Top 10 Best Canvas Tents For Camping On The Market 2023 Reviews

We live in a golden age when it comes to outdoor gear. New technologies and innovative designs provide outdoor enthusiasts with endless options with which to create the perfect outdoor experience. This is especially true when it comes to canvas tents.

Canvas tents have been increasing in popularity in recent years due to their durability and stylishness. Whether you are on a hunting trip with your buddies or a big family that is serious about style and comfort while camping, a canvas tent is sure to help you make the most out of your experience.

But with all the amazing options out there, it can be difficult trying to find a canvas tent that is perfectly suited for your specific adventure. That is why we have compiled this list of the best canvas tents for camping to help find the perfect one for you…

Best Canvas Tents For Camping

Top 10 Best Canvas Tents For Camping To Buy 2023 Reviews

1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 4-Person Canvas Tent

First on our list is the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 4 person Canvas Tent. This tent is made with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas that creates walls that are watertight enough to keep you dry in bad weather, but breathable enough to keep you cool on hotter days. Kodiak’s specialized silicone finish helps to minimize condensation, ensuring this tent stays dry inside and out.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 4-Person Canvas Tent

The no-see-um mesh that makes up the front and rear doors, as well as the side windows, offer extra breathability that is sometimes left to be desired in canvas tents. Two additional funnel flow vents create a tent that is unmatched when it comes to air-flow and temperature control.

Here’s the answer…

The walls are reinforced by Kodiak’s patented Flex-Bow frame. Made with spring steel rods and tube poles, this tent stands high and remains taught even in the most powerful winds. Heavy-duty 12 inch steel stakes give you even more peace of mind when it’s time to batten down the hatches.

A 9 foot by 8 foot base can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably, while the 6 foot 1 inch height allows most to stand up completely straight. As an added bonus, this tent provides a generous front awning area for you and your crew to relax under when it’s too hot to be in the sun, but not quite time to be inside.


  •  100% cotton duck canvas.
  •  Flex-Bow steel frame.
  •  Front and rear doors.
  •  No-see-um mesh windows.
  •  Awning.
  •  6 foot 1 inch max height.
  •  Polyester reinforced vinyl floor.


  •  Heavy.
  •  Large pack size.

2. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Ready for something different? If so, the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is designed specifically to fit right in to the back of your pick-up truck. Meaning that you can set up camp wherever your truck can go. Since it’s situated in the truck bed and high off the ground, you are kept away from those ground dwelling creatures who might want to share your space.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

A tunnel-shaped design is created using three ¾ inch arched steel tubes that stand at a 5 foot maximum height. This optimizes the interior space and may make you forget that you’re actually sleeping in a truck. They connect to clamp-on rails that easily mount to the truck, offering a safe and secure fit.

Come rain, come shine…

As with all Kodiak tents, the military-grade duck canvas is durable and watertight while maintaining breathability. This makes it one of the best waterproof tents currently available.

Five mesh windows on every side provide ample ventilation and views, making sure you won’t feel claustrophobic. Two small awnings on the front and the rear allow you to crack those windows down even when you’re in a downpour. A cab-access window allows you to keep the important stuff close-by while maximizing your sleeping space.


  •  100% cotton duck canvas.
  •  Tunnel shaped design.
  •  Arched steel poles.
  •  Five mesh windows.
  •  Front and back awnings.
  •  Cab-access window.


  •  Difficult set-up.
  •  Only made for certain truck models.
  •  Windows are small.
  •  No floor.

3. DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent With Two Stove Jacket

Are you looking to stand out at the campsite? Then our next tent might be for you

The DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent is the ultimate glamper’s sanctuary. With the option of a 3, 4, 5, or 6 meter diameter tent, The DANCHEL can accommodate any sized group.

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent With Two Stove Jacket

This 4 season tent is ready to go anytime, anywhere. The walls are made from 300GSM cotton fabric while the floor is made from a specialized PVC material that is waterproof, windproof, snowproof, and foolproof! All of which makes it one of the best cold weather camping tents you can buy.

Fancy a trip to the circus?

A single galvanized steel central pole creates a large circus tent shaped structure, but this tent isn’t clowning around. Thick rope lines with aluminum sliders all the way around along with a sturdy A-frame door pole create a strong and taut structure.

You can roll up the outer layer to expose the mesh windows to allow airflow. Or you can take it a step further and unzip the entire bottom from the tent, extend out the lines, and create an open canopy configuration. Perfect as a backyard garden canopy on those warm summer days.

Still not convinced?

