6 The Best Bipods for Remington 700 in 2023 Reviews

While the Remington 700 is renowned for being a reliable rifle, you can make it even more reliable with a good bipod. You know we’re committed to finding you the best, whether it’s scope mounts for your Remington 700 or the best scopes themselves, down to even accessories like the best compass watches.

So don’t worry, with all the products out there for your Remington 700, we wouldn’t miss a chance to weigh in on which is the best. We take every type of user into consideration, as always, to ensure that we look at the best products from every angle so you can choose what suits you.

Best Bipods for Remington 700 Reviews

Top 6 Best Bipods for Remington 700 in 2023 Reviews

1. Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6-9-Inch BiPod

Harris Engineering makes excellent accessories, and so we definitely had to try out their bipod. While it’s a little pricy for a bipod, we’ve come to expect the best from Harris Engineering, and went in with high hopes. Right away, we were satisfied that consumers would get their money’s worth, with a very solid construction of high-grade anodized aluminum alloy. This great construction is both solid as a tank and light as a feather at only 13 ounces.

Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6-9-Inch BiPod

The light weight also makes it easy to adjust in any situation. All moving parts slide effortlessly when they should. While the height doesn’t have the range of some other models which can go up to 13 inches, the 6 to 9 inch range is sufficient for most applications and available in incremental adjustments.

The legs are spring loaded, which not only makes adjustments all the more easy, but also provides extra support. Even with the heaviest of rifles—and indeed, it is compatible with many other rifles than the Remington 700 provided you use a proper mounting rail—it will not suffer reduced stability. This is important if you want to make this your go-to bipod regardless of which rifle you are using, now or in the future.

Overall, this is a simple, no-frills bipod that excels with a solid construction, easy to use operation, and the stability and durability gun owners have come to expect from Harris Engineering. The only real downside is its higher price point—it’s far from a budget bipod—but the Harris name is synonymous with quality in the minds of gun owners who don’t mind paying a premium for a well-constructed product. And once again, Harris has proudly delivered to expectations.


  •  Very lightweight construction
  •  Durable aluminum alloy
  •  Stable spring-loaded support
  •  Smooth operation, no sticking or jamming
  •  Easy to adjust


  •  Definitely not a budget brand

2. UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount

Made of a proprietary Zytel aluminum material blend, and a steel platform for maximum stability, this tank from UTG Tactical isn’t going anywhere. This bipod boasts a number of mounting options, including a swivel stud mounting option. You can also utilize the Picatinny Mount system. While the Zytel aluminum blend is highly durable, it is painted and prone to scratching—you may not care about that at all, but it’s very easy to do with a painted surface.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod, QD Lever Mount

Additionally, we like the fact that this bipod is designed with these features being very easy to install, and the bipod itself is collapsible, becoming very low footprint and easy to transport. A spring tension system not only enhances the strength of the construction, but snaps into an easily portable slim version of itself.

Meanwhile, the legs are fully adjustable using a Posi-lock wheel which further increases the bipod’s stability. Ranging from 7.9 to 12.7 inches, the minimum center height clocks in at an actual 8.3 inches but the height still reaches 12.7. Rubber feet further increase stability, rounding out what is probably the most stable bipod on our list.

While it’s not particularly useful when actually using the tripod, we love the quick-retract button, which makes the experience of folding it up and packing up to finish your shooting experience especially simple.

Overall, this is a very sturdy bipod with a durable construction that makes operation and transport very easy. This is particularly useful for those who hunt, and especially hunters who bring a lot of gear and need to maximize their available space and be efficient. Changing position often and just carrying this tripod around is a breeze, making it feel like a natural extension of your 700.


  •  Very durable construction
  •  Smooth operation
  •  Excellent stability
  •  Good height range
  •  Very portable, foldable design


  •  Painted surface scratches very easily

3. Harris Engineering LM-1A2 1A2-LM Solid Base 9-13-Inch BiPod

The second Harris Engineering bipod on our list, this bipod was made to be a larger solution with greater height, but was produced after the earlier model and thus also introduces some advantages after listening to customer feedback. Notably, despite being larger, the bipod is lighter at 11 ounces with a re-imagined  construction.

