Top 10 Best Hunting Backpack To Consider 2023 Reviews

If you’re a fan of active types of recreation, such as hunting, fishing, or hiking, then you can’t live without a great bag or backpack. Backpacks mostly have a cloth design and can be carried either behind your back or in your hand.

But, not all backpacks are the same; specialized hunting backpacks allow you to distribute the load on your back correctly. This will eliminate any fatigue from wearing it on longer hunts.

What types of backpacks exist today, what are the features of each one, and what are their pros and cons?

You’ll find all that out and more in this best hunting backpack review…

Best Hunting Backpack Reviews

Top 10 Best Hunting Backpack Reviews

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ is designed to fit all kinds of hunting gear. It has features that can accommodate a bow, arrows, a rifle, and a handgun. Hence, whatever type of hunting weapon you use, this best hunting backpack will meet your demands.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

And you can get this backpack in either of two camo variants – Realtree edge or brushed mossy oak country.

What is more?

With this best hunting backpack archery, there is a cleverly tucked rain cover in the bottom. If it rains, you can use this to protect the contents of your backpack.

Providing you with lots of organized compartments, this backpack perfectly fits a hunter’s needs. It even has a high-quality D-ring clip that enables you to hang it from a tree.

Also, with padded shoulder straps, this hunting backpack will give you comfort, a great design, and good ergonomics.


  •  Two colors.
  •  Compatible with virtually all types of hunting gear.
  •  Tucked rain cover.
  •  D-ring clip for hanging from a tree branch.
  •  Padded shoulder straps for user comfort.


  •  The two hip compartments can interfere with natural arm movement while walking.

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander bag is sold in two colors – briar and coyote brown. Each one of these has an extra-large carrying capacity and is designed to take as much content as you could possibly need on even the longest hunts.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Bag

Some of the unique features of this best hunting backpack for elk hunt include a spotting scope pocket and a drop-down rifle holder. And on the interior are several compartments that will accommodate all of your hunting gear.

Support larger loads…

The freighter shelf feature of this backpack makes it able to support larger loads easily. The three included straps will keep your load from moving around. The result is a more comfortable carrying experience, even with a full backpack. This shelf is also commonly used to strap your kill so that you can haul it on your back.

For practicality, this hunting backpack is manufactured with high-grade nylon ripstop fabric. This material is resistant to tearing and ripping, so it should last a very long time.

Easy access…

The best part, however, would be the metal bag frame. This keeps your backpack in a rigid upright position at all times for easy access to all the equipment stored inside it.


  •  Two colors.
  •  Lots of accessory pockets.
  •  Rifle drop-down pocket.
  •  Freighter straps to haul your prey behind your backpack.
  •  Resistant to tearing and ripping.
  •  Rigid frame for easier content access.


  •  Lacks a water bottle pocket.
  •  Heavier than most hunting backpacks.

3. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse is sold in three camo pattern variants. And fitted with padded shoulder straps, this hunting backpack is the definition of comfort.

With this backpack, you can stow your rifle, bow, and handgun at the same time. This keeps your hands free for comfortable movement. Also on this backpack, there is a spotting scope pocket and a tripod sleeve holder.

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

While these are your main hunting gear, you will find out that there are enough other spaces and compartments to store the rest of your hunting equipment. No hunt would be enjoyable without a water bottle, and there is also space for that is on the Traverse backpack.

More stuff? No problem…

This backpack has an expandable section that adds 1200 cubic inches to its overall capacity.

Also included with a tucked rain cover for snowy and rainy weather use. So, you can be sure that your cartridges and other valuables will never get wet with this great bag behind your back.


  •  Three camo pattern variants.
  •  Padded shoulder straps for comfort.
  •  Lots of customized hunting accessory pockets.
  •  Rain cover feature.
  •  1200 cubic inches expandable section.


  •  Heavier than most hunting backpacks.

4. ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

The ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear is a two in one. It can be used as a fanny pack, and it can also be used as a backpack. For the backpack feature, simply open the fanny pack and pull out the cleverly tucked-in backpack section. And fully extended, this backpack can accommodate up to 2700 cubic inches of content.