Cook your food inside or have an ambient fire burning if you’re out in the dead of winter using either the chimney jacket or side wall jacket. The side panel can also be used for any other hook-up you have, such as a solar panel, portable A/C unit or the best fans for tent camping. Is there anything the DANCHEL Cotton Bell tent can’t do?


  •  300 GSM cotton.
  •  Single pole structure.
  •  Large doors.
  •  Well ventilated mesh.
  •  Canopy configuration.
  •  Stove Jackets.


  •  Takes time to set-up.
  •  Heavy.
  •  Expensive.

4. Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag Tent With Sleeping Pad

The best canvas tents for camping aren’t just for large groups. Essentially a modern interpretation of the cowboy bedroll, the Kodiak 1 Person Swag Tent, is perfect for the rugged individualist in today’s world.

This versatile capsule-like tent can be placed on the ground, in a truck bed, or even situated atop a cot. With Kodiak’s Hydra-Sheild canvas and PVC flooring, you will be protected no matter where you put it.

Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag Tent With Sleeping Pad

Plenty of room…

With a 6 foot 8 inch length, even the tallest folks will fit in and be able to stretch out comfortably. The 3-foot width also ensures you have the freedom to toss and turn with ease throughout the night.

Head and foot mesh provide a natural airflow through the tent. The top layer can be zipped back to reveal a full-length mesh that provides additional ventilation and the potential for cinematic views of the stars.

But here’s something you won’t see every day…

The Kodiak Swag tent includes a luxurious foam sleeping bad with a flannel topper, giving you the comfort of home in the great outdoors. Just add a blanket and sleeping bag, and you are ready to go.

No worrying about a long take down time since it’s all designed to roll right up, sleeping pad and all, and fit right in the bag. Throw it back in the car and get going in no time.


  •  Hydra-Shield duck canvas.
  •  Head and foot mesh.
  •  Full cover top mesh.
  •  Sleeping pad included.
  •  Extra long.
  •  Easy roll up and store.


  •  Suitable for one person.
  •  Low height

5. WHITEDUCK Complete Canvas Wall Tent

Next up is the largest on our list of the best canvas tents for camping. With four sizes available from 10 x 12 feet all the way up to 16 x 20 feet, the Whiteduck Canvas Wall Tent is essentially a mobile cabin in the woods.

WHITEDUCK Complete Canvas Wall Tent

The 5 foot vertical walls on each side offer more interior space than traditional dome shaped tents. With a 9 foot center height, this tent ensures that you can stand up and stretch out without feeling cramped.

Let the air in…

The canvas walls are made from 100% premium cotton that offers breathability, but can still hold up to inclement weather. Four triangular ventilation windows and a large front window boast no-see-um mesh that provides additional ventilation and temperature control while keeping insects out.

You’re protected from the bottom as well with a free-floating PVC sod cloth and ground sheet that is well-suited for muddy campsites.

Safe and secure…

It is all held up with a robust anodized aluminum pole system that is sturdy, yet lightweight. A UV resistant elasticated shock-absorber bungee cord system keeps it all held together at the guy points for peace of mind in strong winds.

This tent also includes a 5 inch stove flap so that you can at that extra homey touch with any of the best tent stoves to cook or keep warm without leaving the tent.


  •  Large and spacious.
  •  100% Cotton Duck Canvas.
  •  5 foot vertical walls.
  •  Lightweight aluminum poles.
  •  Stove flap.


  •  Expensive.
  •  Heavy.
  •  Rain fly and porch not included.

6. OzTent RV-5 Original 30 Second Tent

All canvas tents are difficult and time consuming to set up, right? Wrong.

As it says in the name, The OzTent RV-5 has a 30 second set-up time that only requires one person to make it happen. So if you are serious about maximizing your time spent outdoors, then this tent might be the one for you. It’s actually one of the best instant tents for camping currently available.

OzTent RV-5 Original 30 Second Tent

Just because it only requires a single person to set-up, doesn’t mean its made for just one. With an 8.5 x 8.5 foot base, this tent can accommodate a group of 5 people comfortably. Taller campers need not worry about the headroom as it stands at a max height of 6 feet 2 inches.

All year round protection…

Made from a waterproof ripstop poly-cotton canvas, this tent is guaranteed to protect you from weather 365 days a year. The heat-sealed PVC flooring provides further protection against moisture from the ground.

If you’re a hunter wanting to keep a low profile or just a regular camper who likes a bit of subtlety, the tent’s olive green color blends in well with surrounding nature.

