Best 10 Person Camping Tents of 2023 Reviews

Camping with friends or family can be a blast. What could be more fun than getting back to nature with your nearest and dearest?

But choosing the right tent can be confusing. If there are 6 of you, should you choose a 6 person tent, an 8 person tent or a 10 person tent?

In our opinion choosing a larger tent is the way to go. A 10 person camping tent, even for a group smaller than 10, provides many advantages, including far more sleeping comfort and extra space.

We’ve, therefore, put together a list of our top picks. So let’s go through them and find the perfect 10 person camping tent for you…

Best 10 Person Camping Tents Reviews

Top 10 Best 10 Person Camping Tents Reviews

1. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Great for the family…

The first tent on our list is the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent. This is a spacious tent measuring in at 10 x 15ft, with a generous center height of just over 7ft.

It is a free-standing design with steel uprights, maximizing internal space. Its fiberglass poles give it extra strength and stability. And its hub design has been created for a quick and easy two person set up.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

So, what do you get?

This 10 person tent comes with a room divider, multiple mesh storage pockets, and two large doors for easy access and privacy (each room has its own door). This makes it a great choice for a family or for two couples.

With its two large doors, four windows and an impressive mesh roof, the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent offers ultimate ventilation. It also provides a great view of the stars in fair weather.

If the weather turns nasty, don’t worry…

With its factory sealed seams, durable and waterproof polyester fly, this 10 person camping tent is designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Add to this the tough polyester oxford floor with 2000mm coating, and you get a lot of protection for a wallet-friendly price.


  •  Generous center height of over 7ft.
  •  Mesh roof for superior ventilation and stargazing in fair weather.
  •  Two room design for privacy.
  •  Easy and quick to set up.
  •  Guy ropes and steel stakes included.


  •  Quality of the zippers is a little disappointing.

2. ALPHA CAMP 10 Person Family Camping Tent

A front porch for relaxing…

The ALPHA CAMP 10 Person Family Camping Tent offers something a bit special.

So, let’s find out what it is…

First things first, this 10 person tent measures 12 x 12ft, with a center height of just over 6ft 5 inches. The design of this tent ensures that even at the sides, you have plenty of headspace. With enough room for three queen air beds, this is a great choice for a group of friends.

With a huge double D-style door at the front and five large windows, this tent provides plenty of light and airflow. The entire roof is mesh, helping not only with ventilation, but providing a perfect view of the stars if the weather allows.

ALPHA CAMP 10 Person Family Camping Tent

Come rain, come shine…

If privacy is an issue, this tent comes with a room divider, to split it right down the middle. With the clever D-style doors, you can come and go separately when the divider is up.

If the weather turns nasty, you can rest assured you will stay dry. The floor has sealed seams to block moisture and keep you dry. It also comes with a waterproof rainfly.

But that’s not all…

The special feature of this tent is the additional 7ft of space created by the separate screen room at the front of the tent. With the addition of the screen room, your living space increases to 19 x 12ft! The ‘front porch’ offers a fully screened room to enjoy bug-free lounging. This makes it one of the best family tents with screen room on the market.

This 10 person camping tent also offers two large side pockets to keep you organized and a cable port for easy access to electricity. Another nifty feature of this tent is the reflective tent rope, perfect for avoiding trip-ups in the dark!

Could all these make it the best of our best 10 Person Camping Tents? Read on to find out…


  •  7ft front screen room for lounging.
  •  Convenient carry bag with wheels.
  •  Generous head height throughout the tent.
  •  Large doors and windows and mesh roof for plenty of ventilation.
  •  Sturdy design and construction.


  •  Front screen room has no floor.

3. Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

When you don’t have time to waste…

The Ozark Train 10 Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is the fastest tent to set up currently on the market. In less than 2 minutes you can have your home for the night ready to go. No assembly is needed, the poles are pre-attached to the tent.

Measuring 14 x 10ft with a center height of 6ft 5 inches, it can easily contain two queen air beds. The room divider also provides extra privacy for your family.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

It’s getting dark in here…

With its innovative dark rest technology, this 10 person camping tent is designed to block out sunlight, helping to keep you cool and give you a great night’s sleep. When you want to stargaze, simply roll back the multiple skylights.

The two doors, eight large factory-sealed seam windows, and skylights provide this best 10 person camping tents with plenty of ventilation. If the heavens open the rainfly provided will ensure that you and your family stay dry.

