Top 6 Best AR 15 Lower Receiver For The Money in 2023 Reviews

When it comes to owning an AR 15, chances are that you might want to add some aftermarket parts.

These are the parts that will help you in achieving the best performance possible out of the rifle. Some of these parts include having a lower receiver that works great.

Doing a simple Google search for an AR 15 lower receiver will give you multiple results. This does not mean that all of them are great. It is the reason we created this guide to help you out.

Go ahead to check it out so as to learn more about the best AR 15 lower receivers on the market right now.

Best AR 15 Lower Receiver Reviews

Top 6 Best AR 15 Lower Receiver Of 2023 Reviews

1. DPMS AR 15 Lower Receiver Complete with M4 Stock Assembly

DPMS on overall has been a top brand for a long time now. It is known to deliver on the best gun parts that people need today. Some of the gun parts that the company makes include the upper receivers, lower receivers, and buttstocks. This is just to mention a few. What is common in these parts is just how they can deliver on performance always. They make you feel it was worth buying the receiver in the first place.

DPMS AR 15 Lower Receiver Complete with M4 Stock Assembly

For this one, it comes as a lower receiver complete with the stock assembly. Such a combo product is great so that you do not have to spend money buying these parts individually. There is no doubt you will find yourself saving up a bit of money when it comes to buying the lower receiver for your AR.

The M4 lower comes with a collapsible design. This kind of design is great as it can collapse at 6 positions. You should get the best versatility when it comes to various applications with this type of lower. This part is made of a hard polymer material. Such a material is great for resisting impacts and remain lightweight at all times.

As for the lower construction, you will get it being strong. This is thanks to the use of the 7075-T6 aluminum material. This particular type of aluminum is known for being extra strong.

The lower is further coated with hard anodized finishing. The coating is crucial for keeping the aluminum from getting corroded. It also helps with resisting the abrasion that can come from using the gun more often.

Being DPMS, the company had to take it even further. The manufacturer coated the lower receiver with a Teflon material over the anodized finish. This Teflon is black in color so as to easily blend with the original finish. The work of the Teflon is to protect the lower receiver from easily wearing.


  •  Strong construction
  •  Hard anodized coating
  •  Multi caliber
  •  Teflon coating


  •  The magazine release gets loose with time

2. V Seven Weapon Systems AR 15 Lower Receiver

This is another top brand you can use today when it comes to getting the best lower receiver today. There is no doubt many people will always find this lower useful considering it already has top reviews already. We will get to see more what it has to offer and why you should get it today.

V Seven Weapon Systems AR 15 Lower Receiver

The first thing should be the construction. This model comes with a different approach to the construction. It comes with the use of aluminum and lithium alloy construction. This alloy is here to change the game when it comes to making the best lower receivers.

The alloy is all about giving you the best construction by being lightweight and strong at the same time. You can now swap this lower receiver with the stock receiver and even feel that the gun is now lighter. It weighs 6.4 ounces just to show how lightweight it. Keep in mind that it is not too light to jeopardize the working of the rifle.

You will still feel that the lower receiver is rigid. This is important keeping in mind that it has to deliver on better performance for you to use the rifle. You will still like the fact that it comes with better corrosion resistance features. This should make it even better than the standard 7075-T6 aluminum that is common with many receivers.

The coating on the other hand is hard anodized. Such a coating keeps it from easily rusting and generally look good.


  •  Great construction
  •  Good styling
  •  Ease of setup
  •  Durable


  •  Expensive

3. James Madison Tactical AR 15 Gen 2 Lower Polymer

This type of lower receiver comes with a different approach to constructing it. Instead of using the common aluminum material, the manufacturer decided to use the reinforced polymer for the housing. This makes it unique for some people who are used to an all metal construction.

James Madison Tactical AR 15 Gen 2 Lower Polymer

What are the benefits of using the polymer material? The first thing that comes to mind should the machining process. The manufacturer explains that it is easier for you to easily machine the polymer as compare the aluminum counterpart. There is no doubt you will always have an easy time using it starting today.

You can also expect the polymer material also feels lighter. We all want something lighter, well this one should give you just that.

The thickness of the model is another attention grabber. You will note that the thickness is even better to assure the user more on the durability of the lower. The polymer used in the construction is good in terms of strength. It has all its weak points easily reinforced so that you can enjoy using it.

This is the second generation, so you can expect it to have more things improved. This comes in the form of having a reinforced model that delivers on more performance. The magazine well, the logo, and the arms are better in this model. This time you can use different magazines to be used with the rifle with ease.

You will find that the lower receiver is easy to setup right from getting it out of the box. The receiver comes with pre-machined areas so that setting it up does not need a lot of work. You might need to do a bit finishing, but it will not take you a lot of time.


  •  Multi caliber
  •  Easy to machine
  •  Reinforced for durability


  •  Fast drilling can cause melting of the plastic

4. Anderson Manufacturing AR 15 Stripped Lower Receiver

There is no doubt you must have heard about Anderson Manufacturing company. It is a powerhouse when it comes to making various gun parts. We get to feature one of the top lower receivers that it offers at an affordable price.

Anderson Manufacturing AR 15 Stripped Lower Receiver

For those looking to build their custom AR 15, this could be a start. Its design makes it fit properly. Not a lot of adjustments will be needed to get it working just as you would want. You will get it working for multiple cartridges. This includes things such as the .223 Remington and the 5.56 mm NATO. There is no doubt right now you are interested to know what more it offers.