A large 78 inch awning extends out in front of the tent and his held up by aluminum poles on either corner. This gives you a generous and unobstructed space to set up a couple of chairs and keep cool during the day.


  •  Large base.
  •  30 second set-up.
  •  Waterproof poly-cotton.
  •  Large awning.
  •  Well-ventilated.


  •  Expensive.
  •  Less spacious.

7. Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6 Person Bow Tent

Do you have absolutely no limitations to where you will set up camp? Do you need a tent that you can put up anywhere at any time? Then the Alpha Kilo 4000 from Bushtec might be the one for the job.

It’s not every day that you come across a tent that will protect you from literally all of the elements. This tent’s 550gsm rip-stop canvas is completely waterproof, fire retardant and UV resistant. Yet, it is breathable enough to keep cool and resist internal condensation.

Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6 Person Bow Tent

It’s not going anywhere…

The powder-coated, spring steel frame is wind-tunnel tested to withstand winds up to 100 mph. That means you could literally set up this tent in a category 2 hurricane and still have a tent in the morning – although we don’t recommend that. In fact, it’s one of the best tents for high winds on the market.

A large front door and two flap windows on either side are equipped with no-see-um gauze to maximize air-flow. Plus, they all zip open with #10 YKK zippers that are built to last the test of time.

It’s getting hot out there…

There is also a large front awning and two smaller awnings that cover the windows to provide shade and protection at all hours of the day.


  •  Military-grade canvas.
  •  Waterproof.
  •  Fire retardant.
  •  Can withstand 100mph winds.
  •  Electrical access pocket.
  •  Dual ceiling.
  •  7 foot height.


  •  Users report complicated set up.
  •  Heavy.

8. SPRINGBAR Highline 8

Next up on our list is the Springbar Highline 8.

With a 14 x 10 foot footprint and a complete 6.5 foot vertical height, this tent offers a 140 square foot living space that can accommodate up to 8 people.

Quick as a flash…

While it may be big and spacious, you are not going to be wasting much time with set up. Once it is staked into the ground, the pole system props up the tent on either side and spreads it out with a long ridge-pole up top. The side poles are also adjustable, enabling you to find the perfect tautness.

Speaking of those poles, they all are made from galvanized steel that creates a tough and resistant structure. The stakes and the stake loops are made from the same material, enabling you to hunker down in any situation.

Cool as a cucumber…

Large windows, door, and ceiling ventilation points are all fitted with no-see-um mesh that provides generous amounts of airflow to keep you cool.

The cotton duck canvas is factory treated to be fully waterproof and mold-resistant, giving you a tent that will last a lifetime.

Still not convinced? Springbar offers a lifetime warranty that will cover any defects to the materials or craftsmanship. Which is just one of the reasons why it’s easily up there with the best 8 person tents for camping available.


  •  Spacious.
  •  Galvanized steel poles and stakes.
  •  Well-ventilated.
  •  Front awning.
  •  Lifetime warranty.
  •  Affordable.


  •  Heavy
  •  Some users report leaks.

9. Dream House Luxury Outdoor Waterproof Four Season Family Camping

Do you envision your dream home to exist in the great outdoors while still maintaining all the usual comforts? Then look no further than the Dream House Bell Tent.

No matter the size of your crew, you can find a Dream House that’s right for you. Offering the option 3, 4, 5 or 6 meter diameter, this tent can create a shelter for anywhere from 2 to 12 people.

Dream House Luxury Outdoor Waterproof Four Season Family Camping

Durable and reliable…

While this may be the ideal glamping tent, its made for weather that isn’t so glamorous. The cotton canvas offers a 3000mm waterproof PU coating and taped seams that can withstand light to moderate rain without needing a rain fly. Double stitching all the way around guarantees a tent that is made to last.

A large front door and ground windows are fitted with mesh that keeps the air flowing in while the mosquitoes are kept out. A full bottom zipper allows you to hike up the walls of the tent into an open canopy during the midday heat.

A stove flap situated on the side of the tent provides you a way to prepare your meals inside or to keep you warm in the winter.

But they don’t stop there…

Included in the purchase is an easy to clean, heavy-duty PVC ground sheet that separates the tent from the ground and ensures your tent will last.


  •  Different size options.
  •  Affordable.
  •  Can convert into open canopy.
  •  Yurt design.
  •  Stove flap.
  •  Double stitching.
  •  Ground sheet included.


  •  Not ideal for heavy rain.
  •  Not UV protected.
  •  Some users report leaks.

10. TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best canvas tents for camping is the Teton Sierra Canvas Tent.

When you are shopping for your house, you want the most beautiful, stable, and well-made structure available. The Teton Sierra is more than a tent; it is a home away from home.