The Ozark Train 10 Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is an organizers dream. It comes with multiple gear pockets and a hanging gear organizer. It also has electrical cord access, so you don’t have to run cords through the door. If you are after even more organization, then please check out our reviews of the best electronic organizers currently available.

But before we finish our review of this tent, we have to tell you that the manufacturer has warned that this 10 person camping tent contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  •  Under 2 minutes to set up the tent.
  •  Dark rest technology to keep you cool and get a good night’s sleep.
  •  Skylights to control illumination.
  •  Two doors and eight windows for plenty of ventilation.


  •  It contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

4. Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent 3 Rooms

We can all use some privacy…

This Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent is perfect for a family with lots of children, or for a group of friends who want to camp together. With two removable room dividers giving you three separate rooms and three separate entrances, this tent has been designed with privacy in mind.

This 10 person tent measures in at an impressive 20 x 10ft with a center height of 6ft 5 inches. With all this space, it is large enough to accommodate three queen size air beds. Featuring three doors, an impressive six windows plus a mesh roof, this tent allows for maximum ventilation and panoramic views.

Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent 3 Rooms

But that’s not all…

This 10 person camping tent features a tub floor and a rainfly with tapered seams to prevent leaks. It also features a built-in mud mat and shoe storage to help keep your tent clean and tidy. Add to this the electricity port and four organization pockets, and you’ve got a lot of tent (and organization!) for your money.


  •  Great design to maximize privacy.
  •  Plenty of airflow with three doors, six windows, and a mesh roof.
  •  Bathtub floor to ensure you and your belongings stay dry.


  •  While the center of the tent has great head height, the rest of the tent is quite low.
  •  Rainfly doesn’t cover the side doors, leaving them vulnerable to leakage.

5. Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

Two equal halves…

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent measures in at a roomy 18 x 10ft, with a center height of 6ft 3 inches. With its dome design and shock-corded fiberglass frame, it is very easy to set-up.

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

This 10 person tent comes with a room divider, so it can be easily split right down the middle. This feature is perfect to separate sleeping and living quarters for a smaller group, or to create equal sleeping space for a group of friends. Both rooms can accommodate a queen size air bed.

Easy access…

Although there is only one entry point, it is a two door D-style design. This allows both sides to open separately, giving each room its own separate entrance.

With the large two D-style door, three windows and large mesh roof, this 10 person tent provides plenty of ventilation and fresh air. Without the rainfly on it also provides a fantastic opportunity for star gazing on warm, dry nights.

The separate nylon rainfly provides an awning over the door to ensure the interior of the tent stays dry.


  •  Generous head height in the center.
  •  Large mesh roof for star gazing and ventilation.
  •  Rain fly creates an awning over the door.
  •  Sturdy dome-shaped construction.
  •  Room divider creates two equally-sized rooms


  •  Limited head height away from the center of the tent.

6. Wenzel Great Basin Tent

When you want to see the light…

The Wenzel Great Basin Tent measures in at a spacious 18 x 10ft. With a center height of 6ft 5 inches, you have plenty of room to move around. It also comes with two room dividers so it can be divided into three separate rooms.

With its shock corded fiberglass poles, it offers fast, easy set-up. The multi-diameter poles are designed to provide superior head height and maximum living space.

Wenzel Great Basin Tent

Plenty of airflow…

While this 10 person Camping tent has only a single door, it has four large windows and a huge mesh covered roof. These combine to allow for maximum airflow on hot nights, as well as the opportunity of stargazing in fair weather.

The durable welded polyethylene floor and the high-quality polyester rainfly work hard to keep this 10 person camping tent dry and comfortable in the event of rain. A fly ridge pole also creates a protective awning over the front door and rear window.

For the organizers amongst us, you’ll be pleased to know that this tent comes with a gear loft, two convenience pockets and an E port for electrical cord access.

Light it up…

When you need illumination, this tent features the Wenzel revolutionary new Lite Reflect™ system. This system beams an even, useful glow all around when you put a headlamp or flashlight in the gear loft and aim it at a built-in reflective panel. You’ll never have to fumble around in the dark again!


  •  High-quality design and materials.
  •  Lite Reflect™ system to provide quality illumination.
  •  Can easily be divided into three separate rooms.


  •  Single entry point.
  •  Only two convenience pockets.

7. NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person Sport Camping Tent

Whatever the weather…

The NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 person tent doesn’t mess around in wet weather. And this three season tent measures in at 8 x 17ft 4 inches with a center height is 6ft, 7 inches. It comes with a detachable divider so that it can become a two room space.

