Weisser Thinks MAIG & MDA will become stronger than ‘gun lobby’

Mike Weisser is a double-agent and a deadbeat who owes money to AmmoLand, he makes a living selling and training people how to use guns while demonizing them in his own blog and at The Huffington Post. Why has his Lifetime NRA membership not been revoked is beyond me, perhaps my brothers in arms like […]

Is Michael Weisser a Useful Idiot?

Michael Weisser is described as ” a.k.a. Mike The Gun Guy, is an NRA Life Member, NRA-certified firearms instructor, owner of a retail gun shop and a featured blogger on guns for the Huffington Post.” Source: http://www.amazon.com/Guns-Good-Guys-Bad-Violence/dp/0615883990 So you would think the author of Guns For Good Guys; Guns For Bad Guys would be on our […]