Weisser Thinks MAIG & MDA will become stronger than ‘gun lobby’


Should the NRA be afraid of 130,000 Whinny Mothers? Not so fast.

Mike Weisser is a double-agent and a deadbeat who owes money to AmmoLand, he makes a living selling and training people how to use guns while demonizing them in his own blog and at The Huffington Post. Why has his Lifetime NRA membership not been revoked is beyond me, perhaps my brothers in arms like taking the money from the anti-gunners? Who knows?

Mike not so Weisser writes this:

The NRA better watch out.  There’s a new gun in town and it’s called, well, actually it doesn’t have a name but it’s a combination of two gun control groups – Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense which, according to their merger announcement, will “soon be stronger than any gun lobby.””

The Moms claim they have more than 130,000 members and Bloomberg has enrolled more than 1,000 mayors in his club.  But who knows what those numbers really mean?  Moms also has 130,000 Likes on its Facebook page and when I went to their website it appeared that if I sent them an email with my name and address, that this made me a member.
Source: http://mikethegunguy.com/2013/12/20/will-the-bloomberg-moms-merger-make-a-difference/


Does Weisser realizes that anyone can buy Likes?  At like4like.org you can even get Likes without breaking the laws of Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Other companies will sell you 250 Likes for $27. It’s not an SEO practice I recommend, I believe traffic should grow organically and not be the result of cheap trickery. Besides, why buy fake followers? That’s a good question to ask the State Department which spent $630,000 on Likes.

Weisser doesn’t need to tell the NRA to watch out, the NRA is always watching out, we have millions of committed members and we take every threat seriously. But let’s get real, the NRA has 4 million members (or 3.5 according to Weisser), we have membership fees which means our members are actually willing to part with their money unlike those cheap moms who can spend $90 to color their hair blue but can’t part with $25 to join an organization. Yet even when MDA sells their wares for nothing, hardly anyone is buying. 130,000 people is 3.25% of the NRA membership.

A bunch of whinny mothers are no match against millions of us, sure, they may get the kind of free press the NRA can only dream of, but at the end of the day, battles are not won with the media, they’re won with e-mails, letters, phone calls, and good ol’ fashioned lobbying.  One Wayne LaPierre visiting politicians is worth all those mothers. 4 million NRA members plus the membership of GOA plus SAF plus NAFGR (National Association for Gun Rights) is worth 100 million gun owners, and if 50 million gun owners were to join the NRA, we would be unbeatable.


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