This tent is constructed using two shock corded fiberglass poles, plus one additional pole for the awning. The two door, three window inner tent is fully breathable with plenty of Ultra Thin NO-SEE-UM polyester mosquito mesh to keep you bug-free.

NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person Sport Camping Tent

Illuminated and organized…

With a lantern ‘o’ ring, a gear loft, and inner pocket organizers, this tent is designed to keep you illuminated and organized.

But, what really sets this tent apart from the others is its ability to keep you as snug as a bug in a rug in wet conditions. In fact, it’s one of the best waterproof tents you can buy.

First, let’s look at the rainfly…

Unlike many other tents, the NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 person tent has a full coverage rainfly. A no-nonsense seamless, double layer polyester laminated with polyurethane rainfly! It also offers UV protection.

Next, let’s check out the floor… 

The bathtub design is constructed of heavy-duty, anti-fungus, seamless polyethylene with an inner silver coated layer to keep you dry and protected.

In short, no water is getting into this tent!


  •  Full coverage rainfly.
  •  Two doors for easy entry.
  •  Room divider to create two rooms.
  •  Silver coated, bathtub floor to keep you dry and warm.


  •  The rainfly window covers have to be closed from the outside.

8. Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Family Camping Tent

Three seasons in one day…

The Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Tent is a three season tent. Its dome shape measures 18 x 10ft 5 inches. With its impressive 7ft center height, there is ample space to move around. This tent is a great choice for a group of friends or a close family. This single room tent can easily accommodate two queen size air beds, although no room divider means that there’s not a lot of privacy.

It has a D-style front door, with a large window on each end. What we particularly like about this 10 person tent is the full mesh ceiling, perfect for stargazing on clear nights. For added ventilation, it also has floor vents.

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Family Camping Tent

Raindrops keep falling on my head…

This three season tent is constructed of durable 1200mm polyester, making it a great choice for both warm and cool weather. The polyethylene binding floor helps to provide comfort and water resistance in any conditions.

In the event of rain, this 10 person tent comes with a 1200mm polyester rainfly with taped seams. The rainfly is designed to create a useful awning over the door, perfect for keeping water out. The rainfly also contains vents, so you stay ventilated, even in wet conditions.

It also offers a power access point and mesh storage pockets.


  •  7ft ceiling height gives you plenty of room to move around.
  •  Quick and easy to set up.
  •  Three season for added comfort.
  •  Great tent for a group of friends.


  •  No windows at the back of the tent.
  •  No room divider to create privacy.

9. Mountain Hardwear Stronghold 10 Person Tent

It’s a tent, Jim, but not as we know it…

The Mountain Hardwear Stronghold 10 Person Tent certainly looks different. With its dome shape and round skylight windows, it looks more like an alien spacecraft than a tent.

Mountain Hardwear Stronghold 10 Person Tent

This unusual looking tent isn’t really something you’d see in your local camping ground. You’re far more likely to see this tent in base camps around the World. This is a tent for serious camping in unpredictable conditions. Its shape and structure are engineered to minimize wind load while remaining impervious to the elements.

As we mentioned, this is a dome-shaped tent with a floor area of 171 sq ft. Impressively it has a center height of 6ft 4 inches.

What’s going on outside? 

The interior tent has two dual canopy mesh doors and port windows on the roof to allow plenty of light and to enable you to see the conditions outside. It also has internal pockets so you can keep yourselves organized.

This 10 person tent is fairly easy to set up. It will take three people, but it has color-coded webbing at stake out points to allow for easy pole set up. It is constructed of tough 70D nylon taffeta and uses industry leading DAC Pressfit™ poles. Add to this perimeter snow flaps and superior ventilation, and you’ve got a whole lot of comfort in hostile climes.


  •  Extremely tough and designed to keep you safe in extreme weather.
  •  Color-coded system for easy set-up.
  •  Reflective guy-out loops and zipper pulls are easy to see at night.
  •  Duffel bag included for storage.


  •  Hefty price tag.
  •  Floor footprint not included.

10. Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent

A canvas cabin…

Like many Coleman tents, the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent is made of tough stuff.

This cabin style tent measures in at a spacious 17 x 9ft with a center height of 6ft 8 inches. The cabin design ensures that the edges of the tent only dip a little below this height, fantastic for a group of adults or tall children!

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent

Setting this tent up can take a little longer than others, but practice makes perfect, and this 10 person tent is worth the wait.

With its spacious interior, the Coleman Weathermaster can accommodate three queen size air beds. If its privacy you’re after then it comes with a room divider, so you can create two equal-sized rooms.

