Top 10 Best Car Gun Safes On The Market 2023 Reviews

Every responsible handgun owner knows the importance of keeping their firearm secure. This can be challenging in a car! A glove box isn’t enough. You need a safe suitable for your car, which is why we have reviewed the Best Car Safes for 2023.

Do you prefer high-tech or mechanical? Do you have a small mounting space? Do you prefer keyed-access or biometric scanners? These are some of the questions we tackle in this review.

We have reviewed the top 10 models to help you choose a solution that best meets your needs. Let’s get to it!

Best Car Gun Safes Review

Top 10 Best Car Gun Safes Reviews

1. Vaultek VT20i

An interesting and hi-tech offering from Vaultek Safes is the VT20i. This “smart safe” is loaded with features, including biometrics for quick-access fingerprint reading, a smart-phone app, and a 5-key digital combination pad.

Vaultek VT20i

With this gun safe, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized access. It is built from 16-gauge carbon steel, and features internal, anti-pry security brackets. It’s powder coat finish makes it look great and will keep the rust away for years to come.

But there is more! This is a far cry from the safes of yesteryear. The smart safe technology allows you to interact with the safe using a downloadable app. You can even open the safe with your phone! The red LED lowlight backlighting ensures you can access your firearm in the dark.

The biometric scanner is quick and accurate. You’ll need to spend a few moments programming it, but then it works every time.

We liked the slim form-factor. The ability to anchor the case to your car’s frame with the supplied security cable is nice too. This will certainly prevent smash-and-grab thieves from getting your valuable firearm (and your expensive safe). The safe can also be mounted security, say under the seat, with the supplied mounting hardware kit.

This is a great safe, and it could meet your portable pistol storage needs for years to come. One consideration is in order though: you have to check the battery level occasionally. You don’t want to find dead batteries in a life or death situation!

One last thing: this is a cool looking safe. We loved the red logo and the red backlighting. If you like sleek design, you will like this safe. Although it definitely looks like a safe. No hiding in plain sight with this one!


  • Hi-Tech
  • Biometric access
  • Sturdy, 16-gauge steel construction


  • Rechargeable battery only rated for four months
  • More expensive than some other pistol safes

2. Fort Knox Original Pistol Box

Like its brand suggests, this safe is difficult to breach. It is constructed of thick, 10-gauge steel. It has the weight and feel of a quality safe. The gas struts lift the heavy lid smoothly and quickly allowing access to your firearm.

Fort Knox Original Pistol Box

This is the only car gun safe we reviewed that also comes with a certificate for training with the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. There is no expiration date, so you can take advantage of this sweet bonus when it is convenient for you.

There are no batteries to replace (or discover that they need replacing at the worst possible moment). The Simplex locking device and the 5-button combo pad can be configured for very quick access (with a little practice – which we recommend).

You can mount the Fort Knox Original Pistol Box under the tall seats of a pickup, or in the trunk of a smaller car. It is slightly larger than other models. It would be wise to measure the spot you want to mount your car safe to before purchasing.

The large interior can hold a couple of full-size pistols (think 1911’s)! The foam lining will keep the guns safe inside, but when more than one pistol are stored, keep in mind that the pistols can scratch each other when tossed around inside the safe.

This is a great option if you enjoy simple and full-proof designs, and are turned off by batteries, digital key pads, RFiD scanners, and the like. We liked the classic look and feel of this safe, and it lives up to its name. No one is going to easily pry this box open.


  • 10-Gauge Steel Construction
  • All-mechanical Simplex Locking Device
  • Gas struts for opening the lid
  • An INCLUDED training certificate


  • No keyed entry

3. Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo

This handy little car safe is unique in many ways. It sports an all-mechanical programmable 8-button keypad and lock. You don’t have to worry about the batteries dying. And we found the keys responsive and the unlocking procedure quick.

Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo

You can mount the Shotlock 200m Solo vertically or horizontally. This one would mount underneath the driver seat (where legal) or practically anywhere inside the vehicle. This is small enough to even mount in the rear compartment of a motorcycle!

This unit is made of 14-gauge steel, so it is strong but also lightweight. The manufacturers claim that the steel is military-grade, which should give you even more peace of mind when securing your expensive handgun inside this safe. The felt-like lining protects pistols from marring, especially when mounted vertically.

We liked the retro-looks of this safe. This could be a classic safe from the 70’s! But it is full of modern mechanical features. The ONLY reason we could see for passing on this safe is if you wanted one with more room (say for two pistols).

There is a handy key-override, just in case you forget the combination. There are also mounting holes on the underside and the sides, giving you maximum mounting flexibility. You can also cable lock this safe down, though you will have to purchase the cable separately.

