Top 5 Best AK Slings of 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

Choosing the best AK sling for your needs can be tricky. Depending on whether you’re a hunter, a sport shooter or a collector, you’re going to be looking for different things. A replica Chinese Army strap may look awesome in a display case, but it’s not the most comfortable option for a hike through the woods. Likewise, a heavy paracord strap is extremely comfortable, but it’s going to look silly on a collector’s piece.

Which sling is the best choice for you? There are plenty of options out there, but we’ve focused on the most popular slings. Here’s the rundown on the five of the top-selling AK slings.

Best AK Slings Reviews

Top 5 Best AK Slings Reviews

1. Ten Point Gear Gun Sling Paracord 550 Adjustable w/Swivels

The Ten Point Gear Gun Sling is the top-selling gun sling, and it’s easy to see why. It’s adjustable from 33 inches up to 44 inches, so it’s useful for a variety of rifles. It’s also long enough to accommodate taller shooters, while adjusting small enough for younger individuals. One thing some reviewers have noted is that it’s a bit short for longer firearms like duck guns, but that shouldn’t be an issue for an AK.

Ten Point Gear Gun Sling Paracord 550 Adjustable w/Swivels

The adjustable nylon strap is tough and durable, while the woven paracord is comfortable on the shoulder. The paracord section of this sling also serves as an emergency survival tool. Simply unwind it, and you’ll end up with four lengths of paracord that add up to 42 feet in length. This is enough to tie down a medium-sized tarp or hang up a bear bag, so it’s a nice bonus feature.

The matte black swivel clips will attach easily to your AK, most other long guns, and even most crossbows. The clips screw shut, so they won’t accidentally release when you’re out on the trail. Unfortunately, this also means that there’s no quick release, so this strap is better for use on the range or a deer stand than on the trail.

The Ten Point Gear Gun Sling is available in eight color patterns, including black, black and dark green camo, black and tan camo, black and coyote brown, black and olive drab green, black and tan/green combo, brown and tan combo, and coyote brown. This variety of color options will work well on almost any terrain, and match most guns.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable from 33” to 44”
  • Emergency paracord supply
  • Sturdy clips


  • Too short for longer guns
  • No quick release

2. FreForce 2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap/Gun Sling

The FreForce 2 is the most budget-friendly item on our list, but don’t let that fool you. This strap is made from military-spec nylon webbing, and is durable enough to stand up to the most rugged use. The stitching near the ends is as strong as you’ll find on top-of-the-line straps. It extends up to 54 inches, making it long enough for even the largest guns. On an AK, it will leave enough extra strap for an NBA player to carry their rifle comfortably.

FreForce 2 Point Tactical Shoulder Strap

The metal clips will attach to virtually any rifle, and have a soft finish so they won’t scratch your sling mounts. The clips allow for quick release, so you won’t miss your shot wile you’re fumbling with your strap. One downside of these particular clips is the lack of a swivel. If you’re not careful, it can tend to bind when you shift your rifle. On the plus side, the absence of a swivel means there’s one less piece on your gear that’s liable to squeak.

The FreForce 2 is available in black, olive green, coyote brown, and foliage green, and is made in the USA. There is no padding on this sling, so it’s not as comfortable as some of the other options. It also only offers one point of adjustment, which can be awkward to reach depending on how you carry your rifle. This is a bare-bones nylon strap that does the job without eating a hole in your wallet.


  • Budget friendly
  • Long and versatile
  • Quick-release clips


  • No padding
  • Only one adjustment point

3. Original Chicom SKS AK Sling

This is an original Chinese military AK-47 sling. It’s olive green canvas, and attaches to the rifle with a pair of leather straps. It’s designed specifically for AKs, so it won’t be long enough for longer guns or very tall users. That said, it will mount just fine on ARs or other short-frame rifles that have the appropriate mounting hardware.

Original Chicom SKS AK Sling

The Chicom SKS AK sling is narrow by modern standards. Because of this, it’s a bit uncomfortable, and can dig into your shoulder on the trail. The leather mounting straps look cool, but there’s no swivel, so your strap can get twisted if you adjust it a lot. On the other hand, leather straps are quiet, which is a good thing for hunting rifle accessories.

Is this sling practical? No. It’s old fashioned. But it’s the real thing. It arrives sewn into a wax pouch, and includes a cleaning brush, an elevation front sight adjustment tool, and an oil wipe pack. If you’re a collector, this is the best AK sling for you.

You’ll want to oil the leather straps before using this sling, or the leather may crack. This may not sound like a big deal, but the straps fasten by slipping over a metal button. If the button hole cracks, your sling is just a broken antique, so use the included oil wipe if this sling is going to do anything other than sit on a shelf.


