Best Gun Oil And Grease 2023 – Top 6 Brands Reviews & Buying Guide

Whatever firearm you own, be it a rifle, shotgun, or handgun, it needs to be maintained. Basic maintenance involves brushing the barrel core and several other degradable parts and then applying the best oil and grease you have. This simple process will clean, lubricate, and protect your gun from damage.

Without this process, the accuracy and general condition of your gun will be compromised.

Some common hacks are to use vegetable oils and other cooking oils. While this seems like a fun idea, it will stink, and won’t last that long, meaning you have to do it over and over again. Using oils like these will also attract dust and dirt, which is obviously a very bad idea.

So, take some time to check out the best gun oils and greases on the market below. Your firearm will thank you for it.

Best Gun Oil And Grease Reviews

Why You Need Gun Oil?

Among the three unwritten gun maintenance rules, gun oil is the most consistent. Take a quick look.

Rule One

The first rule and, perhaps, the most important thing is to store your gun in a safe and secure location. That means away from children, moisture, and heat.

Rule Two – Inspection

After each shooting session, before putting the gun in its safe or box, inspect it. Check to see if condensation has accumulated, if dust has remained on the barrel, and see if dirt has stuck to the handle. All moisture should be removed with a moisture-absorbing cloth.

Rule Three – Lubrication

With every shot you make, some residue is left behind. This could be lead or powder carbon. It is necessary to protect these residues from building up inside your firearm. Requiring only a few milligrams of gun oil, this will clean out residue and prevent rust from forming.

These simple rules will help preserve your firearm and save it from any breakdowns, either gradual or sudden. Protect that which protects you. A good enough reason to give your weapon the attention and care it deserves.

Gun oil is a simple solution for that.

Types of Gun Lubes And Cleaning Products

To ensure that your weapon constantly remains in perfect condition, a large number of special protective products have been created, each of which is suitable for a certain type of weapon, ammunition, and frequency of the gun’s use.

However, here are the three main types of gun oils and grease. These can be used for rifled, smooth-bore or pneumatic weapons.

Regular oils

These are used for lubrication and treatment of the barrel and main parts. Oil lubricates the interacting mechanisms and parts and also prevents the formation of soot and metal deposits from the bullet. It also protects the bore from rust.

Cleaning Solvents

Coating the barrel with metal particles of a bullet can be a big problem in the absence of proper care. Best of all, it is fought with solvents – substances that dissolve unwanted metals.

This method is an effective one but has an aggressive effect on the barrel itself. Therefore, after applying the solvent, the weapon is to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. These are usually sold in either of a spray can or in liquid form.

Gun Cleaner Pastes

Cleaner pastes are a remedy for very strong contamination of the barrel. They contain a powerful solvent that slowly liquifies as you use it. Usually, the paste is used after very intensive firing. Some other pastes, however, only work to protect your gun after they have been cleaned using other forms. They form a thin protective layer on its metal parts that last for a long time.

In addition, regular oils are used for gun bluing, polishing, and caring for wooden parts. They are also famed for cleaning weapons and providing effective protection from rust.

Depending on your needs, check out these best brands. They are the best gun oils and greases available, so are sure not to disappoint you in any way.

Top 6 Best Gun Oil And Grease You Should Buy In 2023 Reviews

1. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

The Hoppe’s No. 9 is sold in any of three sizes to make it an exact fit for your needs. Light, medium, or heavy user? You can choose from the 5, 16, and 32-ounce bottles.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner

This gun oil is easy to use, as it only requires slight rubbing on your gun’s parts. It cleans all dirt and residue and protects your firearm from future damage. On application, your gun will not only get clean, but a perfumed scent is left all over it.

For child safety, the caps on the Hoppe’s No. 9 are childproof. Good idea, as you never know what children are up to most of the time.


  • Comes in three sizes.
  • Fast acting cleaner.
  • Protects from future damage.
  • Leaves a nice smell on your firearm.
  • Childproof cap.


  • Leaks from the lid when tipped on its side.

2. F W Klever Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can

The F W Klever gun spray is a three in one. It cleans, it lubricates, and it provides protection from future damage. Unlike several products that clean only certain parts of your gun, this doesn’t. It cleans and provides protection to all of your firearm’s parts.

