Best 8 Person Tents For Camping in 2022 – Top 10 Rated Reviews

If you’re heading out on a camping trip with your family and/or friends, you’d better check one thing first.

Is your tent big enough for all of you to sleep comfortably?

You might have a bunch of fun activities planned, but if you are all sleeping on top of each other come night….

Well, there’s no easier way to ruin trips or relationships than kicking each other in the face, even if it’s a dream induced accident.

That’s why we’ve put together the below list of the Best 8 Person Tents for Camping. We’ll help you sort out which tents have enough space, while also considering weatherproofing and ease of set up.

Best 8 Person Tents For Camping

Top 10 Best 8 Person Tents For Camping Reviews

1. Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent

Even if you’re new to camping, you’ve probably heard of the Coleman brand. They make just about everything you need to go camping, including tents of all sizes.

Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent

How many will it sleep comfortably?

The Montana 8 Person Tent offers enough room to hold three queen size air mattresses. Yes, we said three QUEEN size air mattresses, with 16’ X 7’, no one is going to wish for a hotel room!

That may not leave much room left inside for your gear, and we found that it really would be a tight fit for any more than six adults. However, if you have younger kids in the group or don’t need to worry about keeping your gear in the tent, then this may be just the tent for you.

Come rain, come shine…

The patented corner welds and inverted seams that come on the Weather Tec System should help keep the water out. And the extended door awning gives you a place to keep your hiking boots. The Montana series also comes with angled windows for airflow without letting in the rain.

While we didn’t have any issues, it should be noted that others have complained of leaks during hard downpours. So, if you’re expecting bad weather you may want to invest in the best waterproof tent sprays or the best tent seam sealers.

Easy Access?

One thing we especially liked was the hinged door, an unusual design for tents that provides easy coming and going.

The continuous pole sleeves really help with making the set up painless, as does the patented pin-and-ring system. Because there’s nothing worse than fighting with the tent to get it pitched.

Electric in a tent?

Well, almost. The Montana 8 Person Tent comes with an E-Port, so you can easily pass electric cord in from your generator or vehicle plug-in. Perfect for the modern camper! If electronics are your thing, please check out our best electronic organizers for camping.


  •  Not ultralight but toward the lighter end of the tents listed here.
  •  E-Port, because it’s the 21st Century.
  •  Hinged Door for easy access.


  •  Not the best waterproofing.
  •  The tent poles aren’t the strongest.

2. Browning 8 Person Big Horn Tent

One of the biggest features in modern tents is the free-standing design, meaning that you don’t have to stake the tent down to get it pitched. The Browning Big Horn Series does just that, so you won’t even need to stake it down if there’s no wind to blow it away.

Browning 8 Person Big Horn Tent

The fiberglass poles and steel uprights add to this tent’s stability and offers some extra strength. While the mesh roof offers fantastic ventilation to keep you cool and cut down on condensation.

Want more airflow?

The Big Horn comes with two doorways and six large windows. So you’ll be able to keep an eye on things outside, should that be a possible bear or just the kids running around having fun. We found that all of this added up to a very breathable tent which is necessary for many environments.

We also really like the two-room wall divider, which can be used for a number of things like keeping Sparky inside without letting him get to your sleeping bag.

Got tall people in the group?

One of our favorite aspects of this tent was the 87” center height and straight sidewall. So, no one is going to be left hunched over, and moving around the tent is free of neck pain.

With a base of 10’ X 15’, the 150D polyester oxford floor with 2,000 mm coating will give your group plenty of weather-tight space to relax during a spot of rain, and the 75D 185T Polyester fly should ensure that you stay dry as long as you stay inside.


  •  Extra head height.
  •  Great airflow.
  •  Separate inside space.


  •  Not great in strong winds.
  •  Not the best quality zippers.

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel is in its third century of developing camping gear, so you can trust they know what they are doing.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Klondike series is double-stitched, with lap-felled seams that protect against rain by offering a shingled effect like your roof at home. Additionally, the polyester fabric is treated with a polyurethane water-resistant coating to help keep the elements out.


One of our favorite aspects of this tent was the ventilation system with mesh openings at the top to let the hot air escape, and a vent at the back of the tent to draw in cool air. This will help cut down on condensation and keep you cool on warmer nights

With a peak height of 6.5 ft and a floor area of 16’ x 11’, there is more than enough space. However, we found that the layout made this tent much better for a 4 to 5 person group, keeping the front room for a hang-out/gear-storage space. The convertible screen room is highly accessible with the ‘T’ style door and inside flap zippered windows. But the lack of a second entrance means anyone asleep in the back room is trapped.