Harris Engineering LM-1A2 1A2-LM Solid Base 9-13-Inch BiPod

The improved construction of this second-generation iteration is again adjustable in one-inch increments. Operation is smoother, although it feels ever so slightly less immediately stable with the thinner construction than its predecessor. This is not necessarily a negative, as it can still be well-grounded. In fact, the lighter weight will probably encourage you to not use its own weight as a factor in proper grounding.

When mounted with your 700, you’ll notice that despite the lighter weight it holds very well. The increased vertical range is a big plus over the previous model for owners who want a long shooting range. Combined with an excellent scope or red dot sight, you’ll be ready to take long, steady shots with this tripod.

Compared to its earlier model, there aren’t any new features aside from improved construction. It’s easy enough to pack and put away, although competitors have come up with novel solutions to quickly fold and pack your bipod, which we’d like to see here. Still, Harris Engineering’s products are solidly made, and this newer model increases the adjustable height and durability.

While not rich in features even for a second iteration of their bipods, Harris Engineering continues to depend what they aim to make a gold standard for bipods. While they charge a premium for it, unless someone comes along with something truly revolutionary, this will probably fill that space for those looking for the most premium and rugged bipods.

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  •  Very durable
  •  Smoother operation than previous models
  •  Increased height range
  •  Lighter than its predecessor


  •  Few extra features

4. Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod Picatinny Mount

The Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod wanted to make two things clear: it’s lightweight, and supremely stable. While the construction all-around ensures stability, massive rubber gripping feet are immediately noticeable, and they do ensure this bipod isn’t going anywhere.

Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod Picatinny Mount

Meanwhile, the independently-adjustable legs offer five positions extendable from 5 to 9 inches and full 180 degrees of front to back adjustment. Operation is smooth, but also has a certain level of resistance to it that is nice, because it makes overcorrection almost non-existent. Combined with the massive rubber grips, it’s fast and easy to get in the position that you want, especially by separately locking the legs.

You’ll enjoy 30 degrees of panning, left or right, as well as 30 degrees of cant adjustment so you can easily align crosshairs. The resistance here is similarly heavy, which makes it particularly suitable for long-range hunters who need a lot of precision in their adjustments. Combined with a scope offering higher-end magnification levels, this bipod operates like a dream. The drawback is that, while you can adjust to it, it will be less suitable for medium and especially shorter ranges.

You have the option of a quick-detach Picatinny lever mount, a no-clamp mounting option that will fit any 17S sized lever mount with a not-included adapter, or you can use a two-screw Picatinny mount.

Overall, this might be more of a hassle for those who spend a lot of time shooting at shorter ranges. But if you’re the type of shooter who wishes your 700 had the level of all-range accuracy you might get from, say, an M4, this bipod is a good first step in that direction.


  •  Resistance levels are excellent for long-range accuracy
  •  Very sturdy rubber feet
  •  Solid, durable construction
  •  Versatile design for adaptable hunters


  •  High resistance levels may annoy short-range hunters

5. Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

Caldwell produces budget bipod solutions, and while they are shockingly affordable, they are quite well-made and definitely worth a consideration.

Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

The construction is lightweight and durable, made of quality stainless steel but utilizing a very thin and, in many parts, hollow construction that reduces weight dramatically. This makes for a very sturdy bipod that has a very small profile and is extremely portable. We feel that this probably had more to do with keeping it a budget bipod by reducing bulk, but it has an unintended side effect of being very easy to transport without sacrificing durability.

As lightweight as it is, rubber grips on the feet do a pretty good job of keeping it sturdy. It’s not as sturdy as others on the list, but considering how thin the legs are and how lightweight the construction is, it’s actually very well designed. They also didn’t sacrifice on the spring-loaded design of the legs, which adjust very quickly and smooth enough that it’s satisfactory.