You’re going to want to read this review to the end if you are interested in this safe. We mention it again in a big way!


  • Slim design
  • All-mechanical – no batteries to replace
  • Key override


  • Only room for one pistol

4. Fort Knox PB1

The dimensions and features of this Fort Knox are identical to the features of the Fort Knox model described above. It is similarly tough, well built from 10-gauge steel. This pistol safe is secure. The wrap around door makes prying this open virtually impossible.

Fort Knox PB1

This offering also comes with a 13.5 Dean Safe Pistol Sock. The sock is handy because it wicks moisture away from the pistol preventing oxidation. It also provides additional protection for those times when the pistol is tossed around inside the safe. It takes a second to remove, though, so keep that in mind!

In wetter climates (think East Coast!) rust is a very really challenge when it comes to blued firearms kept in safes. So this pistol sock, along with a good CLP, will keep your classic firearm from oxidation.

The foam lining is nice and effective. As with the other Fort Knox model, this one is on the bigger side. That has positives and negatives. There is more room inside of this one; you can store two pistols and a few mags. However, you will sacrifice some flexibility in mounting. We recommend measuring your ideal mounting spot before ordering, just to make sure.

The pre-drilled mounting holes make this an excellent choice for securely locking it down to the floor-panel of your vehicle. It isn’t going anywhere. Would be thieves can work at this one for hours and still have to leave without your gun!

One thing to keep in mind: this unit does not have a backup option should you forget the combination. There is not the same kind of keyed override that a few other units we tested have. So make sure you program it with a sequence you will remember for years to come.


  • Strong and high-quality construction
  • All-mechanical locking device
  • Anti-pry wrap around door
  • Included pistol sock


  • No keyed entry
  • On the larger side of safes suitable for vehicles

5. Gun Vault NV300

The Gun Vault NV300 is a minimalist alternative to the more expensive and elaborate car gun safes on the market. This slim little lock box can be the portable home for one full-sized pistol. It has a generous half-inch of memory foam lining the interior to protect your pistol. The firearm stays secure when the lid is closed.

Gun Vault NV300

The powder coat finish is handsome and seems durable. The safe closes tightly and there is little play or no rattle. The 18-gauge steel is lightweight and yet still plenty strong. This safe doesn’t have anti-prying design, so the buyer should keep that in mind.

The three-number dial type combination is straight forth and easy to use, even if it isn’t as quick as other models. The locking device works great and will hold for years to come. You can cable-lock (1500lbs test cable is supplied!) or bolt this safe down almost anywhere.

This would be ideal as a motorcycle gun safe or for the automobile. It would easily fit under the seat or in the center console of a sedan or pickup truck. You can even mount it into some side compartments on motorcycles!

And, best of all, this safe boast excellent value. The NanoVault is one of the least expensive models we tested. While there is a sense that one gets what he pays for in the gun-safe buying world, it is nice to have a low-cost, yet quality, alternative.

This is the safe for gun enthusiasts who want a minimalist safe, and who want to save their big spending on the firearm and on ammunition.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to mount or secure with included cable
  • GREAT value


  • Not a pry-resistant design
  • Access a little slower than other models


6. Gunbunker GS-1

The Gunbunker GS-1 is an excellent safe for the car or motorcycle. This safe is accessed by key only (no combination). It is all mechanical, so no extra trips to the store to buy batteries. The unique form-factor and small size make it a breeze to mount almost anywhere.

Gunbunker GS-1

The GS-1 has an advantage over some models because only a small panel opens to access the firearm. On many safes an entire side serves as the door. That means that this one can be mounted vertically (with access only to the panel – say between the front seat and the center console) or horizontally.

The mid-level 16-guage powder coated steel is strong enough to keep smash-and-grab burglars from getting your firearm, but still lightweight. There is a lip on the door that will prevent prying. And the keys are the high-security dimple-type keys. That means that this lock is extremely difficult to pick.

The heavy-duty cable mounts to the side of the safe, and the other end can be bolted to the floor or frame of the car. Vertical mounting is also an option, and might be preferred. When vertically-mounted, one retrieves the weapon in a draw kind of form.

Additionally, this would be an excellent choice for traveling with your firearm in the checked luggage (declared to the airline, of course), as this is a TSA-approved safe.

If you want an all-mechanical safe that is built to the highest-standards, this is one to consider. We liked this model a lot. The unique front-panel access is a huge plus.


