The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Holster for Glock 26: Reviews and Recommendations of May 2023

Until the final decade of the last century, small semi-autos and revolvers were typically chambered in less-than-powerful cartridges, but with the introduction of the shrunk-down versions of more powerful pistols by the Glock, the world has changed for 180 degrees.

Glock 26 is a perfect backup and companion piece for the Glock-armed officer and people who already bought Glock 17s or G19s. The recipe for success was clear, the same caliber, G17/19 compatible magazines, and even about two-thirds of the gun parts were interchangeable with other larger models.

Top Holsters for Glock 26

Since the “baby Glocks” by default were designed for deep concealment, the concealed carry industry has developed and offered tons of options for these subcompact pistols. Still, the inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters have emerged as the most common carry style due to their versatility of positioning.

With a shorter and slimmer slide measuring no more than 1″ wide and reduced overall height, many within the gun community choose to carry the Glock 26 inside their pants. However, there are many other carrying methods suitable for Glock 26, varying from in-stock IWB and OWB concealed carry platforms to the front pocket and holsters designed for open carry as well as various mounting systems.

Each of these carry types has advantages and disadvantages but you should also be aware of a few factors that prevail in the quest for the best Glock 26 holster. Like any other compact handgun, most people carry Glock 26 in the standard strong side position, but you may also practice carrying an appendix, behind the hip or cross-draw.

Holster Material

When you figured out where on your body you’ll be wearing Glock 26 and the type of holster, another consideration should be the material of the holster. Nowadays, it is time to move on from a traditional leather holster towards synthetic materials such as Kydex, polymers and ballistic nylon, or maybe the leather/Kydex hybrid holsters that give the best of both worlds.

Leather is the most comfortable to wear, but the leather holsters need to be broken in, like a pair of boots, and they will not protect your precious gun against moisture.

In contrast to leather, Kydex, and modern injection-molded plastic are not only waterproof and sweat-resistant but also have high toughness, impact, and abrasion resistance.

A few nylon holsters are another decent and affordable choice. They are suitable for bad weather, but surely nylon is not the best setup as this material tends to wear over time and offers no assistance to weapon retention without a thumb strap or similar device.

Other Aspects 

For those civilians like us who may not carry all day long their baby Glocks, an easy on-and-off carry of a handgun is a valid argument, too.

Finally, like all Glock models, G26 has evolved through different generations receiving engineering design changes. Whether you possess the Glock 26 gen 4 or the Glock 26 gen 5, the best holsters will accommodate any Generation of your Glock 26, even though most concealed carry holsters are specially designed and molded for the firearm.

When you are looking for the best-rated holster for Glock 26, the majority of models would be intended for inside the pants carrying or IWB.

The Best IWB Holsters for Glock 26 Reviews

 1. CYA Supply Co IWB Holster Fits Glock 26

One of the best IWB holsters for Glock 26 comes from veteran-owned CYA Supply Company and it stands in the middle ground between the cheaper Concealment Express holsters and almost double-priced Vedder holsters.

While it’s similar in design to the Concealment Express Kydex holster, the CYA Supply IWB holster is built from a material called Boltaron. Although it’s identical to Kydex, this 0.08″ thick thermoplastic material surpasses the widespread Kydex in resistance of impact, and hardness while it preserves its form better in high-heat situations.

Along with quality Boltaron construction, the CYA holster features an adjustable carry angle, known as the cant. By tightening or loosening the screw on the belt loop with

Using an included Hex Allen Key you may move the belt loop and adjust the cant of the holster from 0 to 15 degrees, same key and tightening or loosening two screws placed in front of the trigger guard you can adjust the retention.

The CYA Supply Co. IWB holster comes with a full-length sweat guard and you can mount it with stainless steel single clip. Anyway, the CYA Supply Co. IWB holster is excellent for the money, and with a Positive audible click; it will inform you that the gun is holstered correctly and secure.

Our proposal is intended for right-hand draws only and it is available in carbon fiber, OD green, “dark earth” and even bright teal.

