 1.5, 2, and 3 liters, it can carry enough water for about 2-8 hours of use. At the request of many users, it has a 20% higher flow compared to the previous version.

CamelBak Crux SS19

That is not all…

This best hydration bladder has an anti-leak tip with an on/off handy lever for quick use in racing. Since reservoirs and tubes are often bacteria nests that are difficult to keep clean, the Camelbak Crux pouch features an anti-bacterial treatment to ensure safe use.

The large screw cap is very easy to use and guarantees it is completely waterproof.

A little trick to know: to close it, you must first make a small counterclockwise rotation until you hear a little click. It can then be closed in a normal direction.


  •  Three size options.
  •  Leakproof.
  •  Preserves water quality and taste.


  •  The open and close cap is a little tricky to understand.

2. Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine and Reservoir

The Geigerrig hydration bladder is another model sold in three sizes. You can get this product in 1.5, 2 or 3-liter capacities.

Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine and Reservoir

Safety first…

This watertight hydration bladder is equipped with an antibacterial protection cover that prevents pollution. Additionally, the antibacterial, odorless nozzle makes it even safer to use. And it is suitable for running, cycling, camping, hiking, climbing, and other outdoor sports as it is leakproof.

You can also add a filter into the bladder to ensure that your water is clean. This is a great idea if you think you might need to fetch some water on the way, for example, from a river.

Plus, because its design features a wide-mouth and is foldable, it is very easy to clean and quickly dry the bag.


  •  Three size options.
  •  Antimicrobial treated cover and nozzle.
  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Foldable for compact storage.


  •  Can be easily punctured by external elements.
  •  The water filter is sold as a different item.
  •  Not best to be washed in a dishwasher as advertised.

3. Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir – Best Hydration Bladder for Running

The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir is manufactured with food quality material. This is safe and odorless, has good wear resistance, and is resistant to high temperatures.

This practical sport water bag has a wide opening for loading water (and possibly ice cubes) easily. Therefore it is quick and easy to re-fill for even the most intense exercise.

Osprey Hydraulics LT Reservoir

And there’s more…

This best hydration bladder is sold in either of two sizes; 1.5 liters and 2.5 liters. Both models weigh less than a pound and have special stabilizers that enable the bottle to maintain a flat profile at all times.

These features make it the best hydration bladder for running or any other fast-paced activity.


  •  Retains a singular shape for user comfort.
  •  Wide opening for easy loading and washing.
  •  Two size options.
  •  Lightweight.


  •  The plastic taste may take a while to go away.

4. MSR Dromedary Bag Water Reservoir

The MSR Dromedary is a food-grade hydration bladder. It is of large capacity and is sold in any of three sizes. The 4-liter, 6-liter, and 10-liter sizes have carrying straps, so do not require any additional hydration backpack to move it around.

MSR Dromedary Bag Water Reservoir

Built to last…

This best hydration bladder for hiking is made of high-quality nylon material. This material makes it both lightweight and sturdy. It is very durable, and you can even use it as a pillow if you fancy a lie down on your run.

With the upgraded larger opening, you no longer need to worry about cleaning or drying the bladder. It also doesn’t leak, and to guarantee this you get a limited 3-year warranty against leaks or other defects.


  •  Three large size options.
  •  Lightweight for user comfort.
  •  Requires no additional backpack for carrying.
  •  3-year limited warranty.


  •  Quite a chore getting the plasticity taste out.
  •  The lid pops open rather easily.
  •  No regular size options.

5. Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir – Best Hydration Bladder for Hiking

Which are the best hydration bladders for hiking? That title most likely goes to the Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir.

One of the reasons for this is the ease in which it can be hung. Another is how reliably leak-free it is. And finally, it is lightweight and compact, so it is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Platypus Big Zip Water Reservoir


You can also get the Platypus bladder in 1.5, 2 or 3-liter capacities. The very thick lining on these bladders is resistant to pressure and wear. With the double weld sides significantly improving durability.

