Texas: Buy A Ring, Get A Gun

If you want a true shotgun wedding, this offer from Thacker Jewelry may entice you.


“We started this tradition I believe it was, it’ll be three years now,” Thacker Jewelry Owner Joe Thacker┬áSaid. “The idea, of course, is the word play and the old shotgun wedding. Not going back to the negative connotation playing off of that and it’s been a lot of fun. We had a lot of people participate and this year we’ve even gotten into it more.”

Of course, you don’t get your gun at the actual store, but at LSG Tactical.

“Any time any of their customers go over there and purchase something that meets their qualifications, they get a gift certificate for either a Remington 870 shotgun or a savage bolt action rifle,” LSG Tactical Steve Burns said.

Thacker and Burns said this sale is not too surprising for Texans.

“It’s something that’s very natural for most Texans,” Burns said. “Most guys grew up hunting or at least exposed to hunting if not by their family, but by their friends, or social groups. So it’s something that’s pretty natural for all of us.”

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