USA Today continues to promote the “gun research” lie.

22 people have been shot in Wilmington and something must be done. No, we’re not going to build more prisons, jail more crooks, or allow more law-abiding people to get guns. Instead, USA Today demands millions be given to some “gun researchers” who will recommend gun control as the solution.

“We have tried every type of medicine to cure this illness,” she said, calling on residents to press elected officials to write to the CDC, urging the federal agency to conduct the study and direct resources to solve the problem.

Scientists and policy makers say they have little scientific data about gun violence after Congress in 1996 prohibited federal agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, from offering research grants to study anything that could be used to promote gun control.


Well poor poor scientists, what’s the matter? Couldn’t get Big Daddy Bloomberg to fund your “research”? Real scientists work without government money, you know.

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama issued an executive order directing the CDC and other agencies to look into the causes and prevention of gun violence; however, additional money to further the research and improve the USA’s violent death reporting system has been stalled in Congress.


All hail the Savior! The CDC, which should be concentrating on fighting outbreaks of real diseases like Ebola and Sars will now have to waste time on BS.

“We have tried every medicine to cure this illness,” really? Since when is gang bangers shooting each other an illness? Is a BEHAVIOR that you can’t control, you simply fight it.How do the Saudis control theft? They cut the hands of thieves. How do Singaporeans control vandalism? They beat vandals with a cane. How do American liberals fight crime? They target the people who didn’t do it while excusing the ones who did do it.

By the way, I say “control” in jest, at the end of the day, each individual will choose his behavior based on himself, there’s nothing we can do about it. I can tell you to read my blog, I can’t force you to do it.

It’s about free will.


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