Even better, it is manufactured with TPU material. Thus, you are certain that it will not alter the taste or smell of your water.

The opening slide lock styled, so it is easy to use. Once filled, just bite the mouthpiece to suck up water. This is available in two styles; fast flow and regular to keep you hydrated all the way!

Crystal clear…

This unit has silver-ion in it. Hence, your water remains ever clean. Also, the wide opening makes it easy to access the interior for thorough cleaning.

You also get a lifetime warranty with this product to assure you of its quality.


  •  Hanging feature.
  •  Resistant to pressure and wear.
  •  Plastic taste-free.
  •  Two mouthpieces.
  •  Three size options.
  •  Contains silver-ion to prevent mold and bacteria build-up.
  •  Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


  •  Bubbles may form in the mouthpiece and hose, making it slightly more difficult to sip from.

6. Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder

With a generous capacity of 1.5 liters (50 ounces), the Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder will keep your thirst at bay for kilometer after kilometer.

Made of premium quality anti-bacterial thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a thickness of 0.35 mm while still being flexible. This water bag is made of an environmentally friendly material, is no toxic and odorless, and therefore, the bladder is completely safe and healthy to use.

Squeeze it, freeze it and re-fill it…

This solid pocket can withstand both pressure and heavy-duty use in a variety of situations.

Also included is an easily detachable pipette for fast cleaning, easy storage, and trouble-free replacement. The triple seal guarantees tightness and high resistance to the pressure of the water bag.

In our opinion, this water bag is a safe and indispensable accessory for your hiking, climbing, or enjoying nature excursions. It is inexpensive, will hold up well under all conditions.

And is available in either blue or green.


  •  Does not compromise the taste or odor of the water.
  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Designed to withstand harsh use.
  •  Two color options.
  •  Inexpensive unit.


  •  A mild chemical taste for the first few uses.

7. Salomon SS16 Soft Reservoir

The Salomon hydration bladder is made of anti-bacterial food-grade material. And the large opening facilitates easy filling of water.

It is also wide enough for a hand brush or bottle brush to access the inner hydration bladder for cleaning easily. While the softness of the liner prevents mold and bacteria from adhering, which promotes health and makes cleaning even easier.

Salomon SS16 Soft Reservoir

Stay hydrated…

With a water tank capacity of 1.5 liters and 2 liters, these best hydration bladders are compatible with most hydration packs. The tube provides a healthy flow for easy drinking, allowing you to stay hydrated while you play sports. You will not be slowed down with the Salomon high flow valve. Just bite the mouthpiece to suck up water.

A soft tip with an easily accessible valve prevents leaks. It also has a lid to prevent dirt. And the quick-release tube is detachable.

It also features a graduated body which allows you to monitor your water.


  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Anti-bacterial interior.
  •  Graduated sides to show exact liquid content.


  •  The connector on the bag for the hose is difficult to clip in.
  •  Cannot be filled to maximum capacity to ensure closure.

8. Deuter Streamer 2.0

The Deuter Streamer hydration bladder is made of PEVA antibacterial material of food grade. It is resistant to pressure and wear. It is non-chlorinated, 100% odorless, non-toxic, tasteless, and safe for alcohol.

The softness of the lining prevents the adhesion of germs and lime, which promotes your health. While its wide mouth allows you to easily fill, clean, and dry the bladder, and the clip lock facilitates quick opening and sealing without leakage.

Deuter Streamer 2.0

Come rain, come shine…

The lower edge and the bilateral sides are strong and durable, and it is waterproof. The nozzle has a dust cover, which is safe and hygienic, and automatically stops water flow when not in use.

This soft and collapsible water bag can be folded when empty, and the net weight is only 0.34lb., making it ultralight and easy to carry.


  •  Has no effect on the taste or smell of the water.
  •  Anti-bacterial interior.
  •  Easy to fill and clean.
  •  Lightweight.
  •  Collapsible for easier transport and storage.