But that’s not all…

With its two doors, each room will have its own entry point, making this a great choice for either a family or two couples.

Speaking of doors, this tent comes with the added bonus of a patented hinged front door. This unique feature allows easy access and makes you feel that you really are in a cabin instead of a tent! Although the back door is the usual zippered variety, having two entry points makes coming and going very easy, especially when you’ve divided it into two rooms.

Another great feature of this 10 person camping tent is the ventilation system. With plenty of windows on the front and the back, it has the added bonus of reverse-angled windows at each end. These windows let in the light and air but not water, perfect in wet conditions.

Nice and cozy…

Like all Coleman tents, the WeatherMaster comes equipped with Coleman’s WeatherTec System, so you can be assured of staying warm and dry inside, no matter what the weather outside.

Add to this the added features of an electrical access port and mesh pocket organizers, and you’re all set for a great camping trip!


  •  6ft 8 inches center head height, and generous headspace throughout the rest of the tent.
  •  Hinged front door for easy access.
  •  Two door entry.
  •  Reversed-angle windows allow light and a view in, even with the rainfly on.
  •  Strong and quality construction.


  •  Hinged door is only secured with Velcro, leaving it vulnerable to opening by itself.
  •  Provided stakes are made of plastic.

Best 10 Person Camping Tents Buying Guide

We’ve gone through a pretty diverse range of the best 10 person camping tents currently available. But, whatever tent you’re thinking of buying, we’ve put together a check-list of things we think are important to look out for when making your purchase.

Head Height

Tents come in many shapes and heights and finding one that is the right fit for your needs is very important, and will ultimately make your camping trip a lot more enjoyable.

How tall are your family or group of friends? Unless you have small children, you want to be looking for a cabin-style (or similar) tent, that has a fairly even roof height so that everyone can move around easily.


With a large group, you want to make sure that everyone can get in out and easily. The best way to ensure this is to choose a tent that has more than one entry point. Also, check the quality of the zips as they will get a lot of use!


Is privacy an issue for you? If it is, make sure that you chose a tent that comes with dividers, instantly creating privacy. Coming back to doors, check the configuration of the tent with the divider(s) up and choose a tent that gives each ‘room’ a separate entry point.


You should look for a tent made from high-quality fabrics. Also, check the quality of the poles and stakes. Some tents offer flimsy guy ropes and plastic stakes that you will have to upgrade.

Another important factor is how the tent is sealed. Look for inverted, welded or heat sealed seams to ensure your tent stays waterproof. Inverted or covered zips will also ensure your doors and windows don’t let in water.


There’s nothing worse than staying in a hot, stuffy tent. Look for a tent with plenty of mesh panels, doors with mesh windows to allow for adequate airflow.


A rainfly is an extra layer between you and the wet/cold weather. It is placed over the inner tent to protect the occupants from rain. Rainflies either offer full coverage over the inner tent or partial/roof coverage only.

Full coverage rainflies offer the best protection against wet weather. Partial/roof coverage rainflies allow the tent to stay cooler and let in more light, but won’t offer as much protection in wet conditions.


Vestibules can be very handy, especially with a large group. They offer a covered and bug-free extra space for you to relax, or use for extra storage. Vestibules can also be a lifesaver in wet conditions – they stop muddy/wet clothes and shoes from finding their way into your tent! They’re also a great in hot/sunny conditions as they provide sun protection while still enjoying the outdoors.


Camping, especially in larger groups, requires organization. Look for a tent that has plenty of mesh organization pockets. A gear loft is another handy space to stash belongings. Many tent manufacturers also add internal ‘o’ loops to hang lanterns and other small objects. Also, make sure to look for an E Port if you plan to run electrical cords to your tent.

So what’s the Best 10 Person Camping Tents?

With so many excellent 10 person camping tents on the market, the choice can be pretty overwhelming. But we hope our list has helped narrow down your choice and pointed out some details to look for when searching for your perfect tent. Perhaps you’ve already chosen?

For us, the…

ALPHA CAMP 10 Person Family Camping Tent

…is the best of the best 10 person camping tents we reviewed. We love the spacious interior and generous head height throughout. Add to this the extra space and versatility provided by the screen room, and we think this is the perfect tent for a camping adventure.

What also stands out for us is the layout. With the clever double D doors, you can split the tent into equal halves, and both sides maintain their privacy by having separate entry points. With windows on every wall and the mesh roof, it offers superior ventilation, keeping you and your loved ones comfortable.

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