Top 10 Best Air Pistols On The Market 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

We understand that there are probably many reasons why someone will want to buy an air pistol, pellet pistol, or CO2-powered pistol.

Some of you will want a close-to-the-real gun replica air pistol, while others may be more interested in a high-performance, high-velocity-per-second air pistol with a blowback feature.

Sometimes the different criteria we’ve mentioned above can be found all in one, but this isn’t always the case.


In this article, we will give you an in-depth guide to our superb selection of the best air pistols on the market today. We’ve searched long and hard to find a good variety of air pistols.

So let’s fire through the different options and find the perfect air pistol for you…

Best Air Pistols Reviews

Top 10 Best Air Pistols For The Money 2020 Reviews

1. Crosman Benjamin Marauder .22 Cal Air Pistol BP2220

Crosman Benjamin Marauder .22 Cal Air Pistol BP2220

First off, we’re taking a look at this Crosman Benjamin Marauder, which uses .22 caliber pellets and can fire up to an impressive 770 feet per second.

A powerful pneumatic mechanism…

So this is a pre-charged pneumatic air pistol that has integrated a pressure gauge. That’s why this pistol packs some punch in terms of its velocity capability.

There’s also an interchangeable stock that you can use to make this pistol into more of an air rifle type of shooting experience if you wanted.

Quiet but capable…

One great aspect of this air pistol is that it uses a 3000 psi of compressed air to power it, yet it is so quiet when fired. This is advantageous if you are living in a more urban environment where loud bangs could be an issue.

It works with an 8-shot magazine through a bolt action, using a two-stage trigger. Additionally, to make things even quieter, there is an internal shroud that dampens the noise this pistol could make, very effectively.

Hit the small game…

So this air pistol really is an ideal tool for small game hunting, as it provides you with the right amount of power to take out smaller game with its forged steel barrel.

How to fill it?

The best way to fill this Crosman Benjamin Marauder is to use a high-pressure bottle. These bottles are generally made for 3000 psi scuba tanks, so they can be easily purchased at a fair price.

An average recommendation of the psi level for this air pistol is between 2500 and 3000 psi.


  •  770 fps velocity.
  •  Extremely quiet.
  •  Pneumatic system.
  •  Bolt action.
  •  8-shot magazine.
  •  Good small game hunter.
  •  Easy to refill.


  •  Choice of pellets might affect shooting accuracy.

2. Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit

Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit

Next on the list, we’re taking a look at a kit from a renowned BB gun maker that’s been around for decades. Here is the Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit, which shoots .177 caliber BBs through its very smooth bore steel barrel.

Let’s give it a shot…

You get a good 21-shot magazine capacity that comes with this air pistol, and a decent 550 feet per second velocity when you shoot the pistol.

It’s powered by CO2 and is classed as a semi-automatic air pistol with its capabilities.

The kit…

So as an air gun kit, you also get a pair of protective shooting glasses to accompany this pistol – it’s always good to be safe, and we like that they’ve included these.

Additionally, if you’re into target shooting, you get a set of targets accompanied in this set-up. You also get three CO2 cylinders to power your Daisy pistol and a 350 count BB tube.

Basically, as soon as you receive this pistol, you can start using it straight out of the box. And because this is a kit, it could be considered a great starter kit for introducing your child to the world of the best air pistols, and ultimately firearms.

Overall, we think this pistol looks the part and is made from a highly reputable company that has been making BB guns and air pistols successfully for a very long time.


  •  550 fps velocity.
  •  21-shot magazine.
  •  CO2 powered.
  •  Three cylinders included.
  •  Semi-automatic.
  •  Includes targets and glasses.
  •  350 count BB tube.


  •  Loses accuracy past approximately 15 yards.

3. Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit With Case

Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit With Case

If you’re interested in Winchester pistols, this is an obvious choice. It comes as a generous package to get you started straight away. In actual fact, this could be a great starter kit for any adult or kid that’s keen to get shooting.

A new Winchester model…

Here we are looking at one of the newest Winchester air pistols, with the Model 11K displaying a beautiful nickel and black finish with a textured grip.

This is solid metal construction that has a “real feel” about it – very similar to an original.

It uses .177 caliber BB rounds that can be fired at a very reasonable 410 feet per second. Plus, it is accompanied with a 16-shot BB clip and utilizes a very realistic semi-automatic blowback action just like you would expect from an original Winchester pistol.

What’s included in the kit?

You will get two 12 gram CO2 cartridges that are held firmly in place within the carry case.

You also get a 750 count tin of Winchester branded BBs to start you off – which fit well in a super-strong and durable hard-shell case. This means you can carry all your kit safely and easily to the range or wherever you want to shoot your air pistol.

