The Marxists on Gun Rights.


Marxism is not famous for being honest, on its surface it pretends to be all things to all people, it pretends to be your friend, to care about you, yet it doesn’t. Unlike individualism, Marxism separates people into classes, peasants and workers vs. “petty-bourgeois” which can be anyone from property owners to the middle and upper class.

Consider this telling quote from Marx.

“Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”

Karl Marx, March, 1850

Sounds nice, until you realize that in the Marxist lexicon, not everyone will be considered a worker. If you own a small business, you’re a private trader, so you’re a class enemy. If the Marxist wants arms and ammunition for the workers, it’s only so they can overthrow the government, once the Marxist reach power, they remove guns and ammo from everyone but their cops and military. Remember, Marxism is all about collective needs, when they don’t need you to have a gun, they will take it away.

“the Marxist position upholds gun ownership as a class right. Similarly, class rights directly confront the liberal belief that the state should be the predominant or sole trustee of firearms.

By classifying the right to bear arms as a class right, rather than a ‘human’, ‘constitutional’, or ‘natural’ right, the Marxist position upholds the social character of gun ownership. The Second Amendment enshrines the right to bear arms as an individual right set in place to protect individuals and their property from threats. Under capitalism, this translates into principally a ruling class and petty-bourgeois right since these are the classes that own “property,” i.e. capital, businesses, the means of production.”

This is very telling, in America there are no class rights, only individual rights. Furthermore, in a Marxist society it is the State that enforces class rights, thus the State would indeed become the sole trustee of guns.

Secondly, there’s no social character in gun ownership. While individuals may choose to visit gun ranges and gun shows, they do it for individual reasons. Some might socialize, others won’t. You can be a hermit and own guns, you can fight a criminal with your neighbors or stay home and do nothing.

What the Marxist also ignore is that it is because of Capitalism that we have a vibrant gun industry. The pursuit of profit leads men and companies to innovate so they can make it cheaper and better. The AK-47 (produced by an individual Soviet inventor) is a wonderful gun, yet imagine what Kalashnikov would have produced had he lived in a free country where you can get rich from your invention? In the USSR, people worked for the government and lived in fear of being sent to Siberia. In America, people work for themselves.

Here’s another telling quote:

“Concealed-carry individualizes, rather than socializes, the right to bear arms. The Right uses concealed-carry laws to expand the legal basis for the murder of African-Americans and Latinos through Stand Your Ground laws. Even the NRA backhandedly agrees with bans on open-carry, calling the repeal of these bans “not a priority.” (16) Instead, the NRA’s far-right membership dedicatedly works to expand concealed-carry, which offers no legal basis for oppressed people to socially exercise the right to bear arms.”

First of all, I don’t carry a gun to protect society, I carry it to protect myself. I also don’t think it makes sense to give a criminal the advantage of knowing I have a gun. It’s the same reason we carry money in our wallet and not in our hands. Why attract attention? With that said, I respect the people who do open carry. As for Stand Your Ground, that has nothing to do with open or concealed carry. Some of these punks are crazy and will attack you no matter how you carry a gun.

Conclusion, the Marxists will always be our enemies. They want a “dictatorship of the proletariat” where “an entire societal class holds political and economic control, within a democratic system.” Never stop fighting them, and learn to recognize them when they change their labels because like Sarah Paling said, you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

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  1. “Unlike individualism, Marxism separates people into classes”

    lmao the goal of communism is classless society this post is literally nothing but rambling nonsense, “let’s take what marx actually said, toss it out and interpret some idiotic shit that doesn’t have anything to do with what he was about” but I wouldn’t expect otherwise from someone who I’m guessing also probably reblogs other classic conservative opposite land horseshit memes about nazis being “socialists” and kkk being “leftists” I mean I guess it’s some kind of defense mechanism to get around the fact that your own ideology literally leads to fascism

    • What a joke. You really think communists bring a classless society? In Cuba there’s Fidel Castro and his cronies who live like Kings while the rest of the Cuban people live like rats. In the USSR, privileges were for the generals, the president, and some famous ballet dancers, everyone else lived like rats. If communism is so great, why didn’t Lee Harvey Oswald stay in the USSR? The answer is obvious, communism isn’t great at all. Cuba doesn’t have issues with illegal immigration because nobody wants to live there. We have those issues because we’re better than other countries.

      Why not try getting educated? Read “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg, you’ll find out that fascism and communism are very much alike, the only difference is that fascism rejects internationalism. That’s it! In fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, they confiscated the properties of their enemies, they controlled prices, production, banned usury, and fought individualism, just like the communists.

      Whatever, I bet you voted for Hillary, bet you supported Sanders, you want a country of little commies doing what Uncle Sam tells them to do, you want a nation of slaves under King Government. Read Ayn Rand, read “We The Living” to find out how wonderful communism really is.

  2. Well i think you make some interesting points about the distinction between Individualist vs state or class rights, and the drive of free market pursuits for the development of firearms, there are a few things i think you are mistaken on:

    1, Theoretical distinction in the case of Marxist ideology
    -So mainly this one comes down to “you own a small business, you’re a private trader,”
    I would heavily disagree here in that the original framing for Marx’s quote was a very very different world. Factory and land owners had absolute control and the full co-operation of law enforcement. Civil rights like safety at work or basic health care were ignored or outright denied. These were the enemy in the eyes of Marx, not random store clerks or tradesman. Massive absolute oligarchs the likes of which ironically now exist in Russia and China. Owners who had the well being of thousands exploited for their profit.