Excuse me, sorry…

Whether it’s an early riser or a small bladder issue, those in the back would have to disturb those trying to sleep in the front to come and go from the tent. So, maybe it would be best to leave this area to gear, or for Sparky to keep dry but out of the bedroom area.


  •  Hi-Low Ventilation.
  •  Separate inside space.
  •  Lots of inside space.
  •  Enough head height for most.


  •  Single entrance.
  •  Not the best tent in wet conditions.

4. Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

Another option from the Coleman line, this tent is perfect for the weekend getaway.

Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

How many couples on your adventure?

Not only does the Red Canyon have a floor area of 17’ X 10’, but it also enables you to create up to three separate rooms with the supplied removable privacy divider walls. What more can you ask for?

How about 6’ of center height. While not as much headroom as some tents on this list, it’s still enough for most people to stand up straight.

A big space at a low cost?

As one of the least expensive tents on the list, the space provided seems like a luxury. This is one of the few tents we would say actually has room for eight adults.

We should note that the lower end of the price spectrum does come with a cost. While the line does come with the Coleman WeatherTec system, with inverted seams and the patented welded floors, the overall quality of the materials left us hesitant it would stand up to a real thunderstorm.


  •  Huge Space.
  •  Priced aggressively.
  •  Possibility of three interior spaces.


  •  Poor quality materials.
  •  Poor construction.

5. Kodiak 8 Person Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe

On a different level from the tents that we have already covered, this tent is made of 100% cotton duck canvas. Made with Hydra-Shield (no relations to the Captain America baddies), this tent is watertight, breathable, and far more durable than many of the other options.

Kodiak 8 Person Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe

Is it worth the extra cost?

While no tent is bombproof, this bad boy will certainly outlast most of the cheaper options on this list. The Kodiak Canvas minimizes mugginess and has earned a reputation for long-lasting tents that sit well in any environment. In addition to an overall use of high-end materials and construction.

The 10-ounce ceiling material (8-ounce wall material) should hold up to strong winds and rain, and even some light snow. In combination with the 16-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl flooring, with welded seams, you’re bound to get a lot more use out of this camping shelter before needing to do any patch jobs. This makes it one of the best tents for high winds currently available.

Need headroom?

The Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe has a ceiling height of 6’6” for comfortably moving around with 10’ X 14’ of inside space to make yourself comfy in. With front and rear D-shaped doors, as well as four large no-see-um mesh-lined windows, and two funnel-flow vents that allow the airflow to be adjustable to help regulate internal temperatures.

There’s also 4’ X 7’ awning to give you an extra covered space outside the tent. Great for the best camping grills.


  •  High-quality materials.
  •  Excellent construction.
  •  Great airflow.


  •  More expensive than most tents on this list.
  •  Weighing a whopping 79 lbs, you won’t be hiking with this tent.

6. NTK 8 Person Tent Laredo GT

If you need a waterproof tent right out of the box, with no messing about with additional spray-on sealing, then this may be just the tent for you.

NTK 8 Person Tent Laredo GT

The 190T polyester laminated rain fly is double layered with polyurethane 2500 mm water resistance. And the heat-welded, partially aluminum, PU sealed seams offer UV protection. So, if you don’t let it in, it’s staying out.

This goes for the bugs as well, with ultra-slim polyester micro-mesh material to let the air in but nothing else. The tent has one large door and three windows giving adequate ventilation, though we do find that the full rain fly design does cut down on airflow.

Is there enough space?

While the NTK tent line does have larger options, we found that the 15’ X 10’ was more than enough space for a large group to sleep out in nature without being on top of each other.

Easy to set up with color-coded Nano-Flex shock corded fiberglass tent poles. This tent goes up easily and should stand up to a large range of weather conditions.

Our favorite part?

We really like the stress-free bathtub-style construction flooring. This will keep out pools of water no matter how hard it’s coming down outside, and the anti-fungal seamless polyethylene with a silver coated layer between equals top of the line waterproof and durability as well. This makes it one of the best waterproof tents you can buy.