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack

Pockets everywhere…

This product features padded waist belts to store even more gear. You also get two side pockets, a front pocket, and the main pocket to take as much stuff as you need for the hunt.

Able to fit objects as large as a camera, binoculars, and phones all at once, this hunting backpack is a great option for your hunting trips. And it only weighs only 2.5 pounds, so you probably won’t feel a thing with this bag behind your bac


  •  Convertible from backpack to a fanny pack.
  •  Lightweight for user comfort.
  •  Several compartments for holding gear.
  •  Padded waist belts for user comfort.
  •  Waist belt pockets.


  •  Does not have a dedicated place to hold your rifle or handgun.

5. Eberlestock X2 Pack

The Eberlestock X2 Pack is fully waterproof. This makes it an excellent option for hunters. And its weight carrying capacity is over 100 pounds, so you can add “rugged” to its list of features.

Built to last…

With this best hunting backpack, you get spaces for your rifle, arrows, bows, or handguns. Therefore your hands will remain free to do what’s needed.

Eberlestock X2 Pack

At its core, there is an Intex tubular aluminum frame. This helps hold your bag steady for a consistently comfortable experience.

Colors to match…

And you can flip the back of this backpack forwards and use it as a seat. Its original design, however, was to add extra luggage and strap it down for easy carrying. For that, there are provided compression straps for lashing on heavy loads. So, you can haul your kill without stress with this backpack. In any case, the interior is very big and has many compartments for all of your gear.

This backpack is sold in three colors, so you will definitely find the Eberlestock X2 Pack that best suits your style.


  •  Three color variants.
  •  Fully waterproof.
  •  Manufactured with all-rugged materials.
  •  Aluminum frame for bag stability.
  •  Can be used as a seat.
  •  Heavy-duty compression straps.


  •  The waist belt and shoulder straps are of medium length (max). Best fit for hunters of average height and girth.

6. Badlands Diablo Dos Approach Camouflage Hunting Pack

The Badlands Diablo is manufactured with a special DWR-treated fabric. This is designed with the Badlands Hypervent Technology. Essentially, this makes the bag breathable yet waterproof. The manufacturing process also gives you a product that is stain resistant. Hence, sweat, dirt, and blood will clean off its surface with a simple wipe.

Badlands Diablo Dos Approach Camouflage Hunting Pack

Comfort with every step…

With this best hunting backpack, you get the maximum level of comfort. Firstly, there is an internal frame that transfers weight evenly across your back. Secondly, the shoulder straps of the Badlands Diablo are padded to ensure your safety.

For practicality, there are spaces provided for mounting your hunting gear. There are specialized slots for your rifle or arrows and seven pockets for your scopes, etc. And inside the bag are several compartments for storing extra equipment.

Sold in two colors, you get this product in a camo color of your choice. Whatever your choice, you’ll get successful hunts.

How is this?

Apart from its clever camo coloration, this bag has a great stealth feature – its fabric is whisper-quiet, so you do not spook your prey.

Topping your purchase with an unconditional, no questions asked lifetime warranty; you can trust the quality of this best hunting backpack.


  •  Two colors.
  •  Waterproof.
  •  Stain-resistant.
  •  Internal frame and padded shoulder strap for comfort.
  •  Several compartments for storing different gear.
  •  Lifetime warranty.


  •  Lacks a water bottle pocket.

7. Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

The Reebow Gear is manufactured with high-density fabric. This material type makes the backpack very durable. And for practicality, this backpack is also water-resistant.

Fit it all in…

This bag is able to fit a lot of gear with its extra-large 4,440 cubic inch capacity interior. What makes this unique is that it is lightweight in comparison to its carrying capacity.

Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack

Featuring the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) tactical design, you get a lot of loops. These MOLLE loops that run through the most of this bag are useful if you need to attach additional pouches for extra gear. Also fitted with heavy-duty zippers, you can be sure of all-round quality with this product.