F W Klever Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can

To use this, spray it on your firearm and rub with a cloth. Compatible for use with wood, leather, and plastics, you can use this product to shine both metal and non-metal gun parts. You can even use it to shine your shoes, as long as they are not suede!

Designed for the German Army…

A total package, this product was originally designed for the German Army. With field application in mind, the effect of sweat and water was factored into this its manufacture. It is affected by neither, and will, therefore, protect your firearm for a longer time.

And it’s great for the planet…

This gun spray is biodegradable. It has no components that are harmful to the environment.


  • Can be used on all of the parts of your gun.
  • Not affected by sweat or water.
  • Protects from future damage.
  • Eco-friendly product.


  • Foul smelling; best used outdoors and with rubber gloves on.

3. Otis Technology Bio-CLP Gun Lubricant

The Otis Technology lubricant is a high-performance professional-grade product. This oil is specially designed to immediately un-tap the firing mechanism of firearms and lubricate guns. Simply apply it to the locations that you wish to maintain, and you will get an immediate and optimal operation of your weapon.

This product works as a gun cleaner and a lubricant. On any applied surface, it leaves a thin coat that protects it from rusting and corrosion.

No harsh chemical content…

As with the F W Klever gun spray we just reviewed, this is also an environmentally friendly product, and the Bio-CLP contains no harsh chemical content. And it is totally biodegradable. It is, therefore, a great way to protect your firearm and mother nature at the same time.

Sold in a 2 and a 4-ounce variant, there is one for every user’s needs.


  • Two sizes are available.
  • Two in one – cleaner and lubricant.
  • Protects your firearm from future damage.
  • Environmentally friendly.


  • The bottle cap is not leak proof.

4. LPS Labs 00216 LPS 2 Heavy-Duty Lubricant

To maintain and protect your weapons from dirt and grime, get the LPS Labs 00216. It is larger in capacity than most gun cleaners on the market (11 ounces), so will be your friend for a long time. Specially designed to take care of metals effectively, it will be very useful when cleaning your weapon.

LPS Labs 00216 LPS 2 Heavy-Duty Lubricant

This special oil contains neither chlorinated solvents nor silicones, so will have no negative effect on your health. In fact, it is approved as safe by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Eliminate gun frost…

This heavy-duty lubricant will not only remove any powder or grime residue, but it will also effectively protect the metal of your weapon. Also capable of loosening rusted parts, and eliminating gun frost, this is a nice one to have alongside you at all times.


You can also use the 00216 on other parts of your gun. Plastic or wooden, it will clean them just as effectively!


  • Large size for long-term use.
  • Effective cleaner for all of your firearms parts.
  • Offers lubrication and a gun protection coating.
  • Contains no harmful chemical content.
  • Antifreeze for gun parts.


  • No smaller size variant.

5. Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease

The Tetra Gun 004B1l is a quick action cleaner. Simply apply it on the desired surfaces and get instant heavy duty cleaning. On application, it provides a long-lasting film that will not wash away easily. This protects your firearm from degradation.

Tetra Gun 004B1I Gun Grease

Due to its high resistance, you can use this product in combination with other cleaners. Simply apply it to coat your firearm, then clean the coat when it gets dirty. This simple hack will give your firearm the best protection possible.

No compromises…

The coating is thin and does not compromise your guns’ function or your safety. Therefore, you can use the 004B1l on metal parts like the bolts, rails, lugs, and triggers.


  • Fast cleaning action.
  • Offers a strong protective coating to your gun parts.
  • Can be used on all of a guns metal parts.


  • Not the best option for lubricating individual parts of your weapon.
  • Components separate in the tube when stored for some time — therefore losing its function entirely.

6. Mil-Comm TW25B Premium Firearm and Gun Grease

Here is the TW25B Premium gun grease from Mil-Comm. A solution designed specifically for the maintenance of the barrel and weapon mechanisms. This product has a special effect when it is applied: a protective action.

Mil-Comm TW25B Premium Firearm and Gun Grease

This solution is anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant, and thanks to its penetration, it easily lubricates the mechanisms and also serves as a releasing agent. Thus, it is ideal for cylinder heads and other sliding mechanisms.