  •  Quality tent poles.
  •  Bathtub style floor.
  •  Easy set up.
  •  Bathtub-style floor.


  •  Limited ventilation.

7. Eureka 8 Person Copper Canyon Tent

Another great tent for car camping is the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent. With almost vertical walls and a removable divider curtain, this outdoor shelter offers comfort to the max that is perfect for use with cots or air mattresses.

Eureka 8 Person Copper Canyon Tent

Are there enough windows?

Oh man, you betcha! The Copper Canyon has six good sized widows offering full panoramic views of the outdoors and great ventilation. This is in addition to two large D-style doors on the side, one for each room. This means no climbing over each other to get out.

Minimal ground level seams due to the Bathtub wrap-up floor offer a 13’ X 10’ inside space, with a height of 7’ to give everyone the chance to stand up and move around inside.

Like pockets?

The Copper Canyon provides six storage pockets and two gear lofts. If you like to have your things organized and out of the way, then it doesn’t get much better.

Throw in the zippered E! Power Port to bring in an outdoor grade electrical power cord. And an easy setup using the pole sleeves and ring/pin assembly and there’s not much left to ask for.


  •  Lots of windows for views and ventilation.
  •  Removable Room Divider.
  •  E! Power Port.
  •  Lots of headspace.


  •  Leaning towards the heavy side at 40 lbs.
  •  Not at the top end, but considerably more expensive than other options on the list.

8. Springbar 8 Person Highline Tent

Another option in the high-end, canvass range is the Springbar Highline tent.

This outdoor shelter is made of premium quality 100% cotton canvas, with a mold-resistant and watertight finish. The floor is heavy-duty vinyl, and the galvanized steel poles, 12” steel stakes, and steel wire stake loops scream durability even in high winds, and rough weather.

Springbar 8 Person Highline Tent

Is it really that tough?

Yes, and you know it’s built to last and can feel confident in as much with the Lifetime Warranty covering manufacturing defects. This tent is made for regular use!

We found the 10’ X 14’ offered more than enough inside space, and the 6.5’ standing height is great for those on the taller side.

The setup is fairly simple and straight forward, though the lack of color coding found in some tents can make this a bit tricky on the first go.

It’s not lightweight…

Two things to note about this tent is that quality does come with a cost. Both in the price and in the back-breaking weight of 86 lbs. So, you won’t be lugging this tent very far from your parking spot. Once you get it pitched, you’ll be comfortable and assured it won’t be blowing away or ripping in the bad weather like some other low-quality options that are available.

Plus, you’ll definitely stand out in a camping ground full of colorful polyester tents…


  •  Durable to the max.
  •  Holds up in any weather.


  •  The heaviest tent on this list.
  •  On the expensive side.

9. NTK 8 Person Cherokee GT Tent

The Cherokee tent by NTK has one of the smaller footprints of the tents on our list at 12’ X 10’, but it makes up for the smaller space in a number of ways.

NTK 8 Person Cherokee GT Tent

Under 20 lbs!

Yes, you read that right. This tent comes in at 18.8 lbs, so it’s a tent that you can actually take with you if your group is hiking into the wilderness for a real camping experience. There aren’t many tents this size that weigh so little.

And yet, the Cherokee still comes with 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane for complete waterproof protection. The full-coverage rainfly offers 2500 mm waterproofing, and the heat-seamed thermoplastic coating offers additional protection from the sun’s UV rays.

The bathtub-style flooring that NTK is known for is seamless and has anti-fungal polyethylene lining with a silver-coated inner layer. All of this adds up to fewer leaks, so you can sleep soundly at night without worrying about waking up in a puddle.

It’s also very easy to set up!

We liked that the Cherokee tent comes with two oversized D-Style doors, with two-way zippers and full mosquito mesh protection. There is even a ventilated mesh roof to help with both airflow and to fight moisture buildup on the inside tent walls.

Oversized utility pockets on the inside, a lantern O-ring, and a removable room divider are also provided. So just make sure that you’ve got all the features needed to enjoy your time outdoors.


  •  Much lighter than most tents on this list.
  •  Full rain fly.


  •  Low-quality stitching.
  •  Small inside space comparatively.

10. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

The final tent on our list of the best 8 person tents for camping is also the lightest and on the lower end of the budget range.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Only 18.3 lbs!