 2. Comp-Tac IU Max Holster

One of the most prominent representatives of a new trend in the holster industry is Infidel Ultra Max, a hybrid inside-the-waistband holster manufactured by Comp-Tac Victory Gear. Currently, Comp-Tac is offering this popular holster in more than 160 different makes and models of handguns.

The Infidel Ultra Max holster consists of two parts, a Kydex shell that is custom fit to each firearm and cowhide leather backing, which touts comfort against the skin without rubbing or pinching.

While the two-layer soft cowhide backing is a very soft material to wear against your skin, the Kydex body offers a rigid material that maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. Moreover, the Comp-Tac plastic shell features a low-friction interior surface for a fast draw in the time of need and easy one-handed reholstering of the firearm.

Using incorporated adjustment holes on the Comp-Tac IU holster, you have the ability to adjust the cant from a reverse cant to a forward FBI-style cant or a straight drop.

The Infidel holster package includes two different mounting options. A nylon belt clip that fits up to 1 1/2-inch belts and belt loops provides additional versatility and security.

One of the sweetest points about this versatile hybrid holster is the quick changing of the Kydex shell. That feature permits you to swap out the front Kydex portion of the holster and change it for another shell to accommodate the model of the different firearm you have.

 3. The best OWB holsters for Glock 26: Fobus Tactical GL-26 ND Evolution

Right Hand Conceal Carry Polymer Paddle Holster For Glock 26, 27, 28, 33

Holster model GL-26 ND Evolution comes from a company with a long and rich tradition, Fobus Holsters. As a leading holster maker in Israel, Fobus offers a vast assortment of over 140 different holster models for hundreds of various handguns.

Fobus Glock Tactical GL-26 ND Evolution is one of the most popular budgets Glock 26 holsters on the market. Actually, this Fobus holster is designed for the entire subcompact line of Glock models 26, 27, 28, and 33.

Made of injection molded RX18 polymer, the GL-26 Evolution holster is available in the paddle, belt, and roto styles. Our model is equipped with a paddle attached with steel-reinforced rivets to the holster. The back of the paddle incorporates a proprietary non-slip rubber insert for additional holster stabilization and increased comfort.

Though the manufacturer recommends wearing a paddle inside your belt or inside pants, some users claim this design even does not require a belt for secure holster carrying.

The Fobus paddle holster features a carefully molded polymer body that provides excellent passive retention without the need for a thumb break or retaining strap as an external safety device. Evolution comes with an adjustment screw for customized retention that acts at the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place.

With one-piece body construction and protective sight channel, the Fobus Evolution will enable you rapid one-hand presentation with less wear on your gun.

Featuring a low-profile polymer body, this OWB polymer holster offers decent comfort and lightweight construction.

 4. Safariland 7378 7TS ALS

Concealment Paddle Holster Polymer Glock 26, 27

The 7378 TS is an improvement of the Safariland Model 6378 holster using the new polymer which makes it lighter and stronger

As one of the biggest holster companies on the market, Safariland developed the next generation in holster design adding an excellent safety system known as an automatic locking system with a thumb release, or for short – ALS. Initially, the ALS was designed for the duty open carry platforms, but later Safariland created a series of concealment versions of the Automatic Locking System (ALS).

The Model 7378 holster features DuPont’sDuPont’sSafariSeven nylon construction which makes these holsters practically impervious to the elements, whereas the suede lining protects the G26’s sights and finish.

The 7378 TS is offered with a flexible paddle option, but you may use it in an additional belt loop configuration if you prefer alternate methods of carry. While you can adjust the cant of the belt loop,  youcan’tcan’t change the carry angle of the paddle.

The Model 7378 7TS Holster is currently a Safariland flagship OWB holster, which combines the security of ALS with pen top design for quick retrieval of the weapon.

 5. The Best Shoulder Holster For Glock 26: Barsony Brown Leather Shoulder Holster

For Compact 9mm 40 45 Pistols

Most of the shoulder systems are built for carrying a full-frame gun, but Barsony as a new company made these traditional shoulder holsters in a variety of different designs and configurations, offering models for compact handguns like Glock 26.