Trusted by several militaries worldwide…

Tested and trusted by several militaries worldwide, this premium grease works to lubricate all of your firearm’s parts. The protective coat it leaves behind is very powerful and will last even in the harshest weather.

It allows you to undergo less cleaning. While it is not a cleaner in itself, it offers you a more pleasant time with your firearm in between cleaning cycles. Designed to be economical, you only need to rub in small amounts of this gun grease in every application, and you are good to go.

Even better, unlike a lot of other greases we’ve reviewed, it does not spill, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.


  • Provides superior protection for your firearms parts.
  • Requires only a small amount to work well.
  • Long lasting.
  • Spill-proof.


  • Does not serve a cleaning function.

Gun Cleaning Tips

Here are a few details that will help you get the best cleaning for your firearm.

Step 1 – Get a cleaning kit

Now that you have gotten your gun oil or grease. You will need these to make your cleaning easier:

  • a gun brush
  • a cleaning rod
  • a nylon cleaning brush
  • a flashlight
  • cotton swabs
  • a microfiber cloth to polish your weapon

Step 2

Handle your weapon with caution. Always allow the time to properly unload your firearm and always check that it is discharged when you decide to clean it. Remember that your weapon can still fire once you have removed the magazine, so check that it is completely empty.

After opening the chamber, look through the barrel from the back to the front to make sure there is no ammunition left inside. You can not be sure that a weapon is unloaded until you have checked the inside of the barrel.

Step 3

Disassemble your weapon within the limits indicated by the manufacturer. Check the disassembly instructions in the instruction manual before starting to clean your weapon. This way, you will have easy access to all the parts that need to be cleaned.

All main parts of semi-automatic weapons and rifles must be dismantled. Revolvers, handguns, and most other firearms generally do not need to be completely disassembled to clean them.

However, you do not always have to completely disassemble your weapon to clean it. Do not disassemble your weapon more than is necessary unless it needs to be repaired. Some weapons do not need to be disassembled at all, just open the gun bore from the gun butt to clean it.

Step 4

Always clean your weapon in a well-ventilated room. Find a well-ventilated place to clean your weapon, as the solvents used are usually harmful and can make you sick. In addition, the solvents and lubricants needed to maintain your weapon could smell downright bad, so outdoors is always the best choice.

Protect your workspace with newspapers or plastic bags. Sit in the garage by the open door or enjoy a sunny day to clean your weapon outside.

Best Gun Oil And Grease Buying Guide

Here are a few tips that will help you to make the best of your purchase.


Buy an oil or grease that suits your needs. Buying too large a container of gun oil is not a good idea as it might cause it to deteriorate or spill in storage.

So, buy one that will last you for about a year before it needs replacement.


Basically, gun oils and greases offer you three uses: as a cleaner, as a lubricant, and as a thin coating to protect your firearm. It is important to note that some products have to be combined to offer all of these functions.

For your convenience, however, we recommend that you go for a three in one unit.

Application Type

Some gun oils require special applicators, for example, gloves and face masks. While other units require none of these as they are safe to come in contact with your hands and body. Some are also safe for your health and do not reek offensive odors.

For the most convenience, go for a unit that is easiest to work with and is safe.

So, What’s The Best Gun Oil And Grease?

It is important to regularly inspect and maintain your weapons to ensure that they work properly and are safe to use. The tiny explosions that occur every time you pull the trigger cause a build-up of residue inside the barrel. This can end up causing dangerous malfunctions, so it is essential to take the time to clean your weapon regularly and properly.

You really do need to clean your weapon after each use, especially after a session at the shooting range or after a hunt. As noted, the safest and only ideal way to do this is with gun oil or grease.

The products here are the best gun oils and grease for the money. However, we recommend that you go through or buying guide. In it are a few tips that will help you to make the best of your purchase.

We think though that the best Gun Oil and Grease overall is the…

LPS Labs 00216 LPS 2 Heavy-Duty Lubricant

This product offers a three in one solution to your needs. It is an efficient cleaner, lubricator, and it protects your firearm from further damage.

Containing no chemical components that can harm you, it is safe to use. Also providing you with anti-freeze for great wintertime freedom of your gun’s use, it is an excellent all in one gun oil and highly recommended.

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