The Core comes with H2O Block Technology, which is 68D polyester with a 600 mm hydrostatic rating. Certainly not the best, but when you’re getting such a large tent per weight/cost, there are going to be some sacrifices.

We liked the 16’ X 9’ layout, though we wouldn’t recommend this tent for nine adults unless your group is interested in playing some sleeping Tetris. Still, you can fit three Queen sized air mattresses, so there is definitely plenty of space when compared to the other tents on this list.

Oh, and 72” of head height in the center…

Like a few of the other tents listed here, the Core Extended Dome comes with an electrical cord access port, internal storage pockets to keep hand items off of the floor, and adjustable ground vents to help with ventilation. There’s also a lantern hook, and gear loft.

But, the best part of this tent…

The removable rainfly! You can set up this camping shelter without the rainfly, which means if you know it’s unlikely to rain, you can sleep out under the stars. The mesh ceiling will keep out the bugs, without blocking the best view there is – straight up on a dark night.

We should note that the overall quality of materials doesn’t suggest a tent that will take much of a beating. However, if you have a group hiking anywhere before pitching camp, the easy-to-transport weight of this tent makes up for its shortcomings.


  •  The lightest tent reviewed.
  •  Sleep under the stars with removable rainfly.
  •  Lower end of the budget range.


  •  Poor quality materials.
  •  Low-quality construction.

Best 8 Person Tents For Camping Buying Guide

It can be difficult to choose the right tent for your group’s pending trip into the wilds, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you narrow it down the perfect tent for your needs, we have created a list of questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

So, let’s go through them…

  •  What’s your budget?

This is an obvious starting point, but you do also need to take into consideration the other factors listed before you just click the purchase button. Quality comes with a cost they say, and after looking over the options in this review, we would have to agree. However, if a tent doesn’t last more than a single trip…

  •  How often does your group go camping?

Taking the above into consideration (along with the last point below), you need to think about whether you want this tent to be usable again next weekend, or next year. If you’re super kind to your belongings, already experienced in choosing a camping site and setting up tents gently, and don’t plan on being out there more than a couple of times a year. Then purchasing something on the cheaper may be just right for you.

  •  Where are you headed, and what’s the weather likely to be?

Then again, if you’re headed out to an area that is known for the extremes of weather, in terms of wind, rain, and even heat. Then it may be worth spending a bit more for a higher quality shelter. After all, there’s nothing that ruins a trip faster than no one getting any sleep, whether it’s due to being wet, hot or not having a tent at all because the wind tore it apart.

Also, are you camping at a campsite you can park at, or is someone carrying that monster 8-person tent over a mountain pass to that sweet spot away from the crowds? If the latter, someone else will have to carry the other camping gear needed by whoever pulls the short straw. Even then some of these may be unmanageable without a mule or alpaca to assist.

  •  Who is in the camping group?

This last question plays into a number of different aspects, some obvious but others less so. If it’s a group of buddies all headed out to explore together, you can all suck it up when it comes to some smaller things. Meaning, you can all work together to get the tent there and then get it pitched if it’s not the simplest set up design.

But if you have kids along, they may want to ‘help’ and that’s easy with some of these color-coded pole systems. Also, they aren’t carrying your other gear, but you do get to carry theirs.

What about Sparky? If you plan on taking the family pet along for the trip, you should consider getting a tent with stronger flooring. And maybe even one with a lower door opening (this is also relevant to those with smaller kids).

Not only is Sparky going to be excited (and the kids) and possibly running in and out of the tent when you’re loading it up. But he/she may also dream of chasing that squirrel that’s been teasing all day. This all can lead to holes in the floor, and tripping over the door bottom on the higher bathtub styles.

And lastly, do you want to be able to section off anyone within the tent? Whether it’s the dog, so your bed stays dry and mud free, the kids so can you put them to bed earlier, or simply that other couple on the trip – sometimes that room divider is rather handy.

So, what’s the Best 8 Person Tents For Camping?

There are so many options out there, and you are bound to find the perfect tent for your group’s upcoming adventure. Just follow the guide of things to consider and look over the options carefully.

If the above somehow hasn’t helped you to narrow down your choices, we would suggest the…

NTK 8 Person Tent Laredo GT

…for your next adventure. With good all-round features and quality, as well as being both a weight and price that won’t break your back/wallet we feel this is a good tent for a group heading out for an adventure. Highly recommended.

Happy camping!

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