Top 10 Best AR 15 Cases 2023 – Ultimate Hard and Soft Case Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Walking down the street holding your AR 15 is not going to go down well with the law enforcement officers.

People will also be afraid see you around with such a weapon exposed and you have no uniform to show you are law enforcement. Well, it is possible to conceal your weapon by using the best AR case.

The AR cases can either be a hard case or soft case.

Choosing between these two often makes people a bit confused. Well, their distinction is quite clear. You no longer have to be confused about which one you should choose as we get to show you the difference.

Let us get to it already.

Top 5 Best AR-15 Hard Cases On The Market 2023 Reviews

1. Pelican 1700 Rifle Case with Foam

Pelican as a company has been in the production of rifle cases for over 30 years now. Within this amount of time, the company has managed to deliver on the best performance cases all the time. You can always expect them to last for longer and deliver on the needs of many people. It seems the company even invented just a separate category for their cases.

Pelican 1700 Rifle Case with Foam

The pelican cases have even been thrown out of helicopters when going to war and they never fall apart. Well, you might get a few scratches, but the contents of the case always remain protected.

As stated earlier, these cases are made with being strong in mind. This is done through using the homo co-polymer material. What you end up with is a strong and solid wall construction. Since the polymer is among the main material, you can expect to have a lighter case. No one wants a case that is too heavy.

The manufacturer still uses the stainless steel pins for the hinges and handles. This is all about keeping every component on the case durable.

You get the model rocking the stainless steel hasp protectors. These are exclusive to pelican products alone. The double-throw latches are also smarter and easier to open. You can be sure to have a great time using them always.

You will like the kind of organization that you get in the case. It will allow you to carry your AR 15 and many other accessories with ease. Just make sure to arrange them as shown in the foam cutouts. The foam is important for reducing the vibrations reaching the various parts of your AR 15 and also keep them from scratching each other.

The model still comes with stainless steel ball bearing wheels. Such wheels will last for longer and help with a smooth ride at all times.


  • Strong construction
  • Watertight feature
  • Easy roller wheels


  • Some feel the styling could have been better

2. SKB iSeries Single Rifle Case

There is no doubt that the construction quality has to be good so as to make people love the case even more. For this one, it comes with a high strength polypropylene copolymer resin construction. This is what drives the performance of the case to be even better. You never have to worry that it might suddenly fall apart when using it.

SKB iSeries Single Rifle Case

The use of a polymer material is always a sure way of ending up with a lightweight case. This one will be lightweight and strong at the same time.

These materials are also resistant to corrosion. You will not have to worry that your case might corrode when used in extreme outdoor conditions.

Moving into the interior, you get it coming with convoluted and EPS foam interior. The work of the foam is to provide the user with a cushioned protection of the AR rifle with ease. Sometimes you can drop the case accidentally, but with the foam present, it keeps the impact from reaching the rifle.

The manufacturer went ahead to make it even waterproof. This is something important considering you will be using the case outdoors more often. The watertight feature is achieved through using complete gasket seals around the case. You can now be using it in different weather conditions without any problem.

The rubber over-molded cushion grip handle should make grabbing and carrying the case easier. It should work both for those with small or big hands. The rubber material also offers comfort so that the handle does not dig deep into your hand.

You will also find the model having four reinforced stainless steel padlock locations. This is where you get to add more padlocks if you feel it is necessary.


  • Strong construction
  • Impressive foam interior
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Limited storage space

3. Boyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel Cases

The H-series appeals to many people who are looking for a top performance case they can use for their AR gun. The manufacturer had to make sure the cases can meet the standards set out by the military and airline. This means that you will end up with a durable case that delivers on your needs always.

Boyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel Cases

The case is made in the USA. It is not an important feature, but it always gives assurance to the user that he just bought a durable product. You too can feel the same when buying the case today.

The model features a water resistant design. You might be outdoors hunting and it starts to rain. You can always be sure that the contents of your case are protected at all times. The water resistant feature is possible thanks to the use of the O-ring full length gasket.

The same construction allows to keep the case dust proof at all times. You can see that it should work great for whichever environment you might have in mind.

As for the material used in the construction, you will find it is the high strength 120D no break polypropylene. This kind of material keeps the case hard and strong. You will definitely like its ruggedness. Such gives you the confidence that it is a strong material.

The overall weight is something manageable for some people. You will not have any problems using the case more often.

The presence of the stainless steel ball bearings should make moving around with the case easier. All you have to do is drag it around with ease. Since they are made of steel, the durability is no issue.


