Total Recall in Colorado.


The Democrats wanted to turn Colorado purple, well, that good ol’ western State is back to being a nice Republican Red. As Twitchy reported:

“While Second Amendment advocates party in Colorado over their success in defeating two state Senate gun-grabbers, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns group must be stinging from the loss. Not only were they unable to help President Obama propagandize America into passing national gun restrictions earlier this year, but yesterday’s historic recall in Colorado helps put some more nails in the coffin of Nanny Bloomberg’s attempts to destroy our Second Amendment rights. And if he does what recalled Sen. Angela Giron suggested to the New Republic, he will disband his unsuccessful anti-gun group.”

Good idea, Giron, even a stupid gun-grabber like you knows the difference between losing and winning. You have lost, you have been defeated, normally I wouldn’t gloat but you people treat supporters of the Second Amendment like human garbage, so now I’m returning the favor.

Colorado is the State of the cowboy, not the cappuccino-drinking liberal. Do what that carpetbagger Hillary need, go North old woman. You wanted to be Bloomberg’s bitch? Then get close to your pimp. Maybe he needs a new cleaning lady, LOL.

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