It is recommended that this pistol is for adults or kids over the age of 16 – ideally under adult supervision. And ultimately, this could be considered a nice collector’s item for any Winchester gun enthusiast.


  •  Winchester replica.
  •  CO2 powered.
  •  .177 caliber BBs.
  •  16-shot BB clip.
  •  Semi-auto blowback.
  •  Full pistol kit.
  •  410 fps velocity.


  •  Have to be careful loading the CO2 mechanism.

4. Beeman P3 Air Pistol

Moving on, we’re looking at this Beeman P3 air pistol, which looks like an incredibly realistic handgun and fires .177 caliber BBs at a decent velocity of 410 feet per second.

Beeman P3 Air Pistol

Solid and accurate…

If you are looking for a very accurate and solidly constructed air pistol, this certainly is an obvious choice. It includes a very smoothly pulled trigger, and it’s easy to cock, making it a very enjoyable shooting experience.

How does it work?

So has this has a single stroke pneumatic mechanism, which means it needs just one cock of the overlever on this air pistol.

Plus, the accuracy of this Beeman P3 Air pistol is improved with the use of a dry-firing capability. When dry firing, it doesn’t utilize a mainspring, which means that it improves your trigger control and will also make it quieter.

Also, the type of materials used are very high-quality. There is a smooth rifled steel barrel that helps project your calibers with added accuracy. Plus, the exterior of the main body is made with a toughened and durable mixture of polymer materials. This allows the Beeman P3 Air pistol to last longer than other air pistols made with inferior materials.

Steel parts…

There are some steel parts within this air handgun. All the main mechanical parts are made from ordnance steel for extra strength and durability.

This is also an ambidextrous design, so whether you are left or right-handed you can enjoy shooting this air gun with ease.

The pistol also has a 0.20 center-to-center accuracy, which should be very good for close-range targeting of around 10 meters or so.

Finally, we think TruGlo front sight is a great addition to help you utilize the accuracy of this well-made air pistol.


  •  Smooth pull trigger.
  •  Can dry-fire.
  •  Good trigger control.
  •  Strong polymer construction.
  •  Steel internal mechanisms.
  •  410 fps velocity.
  •  Extremely accurate.


  •  Not great for long-range targeting.

5. Umarex TDP 45 .177 Caliber Steel BB Gun Air Pistol

Umarex TDP 45 .177 Caliber Steel BB Gun Air Pistol

So now we are looking at the Umarex TDP 45. This is a semi-automatic .177 Caliber Steel BB gun air pistol. Its fire at a velocity of 410 feet per second and come in at a great value for the money price range.

An ideal short-range target shooter…

This TDP model is powered by a 12 gram CO2, which is not included but can be bought easily and cheaply. The CO2 power allows this air pistol to fire a decent enough velocity to hit close-range targets with ease.

It features fixed both front and rear sights so you can aim accurately when shooting. Additionally, there is a manual safety built-in and a rail to add accessories such as alternative sights and lasers.

The magazine…

It has a 19-round metal magazine that slots in and drops free very smoothly. Plus, Umarex has made a speed loading function, so you can rapidly reload your weapon. As well there is a fast double-action built into this design also.

Build quality…

The main body is a strong and long-lasting synthetic design. Plus, it comes with an ambidextrous grip.

Great value for the money…

Overly, what we really like about this particular air pistol is that it usually comes at a great price for the high quality and well thought out construction.

This definitely would be a good introductory pistol to train your kid or anyone who wants to learn how to use a semi-automatic pistol. The manual safety, weight, and feel of the gun allow the new user to understand the feel of how a handgun can work.


  •  410 fps velocity.
  •  CO2 powered.
  •  Metal drop-free magazine.
  •  Perfect target shooter.
  •  Front and rear sights.
  •  Manual safety.


  •  No ammunition included.

6. Gamo 611138054 P-25 Blowback CO2 Powered .177 Caliber Air Pistol

Gamo 611138054 P-25 Blowback CO2 Powered

Next on our list is this Gamo P-25, which features a blowback mechanism and is CO2 Powered. It uses .177 caliber BBs or 4.5mm pellets and can be double or single action.

Magazine capacity…

For an air pistol, the P-25 has a decent 16-round capacity magazine that can be easily slotted in or taken out. Then once the magazine is loaded, you have the realistic blowback feature, which makes you feel like you’re handling a real firearm.

Additionally, this particular design has a super-fast reloading system built in place because of its 8×2 pellet magazine. So you’ll be able to get your ammunition quick and the magazine in or out rapidly.

