The NAGR Lied to Us

STSA supports selling the 2nd Amendment with the truth, the following incident describes what the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) did which is shameful:


But some Second Amendment advocates think the group’s main claim to fame is stoking the fears of the less-informed for-profit.

Last month, the group’s affiliate in Mississippi, as labeled on NAGR’s website, sent a letter to pro-gun advocates urging them to donate money so they could help fight a state bill to mark ammunition. The only problem was there was no bill.

“Just recently, the Mississippi Registration Ammo Bill (S.B. 2030) was introduced,” wrote Mississippi Gun Rights in a letter dated March 16 and obtained by The Washington Times. “This is nothing more than an underhanded attempt to GUT our gun rights here in Mississippi!”

The bill NAGR’s letter was referring to — S.B. 2030 — was actually legislation dealing with the education reform program Common Core, and the ammunition bill the group was referencing (S.B. 2219) had died in committee a month before the mailing was sent.

“Sometimes there’s a legitimate need to sound the alarm bells when there’s actual danger on the horizon,” said George Whitten Jr., who received the letter from the group. “But this was just deceiving — making up a danger and deceiving people on their mailing list so they would send more money to help defeat a bill that was already dead.”


As for the ammunition bill in Mississippi, he blamed it on a printing error.


A printing error? The NAGR was created by a direct marketing (junk mail) genius, I’m not saying people in marketing don’t make errors, but you can stop a mailing, you can do a subsequent mailing explaining your error, there’s no reason to lie to anyone.

The NAGR claims to be more effective to the NRA, but here’s the thing. I got to the NRA FAcebook page and I see stories of their lawsuits, their victories, the things they get done. What does the NAGR page have? Memes, great memes that people like to share, but little mention of victories in the courtroom.

Besides, other people have complained about the NAGR.

“Lots of people have complained to Rand that [NAGR officials] are raising money and doing nothing with it but attacking other Republicans and Second Amendment groups for not being ‘pure enough,’” said Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, which filed and won a landmark suit overturning Chicago’s handgun ban and made it clear that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms applied to states and localities.

Last year, the NAGR attacked Mr. Gottlieb for supporting a national gun registry.

Mr. Gottlieb said he never advocated for such a position. He did, however, support a Senate bill that expanded background checks some but prohibited any registry. According to Mr. Gottlieb, NAGR misconstrued the bill and his position on it and orchestrated attacks only to raise discontent and mistrust among gun rights supporters.

There’s an old joke about admen: “Don’t tell my mother I work in advertising, she thinks I play the piano in a whorehouse.” Advertising gets a bad reputation because some of us use deception to sell. It is one thing not to tell the whole truth, that can be forgiven, but to tell an outright lie, to tell us about bills that died in committee just to get our money, that is odious. So is lying about Gottlieb, a man who has done much for the 2nd Amendment.

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