The myth of fingerprinting technology.

They’re at it again…

BOSTON — In what is the latest wrinkle in gun control controversies expected to emerge among three Democrats running for attorney general, former state Sen. Warren E. Tolman has called for use of fingerprint technology on all newly manufactured guns sold in the state, as a way of preventing use of stolen guns by criminals.



“Just as your fingerprint can be used to unlock your iPhone, fingerprint technology can be used to ensure only the rightful owner is able to fire a gun,” Mr. Tolman said in a statement proposing a change in law to mandate the locks. “This would help take the guns out of the hands of criminals who steal them. It would protect us from the tragedy of children and teens who accidentally or by choice are killed by guns left unsecured in the home.”


Moreover, Mr. Tolman said, the mechanisms would also save lives of police. He said 17 percent of police who die on duty are killed by criminals who get control of the officer’s gun.

1. What works on an iPhone may not work on a gun.

2. That technology would require batteries, I’m sorry but a gun you have to charge isn’t a gun that can save your life when you need it the most.

3. Cops in New Jersey already oppose the “smart gun,” what makes you think cops in Boston are any different?

4. If he thinks criminals can’t figure out how to outsmart a smart gun, then he has never met a hacker.

5. Just like we hate health insurance mandates, we hate gun mandates. Leave our guns alone.

6. Lastly, how many times have you not had to restart your phone because it went crazy? God help us if we have to restart our gun when we need it the most.


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