Armed Robbery Is Hard When Your Target Is Armed

Tacoma, Washington may be a liberal city in an ultra-liberal State, but because citizens still have 2nd Amendment rights, this happened: A shooting at a Frisko Freeze in Tacoma, Washington left an armed robber dead thanks to a man with a concealed carry handgun. According to KIRO, two men were sitting in a car in […]

Jitterz Java Arms Employees

  Rob me once, shame on you, rob me thrice, arm yourself and encourage your employees to do the same. SPOKANE, Wash. – After three robberies in less than a month at Jitterz Java, employees say they’re refusing to be victimized anymore and are preparing to pack heat on the job. Jitterz Java owner Sara […]

The Trouble with Outdoor Gun Ranges.

The problem with outdoor gun ranges is that sometimes developers buy land and build around them. “ORTING, Wash. — Pierce County is mulling an ordinance that would protect gun ranges from noise and other lawsuits, but not everyone is happy with the plan. The owners of five local gun ranges say they’ve been around a […]