  • Strong construction
  • Water resistant
  • Padlock compatible
  • Pressure relief valve


  • Some feel its heavy

4. Case Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

This is another top performance rifle case that you could use today. Coming as a waterproof case, you can see that using it outdoors should be easy. You will be carrying it even at the back of your truck without worrying about the rifle.

Case Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

The model still features the silica gel canister that is important for removing the moisture. In the end, you have a case that keeps its interior remaining dry.

The precut foam that comes with the case allows for you to easily store the AR15 rifle. Other than that, you get to also store extra magazines, optics, rifle attachments, a pistol, and many more accessories. This might just be the best purchase for you to make. It comes with enough space to all the important gear you need.

The case if found to be approved by the airlines. This means that you can simply lock it and carry your luggage to anywhere you want.

Having a built-in pressure valve makes it great for the changing altitudes. There is no doubt you will love the way it works. You can never have to worry again about its durability when you have such performance features that come with it.

The heavy duty latches that come with the model will always give you a secured closure that you want in a case. Two of the latches are keyed so that you have extra security with the model.

The case still comes with a waterproof accessory box. It allows for you to store the gun maintenance supplies and other small tools. You can take it anywhere that the supplies might be needed.


  • Water resistant
  • Impressive storage space
  • Keyed latches for security


  • Expensive

5. Plano Gun Guard AW Tactical Case

Plano being a top brand, we do not expect anything less. The manufacturer is all about giving you the best tactical case for carrying your AR rifle today. You never have to leave your gun just because you do not have a case. You will like the way it looks and accommodates the AR rifle.

Plano Gun Guard AW Tactical Case

Its construction is all about keeping it all weather. This kind of construction makes it easy for you to take it in places with extreme weather conditions. There is no doubt that it will help you a lot with moving with your gun and other accessories.

The use of the ultra-thick walls show that the model is great in terms of durability. These thick walls are great for taking the impact. The case might be dropped more often, but it will still look great. You never have to worry about its performance anymore.

The case still features the high density pluck foam. The aim of the foam is to help with cushioning the rifle and other accessories from the impact. You can be sure anyone looking to buy such a case will be looking for one that has the foam interior.

The model comes with lockable latches. You get the keys from the manufacturer. Being lockable should help a lot with keeping the case secure.

The over-molded handle should make carrying the case easier. It will feel comfortable in the hand as compared to those with a thin handle.


  • High density pluck foam
  • Water tight seal
  • Pressure release valve
  • Rugged construction


  • The foam is not as durable as expected

Top 5 Best AR 15 Soft Cases For The Money Reviews

1. Condor Single Rifle Case

This is a top soft case that will appeal to several users who want a large sized case. This case comes with a 42-inch-long compartment. For this compartment, you can easily fit the best rifles you might have such as the AR 15. The best part is that it also comes with two hooks and loop straps for holding the rifle in position.

Condor Single Rifle Case

The second compartment is 26 inches long. This one will be great for storing your accessories and additional pistols. This is also thanks to the internal pockets that allows for the best organization.

The model still features a number of pouches for additional storage. Here is where you get most using them for carrying the extra magazines and making sure they have enough ammo.

The padding on the other hand helps a lot with the overall performance. It should help with cushioning of the rifle with ease. You can now use it for longer without worrying that the rifle will get scratches.

Carrying it should be easy since it comes with a well-padded shoulder strap. This kind of shoulder strap makes it possible for you to have an easy time using it. You can carry the heavy rifle for longer without feeling as if the strap is digging into your shoulder.

The locking system on the case allows for more support on the case. This ensures that you can carry the heavier loads without worrying that the case might come crumbling apart. The main zipper of the case allows for using a padlock. This is great if you want to add a bit of more security at all times.

The model is still MOLLE equipped. This means that you can add more stuff on the outside depending on the available room. To help with securing them completely, you have to keep the webbing interlaced.


  • Impressive storage room
  • Easy to organize
  • Comes with removable pouches


  • Construction could have been better

2. Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapon Case

If you are still looking for one of the best soft cases to use, then this could be a nice consideration. It comes packing quite a number of features that should make it great. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the product. This should show that it is going to be highly durable so that people can use it for longer.

Voodoo Tactical Padded Weapon Case

As for the construction, you get the model to be made out of rugged ballistic pack cloth. This is important for the best durability. Such material will last for long without tearing so that your rifle can have a home.

The zipper also plays an important role when it comes to using the case. The zipper is strong and comes with the self-repairing military style. You can expect to have the best performance always.

On the exterior, you will find three adjustable accessory pouches. You can be sure to have more room to carry more ammo or anything else when it comes to this model.