  •  The mouthpiece is no sold separately; you have to buy the whole bite valve kit in order to replace the silicon piece.
  •  When full, the bag much wider at the bottom than the top.

9. Hydrapak 3L Shape-Shift Reservoir – Best Hydration Bladder for Hunting

The Hydrapak has a body made of food-grade TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The PVC drinking water pipe and the silica gel suction nozzle are also safe and reliable.

The wide mouth allows you to easily fill, clean, and dry the water bladder, while the snap-lock allows easy opening and closing and sealing without leakage. To add, the nozzle has a dust cover, which is safe and hygienic. This also prevents water from flowing when not in use.

Hydrapak 3L Shape-Shift Reservoir

That is not all…

This best hydration bladder for hunting is reversible for easier cleaning and drying. It also has a space for hanging it up on your trips or for easy storage.

The large 3-liter design makes it perfect for long-term hydration for hiking, biking, climbing, and running. It is slim and lightweight, so will not cause you any discomfort at all.


  •  Large opening for easy filling.
  •  Reversible for easy cleaning and drying.
  •  Ideal for long-term use.
  •  Lightweight.


  •  Some owners have reported a persistent chemical taste.
  •  Only available in one size.

10. Source Outdoor Widepac Hydration System Reservoir

Premium quality? This hydration bladder is made of premium grade PEVA antibacterial soft material. It is completely pressure-tolerant and is, therefore, safe and leak-proof for cycling, running, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Source Outdoor Widepac Hydration System Reservoir

Wide opening for easy filling?

The big fill Widepac Closure allows you to fill the water batch with ease. It is perfect for hydration filling with water, ice cubes, and drinks for different sports. This wide opening also facilitates super easy cleaning and drying.

Quick-release tube with a shut-off valve?

This bladder backpack system has a quick-release automatic locking system that prevents leakage when the tube is detached. It also allows the tube to be easily disconnected from the water tank for filling, cleaning, and storage.

BPA free and FDA approved?

Of course, it is. All materials used in its construction are completely BPA free, and FDA approved, and the smooth interior prevents the accumulation of bacteria and lime.

The Source Outdoor is manufactured in three sizes. All in all, this product has all your needs met.


  •  Suitable for heavy-duty use.
  •  Anti-leak features.
  •  Antimicrobial, so no need for frequent cleaning.
  •  Three size options.
  •  Large opening for easy filling and cleaning.


  •  Plasticity taste for the first few uses.

Best Hydration Bladder Buying Guide

There are many different types of hydration bladders currently available. So, here’s a buying guide to help you pick the perfect one for you. Our best hydration bladder reviews obviously showcase the best of the best, but these handy tips will help you narrow the choice down to the one that best suits your needs.

 The Ease of Hydration 

A good hydration bladder should allow you to drink water without slowing down your run and without stopping during whatever you’re doing. More practical than the water bottle, it must allow you to move fluidly while you hydrate.

 Easy Filling 

Whether the hydration pack is filled from the top or the side, make sure it is easy to fill. The best option is obviously a bladder with a large opening.

A water tank with a large opening will remain easy to clean and easy to fill. Opt for a model that features this and your life will be much easier.


A trail bladder bag should be light and practical. Remember that the lightest bladders should not contain many plastic materials. So, opt for ones made with lightweight fabrics like nylon.

 Durability and Risk of Leakage 

The longest-lasting bladders are made from durable, impermeable material. These will protect the vast majority of your belongings as they are more resistant to leaking. In addition, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when filling to avoid possible leaks.

 Easy Cleaning 

You need to clean the water tank and the entire bladder after each use. So make sure you buy a model that is easy to clean.

 Choose your Hydration Bladder According to your Activity 

It is important to choose the water tank bag according to which activity you will be using it for.