TETON Sports Sierra 16 Canvas Tent

Choice of sizes…

Like some of the other bell tents on our list, this one gives you options to match your needs. With an available 12, 16, or 24 foot diameter, the Teton Sierra is suitable for an intimate group or your entire squad.

This is a tent that you are going to be able to pass down to your grandkids. The all-weather cotton canvas is treated to be fully waterproof and not wick moisture into the tent. All the seams on the walls of the tent are reinforced for extra protection. The floor of the tent is made from a reinforced, interwoven polymer with welded seams ensuring groundwater stays right where it belongs.

Even though this tent will accommodate a large group, you will not need any of them to help set up this tent. Simply stake down the tent, install the single center pole, extend the guy lines, and your tent is up without you having to break a sweat.

Ready to put the glam in glamping?

You are essentially getting two products for the price of one with this tent. With one swift zip, the floor detaches from the walls, which creates a stylish canopy that you use as a gathering place for the whole campsite to enjoy the breeze in the shade.


  •  12, 16, or 24 foot diameter.
  •  Large front door.
  •  No-see-um mesh windows.
  •  Metal friction lock guy lines.
  •  Canopy option.
  •  Welded floor seams.


  •  No rain fly.
  •  No stove flap.

Best Canvas Tents For Camping Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen what we consider to be the best canvas tents for camping, how do you decide which one is going to fit your needs?

Canvas tents come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and specifications. What is essential for some outdoors enthusiasts may not be for others. Because of this, we have put together this guide of the most important factors to consider before buying your canvas tent.


Are you on a short elk hunting trip with your buddies? Or are you a large family looking to fit everyone and everything inside your tent?

Smaller canvas tents or truck tents are an ideal choice for sportsmen who are on a solo or small group trip that requires them to pick up and move camp often or quickly. However, if you are a large group who is planning to stay put for a while, then a bell shape tent or other large tent would be more what you are after.

The Simplicity Of Set Up

When you arrive at your campsite, the last thing you ever want to be doing is spending hours trying to figure out how to set up your tent. Beyond that, you also probably do not want to deal with a tent that requires three or more people for set up, especially if your group consists of a lot of children.

Generally, it is fair to say that the larger the tent, the more difficult it will be to set up, and the more people it will require to do so.

However, that is not always the case. Some of the bell tents featured on our list claim to only require one person for set up even though they are usually quite large.

Water Resistance

This is probably the most important factor when choosing the best canvas tent for camping. It is essential to have a tent that will not only keep water out but one that will also prevent condensation on the inside.

Fortunately, most canvas tents are made for all seasons and, thus, waterproof. But you will want a tent that guarantees this explicitly. There are other detailed factors to consider that make a tent truly waterproof. Double stitching, for example, ensures that water stays out at the seams. While having thick floors that are welded are essential for keeping out groundwater.

Pole Design

Like we said, canvas tents come in many varieties. The same is true for the poles that it comes with.

While it is not common for canvas tents to have fiberglass poles, it would be best to avoid them if you happen across one that does. They are brittle and break more easily, especially if they are attached to heavy canvas material.

Aluminum poles will be what you come across most often. They are lightweight but strong enough to withstand gusty winds. However, if you are serious about durability and longevity, then you may want to consider steel poles. They may be a bit heavier, but you can pretty much guarantee that they will never break.

Freestanding vs. Non-Freestanding

Freestanding means that the tent’s shape is created entirely from its poles and that you can pick it up and move it around without it losing its shape. A non-freestanding tent requires guy lines staked out away from the tent to create and maintain its shape.

Choosing between the two depends entirely on your own preference. If you are a person who likes simplicity and efficiency when setting up your tent, then go for a freestanding design. Understand, though, that these tents are more susceptible to poor weather conditions.

If you like security and durability in your tent, then a non-freestanding option is a no-brainer. You may spend a bit more time and effort with set up, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that your tent is not going anywhere until you say so.

So, What Are The Best Canvas Tents For Camping?

Now that you have considered all of your options for the best canvas tents for camping, you should probably know which one is right for you. If not, we’re here to give you our opinion of the best all around canvas tent, and we’ve chosen the…

The DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent

… because it combines style, durability, and utility into a tent that will make you stand out for years to come

While it may be considered a “glamper’s tent,” this tent is nothing to scoff at. It’s cotton fabric held up by single steel pole and guy out lines create a structure that is both simple and strong. If you are looking for a tent that does it all, then look no further.

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