What we really like is that the legs are segmented and collapse forward so that you can easily carry the firearm with very little added girth. Some other bipods offer similar features, but with their additional weight and size the concept doesn’t work as well.

The lower part of the bipod pivots independently from its upper stock mount meaning that the firearm is easily leveled with uneven ground. A tension knob, which is not available on all bipods, easily allows you to adjust the tension of the pivot. Best of all, this knob is in easy access, meaning that as conditions change you can quickly react. Quite a useful feature for a budget bipod!

Lastly, while a black bipod is probably fine in most scenarios, it’s also available in camo print at no additional cost. We’re not sure how valuable that is, but we’re never one to turn down options.


  •  Most portable bipod on the market
  •  Supremely low-profile
  •  Segmented collapsible legs
  •  Easily adjust pivot tension
  •  Camo printed option
  •  Great value


  •  Not as durable as other bipods

6. UTG Synthetic Clamp-on Bi-pod

If you’re looking for the most affordable, portable, and easy-on and easy-off solution, UTG Synthetic Clamp-on Bi-pod might be for you. Completely different from the other rail-mounted solutions on our list, this clamp-on bipod will cost you next to nothing and may even fit in your pocket.

UTG Synthetic Clamp-on Bi-pod

The concept is simple: the design is just a clamp, which goes around the barrel of your weapon. The feet are not adjustable. This gives it a height of about ten inches, although the barrel of your weapon will influence this, for sure. In our case, we are judging it based on a Remington 700, so be aware that other guns will produce different heights.

That is a good selling point: you can easily clamp this on any suitable weapon. That makes it a great accessory to have in your truck or wherever you keep your gear. It’s so lightweight and small, it won’t take up any room. It’s great to have as a backup, or just have hanging around in situations where you don’t expect to need a bipod, but want to have an option just in case.

As you might expect, stability is not the best, but it’s not only better than nothing, but performs better than you’d expect. It’s only going to be as stable as the ground you put it on, so bear in mind that it performs really well but you’ll need to have realistic expectations.

Since its construction is literally just a clamp with two feet, you don’t get any options here. You don’t get pivot, you don’t get height adjustment. That makes it a radical departure from the other items on our list. But if you want a spare bipod or you really just don’t feel like spending much on a bipod and just want a little more stability, this is certainly your best bet. By far the most affordable solution, it does its job as a simple, elegant solution that won’t be a hassle and will give you a steadier shot.


  •  Great value
  •  Most portable
  •  Most lightweight
  •  Works with a multitude of weapons
  •  Great for backups and spares


  •  No features
  •  Not durable
  •  Not very stable

Choosing The Best Bipod for Remington 700

What kind of shooter you are matters a lot

The bipods we’ve reviewed run the gamut of long and short range, and needless to say that’s going to matter a lot when you’re in the field. If you’re a consistent long-range hunter or someone who demands versatility, you’re going to want a precise bipod with easily adjustable pivot. You’ll also want to consider the amount of resistance in the pivot, and whether that pivot resistance is adjustable.

Remember, just because you prefer to shoot in a certain range doesn’t mean conditions can’t change. Being able to control tension influences your ability to adapt and get the shot. On the other hand, a well-balanced bipod with all-around even resistance might keep you from making adjustments, keeping your mind and eye on the target. You might want to consider how disciplined you are at making adjustments in real-time when it matters most.

Does portability matter?

If you’re a hunter, you’re probably driving a big enough truck to haul everything you need, and a bipod isn’t going to make a drastic different. But if you had a the choice between a bipod that folds into itself and virtually disappears, would that appeal to you?

The truth is, some of these bipods add some serious weight and girth to your Remington 700. We don’t think it’s the most important feature, but it can be fatiguing and cumbersome. At the same time, some prefer that extra weight, as it makes them feel more grounded and stable. Just remember, the weight of your bipod isn’t what grounds it—make sure no mat

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