  • Genuine Chinese military sling
  • Ideal for collectors
  • Original accessories are a nice touch


  • Not very practical

4. 2 Point Traditional Rifle Sling Gun Strap

We’ve included this sling because it’s a solid design with plenty of features at a very reasonable price. The black, 1.25 inch nylon webbing is tough, and the tubular design makes it surprisingly comfortable even without the removable shoulder pad. With the shoulder pad, it’s cushy enough for a long day on the trail. This sling is also adjustable up to 58 inches, so it’s useful for long guns and short guns alike.

2 Point Traditional Rifle Sling Gun Strap

There is no mounting hardware of any kind, which is a bit of a drawback. That said, it mounts just fine on most standard sling loops and other mounting hardware. Since you’ll have to provide your own hardware, this sling can be squeaky or quiet, quick-release or not, depending on what you use.

There are a whopping four points of adjustment, which makes the 2 Point Traditional Rifle Sling easy to adjust no matter how you carry your gun. The buckles are all matte black with a soft finish that won’t scratch your rifle or your other gear.

This isn’t the highest-quality sling on the market, but it’s got the same features as many premium slings at a much lower price. If you want versatility and aren’t too concerned about looks, this may be the best AK sling for you.


  • Low price
  • Four points of adjustment
  • Long enough for any rifle


  • Only one color option
  • No mounting hardware

5. Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling

The Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling is the second highest-selling gun sling. The high-density nylon material makes it strong enough to work as a safety line, and it’s adjustable up to 66 inches. That’s the longest of all the straps we’ve reviewed, so it’s safe to say that this sling is long enough for any person with any gun. If you’re using it for an AK, you’ll have plenty of slack left over.

Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling

The soft metal clips are perfect for mounting to most rifles, including AKs. The version we linked to has quick-release, non-swivel clips, but there are upgraded versions available with swivel clips. This versatility is nice, since you can choose which version you like depending on what you’re using your AK for.

The Accmor 2 Point Rifle Sling ships in 2-packs, and has a variety of color packages including two black slings, two green slings, two khaki slings, one black and one green, or one black and one khaki.

It has four points of adjustment, which sounds great, but the tension buckles are plastic. We didn’t try to break them, but they seem like they’re liable to fail far earlier than the nylon strap itself. On an otherwise high-quality sling, this is disappointing. For the same price, this sling could have had two points of adjustment with stronger metal buckles. This would make it less fancy-looking, but far more practical.


  • Strong, high-density nylon material
  • Adjusts up to 66 inches
  • Variety of mounting hardware available
  • Four points of adjustment


  • Flimsy, plastic tension buckles

How to Choose the Best AK Sling for Your Needs

What are you using your AK for?

The AK-47 has a long and storied history, and is one of the most versatile guns around. People use them for hunting and sporting, and some of them are collectors items. If you’re using your AK for hunting in the field, you’re going to want something with quick-release clips. If you’re going target shooting or hunting on a deer stand, ease of release is less of concern and comfort becomes more important, so any kind of clip will do. If your AK is a collector’s item, you may prefer a specialty sling like the Chicom sling. We’ve also seen Eastern European and replica Soviet slings.

Balancing strength, comfort and versatility

Depending on what you use it for, your rifle sling may be much more than just a device for carrying your AK. If you’re backpacking or hunting in the deep woods, you may end up using it as a survival tool. For these hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, a heavier-duty sling can be the best choice. If you’re target shooting or hunting from a deer stand, a lighter-duty, no-frills sling can get the job done on a budget.

Another consideration is length. If you’re an averaged-sized adult carrying an AK, pretty much any sling will do. If your AK sling is going to double as a sling for long-frame rifle, or you’re a larger individual, you’ll be better off with a longer sling.

How much noise versus how much comfort?

Mounting hardware can make a big difference in your AK’s field performance. Simple, non-swivel clips are quieter than swivel clips, and won’t startle whatever you’re hunting. They’re the best option for anyone who’s hunting in the field.

On the other hand, non-swivel clips can bind and cause your sling to twist. Swivel clips are more comfortable, and make your rifle easier to carry. Consider these clips if you’re using your AK at the range or shooting from a deer stand.


The best AK sling will be different for different people. For collectors, a vintage sling like the Chicom original will be best, since it will look best on display. For others, the choice comes down to versatility and quality.

The FreForce sling is probably the best for sporting use, but it just doesn’t have the versatility for hunting. The 2-Point Traditional is versatile and comfortable, but the lack of mounting hardware means you’ll have to go buy hardware just to use it. The Accmor sling is versatile and tough, but the plastic tension buckles just seem cheap. In terms of quality and versatility, the Ten Point Gear sling is the best of the bunch.

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