As for the size, you should easily fit an AR rifle so long as it is not over 42 inches. You get the tie downs in the compartment to help with securing the weapon in the case. The rifle will not stay in place even while on the move. Make sure to keep the optic safe so that it does not get knocked out.

There is a second compartment you get with this case. This is designed to hold a pistol. This should be great even for carrying optics and other accessories. If you are going for a hunting trip, you should have everything that is needed in this case.

The rifle case comes with three carrying methods. You can simply use the standard carry handle found at the center of the case. This is for the normal carry in the hand. Then there is the shoulder strap and the back carry options.


  • Multiple carry options
  • Strong construction
  • Impressive storage


  • Lacks the best organization inside

3. Voodoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe Padded Weapons Case

There is no doubt you will feel comfortable using this type of weapon case considering it comes from a top brand. It is the reason we have even featured two products from the same brand on this list.

Voodoo Tactical Men’s Deluxe Padded Weapons Case

You will find the model being quite spacious for you to use. It is possible to use the case for carrying two AR rifles limited to 36 inches. Other than the limitation to 36 inches, you should find it being great for most users. You can still add two handguns in the same case. You will be walking around with more firepower.

The model still provides you with space for storing your magazines and other important accessories. You can store up to six 30-round rifle mags and 6 pistol mags. There is no doubt such storage will help you with carrying more ammo.

The pistol and mag pouches are both lockable with the zipper pulls. This makes sure that they are well secured in the case always.

With the provision for 6 padlocks, you should have enough ways to secure the weapon case. It will always remain keeping the weapons safe from other people who might want to use them wrongly.

The shoulder strap is adjustable. You can now wear the strap over the right length and make sure it always fits. With the MOLLE webbing, you can always find more use for it while on the road.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Impressive storage room
  • MOLLE webbing


  • Expensive

4. VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

Those who have used it always love the way it can deliver on enough storage space. If you have a large rifle such as the 42-inch model, this weapon case should easily accommodate it. The best part is that you can comfortably fit two rifles. You can be sure to get the best place to carry your weapons always.

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

The case also features a strong construction. This is thanks to the heavy duty PVC material. It will always make sure that you get a model that lasts for years to come. You can be using it for various hunting trips and it will remain looking as good as new.

The primary compartment comes with a thick padded center divider. This helps with cushioning the rifles from impact and also keeping the friction between the two rifles to a minimum. You do not want to end up with scratches on your rifles in the end.

You will also note the loop straps are also available. These loops are crucial for locking the rifles into place so that they do not move around when you are walking.

The secondary compartment on the other hand is loaded with a number of pockets. You can use it for storing handguns, cleaning supplies, log books, scopes, and a lot more. Your hunting trip this time will always be great.

On the exterior, you will get three pockets for storing your magazines. With the ammo organized, you can always know where to start looking when you need a loaded magazine.

You get two adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry the case like a backpack. There is no doubt you will love the comfort and convenience of these straps.


  • Impressive storage space
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple carrying options


  • The case is too wide

5. Blackhawk Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case

This gun case come with one of the best construction so that you have an easy time using it. It is made from a tight weave of heavyweight 600D polyester. To make it even better, it is further integrated with thick PVC laminate so that there is more durability and stability.

Blackhawk Sport Tact Carbine Gun Case

The size of the gun case should easily allow you to carry the 36-inch rifle. Since they are the most popular, you will always find them being common with many users. They will always have a place where they can carry their weapon with ease.

This gun case features a soft internal fabric. The aim is to help protect the finish of the firearm. You will not have to worry about getting scratches more often.

It is not just the soft fabric, but also the dual density foam. The foam creates an environment that allows the model to work just as good as it looks. You will get to store the firearm in the cell foam so that you can easily protect it from shock in case of an impact.

The shoulder strap makes it easy for you to carry the gun case with ease. There is also the handle that allows for an additional carry position of the case. The webbing on the shoulder strap makes it to be more durable as compared to what you get with other models.


  • Strong construction
  • Heavy duty webbing for shoulder strap
  • Soft internal fabric


  • It lacks padding for the shoulder strap

Hard Case Pros and Cons


Strong construction – for those who are going to get this type of case, they are looking to get strong construction as compared to the soft case. The hard case might be constructed from aluminum or some polymer material. These two are great in terms of durability and delivers on the best performance always.

Foam protection – most of the hard cases will come with a foam in the interior. The work of the foam is to hold the rifle in place so that it does not move around all the time. It also keeps the various accessories from scratching each other. As you can see, there are more features.