  • Unique front-panel access
  • Easy to mount or secure
  • High security dimple keys


  • Keyed-access only (no combination option)
  • Can only hold one firearm

7. SentrySafe Pistol Safe with Key Lock

The SentrySafe Pistol Safe with Key Lock is another well made all-mechanical safe. You won’t be rushing to the store for new batteries to keep this one ready for action. And this safe is just the right size for a full-sized pistol like a 1911 or a full-sized Glock.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe with Key Lock

It has a briefcase like form-factor which seems practical and minimalist. We like the nylon carrying handle, and the memory foam lining. Included with the safe is a heavy cable so that you can secure your safe anywhere.

We liked the quick detach feature of the cable. That will come in handy if you secure it in your vehicle with the cable, and then need to take it inside (say, into your hotel room or apartment). You can simply detach the cable and carry it in.

It is advertised as pry-resistant. And while it doesn’t look easy to pry, there is a tiny gap between the door and the safe that one might be able to use as a purchase point. However, the design is plenty to prevent all less-determined thieves or curious teenagers from attempting to breach this safe.

It is relatively light weight and will mount perfectly in many places in your car or on your motorcycle. The lid opens quickly once activated, giving you the advantage of speed!

Please note that the SentrySafe Key Lock safe isn’t a safe you can hide in plain sight. It is very obviously a gun safe. But under your car seat, it might be the perfect option for you.


  • All mechanical
  • Keyed access
  • Anti-theft features and design


  • Fits only one pistol
  • A small gap between door and safe-frame.

8. SentrySafe Quick Access Gun Safe

If you like the previous safe, but just wish that it boasted a little more tech then the SentrySafe Quick Access Gun Safe might be the one for you. The “bones” of both safes are identical, and the only difference is that this SentrySafe is accessed via a digital key pad.

SentrySafe Quick Access Gun Safe

The keypad itself is easy to use and backlit. You program your desired sequence and you’re good to go. The keys are not numbered or lettered, so you simply decide the order to depress them.

The safe is made of 16-gauge steel. It has gas struts to open the door once the lock is deactivated, providing quick access to one full-sized pistol. There is a small gap between the door and the frame opening. This, unfortunately, could act as a purchase point for prying.

The interior is lined with generously-thick foam, protecting your expensive firearm from getting scratched. It has pre-drilled mounting holes so you can bolt this safe down in your car or wherever you would like.

It takes standard AA-sized batteries, and SentrySafe recommends purchasing higher-quality batteries, so that they last a long time. As with all battery-operated safes, you should check the batteries often or you could run into trouble. This model also has a key override, should the batteries conk out on you.

This is a middle-of-the road offering, both in terms of budget and features. We liked a lot about this car gun safe, but especially the value-to-features ratio.


  • Strong, high-quality construction
  • Digital key pad
  • Gas-strut powered doors


  • Battery operated
  • A small gap between door and safe-frame

9. SnapSafe Lockbox

If digital keypads aren’t really your thing, then maybe you should check out the SnapSafe Lockbox. This no-frills option has you covered with a simple mechanical keyed lock and a classic design. The interior is lined with four foam inserts, and it sports a pry-resistant design.

SnapSafe Lockbox

This small safe can be mounted anywhere in your car. And the 1500lbs test cable (included) will keep smash-and-grab thieves from running off with your pistol. It comes with two small keys, and you might want to make a copy or two, because getting into this safe without a key would be challenging.

It is constructed out of 16-gauge steel, which is powder-coat finished for an attractive (if no nonsense) look. This isn’t a safe that “hides in plain sight”. It looks like a car gun safe.

One interesting design feature is that the cable can be quickly disengaged when you open the door. You just slide the cable tip off of the frame and you’re good to move the safe. That could be handy if you use the cable for mounting the safe to your car because you can then take the safe inside quickly and easily.

If you like simple, this is the one for you. It is a tried and true design, and even budget friendly. We also really liked the small form-factor and quality build. You can always buy more of a safe than this one, but we don’t think you would go wrong with this one.


  • Simple no-frills design
  • Anti-pry features
  • Cable disconnects quickly


  • Locking device low-tech
  • No keyless entry options

10. The Gunbox 2.0

Last but not least is the The Gunbox 2.0. If the previous model was classic (almost retro) design, this safe is the complete opposite. It doesn’t get anymore high-tech than the The Gunbox 2.0.

This is a “smart-safe”. It can be unlocked and opened several ways. Besides a keypad, it has a biometric scanner for fast finger-print access. It also has a RFiD scanner, so you can open it with a fob or even a RFiD ring (sold separately). And you can access this with your phone through the downloadable app.

The Gunbox 2.0

Don’t let the sleek exterior fool you. This is a toughly-built safe. It is made from die-cast aluminum. That means it is lightweight! It is also doesn’t look like a typical safe, so you can hide your firearm in plain sight.