Great quality at a superb price…

With its padded shoulder strap and an all-breathable design, this bag has all that you need in one place.

Without skimping on quality, the Reebow Gear military tactical backpack is one of the most inexpensive hunting backpacks on the market. It is the best hunting backpack for the money.


  •  Durable backpack.
  •  Water-resistant.
  •  MOLLE loops to fit additional pouches.
  •  Inexpensive.
  •  Two colors.


  •  Lacks a water bottle pocket.
  •  No specialized space for stowing your rifle/bow/handgun.
  •  The additional carrying pouches are not included.

8. Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

The Mardingtop tactical backpack presents you with a ton of options. With this backpack, you get to pick from a collection of ten different colors and patterns. You also get to choose three carrying capacities according to your needs.

Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

Everything you need for the hunt…

This unit is manufactured with 600D polyester. By definition, this fabric is one that is very tough. Hence, you can be certain that this backpack will stand the test of time. Also with this backpack, you get MOLLE webbing that allows you to hold several pouches. Hence, you can carry as much extra gear as you would like.

Strap it all in…

Featuring both a chest and a waist strap, you can use this bag comfortably. Even with a heavy load, these straps allow for even weight distribution for user comfort.


  •  Ten color and color patterns.
  •  Available in three sizes.
  •  MOLLE loops to fit additional pouches.
  •  Chest and waist strap for even weight distribution.
  •  Padded shoulder straps.


  •  Not designed for heavy-duty use.
  •  No storage space is provided for your firearms.
  •  The additional carrying pouches are not included.

9. Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack

This hunting backpack is manufactured with quiet fabric. And it weighs less than three pounds, so is great for hunters. For added comfort, the shoulder straps are well padded.

The Allen Pagosa 1800 is equipped with a ventilated system that provides airflow to the back area. This model has side and chest straps, and a comfortable waist belt.

Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack

Hunting accessories can be placed on the side or front-facing pockets.

Safe and sound…

This bag has MOLLE loops for attaching extra gear. The main compartment has a partition. And you can get into this compartment from the side.

Adjustable belts help to adjust the volume, so your backpack contents do not move about to cause carrying discomfort.


  •  Manufactured with quiet fabric for practicality.
  •  Lightweight.
  •  Padded shoulder straps.
  •  MOLLE loops to attach additional gear.


  •  No specialized space for stowing your rifle/bow/handgun.

10. Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

With the Explorer Tactical Backpack, you get two slots for your handguns. You also get to make a pick from any of six colors to perfectly match your style.

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

Come rain, come shine…

Understandably, we all love to take pictures of our day in the field. With this best hunting backpack, you get storage space for all your devices, including your camera and even your laptop! And to ensure that these do not interfere with your hunting gear, they are in separate compartments, tucked away from your hunting equipment.

For a rugged build, his unit is manufactured with polyester. And to make it fully waterproof, the interior is lined with special waterproof material.

Take just about anything with you…

You get several pockets to store your stuff and MOLLE loops to add more. There are so many compartments and pockets that there is even one just for your sunglasses.


  •  Six color variants.
  •  Specialized compartment for your mobile devices.
  •  Waterproof.
  •  MOLLE loops to add extra gear.


  •  No space is provided for holding a rifle or a bow.

Best Hunting Backpack Buying Guide

Going on a hunt? Then you’ll need to take all your equipment, supplies and other useful things for hunting with you. For that, you’ll need a good backpack. And a great backpack for hunting, in addition to having a large capacity, must also be light in weight, easy to use, and strong and rugged enough for what’s in store.

While these are the best hunting backpack brands, here are a few things to consider before making your final pick.

Size and volume

There are three main sizes:

  •  small;
  •  medium;
  •  large.

So, let’s have a look at each one in more detail.

Small Backpacks for Hunting

Carriers with a volume of up to 2000 square inches fall into this category. And these are more suitable for traveling over short distances and for short-term hunts.

Such a backpack for hunting allows you to put in it only the most useful items for your hike – warm or replaceable items, a first aid kit, ammunition, a flashlight, a couple of sandwiches, a bottle of drinking water, and some cosmetic or hygiene products.