Airline travel approval – when it comes to travelling with your rifle, you always have to make sure it meets the airline regulations. The chances of being allowed to use the hard case are more than when using the soft case. The TSA agents will see that the case is easy lockable and strong to limit the access of various users.

Better security – well, the hard cases will always come with a way of locking the case as compared to the soft case. You will have more confidence locking the hard case than when using the soft case. You can be sure that most hard cases might be keyed or padlock compatible. This means you will get the best security always.


Expensive – when compared to the soft case, you might even have to spend a lot of money to just get one. This often might lock out some people who were looking to get the hard case. Nevertheless, you can get some affordable cases for you to buy.

Bulkier – because of the shape and construction material, you always get that the hard case will be bulky. It will make carrying it from one place to another a bit hard. It is the reason you will get it having the wheels for mobility.

Best AR 15 Hard Case Buying Guide


The size will determine the various things you can carry in the case. Make sure that the model allows for carrying other accessories other than just the rifle. The foam cutout often has more space to carry even an additional pistol. Compare different sizes to see which one delivers on your needs.


You have to look at the type of security features you get. This will include how to lock the case so that no one can access the rifle. Most of them will come with keyed latches or still be padlock compatible. Just make sure you have a way of locking your case.


If you get the best hard case, just make sure it is waterproof. The waterproof feature is important to make sure that you always take the case to the extreme conditions. Most manufacturers will use the O-ring seal and gasket to make sure the hard case remains watertight.


There is no doubt you will want a model that is lightweight. You have to keep in mind that storing the rifle in it increases the weight. It will be great to get one that delivers on performance needs that work for you.


The foam comes in handy with keeping the impact from reaching the rifle and its accessories. It is the reason you must check if it is present. You will also like a cutout foam feature. This is where the shape of the rifle and other accessories are cutout in the foam. This helps to hold the firearm and keep it from knocking with the accessories.


The price often determines whether people can afford the case or not. For most models, you will find them priced within the affordable range. Just make sure that the price also reflects on the type of features it has to offer. Sometimes you can get a cheap model with top performance features.

AR 15 Soft Case Pros and Cons


Lightweight – when compared to the hard case, generally you will find the soft cases being lightweight. That being the case, you should have an easy time moving with it around. This could be great for those who are going on a hunting trip and they need a lightweight way to carry their weapons.

Quieter – you should find the soft case being quieter in operation as compared to the hard case. You can even bring it to your hunting ground with ease knowing it will not disturb the peace. Since you be carrying it with the use of a strap, moving around is easier. This is better as compared to the dragging of the case with its wheels while hunting.

Affordable – it is also possible for you to like the type amount of money you have to pay to get the soft case. They are generally cheaper so that you can have an easier time buying the case. There is no doubt you will get more people buying one today because of such affordability.


Lacks security – you cannot expect to get the best security as compared to using a hard case. For the soft case, you will mostly get them having provisions for padlocks, but it is not enough.

Lacks foam in the interior – the interior of the soft case could use foam cutouts just like in the other hard case models. Even though they might have straps, the performance is not the same.

Best AR 15 Soft Case Buying Guide

The size

The size is going to determine the type of gun that you will have to use when carrying it in the case. You can get the soft cases mostly having specific type of gun they can carry. You have to check if that size will work for your type of rifle.

The smaller cases will make portability easier as compared to the large case. Well, the larger cases on the other hand will provide more protection and storage room for several types of things you can possibly carry.

Make sure to check the interior of the gun case as being bigger does not always mean you will get the best protection.

Material and seams

The material used in the construction of the case will affect both the weight and durability. For most manufacturers, they tend to use the synthetic materials for construction. This could be nylon mostly. The use of the nylon material is nothing new and it comes with a number of benefits.

The nylon material is preferred for being durable and the same time being lightweight. The durability allows for you to carry the various guns and accessories without worrying that it will tear.

The seams often happen to be the weak spot of the gun case. This therefore means you have to get a model with the best construction when it comes to the seams. If you get one with double stitching or even more it will be great.


As for the features, it will involve things such as the pockets, slings, straps, and pouches. These are all the things you will need your case to have. It will be great when you have a model with the best storage space. It should allow you to carry a lot more ammo and accessories you might need for the trip.

The system should also allow for the best organization. You do not want to find it hard to organize your stuff in the gun case.


All these reviews plus the buying guide give you an idea of what you can expect when buying the best AR cases. You should be in a position to pick the one you think will work great for your needs. They are all good only that their applications might slightly vary. You should now have an easy time going for your hunting trips or flying with the rifles since you have the cases.

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