WOAY TV Claims Gun Owners Oppose Ending Concealed Carry Permits


This is the worst example of drive-by media I have ever seen:

Hand Gun Owners Disagree With Dropping Concealed Carry Permits

Local 3/15/2015 6:00 PM by Liana Charles
FAYETTEVILLE- Senate Bill 347 is asking to drop the need for a concealed carry permit for residents with hand guns. The controversial bill is causing quite a stir among the public.
Many concealed carry permit owners believe this legislation will endanger the lives of law abiding residents, because the law will not require gun owners to go through safety courses prior to owning the gun.
“I would like to see it mandatory that everybody has to go through some type of safety program,” says Fayette Gun Club Member Rick Burgess. “That should be a requirement.”
The bill to abolish the concealed carry permit is waiting for the governor’s signature of approval before it becomes a law.
Source: http://woay.com/News.aspx?nid=15227


Does Rick Burgess represent every gun owner? Where’s the poll? If you’re going to tell me Group X opposes Y, I want to see the numbers.

If WOAY was honest, their headline would have been “Fayette Gun Club Member Disagrees with Dropping Concealed Carry Permit.”

Rick Burgess, I invite you to explain yourself.  Why are you giving ammo to the adversary?

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