Michigan: 11-year-old scares intruder with her shotgun

  Guns should be kept locked and away from children? Not always, not if your kids know how to use them. NORTH BRANCH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Police say an 11-year-old girl has managed to scare off an intruder by wielding a shotgun. Lapeer County police say a man forced his way into the girl’s […]

French Jews Wasting Time with Krav Maga

There’s a lot of antisemitism in France thanks to the Muslim invasion, and some French Jews are traveling to Israel to get Krav Maga lessons. The class is part of a new program called “Shield,” founded and operated by the World Betar movement as part of the Jewish Agency’s “Masa” five-month study program. The goal […]

Pregnant Criminal Shot by Armed 80-year-old

The New York Daily News is sounding strangely pro-life LOL They came to the wrong house. An 80-year-old California retiree shot dead a pregnant woman as she and a male accomplice tried to flee Tuesday night after breaking in and robbing the man’s home in Long Beach. And Tom Greer has no regrets about plugging […]

Better to play cowboy Kaarma than victim Dede

Markus Kaarma, a homeowner in Montana, set up a trap to attack crooks, he and his wife left a purse inside the garage, and a German exchange student shows up and gets shot and killed. Celal Dede, the father of der crook said “America cannot continue to play cowboy”.  I have news for you, mein […]

70-year-old Woman fights back with a Gun.

News like these are what our RKBA is all about: A 70 year old woman in Sebastian County, AR is lucky to be alive after two younger men invaded her home and assaulted her. The woman got into a physical altercation with the men, during which she sustained minor injuries. Fortunately, at one point during […]

Armed Homeowner Thwarts Burglary.

Corallville, Iowa is no Chicago, yet even if the cop admitted the homeowner did nothing illegal, he’s advising others not to follow his example: CORALVILLE, Iowa — Police said a Coralville burglary was thwarted by a gun carrying homeowner. However, police said they don’t recommend citizens act as police officers – even if the law […]

Pro-Gun Lady Meme.

The meme came from LibertarianChristians.com I like their humor, check this out 40 Reasons to Ban Guns Banning guns works, which is why New York, DC, Detroit & Chicago cops need guns. Washington DC’s low murder rate of 69 per 100,000 is due to strict gun control, and Indianapolis’s high murder rate of 9 per […]

Anyone can buy this gun.

If the accessibility of guns contributes to crime, why aren’t criminals shooting each other with this?  It’s a blister pack with a gun in it. Yes, it’s a black powder firearm which isn’t regulated as a “firearm” but the government, but that’s just semantics. That’s a gun, and everything you need to fire it except […]