    2, Why Marx defined the right in relation to class as opposed to a universal individual
    -By making armed defence a individualist right you seemingly level the playing field, but in actuance don’t. As we know from reality some individuals are exceedingly rich, like wise the effective military build up in arms and forces is linear to it. Because in reality, the military branches of nations effectively have and do act as the strong arm of the ruling bureaucracy or power structure of a states most powerful individuals. By making self defence a class right Marx(in his time mind you not contemporary) sought to arm and defend the then most exploited and defenceless group of people in society, those people who if they rioted or rebelled would be persecuted by the very police supposedly in place to protect them.

    To put simply, the lower class right to bear arms was an offensive way to counter the fact that the rich and connected individuals who owned the factories and land had the money and influence to simply use the police or military to suppress and dissent. The notion of both the cops and boys in green acting as uniform benefactors of the state and NOT simply enforcers of the ruling class is rarely true and for the most part historically and internationally just propaganda.

    3, I believe you made a spelling mistake here:
    “Sarah Paling said, you can’t put lipstick on a pig.”
    Did you mean Sarah Palin?

    • Interesting defense of Marxism. I read We The Living by Ayn Rand, which was based on her experiences living in post-revolutionary Russia. Private traders were despised by the Soviets, they were taxed heavily, and many ended up joining the black market to make real money to pay their bills.

      Marxism is a crazy ideology where those with ability become slaves of those with needs. The Marxist doesn’t work for himself, but for his community, that’s the expectation. That’s why Marx said “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” For example, Marxism teaches that companies should break even, whatever profit they make must be shared with the workers. This could explain why Marxist economies often under-perform, who wants to work hard when the more you make, the more they take? If we had a top tax rate of 90%, like we did under FDR, most rich people would do the impossible not to be taxed at 90%. They would work less, produce less, and send millions overseas. There’s historical evidence of this, very few people paid 90% under Roosevelt, the rich are too smart to be screwed.

      It’s the middle class that gets screwed. First they celebrate that Peter is being robbed to pay Paul, then they realized that they are the Peters and someone else is always the Paul.

      2. Individual rights are more important than class rights, because you could find yourself in the wrong class. Imagine if freedom was only for Catholics and tomorrow you got excommunicated by the church? Self-defense is an individual right, and while it may seem that the government’s army is stronger than 5 million civilians with semiautomatics, this is incorrect. Our professional soldiers have faced hell in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. Civilians with inferior weapons and training have done tremendous damage. I don’t even know why Trump is sending 4,000 troops to Afghanistan. What’s the point? The Afghans have a history of defeating all their enemies, be them Americans, Soviets, Gengis Khan, you name it. Their rugged terrains and caves give them an advantage no matter what bombs you drop.

      Moving on, liberal rich people fear poor people with guns for the reasons you state. However, the State fears people with guns even more. The USSR only tolerate hunting rifles, and they had and continue to have very strict gun control. Furthermore, I don’t think most poor people are jealous of their betters. I do not envy Warren Buffet, I do not seek him to “share” his wealth with me just like I don’t share my wealth with anyone unless I want to buy food or whatever.

      The poor in America don’t seek guns for class warfare, but for self-defense, to protect their homes and their families.

      Marxism promotes the lie that the State can serve us, that we should let our State masters make all the decisions. It’s why Bernie Sanders said there was no need for 17 different shoes. The ignoramus promotes conformity, the good Marxist accepts the mediocre. Instead of getting chocolate milk, malt milk, skim milk, strawberry milk, almond milk, he’s supposed to be happy with boring cow milk. Instead of hundreds of different gyms and fitness programs, he should simply be happy taking a walk.

      The M in Marxism stands for mediocrity. Yet that philosophy still has appeal today. I hear it all the time, “there’s too much inequality in America.” Would they rather have equality of misery? Everyone living in the projects except for a few public officials? And why is inequality a bad thing? We have inequality in beauty, appearance, ability, education, desire, drive, hair, even the size of one’s penis isn’t equal to everyone else’s. So what do we do? Force everyone to live with less so those with less can have a little more? I say no. I say we let those with drive and desire pursue their own happiness, maybe they’ll succeed, maybe they’ll fail and try something else.

      P.S. I meant Sarah Palin. Spelling mistake, my bad.

  3. This is B.S.!
    ‘Oh no, Karl Marx agrees with us! Quick spread lies about him before people starting think gun rights can be lefism.’

    • Every communist country has outlawed or heavily restricted firearms for civilian use, that’s a fact. In China, you have to go to the black market to buy a gun. In the USSR, only hunting weapons were allowed. In Cuba, forget about it, in that country it’s easier to buy illegal drugs than to buy legal or illegal guns.

      Remember that communism is a collectivist philosophy, like fascism but without respect for private property (the fascists will confiscate your property if you don’t serve them). So if a communist supports guns, it’s for armed revolution, after the revolution, the peasants don’t need guns anymore.

      Remember, communism is about central planning. The State is God, the State knows best, the proletarian serves the State.

      The communist philosophy is still very much alive, but very few recognize it. When Star Trek advocates that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one” that’s classic communism. So is the lie of “the common good.” I call it a lie because it does not exist, there’s not such thing that is good for 100% of the people. For example, there’s no gun that’s good for 100% of gun owners, that’s why we have endless debates not only of handguns vs. rifles, but this handgun vs. that handgun. Capitalism and individualism allows us to have thousands of choices, with the market at large picking the winners.

      Communism/socialism/fascism has the “experts” deciding for the rest of us. If the experts decide that nobody needs chocolate milk, then only regular milk is available. If they decide that only 50 tons of milk will be drank a year and the market demands 80 tons, then you end up with black markets, long queues, and scarcity.

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