 Select the Right Capacity for the Water Tank 

  •  1L or 1.5L

A tank of 1 liter to 1.5 liters is ideal for children and for athletes on shorter runs. It is also an option for a picnic.

  •  2L

A 2-liter tank is more bulky but is well suited for a longer trip. Besides, it will allow you to hydrate properly.

  •  3L

With a tank of 3 liters, the hiker probably does not need to stop at all for water. This capacity is also great for people who go through areas where water is scarce.

Obviously, for a hiker, it is very important to have a bladder with a large capacity. This is less necessary for runners, cyclists, climbers, or athletes.

And remember that the largest bladder does not necessarily make the best choice. A bladder that is too big can be quite difficult to adjust. Hence, only buy a large size if you have a need for it.


Always try and select the most stable hydration bladder for your activities. This will greatly increase your enjoyment and interfere less with whatever you’re doing.

 Suction Pipette – With or Without a Valve? 

In terms of the ease of hydration, there are two main choices – a pipette without a valve or a pipette with a suction valve.

  •  The pipette without a valve

Like conventional pipettes, the pipette without a valve requires you to suck in order to hydrate. This is an excellent choice for hikers.

  •  The valve pipette

This type of pipette does not require you to breathe to drink water. Indeed, you just have to bite the valve, and the water will enter your mouth. This model is recommended for cyclists and runners.


What is the ideal water ration?

To hydrate properly, you must drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you do some sporting activity, you must increase this by at least another liter.

What are the benefits of using hydration packs?

  •  Convenience

The first advantage is that they are very easy to use in addition to being very practical.

  •  Efficiency and performance

Secondly, they are effective for athletes who need a lot of hydration because it allows them to keep going and maintain their performance at the right level.

How do I keep my hydration bladder clean?

Maintenance is essential to ensure good hygiene. But, you may also ask: how do you get the plastic taste out of a hydration bladder?

To avoid the appearance of mold and to remove the taste and smell of your energy drink, we offer a few tips. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation after a challenging getaway, but regular cleaning is the only way you’ll keep a water bag in good condition.

There are some DIY techniques to help you with these problems:

  •  Slide a paper towel at the end of a long rod to easily dry the inside of the bag.
  •  Put a few drops of bleach before rinsing it to prevent the formation of mold or bacteria.
  •  Store your water bag after drying in your freezer to eliminate bacteria.

Otherwise, another easy and effective way to maintain your water bladder is to use one of the cleaning kits that have been designed specifically for this purpose.

These are composed of swabs of several diameters to maintain your water bag and your hose. It also contains a drying hanger that keeps your water bag open for effective drying. Simply wash your bladder with detergent and swabs. Then, hang it from the drying rack until all traces of water and moisture have disappeared from inside your water bag.

And the chemical taste…

For first-time use, fill the bladder with warm water and some baking soda. Let it remain there for an hour. Shake at intervals and then drain. The plastic taste will be gone!

How do you store a hydration bladder once clean?

Always keep it away from moisture and heat sources. And remember that it is very important to wait until it is completely dry before storing it.

To make sure that you never miss a competition or any sporting event because of a poorly cleaned water bag. Always ensure good hygiene, and take the time to properly clean and dry your water bag after each use.

So, what’s the Best Hydration Bladder?

Hydration bladders are a marvel of an invention for those who love running, long walks, hiking, and many other sports or outdoor activities. Indeed, they allow athletes to enjoy a hands-free drink whenever they need one. So, they are much more practical than traditional bottles that can be are a bit annoying.

However, you need to take some time and think about which is the best type for you. If you do not have a lot of time to compare the different products in this guide, you can trust our top pick, which is the…

Source Outdoor Widepac Hydration System Reservoir

It comes in a choice of three sizes to cover various needs. And is manufactured from quality materials, which guarantees its robustness and durability.

Even better, it is lightweight and easy to use, which makes it the perfect Hydration Bladder, in our opinion.

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