The multiplier effect of gun ownership

Hoosiers are experiencing a multiplier effect as gun permit applications rise to unprecedented numbers. This benefits not just the State but gun stores as well. Look at it this way, when you buy a gun that benefits the gun store, the State that collects the taxes, the factory that makes the gun, the trucker that transport the guns, and the advertising agency that employs people that create ads to sell the guns, not to mention the people who work at gun magazines which are booming unlike other magazines.

According to numbers provided by Indiana State Police, there were more than 14,000 gun permit applications filed last year. In Warrick County, there were nearly 7,000 applications filed. In Gibson County, there were nearly 4,300 applications filed. In total, there were more than 46,000 applications filed in southwestern Indiana.

“We couldn’t keep anything on the shelf,” said Jacob Stotlar, co-owner of Right to Bear Arms in Haubstadt. “It didn’t matter really what it was. It was nice to see new people get involved in shooting and express an interest in firearms.”

As a co-owner of a burgeoning business, Stotlar said plans to expand the business are already in the works. Right to Bear Arms will expand the size of it’s store as well as add an indoor firing range.

He’s not the only one who has noticed a windfall.

“We’ve actually increased the amount of basic training [seminars] we’ve had this year,” said Matt Tenbarge, co-owner of Hard Target Firearms Training. “Last year, we ran into the problem of offering so many basic seminars a year. We had to increase that this year. We actually host one every month now.”

Tenbarge estimated his business has seen a 20% increase over the last year and expects that number to double in 2014. Tenbarge said more and more women are buying firearms and applying for permits.

The number of applications for gun permits has nearly doubled over the last year in Indiana as well. It’s caused a flurry of new business for people who sell guns or provide training on how to use them. Tenbarge and Stotlar both cite the recent discussions about gun control as well as the public’s increased desire to protect themselves as possible reasons behind the recent influx.

“People aren’t paranoid. It’s just part of human instinct to protect yourself and your loved ones,” Tenbarge said. “I don’t go anywhere without a gun. The reason why is I’m going to protect myself my loved ones or someone else. That’s what it comes down to. People are really starting to see that.”

“It’s kind of like when your parents tell you that you can’t do something, that’s what you’re going to do,” Stotlar said. “A lot of people who have never owned a gun or cared to have a permit went out and got a permit.”

The reasons for buying firearms are as numerous as the different types of firearms themselves. The responsibilty remains the same, Tenbarge and Stotlar said.

“I can’t just put a gun on my side and ‘John Wayne’ this,” Tenbarge said. “You can’t do that, especially in this day and age.”

“It’s not the wild west where you can walk around and do whatever you want so it’s a huge responsibility for us to suggest that they get training,” Stotlar said. “It’s a huge responsibility for the gun owner that you reach out and get training as well.”

What’s happening in Indiana represents the greatness of capitalism, it spreads the wealth not through theft or guilt but through willful trade. This is why we can say that our enemy is not only anti-Constitution, but anti-business as well.

Think about this, what do anti-gunners contribute? What does MDA and MAIG create? How many guns and accessories are out there? Must be in the tens of thousands. The irony is that Bloomberg didn’t make his fortune attacking guns. Bloomberg would have nothing if it were not for his ability to trade stocks and work in finance. There’s nothing wrong with finance, when a company needs money issuing an IPO is a great way to get it, but make no mistake, the average guy is not going to be trading stocks so when Bloomberg seeks to destroy the 2nd Amendment, he seeks to destroy millions of jobs.

This is why I refer to people like him as the enemy, it’s not just mindless hyperbole and rhetoric run mad but a accurate adjective for the anti-freedom forces.

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  1. Living in a state that doesn’t require a permit to buy a gun, just a basic NICS check, the idea of a permit sounds so anti-constitution. I’m sure it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds but if it means being put in a database somewhere; it is as bad as it sounds.

    When, and only when, the entire country can buy, sell, and carry a firearm without any permit whatsoever; will we be a free nation in the purist sense of the word. I say this because the right to defend oneself and family is the most basic of all God given natural rights on this world and any other.

    • You’re right, it’s very anti-constitution, here in Tennessee it’s the same thing, the permit is only for concealed carry (6 states have Constitutional Carry if I’m not mistaken).

      But there is a upside, the database represents political power, elections are often won on slim margins so the more people get permits, the more the politicians can see us.

      Maybe someday things will be like you say, but until then, I adapt.

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