The Best 9mm Handguns for Concealed Carry

The Best 9mm Handguns to Buy for Concealed Carry Guest Post By   Well, not everyone would feel comfortable sitting next to a person carrying a gun and does not seem to be a cop or federal agent. As much as you need to protect yourself, there is still the need to conceal your […]

Is the Secret Service Above The Second Amendment?

44,000 people signed a petition demanding guns at the GOP convention. Apparently, only the Secret Service will get to carry: The Secret Service says there will be no firearms at the Republican National Convention this summer, no matter how many people try to make it happen. In a statement emailed to POLITICO, a spokesman for […]

Repealing the Wisconsin Waiting Period

Guns don’t kill people, but waiting to get your gun can get you killed, which is why this Wisconsin lawmaker is doing a good thing. RACINE — A Racine lawmaker wants to repeal Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period to buy handguns. The original intent of the waiting period was to give gun dealers enough time to […]

Arm Victims of Domestic Violence

Here’s an anti-gun meme I found today: So what are you doing, Ms. Victim? Why aren’t you buying your own gun, packing a bag, getting out of that house? Call the cops! His speech could constitute a threat. The truth is he doesn’t need his gun to make you disappear. Men are usually stronger than […]

Gun Rights Coming to Texas Colleges

AUSTIN Two Republican senators say a proposal that would allow college students to carry guns on campus already has enough support to pass the upper chamber. Sens. Charles Schwertner and Brian Birdwell said Monday 19 senators have endorsed their bill. It would allow students, faculty and staff members with concealed-handgun licenses to carry guns into […]

Dude in Distress Saved by Armed Girl

“Real men use their fists,” the anti-gunners like to tell you. Well, a real man tried that and he got his throat slashed, although not deep enough to kill him. And who saved the day? The girlfriend. No damsel in distress here, just a damsel with firepower. That’s why when it comes to self-defense, Real […]

Republican Snyder Vetoes Gun Bill

Suppose you break up with your girlfriend and she gets a restraining order against you out of spite, according to Snyder, you no longer qualify for a concealed carry license. I guess getting reelected is more important than respecting the letter of the 2nd Amendment. LANSING, Mich. – Republican Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a rewrite […]

The Right to Bear Stun Guns?

Here’s an interesting one for you: The highest court in Massachusetts is being asked to decide whether a state law that prohibits private citizens from possessing stun guns infringes on their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. In an unusual twist, the Supreme Judicial Court is also being asked to examine whether the […]

Buyback Guns turned into Rebar in California

In Georgia all the guns that are given or taken by the police must be sold in gun auctions to FFL dealers. This isn’t Georgia. RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — Thousands of weapons collected through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s “Gift for Guns” program have been melted down into rebar at a steel mill. Interim […]