The Great Gun Buyback?

The Great Gun Buyback?

I’m a great fan of God, Guns & Automobiles, but what was Max Muller thinking when he did a gun buyback promotion?

Are you turning lib, Max? Media Matters doesn’t think so:

” Since at least 2008, Max Motors has given away firearms — often AK-47 assault weapons — with the purchase of certain vehicles. A typical newspaper clipping appearing on the Max Motors website states that “The Nation’s Outlaw Car Dealer Is Doing It Again!” and offers a “free AK-47″ with the purchase of any truck.”

Now that’s more like it, but what’s the deal with telling the sheriff that you want to remove “dangerous guns off the streets?”

Come on, Max. You know better than that. “Gun Buy back” is a liberal term anyway, if you want to trade guns for cars, call it “The Great Gun Trade.”

Frankly, even then I don’t even like it. I rather get a new AK-47 with my new car than have to bring a gun to get cash back. Then again, I only own one gun, so it’s not like I can afford to trade it.

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