Advisably, you shouldn’t use skirt pellets for this type of air pistol, as they can cause damage to this kind of magazine.

The Gamo P-25 Blowback can fire at a velocity of 450 feet per second, which makes for a good level of power. And because Gamo pistols are so accurate, this P-25 will be great for short-range target shooting.

It achieves its power and accuracy by using 12-gram CO2 canisters, which can easily be bought for a fair price and are simple to install.

There are some great sights added to this design. The sights are reflective white dots that are fixed onto the pistol. They really do aid you in hitting your short-range targets accurately.

Ideally, you want to be using PBA Platinum pellets with the P-25 if you want to achieve the 450 feet velocity and best accuracy.


  •  16-round magazine.
  •  8×2 pellet quick load magazine.
  •  CO2 powered.
  •  450 fps velocity.
  •  Great sights.
  •  Double or single action.
  •  Accurate shooter.


  •  Not good to use skirts pellets.

7. Umarex Legends M712 Blowback Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

Umarex Legends M712 Blowback Automatic

Now we have an air pistol that should excite any classic gun good collector or replica gun enthusiast. This is the Umarex legends M712 that features a blowback, it’s fully automatic and uses .177 caliber BBs as an air pistol.

Original Mauser made the C96, but then developed a detachable magazine version, which they made as a fully-automatic weapon. Technically, you could call this a semi-automatic airgun because you can flick on the rapid-fire automatic feature, or just use the one-shot style way of shooting.

CO2 powered…

The air pistol uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and provides you with a reasonable 360 feet per second velocity. Although the velocity number isn’t the best we’ve seen, we think this air pistol makes up for it with its “real feel” high-quality replication of the original Mauser.

It also has a fully automatic blowback option and houses an 18-round drop-free magazine. The magazine is super easy to reload, and it also houses the CO2 cartridge, which is also easy to replace with little hassle.

A fantastic replica…

This M712 is a very good replica of the developed Mauser pistol. The gun staying true to the original has a manual safety and a fixed front sight. It’s also a full metal design, so you get the same feel as the original gun’s weight.

Ultimately though, the way the mechanics work in this replica air pistol makes this a very enjoyable gun to shoot. It’s an ideal collector’s item for anyone interested in gun history too.


  •  Mauser replica.
  •  18-round drop-free magazine.
  •  Automatic blowback.
  •  Full-metal design.
  •  Manual safety.
  •  Fixed front sight.
  •  Ideal collector’s item.


  •  Velocity isn’t so powerful.

8. Crosman Vigilante CO2 Caliber .177 Pellet & BB Revolver

Crosman Vigilante CO2 Caliber

The Crosman Vigilante is a completely different design to the other best air pistols we’ve looked at. It uses .177 pellets and BBs and comes with a revolver look.

A Molded grip…

Straight away, you notice the grip on this air pistol, which molds to your fingers – giving you a firm grasp for when you are shooting. This can make all the difference when targeting, and you’re more likely to gain better accuracy as a result of this.

Looks good and made to last…

The Vigilante is a strongly constructed synthetic built revolver that has the name etched will a slick-looking font on the side of the revolver. Also, with it being USA made you know you are going to get a good and reliable build quality.

This is also a single or double action air pistol, giving you some nice shooting options.

Additionally, the gun uses a 10-shot pellet clip and six-shots for BBs.

Power and velocity…

This is a powerful Air pistol revolver that uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges to produce a velocity of up to 435 feet per second. Unfortunately, neither BBs or CO2 cartridges are included in the package. However, you should be able to pick these very easily and at a fair price.

Overall, Crosman uses a classic revolver design as a blueprint, but have given it a very modern and sleek look. It performs well, it’s long-lasting and shoots with excellent accuracy. And it only weighs in at 2 pounds.


  •  Molded grip.
  •  435 fps velocity.
  •  CO2 powered.
  •  Modern revolver design.
  •  Single/double action.
  •  Strong synthetic build.
  •  Made in the USA.


  •  Need to buy BBs and CO2 separately.

9. Colt Defender Semi Automatic Metal Frame .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol

Colt Defender Semi Automatic Metal Frame

Next up, we have this superb looking Colt Defender, which a semi-automatic metal-framed .177 caliber BB gun air pistol. It also has a decent 16-shot capacity with its built-in magazine and a 410 feet per second velocity capability.

A real look and feel Colt…

If you are into Colt guns, this has to be the perfect choice if you are looking for an air pistol. With it being an all-metal design and it having a weight of 1.6 pounds, it has a very similar feel and looks to a real handgun.