The clamshell design is handsome and could fit the modern décor of your home, RV or office. We could see this gun safe sitting on a bookshelf, concealing your favorite handgun. No one would know that there is a firearm inside!

You can purchase a cable to secure this safe further in your vehicle, home or office. Once the electric motor unlocks the device, two beefy gas struts smoothly open the lid. So, you have quick access to your firearm when you need it.

As an added bonus, this car safe has two USB ports for charging your devices. Talk about high tech! This is a vehicle safe from the future.


  • The most high-tech safe available
  • Durable and strong die cast construction
  • Several access options


  • Can be difficult to access when battery is low
  • More expensive than other models

Best Car Gun Safe Buying Guide

Car gun safes are a smart option for securing your firearm. But there are a wide-variety on the market and picking the best one can be difficult. Which car fun safe should you buy? You are about to find out! We’re going to walk you through the major considerations so that you make the best choice.

You have your preferences and needs and you should weigh those carefully along with the following considerations: access optionssize, and technology level. Of course, one’s budget is also an important consideration, so we have addressed that as well.

Access Options

Some car safes require only a key. If keyed-access is your highest priority then these three models are best for you:

  • Gunbunker GS-1
  • SentrySafe Pistol Safe with Key Lock
  • SnapSafe Lockbox

On the other hand, if you like other access options (such as a keypad) along with keyed-entry, then several other models will also work for you:

  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo
  • SentrySafe Quick Access Gun Safe
  • Vaultek VT20i

If you prefer combination access (mechanical or digital), then consider these models:

  • Fort Knox PB1
  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo
  • The Gunbox 2.0

If you want RDiF or biometric access, then these would be better for you:

  • Vaultek VT20i
  • The Gunbox 2.0


Size is a very important consideration because you might want to mount your car safe, say, in your car! Some vehicles offer more space than others, so you want to consider carefully what your space needs are and how big or how small of a car gun safe you need.

If you have a very tight space, the following models might be for you:

  • SnapSafe Lockbox
  • Gunbunker GS-1
  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo

If you have plenty of room to mount your safe, then consider some larger options. A larger safe is desirable because you can store a larger firearm, or even more than one pistol! Consider these plus-sized models:

  • Fort Knox Original Pistol Box
  • Fort Knox PB1
  • The Gunbox 2.0

Technology Level

Some of us gun-lovers enjoy gadgets and all things high-tech, while others would rather trust in the tried and true. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to technology, when it comes to car gun safes. The advantages are multiple access options, charging features and phone apps. All these can come in handy.

The disadvantage is that higher-technology options is reliability. Batteries run out, especially in colder climates. So with a high tech, battery-dependent safe, you need to make sure it will have the juice when you need it.

The two most high-tech gun safes we reviewed (and two of the most high-tech safes on the market) are:

  • Vaultek VT20i
  • The Gunbox 2.0

The SentrySafe Quick Access Gun Safe also has more tech in it than other models, but the two above are in a league of their own. Of those two, the most advanced car gun safe we have reviewed is The Gunbox 2.0. Biometric, RFiD scanner, phone app, etc., make this smart gun safe truly smart.

On the other end of the spectrum are the mechanical-only offerings. These are the tried and true and ultimate in reliability offerings. You can leave these set for years and they will open just as they should. No batteries to change or check, but also none of the added bells and whistles. Our top three all-mechanical options are:

  • Fort Knox PB1
  • Gun Vault NV300
  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo


Not every buying decision can be made on features alone. Sometimes budget is one of the major factors, if not the major factor, in making your choice. The more budget friendly models in this review are:

  • Gun Vault NV300
  • Gunbunker GS-1
  • SnapSafe Lockbox

The more middle of the road budget offerings are these:

  • Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo
  • Fort Knox PB1

And the most expensive models (which are also loaded with the most features) are these:

  • Vaultek VT20i
  • The Gunbox 2.0

If you’re in the market for a new car gun safe, then we recommend that you consider what your preferences and needs are when it comes to access optionssize, and technology level and, of course, your budget. And then consult the above guide to narrow down your options. We have done the homework for you. Then check out a few the many embedded links, and we believe you can choose the very best safe for your need.

And now you are about to find out the one model we liked most!

Wrap Up

Which safe would we choose as the best car gun safe? We are glad you asked! Of all the excellent safes we reviewed, we would go with the Shotlock Handgun 200M Solo. We like its innovative key pad, its all-mechanical design, it’s vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities, and its ultra-tough and pry resistant build.

We hope this post will be helpful to you as you choose the very best car gun safe for your needs!

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