The barsony leather harness will carry your G26 in a horizontal orientation. It consists of a leather holster and one shoulder, whereas the rest is adjustable nylon straps.

Made of durable but soft suede, a wide flat shoulder pad will help you wear it all day while it will stay on your shoulder securely with included tie-downs for your belt. The Barsony shoulder harness offers a 4-way size adjustment for a perfect fit for any person up to 52-inch chest size.

For safe carrying, this Barsony old-fashioned holstering style sheath sports a  classic safety device in the form of a basic thumb break with an adjustable retention strap across the butt of the weapon.

Although Barsony leather sheath can even fit a much larger Glock than your 26 and hold the weapon close to your body, on anything lighter than a thick jacket or coat it will be noticeable.

Additionally, this reasonably priced shoulder holster comes with a sight protector channel sewn in leather.

 6. UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster

There are not many shoulder rig options for subcompacts like Baby Glocks so you might be interested in generic shoulder holsters such as Leaper’s UTG Deluxe shoulder holster.

The holster is made of synthetic materials such as polyester for outer surfaces and soft lining in the interior to protect your firearm’s finish. However, this universal design UTG shoulder rig will fit the most popular pistols and revolvers as well as small semi-autos, including your Glock 26.

The UTG Deluxe universal shoulder system holds your firearm vertically oriented, which is the safest way for the unholstering and holster gun from holsters situated under the arm.

The UTG Deluxe shoulder holster boasts reinforced and double-thread stitching for durability. The well-padded shoulder harness ensures maximum comfort, while the quality Velcro straps and buckles system offer unlimited adjustability.

With a double magazine pouch at the opposite side and a Velcro strap attached to the web belt, the gun, and holster will stay securely in place.

Whereas the double magazine pouch comes with Velcro closure, the holster itself features an effective reversible thumb break system enabling both left- and right-handed users to carry this UTG shoulder holster system.

Since this concealed carry shoulder rig doesn’t seem to be the smallest one, it might require you to wear an oversized jacket for better concealment.

 7. The Best Ankle Holster For Glock 26: Galco Ankle Glove/Ankle Holster 

For Glock 26, 27, 33

You have probably heard about the Galco ankle holsters designed for larger frame guns called Ankle Lite, but for Baby Glocks like yours Glock 26 we recommend the Galco Ankle Glove leather holster.  Made of quality steer hide leather, these holster line is molded to fit the subcompact Glocks and achieve increased retention and support.

Of course, like any leather product, Galco Ankle Glove needs some break-in period to allow your holster to fit your firearm like a glove.

The Galco Ankle Glove system sports a leather holster over a wide elastic band, whereas that band wraps around your ankle with a 4×2 inches Velcro closure. You can buy separately an optional adjustable calf strap that lifts and supports the holster. Behind the holster stitched to a neoprene band, Galco placed the sheepskin padding for additional comfort for all-day wear.

Unlike Galco’s Ankle Gloves’ open-top design for revolvers, this model for Pocket Glocks has a safety strap and reinforced thumb break for added convenience.

While this wide elastic band can support a fully loaded Glock 26, it will accommodate ankles up to 13″ in circumference.

If you decide on this ankle carry holster, only you should choose right or left-hand draw because the right-hand draw holster, similar to the shoulder style, would request a cross-draw motion, and wearing the holster on the left leg.

 8. Creatrill Ankle Holster 

With Padding for Concealed Carry with Elastic Secure Strap Pistol Concealment for Women Men Fits for Small to Medium Frame Pistols and Revolver, Black.

The Glock 26 is a perfect backup weapon and as a compact gun, it will be well suited for deeper concealment styles such as ankle holsters. A universal ankle holster by Creatrill is a perfect platform to conceal a secondary or back up firearm. With an open bottom, it will accommodate most of the micro pistols, compact/subcompact pistols, and revolvers with up to 7 inches in overall length.

