The Frisky: Don’t Get Guns Because Rapes In Dark Streets Are Rare

Dana Loesch “Freedom’s Safest Place” NRA Ad is pissing off feminists. Karen Fratti of The Frisky writes: First of all, the set up of the ad seems to imply that most rapes occur in on a dark street, with an intruder sneaking up on a women and attacking her, and therefore it would be easy […]

HuffPo Contributor Threatens Dana Loesch with Anal Rape.

It’s not easy being a pro-gun girl. “During the course of a political discussion on Twitter (which admittedly can get pretty heated), Loesch was greeted by this oh so lovely and oh so classy tweet. Dana Loesch        ✔ @DLoesch Oh look, the Cougar Coalition for Gun Control’s latest ad was rated bullshit: … Pascal Robert @probert06 @DLoesch I […]