The model comes with the mil-spec dimensions. This is important so that it can easily fit with the upper receiver for the AR 15. The fitting will also be great when it comes to adding a few aftermarket components.

The lower receiver comes with a standard and pre-cut magazine well. You should have an easy time fitting your standard AR magazines with so much ease. It also features an open trigger guard. You will now have more room for further customization that you might have in mind.

You never have to worry about the construction as this one is constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum. This type of forged aluminum will easily deliver on strong performance at all times. It can handle the continuous abuse that might be thrown at it whenever you are using the rifle.

Having the hard anodized finishing makes it even better for durability. It can work great resisting the abrasion always.


  •  Multi caliber
  •  Easy to fit
  •  Durable
  •  Fits most aftermarket parts


  •  You need special tools to set it up

5. Aero Precision AR 15 Gen 2 Stripped Lower Receiver

Aero Precision has brought us the second generation of their stripped lower receiver. The Gen 2 is here to give you some of the best features that you could use when it comes to customizing your AR 15 rifle.

This receiver comes with a polymer tipper tensioning screw. This is then threaded into the grip extension that works great. It will remove any wiggle between the upper and lower receivers. This makes you end up with a top performance receiver that keeps the AR stable.

Once it is in position, the grip covers the screw holding the two parts together. This is important to prevent any interference. This is important so that the shooters can take the accurate shots without worrying that these two parts will not hold onto each other.

The other change you will note should be the gently flared mag well. You will notice it is not oversized. You can find it commonly appealing to those who are competition shooters. The slightly flared design will allow for you to have rapid reloads all the time. This should make your rifle even more reliable than ever.

Do not worry even if it is GEN 2, it does not come with changes that will affect compatibility. You can always expect them to easily work with different standard uppers. With the consistency, you can easily add the aftermarket parts with ease always.

The model is still 7075-T6 aluminum constructed. This gives you the hopes of having the best durability always. It also comes with hard anodized finish to keep it scratch free.


  •  Durable
  •  Flared mag well
  •  Easily fits


  •  Special tools might be needed to fit it

6. Anderson Manufacturing AR 15 80% Lower Receiver

This is one of the best lower receivers that you can buy today at an affordable price and it will still work great. The model comes with more room for you to go ahead and learn more about building a custom AR 15 today.

Anderson Manufacturing AR 15 80% Lower Receiver

This one comes with mil-spec dimensions. What does this mean? Well, in simple terms the manufacturer is saying that the model will easily work with the other uppers on the market or even the stock one. You can also add more aftermarket parts and you will find they fit perfectly all the time.

You get it coming with a standard and precut mag well. This should give you an easy time to continue using the standard AR mag.

The lower receiver uses the 7075-T6 forged aluminum material for construction. This is a nice material that always delivers on the best construction. You can be sure to enjoy using it even more often. It is also one of the strongest materials you can find on the lower receivers.

Some people have even come out to say that the durability of this receiver makes it work great than the stock receiver. It is the reason you might get a lot more people going for this type of product. The gun collectors will always recommend it in gun forums to those looking to have a top performance product.

As for the finish, you can opt for the unfinished or anodized black. The raw finishing gets a bit of love nowadays as people looking to get to experience newer products all the time.


  •  Available in two finishing options
  •  Durable
  •  Affordable
  •  Mil-spec dimensions


  •  The rear takedown lug is not centered properly

Best AR 15 Lower Receivers Buying Guide


When it comes to the materials used in making the lower receivers, you can expect it to be either aluminum or polymer. The aluminum material is the most popular way of constructing the receiver. This because it can be lightweight and at the same time durable.

Aluminum is also great when it comes to staying resistant to corrosion and rust. It is also ideal for both thermal and electrical conductivity. It is the reason you get most of the guns having a bit of aluminum parts.

The polymer material is still something great you can get as the building material for the lower receiver. The polymer has to be tough because the receiver always gets abuses. You can expect it to have multiple reloads that scratches it. The use of the polymer material also makes the receiver to be lightweight.

Stripped lower or 80% lower

You will mostly get the lower receivers characterized as 80% lower or stripped lower. The 80% lower has gained a lot of popularity over the years among the gun enthusiasts. The most common reason is that you do not need the Federal Firearms License to buy it. This is because it is not regarded as a firearm.

The 80% lower will need you to have several necessary tools so as to fit it correctly. Sometimes you might have to do a bit of machining.

The stripped lower receivers on the other hand are considered a firearm as they are completed. You just have to assemble it and you are good. No further machining is necessary. You however have to get the FFL first when buying it.

The quality control process

For any buyer, you would want to get a model that delivers on performance always because of top quality construction. You have to make sure to check out what other people say about it before choosing. No manufacturer will broadcast the flaws of the product.

The model that has undergone proper quality control will never a problem with fitting. You can easily fit it with ease from the moment you get it out of the box.


The finishing can vary from one receiver to another. The most common one should the Type III hard anodized coat. This type of finish will provide the lower finish with some impressive abrasion resistance. It also adds strength to the material used in the making of the lower receiver.

The polymer lower receivers do not need the finishing. They have the colors of the finishing built into them. The polymer will have the natural finish properties that lack in aluminum.


You can always take the receivers as the base for your customization. It is why you have to get the ones that offer the best functionality. You should be in a position to add other parts with ease if you have to. From the various models reviewed above, you should find this possible. You can be sure that they will always work for your needs.

The Anderson AR 15 80% lower receiver is the best on our list. It comes with a strong construction that should make it working on a gun great. It is further affordable so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on it. There is no doubt that you will always have a great time using it starting today.

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