The Creatrill manufactures a wide range of holsters, but they are usually offering the ankle holster and bellyband holster as one great combo at a very affordable price. Both of them are made of a soft, elastic material called Neoprene, which is kind on the skin.

Besides, this ambidextrous ankle holster has thick foam padding behind the gun pocket to protect your ankle from pressure for added comfort.

Using a simple elastic band that fastens with Velcro this Creatrill ankle holster will stay in place when you properly strap it on. The retention strap with hook and loop will keep in place your G26 and protect it from falling out or unwanted removal by another person.

As the most cost-effective option on this list and one that offers excellent concealment, the Creatrill Ankle Holster is the right choice for a short handgun like your Glock 26.

9. The Best Appendix Holster For Glock 26: Alien Gear holsters ShapeShift Appendix Holster

For Concealed Carry – Custom Fit to Your Gun (Select Pistol Size) – Right or Left Hand – Adjustable Retention – Made in The USA

One of the most exciting holsters in the market is a ShapeShift holster line from AlienGear. This hybrid holster is constructed using Neoprene, ballistic nylon, polymer, and spring steel.

The ShapeShift modular holster system consists of two main parts: base and shell, where the comfortable holster base is made of breathable perforated Neoprene and comes with integrated spring steel, to provide the holster with a firm but flexible spine and a stable platform for drawing and reholstering.

While the neoprene backing works as a sweat-wicking material, the whole base is reinforced with layers of woven ballistic nylon for durability.

Like all AlienGear holster shells, this one is a polymer made and custom-molded for exactly your make and model of pistol. Still, these interchangeable polymer “shells” can be used with other holsters in the ShapeShift family.

Along with its modularity, ShapeShift system is designed by default for appendix carry with its small footprint. Still, some customers find other in-the-waistband positions to be just as good and comfortable as an appendix carry.

Though retention is not typical for the AIWB holsters, the ShapeShift appendix holster features a customizable passive retention system as well as an adjustable cant angle and ride height. You can adjust all of them without the need for tools of any kind.

As a perfect solution to modern-day carry, the Alien Gear Holsters provides their Iron Clad program, which includes a 30-day trial period making it one of the most low-risk holsters on the market.

 10. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Inside Waistband Compatible with Glock 26 27 33 (Gen 1-5) – Adj. Cant& Retention

For the end of our guide, we left the holster with stellar reviews on Amazon. Better-informed readers have already guessed who it is – Concealment Express. One of the most popular Kydex holsters inside the waistband carry bears the Concealment Express logo and represents a perfect example of a well-made Kydex holster featuring a belt clip and adjustable retention.

Although designed as an inside waistband (IWB) carry holster, made of thin (0.08 inches) Kydex material, this model especially shines in the appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) carry.

The Kydex construction maintains structural rigidity, but at the same time, it offers the right level of retention and pretty good comfort (even sitting). In opposite to the leather holsters, Kydex protects your weapon from moisture keeping your gun dry, while using an integrated full-length sweat shield it also protects your Glock 26 from sweat.

This popular holster by Concealment Express allows for carrying in multiple positions due to the variety of attachment options. Still, it comes standard with an efficient ABS 1.5″ clip that will keep the holster tightly and secure on your belt.

Though of minimalist design, these AIWB holsters feature an adjustable retention pressure and carry angle (cant). Using only a Phillips screwdriver, you may easily adjust retention and the cant from the vertical position up to 20 degrees and adapt the holster for carrying on the hip side, appendix and small of the back carry.


Depending on your body type and your preferences, you should decide what would be the best setup for you and your baby Glock. However, to make a better-informed decision, you also need to find several holsters research like ours.

Since the sub-compact Glock 26 is comfortable enough for everyday carry and very easy to hide at different body positions, we have aggregated the above list of the perfect all-around holsters for everyday concealed carry. While we made a selection of holsters for the various most common carry methods for Glock 26, we have also offered holsters with different price tags, ranging from quite expensive to holsters that don’t break the bank.

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