It’s also incredibly easy to operate due to the spring-powered grip release that they’ve added to this design. Also, the recommended 12-gram Umarex CO2 capsules used to power this air pistol are so easy to install and replace through a simple to access compartment.

Speaking of CO2…

You can really maximize the use of your CO2 capsule with the Colt air pistol by shooting your rounds slow and steadily. If you employ this was of shooting, you can potentially get up 150 rounds worth of shooting before you need to replace the CO2 cartridge.

Targeting and acquisitions…

This particular gun design actually is nearly the same size and weight as a Smith & Wesson Shield. In addition, it has a smooth long, and heavy trigger. With these characteristics in mind, this pistol makes for the perfect training aid before moving onto handling a real pistol.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that when you use a Umarex speed load, you can load this pistol super fast. Plus, you get fixed front and rear sights and an accessory rail built-in.


  •  16-shot built-in magazine.
  •  Speedloader.
  •  All-metal design.
  •  Efficient CO2 usage.
  •  Perfect for targeting.
  •  Smooth, predictable trigger.
  •  Front and rear sights.


  •  It’s not pinpoint accurate at targeting.

10. Crosman American Classic Pump Pellet Pistol

Crosman American Classic Pump Pellet Pistol

Finally, we’re looking at a this Crosman American Classic Pump Pellet Pistol. With it having the pump action, it’s a very simple to use pellet pistol, which almost anyone gets used to handling almost straight out of the box.

A powerful pneumatic mechanism…

How it works…

It uses .177 caliber pellet or BB rounds with pneumatic air pistol mechanism in place to give you that classic bolt-action style. It’s also been designed to be easily cocked and loaded for a straightforward shooting experience.

Plus, it uses and easy pump forearm that gives you variable pump power. This variable pump action allows you to actually decide the velocity you wish to shoot at, meaning you can learn how to control your accuracy. This does, however, mean that you have to pump for every shot.

It’s also recommended that you carry out a minimum of three or four pumps and don’t go much over ten pumps.

A powerful pneumatic mechanism…

Speaking of accuracy…

Because this pistol has a very well built and smooth rifled steel barrel, you get excellent accuracy when firing this air pistol. The accuracy potential is enhanced with a fully adjustable rear open sight and a fixed blade front sight.

Due to the variable pump action, it’s difficult to put a velocity number down for this pistol as it will always change depending on how many pumps you attain before shooting. However, we do know it’s powerful enough to take out small game and varmints at close-range.


  •  Simple to use.
  •  Pump-action.
  •  Rifled steel barrel.
  •  Adjustable rear open sight.
  •  Fixed blade front sight.
  •  Great accuracy.


  •  Can’t pump too many times.

Best Air Pistols Buyer’s Guide

So, we’ve looked through all of our best air pistols, and we’ve definitely found some great value options. However, we believe that not only will you get great value for the money, but also a high-quality air pistol from any of the selections in our review.

So now, let’s delve a little deeper into understanding which air pistol could be the best choice for your particular needs. Do do this, we’ve made some sections for you to browse through showing the best options for the different styles of best air pistols currently available…

Best Pellet Pistol

If you are specifically aiming at shooting pellets with your pistol, there are a good few options that we’ve reviewed that will do the job just perfect. However, if we had to choose one favorite out of all our options, we would go with the…

This is an incredibly powerful pre-charged pneumatic air pistol that can fire .22 pellets at 770 feet per second. It uses 3000 psi of compressed air to power it, making it perfect for short to mid-range targeting. However, if you’d prefer your air pistol to be powered differently, how about trying out the…

Best CO2 Powered Air Pistol

Again, there is a good variety of CO2 air pistols that we’ve checked out, so this makes for a difficult choice. It all depends really on what style of pistol you want.

There are revolver options, replica options, and modern looking best air pistols that all have different feet per second velocity numbers. So really the choice should be yours. However, if we are going to choose our favorite CO2 powered pistol, then it would have to be the…

We particularly like this CO2 powered pistol because it has a very good 410 feet per second velocity. But the main reason is that it has a real handgun feel about it. It’s an all-metal design from Colt that looks great, and it works as an excellent training aid for moving onto a real firearm.

Now, if you like air pistols, let’s look at the…

Most Powerful Air Pistol

Here again, the most obvious choice is an air pistol we’ve already recommended, which is the…

Like we’ve already mentioned, this air pistol fires pellets at a powerful velocity of about 770 feet per second when tuned correctly. A good piece of advice is to try different ammunition to find out what works best for you with this Air gun.

Another good choice that is less powerful yet still packs some punch is the Daisy Powerline 415 Pistol Air Gun Kit. We really like this package as it comes with everything you need to get started shooting – straight out of the box.