Medium Size

With this type of backpack, the volume of the internal space is between 2000 and 3500 cubic inches. And you can put all the necessary equipment, supplies and maybe even your rifle in it (or outside it).

Large and roomy

The spacious backpack for the hunter, the internal volume of which exceeds 3500 cubic inches, is intended for serious long-distance or multi-day hikes. With such “mobile storage,” you can fit not only hunting equipment, food, but also a tent or a sleeping bag!

But remember, with all that weight, the hunt may be more strenuous than it might need to be?

Varieties of Modern Hunting Backpack Models

Today’s hunters’ equipment market offers the following types of backpacks:

  •  Standard models.
  •  Models with a frame.

Standard Models

These backpacks for hunting are much more comfortable to wear because they are soft and do not crush the back, even with a heavy load.

But since these hunting backpacks do not have a frame, soft and fragile items inside may get damaged. Also, they are usually tiresome after wearing for some time, as the design sags the weight of your bag and does not spread it evenly around your back.

Models with a Frame

This hunter’s classic backpack is nothing more than a standard model. However, it is a reinforcing metal or plastic frame.

This design has a high capacity, but its disadvantages include being heavy in weight. Such a design reliably protects even the most fragile items. And since its frame ensures rigidity, it is less tiresome on long trips as it spreads the weight of your bag evenly across your back.

The Choice

Since modern hunting backpacks vary so much, you need to be aware of the following before making your choice…

  •  Functionality.
  •  Capacity.
  •  Comfort.


Apart from the looks and durability of the bag, the main factor of choice when buying a hunting backpack is its functionality. This refers to how many storage options the bag provides.

Generally, backpacks have one or two central compartments, which may be extendable. Then depending on the model, it can offer other storage options, such as pockets, specialized facilities (for your rifles, bows, arrows, shotguns, pistols, computer, tablet, phone, wallet, etc.), as well as, hooks, and mesh pockets.

There is also the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system, which uses grommets. These provide the bag with various attachment points suitable for other equipment such as external pockets, hanging bags (phone, camera), jugs of water, etc.

Finally, the possibility of having a velcro compartment for a hydration pocket is worth considering.

The Capacity

The capacity of the bag, expressed in volume (cubic inches), is also important.

The volume varies depending on the type of bag. This is important because, if the bag is too small, all your luggage and equipment may not fit in there. On the contrary, if the bag is too big, it may remain half-full most of the time, which doesn’t provide the most comfortable of hikes. In this case, from a practical point of view, it would be tiring to wear.

A waterproof feature is also worth looking out for if you will be carrying items that could get damaged by water.

The Comfort of the Backpack

Several factors can influence the wearing comfort: the ergonomics of the belt and shoulder straps or shoulder straps by their width, length of adjustment, and the presence or absence of padding. The back of the bag which must at least be padded, and be made of breathable material as well as preferably having a chest adjustment system.

The color too, don’t forget that. Buy one that will aid you on your hunt and match your style.

Finally, consider the quality of the closure and the material used. A hunting backpack that gives way on the second day of a hunt when your miles from anywhere is best avoided.

So What’s The Best Hunting Backpack?

A quality backpack is an indispensable item for every hunter. It is designed to conveniently carry everything you may need on a hunt, easily, reliably, and comfortably.

If you’re in the market for a replacement or even your first hunting backpack, then any of these top ten products are certain to serve you well.

Wrapping it up…

We hope our best hunting backpacks review has been of use. If you were wondering what our top pick was, that would be the…

Eberlestock X2 Pack

If you are less than six feet tall, then this backpack is just right for you. And you get to pick one of three colors, all waterproof.

Also featuring an Ample FlexChassis that converts this bag into a seat. And manufactured with heavy-duty materials while still remaining in the mid-weight category, this bag is a great choice for any hunter.

Plus, it’s one of the most comfortable backpacks you can wear, so however long your hunt, it will remain faithfully on your back.

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