Plus, Daisy is a very reputable brand, and it has that classic rifle look. And it’s powerful enough to take out small game or varmint.

Some of you may be interested in the…

Best Blowback Air Pistol

Many of you may be searching for a pistol with a blowback option, and we looked at a few high-quality choices. However, we decided that one of the best all-round packages that has a semi-automatic blowback is the…

Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit with Case

With a reputable name, this CO2 powered Winchester pistol comes with a well-made and fully functioning semi-automatic blowback.

Other options do have very similar blowback quality, but what we like about this package is that you get a full kit with everything you need to take your gun down to the range, or target shooting wherever you choose. Additionally, it has a velocity of 410 feet per second, which is a decent amount of power.

And finally, let’s take a look at the…

Best Air Pistol For Target Shooting

Obviously, accuracy is the name of the game when you want to go target shooting. You’ll want an air pistol that’s responsive and with sights that are tuned well with the barrel of the gun. Plus, you may want a smooth and predictable trigger and as little recoil as possible. With all these features in consideration, we decided that our best pistol for target shooting is the…

This air pistol does have a smooth pull trigger using a pneumatic system. It has a dry-firing feature as well, which allows this pistol to be even more accurate and the trigger to pull even smoother.

We’ve now run through some of our favorite categorized options, and we hope you find our advice helpful for choosing the right air pistol for your needs.

Yet, there’s more…

Best Air Pistols – Accessories Guide

As well as looking at some of the best air pistols we could find on the market; we thought we’d go the extra mile and give you a quick guide on air pistol accessories.

Safety First…

We’d like to put safety first, and so with that, we’d advise anyone purchasing an air pistol to get some quality safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Some of the air guns we looked at do come with a pair of safety glasses already, like the Winchester Model 11K CO2 Pistol Kit with Case. But if you choose a gun without, it should be fairly inexpensive to purchase some separately.

On Target…

Maybe some of you will want to add a scope or sights to your air pistol. If that’s the case, you’ll need a pistol with rails incorporated into the design.

There are some best air pistols that we’ve covered, which have rails designed into their set-up. Our stand out two choices, though are the…

  •  Umarex TDP 45 .177 Caliber Steel BB Gun Air Pistol.
  •  Colt Defender Semi Automatic Metal Frame .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol.

With a pistol with rail mounts, you can add a whole array of accessories, including some that are intended for real firearms.

The most obvious choice of accessory we can think of is adding a scope to your pistol. This way, you can acquire targets with much more accuracy if you set it up correctly. Plus, laser sights would be another obvious choice and very fun to play with.

Overall though, here we will list out a summary of all the accessory ideas we can think of…

  •  Laser sights.
  •  Flashlights.
  •  Best Pistol Reflex Sights review.
  •  Best Small of Back Holster.
  •  Targets.
  •  Best Cross Draw Holsters.
  •  Best Thermal Scope.
  •  Extra CO2 cartridges.
  •  Extra magazines (if available).
  •  Air pistol cases.

You could possibly even consider a bipod if the pistol you have chosen has an interchangeable stock.

The one air pistol we looked at with an interchangeable stock is Crosman Benjamin Marauder .22 Cal Air Pistol BP2220. So you could purchase a bipod with this gun to rest it on. This way, you can keep your gun steady when target shooting.


Finally, we should mention the different types of ammunition you can choose for your air pistol. It’s important to learn which ammunition will suit your particular choice of air gun. The reason why this is important is that some can be damaging to your pistol.

Additionally, you will most definitely get better performance from some specific ammunition brands over others. So the best thing to do is either research which ammunition will suit your air pistol best, or just test different ammunition yourself. Plus, you shouldn’t forget whether you want to choose plastic or metal BBs or pellets. And pellets are made with different materials too.

But without getting too confused, we advise you to just go with the recommended ammunition that should be clearly stated with the air pistol you decide to buy.

Best Air Pistols – Parting Shots

So to conclude, firstly we’d like to thank you for checking out our carefully researched article on the best choice air pistols on the market today. As you’ve seen already, there are various choices available that offer you differing features, and you will need to work out which one will suit your needs best.

Plus, it can be really exciting finding numerous accessories to enhance your air pistol shooting experience.

Finally, we recommend that if you are just starting out in the world of air guns or you are buying for your kid, or even if you are an experienced shooter – remember to always put safety first. And adult supervision is always advised for kids at a minimum of under 16 years of age.

As well, check out all the gun laws in your state and makes sure you’re all above board and legal.

Other than that, thanks again and happy shooting.

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